Tamron Hall Claps Back (Hard) at Stassi Schroeder’s Claims That She Was Ambushed During Their Interview

“Yeah, that’s not how this works, Stassi.”

Tamron Hall is speaking out after it was reported that former Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder was ambushed during their recent interview

Stassi kicked off her apology tour last week on the Tamron Hall Show for her first televised interview since getting fired from Bravo this summer for racist actions against her former co-star Faith Stowers. While the interview left many wondering if Stassi had actually learned from her mistakes, claims that Stassi was “ambushed” during the sit-down is what had people – including Tamron – talking again on Tuesday.

A source told Us Weekly that Stassi felt “unprepared” for her interview and that she “wasn’t in a good mood afterward” because she felt as though she was put on the spot. The source went on to say that Stassi has “built her brand on being candid and funny” but is afraid to made any wrong comments or jokes, which contributed to making the interview “awkward.”

“Wait… weren’t you here to apologize for these so-called jokes?”

A second source claimed that while producers for Tamron’s show “laid the segments out for Stassi and her team,” Tamron “went rogue and took the interview in a completely different direction.” 

Tamron began Tuesday’s episode of her show by addressing the claims, and explaining to viewers how things really work “behind the scenes.”

“The other day I was told that there was a report that Stassi felt ‘unprepared’ and that it was ‘awkward.’ Even that I had gone rogue – whatever that means,” Tamron said. “Let me just be open because I’m expecting everybody who’s participating in this show today, I want them to be open, so I have to do the same. It’s why I wanted this show, to be honest with you.

“So I’m going to take you behind the scenes of TV,” she continued. “Now, I don’t tell people the specific questions I’m going to ask them. How they answer, that’s up to them. But the topic and everything that we discussed, Stassi knew. She knew the subject matter. She knew what I was going to ask her. Not the questions.” 

“Couldn’t we have talked about fashion and ranch dressing instead?”

Tamron then revealed that the night before the interview, she was asked by Stassi’s team to not discuss controversial comments Stassi made in 2017 about the #MeToo movement, to which Tamron obliged. Tamron, however, admitted that not asking Stassi about those particular comments “hit [her] to [her] gut.” 

Tamron said that she gave Stassi a pass on the “Me Too” comments because Stassi is pregnant, and because there was already so much to talk about regarding Stassi’s racist comments and actions.

“But again, I want to be honest with you,” she explained. “Given that she was five months pregnant, the issue of race was hard enough for her and for me and it was a lot to unpack, including that Nazi comment, so I said we were not going to go down that road but we would have this difficult conversation that we all should have to provide a better platform for our children.” 

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For those unfamiliar with the controversial comments to which Tamron was referring, they took place during a 2017 episode of Stassi’s (now canceled) podcast, Straight Up With Stassi. In the episode – titled, “Are we on a male witch hunt?” – the former waitress spoke about the victims of Hollywood’s sexual misconduct scandal, Us Weekly reports, at one point making the comment, “no one can make me suck a d**k.” 

After receiving a lot of backlash (and eventually getting dropped by two of her podcast sponsors) for her comments, Stassi took to Twitter in an attempt to do some damage control, arguing that her comments had been taken out of context. 

“About 5 ppl heard this podcast & everyone else read ONE quote without the backstory or context of a TWO hour episode,” she tweeted. 

Stassi later issued a formal apology for her comments and the podcast episode was eventually taken down. 

She has yet to comment on Tamron’s clapback.

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(Photos: Tamron Hall Show; Twitter)


  1. Isn’t racist to assume that she called cops on Faith was because Faith was black? How does anyone- especially Faith KNOW that had anything to with it?? Wasn’t it because of stolen property from someone she was associated with? Why is this a race issue? Please someone enlighten me- because honestly I do not like Stassi- but I don’t know what she did that was racist..

  2. I adopted, I can’t get pregnant, so I must ask other natural mothers…does pregnancy suddenly make it okay to be an asshole and a snowflake? I missed that stage in my sister’s pregnancy.

  3. Stassi used to be the girl that makes fun of herself we watched her be devastated when Jax and kristen hooked up and we finally saw this real raw side to her. But then this thing called fame came to her life and these so called celebrities think they can say what they want, do what they want lie when they feel like and take zero responsibility, then when someone takes them to task they claim ignorance or they were set up! I’m over this girl and this show.

    1. Nothing’s better than a “celebrity” giving their educated opinions on serious public issues when most barely graduated high school, if that. I feel sad for the idiots that listen to them.

    1. She was only allowed to be put on the spot when it was pre-approved…showing how idiotic this woman actually is. She doesn’t know the definition of “put on the spot.”

  4. All Tamron did was ask Stassi the questions we all wanted answers to, and if that was too much for Stassi to handle, then she has some more reflecting to do…It’s very hard to undo over 3 decades of inner ugliness in a few months, but in all honesty, I didn’t think Stassi did an awful job in the interview….She has that coach or whatever, she “apologized” and appeared to be trying to hold herself accountable…but turns out that’s all it was…an appearance. Now that inner entitled bratty monster popped its head back out and Stassi wants to be seen as a victim when this is all her fault.

    This is why “apologizes” are just words, and actions speak louder than words.

    1. Exactly. I guess she expected Tamron to accept her apology and tell her that it’s okay and that the black community forgives her. Girl.. no. You’re not going to be coddled and you don’t get to play the victim. She clearly hasn’t learned a thing.

  5. I am so over her! She thinks she’s an A-lister who can pick and choose what guestions to ask her? Tamron Hall did a great job! Sorry Stazi!

  6. This is just a pr marketing stunt to blame someone else for Stassi bombing this interview. Stassi cannot see passed her entitlement. The amount of times Stassi replied I,I and I to Tamron’s questions is unreal. I actually thought Tamron was too soft on Stassi. If Stassi was sincere her actions would back her up, not doing self promoting interviews and publishing photos of her personal life.

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