Jon Gosselin Threatens to Take Legal Action Against Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin If She Doesn’t Stop Alleging Jon Abused Their Son Collin

Kate Plus a (Possible) Lawsuit.

Jon Gosselin is demanding that his ex-wife Kate Gosselin stop making negative comments about him amid allegations that he recently abused the couple’s 16-year-old son Collin. 

While Jon denied the physical abuse claims made by Collin earlier this month and was also cleared of abuse allegations, Kate has publicly spoken out since the incident, calling her ex-husband a “violent and abusive person.”

Now, Jon is threatening to press charges against his ex-wife if she doesn’t stop alleging in the press that he abused Collin.

During an interview with ET, Jon had a message for Kate, warning her to cease the malicious accusations. 

“Kate, the message to you is to stop,” Jon said. “Unless you don’t want to have any ounce of any relationships with your children in the future. You’re ruining that. It’s not about me. It’s about how they have to live their life by you making false accusations about things that never occurred.” 

A rep for Jon recently told Us Weekly that Kate’s comments were “malicious statements” and they would take legal action “if her false accusations of abuse continue.”

Jon was awarded sole physical and legal custody of Collin in December 2018, prior to which, the teen had been living in a treatment facility for children with special needs. Collin was placed in the facility by Kate for alleged behavioral issues and he had been living there for a few years before leaving in 2018. Kate was a no-show at the custody hearing for Collin. 

Hannah, another one of the couple’s sextuplets, has also been living with Jon full-time since 2018. Jon and Kate’s remaining sextuplets live with Kate; the exes’ 19-year-old twins, Cara and Mady, are currently away at college. 

Hannah recently defended her dad, denying Collin’s abuse claims that were ultimately supported by Kate. 

“My dad has been there for me and Collin no matter what,” she told Daily Mail. “He’s been a very loving and supportive dad throughout everything. Collin is facing many difficult issues and my dad is doing everything in his power to help him. My dad loves us and has never been abusive to us in any way.”

During a 2016 appearance on Good Morning America, Kate herself faced abuse allegations (which she’s faced more than once in the past) when questioned about a report claiming that Collin told staff at his treatment facility that he had been abused by her and that child services had opened up an investigation. 

“I’m in the public eye,” Kate said. “I have been investigated many times. It’s always unfounded, obviously.” 

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Treatment facility? The child was locked up. His father rescued him after not knowing where he was for years.

    She’s the abusive one. Always has been and continues to this day. Evidence is on video, in photos and in the book that was written about her.

    She’s selling stories for a source of income.

  2. Typically narc using his daughter and his mom to hide what he did. She was probably told it wasn’t abuse because Colin started and he had to be the hero in the story. He had to make sure Colin wouldn’t hurt himself.
    The truth is that he lost his temper and that Colin dies have issues and needs help.
    What does he do next, send a public message to Kate, instead of trough his lawyer. This is to make him look like the victim and get people on his side.
    He also doesnt make it something between them, no, he threatens her to alienate the kids even further from her.
    Those kids have two narc parents and I’m sorry for them

  3. I’m interested more in the accusations, reports, and ultimately the dismissal information. Kate’s thirsty @$$ means nothing (and dgaf about Collin). I realize Collin does have issues but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he was lying with the accusations (though it was deleted quickly).

  4. It was very obvious that she pounced on an opportunity to slander him, when it was obvious to everyone who read the story that Collin made it up in the heat of an argument. She’s trying to compensate for when she abandoned at the facility.

    1. Jon is a hypocrite. He doesn’t want Kate slinging accusations at him, but it’s ok for him to do it to her? Ever since the gag order was lifted, he has done nothing but run her down. Perhaps if he has been more present in the lives of the kids, (when they separated) instead running around with different women and living like he had no cares, things would be different. Kate is no saint, but she was the one who stayed. And, it’s pretty telling that most of the kids live with her and seem to be ok. I think Collin’s recent behavior is the top of the iceberg of what Kate had been dealing with on her own. I hope Jon is ready because it sounds like the honeymoon phase with Collin is over.

      1. But Christine, the accusations of abuse against Kate are true. A therapist testified at a hearing that Kate abused Collin by, among other ways, zip-tying him to a chair overnite, made him sleep in a closet, segregated him from his siblings, forced him to eat alone separate from the family, etc, to say nothing about the harm done to him by being locked up starting at age 11, for 3 years, without even one visit from her, and refusing to tell anyone where he was, including the judge and no schooling while he was there. Can you imagine being an 11 yo child and being abandoned by your family?

        Collin’s behavior is a result of PTSD from Kate’s abuse and other emotional problems due to her treatment. His siblings are probably screwed up in their own ways, too – how could they not be after living under her control for 16+ years. But they weren’t singled out from birth the way he was and abused his whole life. The kids will probably need life long therapy to be able to have healthy personal relationships with others. Collin has a chance because he’s receiving treatment, but the other kids so far aren’t.

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