Meet the Six Girls Starring on the New Season of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant!” (Exclusive Details!)

“We’re ready for our 15 minutes of ’16 and Pregnant’ fame!”

MTV announced last week that the new season of 16 and Pregnant will premiere next month. In the trailer, which was also released last week, we briefly met the six new girls and their baby daddies who will be starring on the season.

As The Ashley previously reported, the new episodes of “16 and Pregnant” will still follow teens who find themselves knocked up unexpectedly; however, the new episodes will not focus as much on the pregnant girl but rather all of those who will be affected by the pregnancy, including interviews with the baby daddies, grandparents and more.

Now, The Ashley can exclusively bring you the names and background of each of the new “16 & P” stars!

Rachelle Perez

Rachelle is 20 years old and from Los Angeles. She has been with her 23-year-old baby daddy, Chase Keough, for about a year and a half, which means she got pregnant soon after they got together. Chase graduated from high school in 2015 and is a former football player. He’s now a personal trainer. 

He is a diehard Boston fan, which explains why they chose the name Boston Sofia for their daughter. She was born in January 2020. 

Camryn Fields

Camryn is a high school student from Newport, Michigan. She is still with her baby daddy– who is also named Cameron— and they’ve been together since December 2018. (He goes by Cam, though.)

Camryn was a cheerleader before becoming pregnant. In the trailer, Camryn’s mom tells her, “Seeing you go through this, it’s been really emotional for me.” 

Their daughter, Sadie Paige, was born in June 2020. 

Kasmonyae Harris

Kasmonyae is a recent high school graduate from Avondale, Arizona. Her daughter is Nova Marie. It is unknown if she is with her baby daddy or not.

Kali Collette

Kali is from La Porte, Indiana, and got pregnant at the age of 15. She is still with her baby daddy, Auston Brant. They have been together since August 2018, when Kali was only 13 years old.

Kali had a tough labor and delivery, but her son, Bohdi Oliver, was born June 6, 2020. She is very close with her parents and works at their nutrition store. 

In a video that was on her YouTube until Tuesday (when MTV made the girls clear off their social media), Kali talks about how she knew she would eventually get pregnant by Auston.

“I kind of figured it would happen at some point..not at 15,” she said in the deleted video. 

Madisen Beith

Madisen is 17 and from Heber Springs, Arkansas. She is still together with her baby daddy, Christian Wilson. Madisen met Christian when she was 13, and they have dated since May 2017, on and off. 

She got pregnant at 16 while on birth control. Their daughter, Camille Victoria, was born on March 10, 2020.

Camille is already reppin’ for MTV!

Madisen’s father is the burly man who says in the trailer, “I know it’s not going to be easy for her but I’m going to be here to help.” 

During an Instagram Q&A done after it was announced that she would be on “16 and Pregnant,” Madisen gave her thoughts on whether or not she feels the show glamorizes teen pregnancy.

“I mean, I guess it depends on how you look at it,” she wrote. “I’m not telling other girls to go and get pregnant. But I’m also not going to tell them it ruins their life.”

Madison Everheart

Maddie is 19 and from San Antonio, Texas. She is currently engaged to her baby daddy, Korey Wiseman. He is a former high school athlete who graduated in 2017. (He has since had a few run-ins with the law.) They got engaged in December 2019, while Maddie was pregnant.

Their daughter, Kaezleigh Ka’mya, was born in February 2020. (Maddie is the one in labor screaming, “Get it out!” at the end of the trailer.) 


The Ashley hears that Maddie and Rachelle were being filmed before the pandemic hit and production shut down. The producers chose to keep them on the show, rather than replace them with girls with younger babies. That’s why their daughters are older than the rest of the other babies.

The new season of “16 and Pregnant” premieres Tuesday, October 6 on MTV. Watch the first trailer below! 

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Facebook) 


  1. Rachelle is 20 years old and from Los Angeles. She has been with her 23-year-old

    This isn’t a teen mom.

    1. My dad is still recovering from it after it cycled through his office. Definitely not a hoax. Lasted 4 weeks and he lost over 15 pounds. Was too sick to eat or get out of bed.

  2. I think I would rather look at that pick of a nude Kail trying to eat that horse then this program. Come on MTV, this is weak

    stay lit, I feel for that horse

  3. You know what the most difficult move for a skateboarder is?

    Telling your parents you’re gay

    I’m here all week

    stay lit

  4. For everyone bitching that the 1st girl is 20. She was 18/19 when she got pregnant. She had JUST graduated high school, preparing for college, working a shit job for shit pay, and now she’s a young mom. The shit is hard. I get it’s called “16 & pregnant”, but get the fuck over it. There were other girls on the show that were 17 & 18 years old. It’s HARD being a young mom and trying to make shit work. JFC

    1. I think the issue is because she’s legally an adult. Having children at any age can be a struggle. But I lack the sympathy when you’re an adult making those decisions. At that point it’s poor judgment/irresponsible behaviour and That’s not entertaining or enlightening. I can just cruise through Facebook at half the girls I graduated hs with if I want to see adults having kids when they can barely care for themselves. When 16 and pregnant started it was still a taboo to be pregnant so young and it was engaging because no one knew/talked about what happened to these girls during and after teen pregnancy. Taking the “teen” out of it makes it lose the whole point.

