‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Are Expecting Their First Child: See Their Baby Announcement

“There’s a bun in this oven, baby!”

The next generation of Vanderpump Rules stars just keeps getting bigger!

Just weeks after Stassi Schroeder and Lala Kent announced that they are pregnant, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have revealed that they, too, are expecting their first child.

The couple— who got hitched in Kentucky last year— announced their big baby news on social media on Monday.

“Sooooo,……..I am gonna be Dad..” Jax wrote in the caption of a photo of him and Brittany holding up sonogram photos.

“Mom & Dad,” Brittany captioned the same photos. “The love of our lives is coming soon.”

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Sooooo,……..I am gonna be Dad..💟👶🏼

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Brittany and Jax received plenty of congratulatory messages from their ‘Vanderpump Rules’ pals.

“Yesssss. Finally,” Stassi’s fiance, Beau Clark wrote in the comment section of Jax’s post. “Holding in this secret has been hard!!!! Let’s start a dad club with [Lala’s fiance] @randallemmettfilms” 

Jax, dreaming of the ‘Vanderpump Dads’ spin-off this could bring…

“Love you guys so so so much,” Stassi wrote. 

“I am so happyyy!” Kristen Doute commented.

Brittany and Jax have not been shy about announcing that they were trying to conceive. Back in April, they revealed that they were trying to make a “quarantine baby.” Jax also talked about the kind of dad he hoped to be.

“Now I look back and my dad worked his ass off literally to give me everything I ever wanted,” Jax told E! Online. “I want to be that person. I want to be that dad. I never want to say no. My parents were just such good parents. My father was an amazing man and I just hope I can do it justice.”

In April 2019, Jax said he was ready to put his party boy days behind him and focus on being a dad.

“My whole life has been a party, so I’ve done everything I wanted to do,” he told Us Weekly at the time. “I’m ready for the next step. I’m ready to have kids. I’m ready to be part of the PTA, soccer dad, soccer mom, gymnastics coach, whatever. That’s my next job.”

He added that he wants two kids, while Brittany is hoping to have three.

“Whatever God gives me, [I’ll be] OK with,” Jax told the magazine.

Jax and Brittany have not yet revealed their baby’s due date, or if they’re having a boy or a girl. As The Ashley previously reported, Stassi and Beau are expecting a baby girl, and Lala and Randall recently announced that they, too, will be welcoming a daughter. 

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(Photos: Bravo, Instagram)


    1. If he hasn’t already been cheating. I keep reading that people want to see JaxAss and HER on a reality show documenting their journey through pregnancy. UGH!!!

  1. Poor Brittany will be having to cater to Jax during her pregnancy. He’s not gonna let her kick back, gain some weight and take it easy. He’ll make it all about him.

    You’re getting what you signed up for, Brit! Congrats!

  2. JaxAss doesn’t love her. He only loves himself. I am waiting for an answer to this question. WHY ISN’T JAXASS FIRED? As this whole thing plays out, I am losing more respect for LVP. Stazi is not returning calls to LVP and she seemed upset about that. And JaxAss can talk to LVP with disrespect, and he still keeps his job. Remember when Ariana called LVP a “DUDE”? She called Ariana out on that. I don’t want to ever look at him again. I can’t stand that smirk on his face.

    1. My guess is the show isnt coming back anyway, so they’re not gonna bother with anymore firings. Bravo made their “statement” with Stassi and Kristen.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Lol what is she holding? Her burrito she just ate? Barely even 12 weeks.

  4. All of them getting pregnant at the same time is a little suspish… almost like they’re desperate for the show to continue once Kristen and stassi were fired, so they figure they’ll HAVE to keep the show going in they’re pregnant!! As for Katie & Tom, you kind of have to have sex to get pregnant.

  5. The best thing that can happen to all of these fertile Vanderpump Rules expats, is to get Bravo (or TLC, the more forgiving network), to start a new show. There will be no LVP and her shadiness pushing stories the way she wants them to go, no pretend works shifts at a place they wouldn’t even eat at. Instead, we can just watch them try to one up themselves with their houses, children, botox, divorces, etc….

    Hey, it’s gonna be a long winter, I’ll watch almost anything.


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