      1. Barely. She’s barely an adult. And still a teen mom. Hell, she could have potentially been in her senior year of high school and pregnant, we don’t know.

    2. That math literally does not check out. If she have birth at 20, she could not have been 18 while pregnant, and very unlikely to still be in high school.
      Once you’re 20, you’re really missing out on the struggles of the 15 year olds that were featured. Can’t drive, can’t get a job, how are they supposed to get their own conforms or get on birth control. Most of them had non supportive parents and add an older (usually douchebag) boyfriend while trying to pass algebra II while staying up all night with a sick kid. 20 with a 23 year old boyfriend? You’re just young parents. Who probably chose this. Sure, it’s hard. But not the point of the show.

  5. I Got pregnant with my first at 21 where’s my mtv show?! I don’t want to watch people 18+ have babies. You’re an adult. 16 and pregnant was so interesting because the girls were navigating high school and prom and friend groups while in an adult situation. I don’t think I’ll find watching adults have a child entertaining I think it’ll just be sad given mtv thinks they qualify shows they aren’t top notch well adjusted individuals. I will however like if this is a replacement for Tm and tm2. Time for those girls to move on in the real world.

  6. At least Madisen’s (their parents also didn’t decide for a right spelling, right? It will be annoying as hell having Madisen and Madison on the same show!) baby daddy looks quite older than her, not sure about Kali’s since they don’t say but both have been dating them since they were 13…even if he was an (older) teen, even a few years’ gap makes a difference, he was basically dating a child! Like what?!

    I’m not trying to accuse them of anything but especially Madisen looks quite younger than her man! That’s weird.

    But I am also a 30sth year old woman who gets hit on by creepy older men because they think I’m underage and it’s gross as hell.

  7. 20 and 23 years old? So a very much adult couple having a baby. Now that’s something to put on tv….

    About Madison, how the heck do you pronunce that poor babys name? Is that even a name? The baby daddy is a classic… When will girls ever learn what happen when you hump that….?

    1. I pronounce it like Rachel’s daughter’s name, except with a K or like Kaylee with a Z in it lol. I’m very curious to know more about the boyfriend & his family.

  8. Why is the show called “16 and Pregnant” when most are 19/20? There is a difference between getting pregnant at 15 and 20, as one is a child and one an adult. I had my son aged 22. I had my own home, was a primary school teacher and yet, by these standards, I’d be on the show!!

  9. 16 and pregnant, but they’ve got a 19, 20, and 23 yr old on there…I guess since they still have Teen Mom and the women are almost out of their 20s, why rename the show…

    So I take it “Nova” is going to be the new popular girl name for that generation?…and wtf to some of those other names? Kaezeleigh?…what the? Boston??…I would pick Boston over Kaezleigh though…

    1. “MTV announced last week that the new season of 16 and Pregnant will premiere next month. In the trailer,[…], we briefly met the six new girls …”

      So I’m apparently classist asshole, but I’m a classist asshole who’s seen this show before, so I can’t be the only one who misread that and thought we briefly met them all in one unsurprising location.

  10. When “TM” ends with the girls pushing 30 years old, it will be wonderful reality shock for most of the girls. You can’t make $400k a year sitting on your couch in the real world. I think the show ending will be the most beneficial for Catelyn, Leah, and Tyler to have normal jobs and go to college.

  11. I watched this show as a teen, like at 15, & 16 when it first came out. I honestly felt that it made teen pregnancy/having a baby look great. Yes they showed the hard moments but it somehow convinced 15 year old me that having a baby was cool??? I don’t know, maybe the “having a boyfriend, having a family” appealed to me. Anyone else? Lol

    1. I felt that way too. But I’ve always wanted to be a mama and have a “happy little family,” so that’s probably why.

      *Just to clarify, I didn’t act upon those feelings because I had sense. Lol.

    2. Lol.

      I started watching when it first came out.

      It made me go the other way. I just turned 38 and I have no kids. Not married.
      In a committed relationship for 11 years now.
      We both have our own house, that is a 15 min ride from each others.
      I run my own company and I am very happy.

      Also. Had an abortion when I was 18.

      BEST decision in my life.

  12. Their daughter’s name is Boston Sophia 🤦🏻‍♀️… come on, at least do Sophia Boston… how embarrassing to be named after a sports team…

  13. You think the OG egocentric moms see the writing on the wall? MTV’s already setting up their replacements. Hope, Pothead pays well, Kail. You’re out of a job soon.

    1. All I can say is, if you’re 20 with a boyfriend who’s 23, and they chose you to be on a show called “16 And Pregnant”, it’s probably not because the two of you are well-grounded young adults with highly developed coping skills.

  14. It was about time. The other teen mom “stars” are gonna be in their 30s soon. And they’re boring and the fame has gone to their heads.

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