Madisen Beith Reveals Her Heartbreaking Backstory in New “16 and Pregnant” Sneak Peek: An Absentee Mom, a House Fire & More

“Hey MTV, y’all got any of those ‘Teen Mom’ slots openin’ up?”

Madisen Beith is just one of six girls we’ll meet when MTV’s 16 and Pregnant returns on October 6, and in a new sneak peek clip of her upcoming episode (which will serve as the season premiere), we learn all the hardships she was dealing with even before she got pregnant.

As The Ashley recently told you, Madisen is from Arkansas and is the mom of daughter Camille, who is now almost seven months old.

In the clip, Madisen explains that her father Nick has raised her on his own, since her mother is “out of the picture.”

She then explains that, a few years ago, her and her father dealt with the trauma of their house burning down. Since then, Madisen and her father have lived with Nick’s best friend.

“My dad’s best friend David took us in,” Madisen says, adding that they now live in a house with David’s parents, while David and his family also live on the property. Madisen describes David’s dad as “super, like, Christian and old-fashioned,” so he’s not cool with Madisen moving her baby daddy into their house.

“Old churchin’ folk ain’t so keen on shackin’ up and whatnot.”

Nick then explains how it can sometimes be awkward for him to be a single dad to a girl.

“I see boys wantin’ to date my daughter…they only want one thing, because I know how boys are at a young age,” he said. “Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to explain that and break it down.”

Then, realizing that his daughter is knocked up, he admits he didn’t do a great job doing that.

“I guess I kinda flunked out on that one because here we are!” he says. 

Nick believes his daughter, even though she’s “young and stuff,” will “blow that s**t out of the water” when it comes to parenting.

In addition to having no mom, being pregnant at 16 and having a house that burned down, Madisen says she was forced to go to a school for “bad kids” after her high school found out she was knocked up, due to her town of Heber Springs being “judgey.”

Based on this sign alone, I can tell Heber Springs (and this episode) is gonna be fun to recap, “threw and threw”…

“Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m a bad kid,” she tells us. “So I just said, ‘Screw it’ and dropped out and I am getting my GED.” 

“I sure showed them! I done quit!”

Madisen still wants to fulfill her goal of becoming a lawyer but says, “we’ll see how that goes.” Currently, though, Madisen tells her friend that money’s tight— especially since she got knocked up. In fact, she’s not sure she’ll have enough money to pay the hospital bills when the baby is born.

“Dad works all the time but money’s tight,” she says. “Just when we started saving up money, Dad had a good job, I ended up getting pregnant. I couldn’t get Medicaid. The hospital makes it seem like if we don’t pay the five or six thousand dollars that it is, before the baby’s born, then I can’t have the baby. It’s really stressful. What if I go up there and it’s like, ‘You don’t have your money paid off, you can’t have the baby?’ 

“I’m scared I’m gonna have to have my baby in the car, or at home or something, you know?” she adds.

Madisen’s episode of “16 and Pregnant” airs Tuesday, October 6 on MTV. 

Click here to meet all of the other girls starring on the upcoming season, and watch the sneak peek clip of Madisen’s episode below! 

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(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Lots of good comments on the healthcare but I’m still stuck on them smoking in the house with children. WTAF?!

  2. I was scared of the same thing. I was 17 and my mom worked in a sweat factory. Her insurance covered a pregnancy for her but not for her child (me)although I was covered on her insurance for other aliments. I applied for medicaid and found out that my mom, who never missed a day of work , even when she was sick and went to work every damn day, made $52/ year too much for me to get medicaid. I had to pay for the birth of my child and a hospital bill when I was 17 years old because that $52 certainly would cover a pregnancy. Don’t judge until you have been there. I was so mad at the system that was my motivation to finish a bachelors degree in biochemistry and a masters in chemistry WITH NO HELP FROM THE SYSTEM. I swore my kids will never experience that rejection. Yet here we go with a political party who wants to defund planned parenthood.

    1. Congrats for pulling through and being a great example to your children. Your story is much more inspirational and interesting than the entitled women on TM and TM2 – the most any of them have done is put their name on a clothing line. So far only one (Kail) has earned her bachelor’s but her piss poor life choices degrade that achievement. The only former 16&P girl profiled years ago that I can think of who really seems to have made something out of herself is Taylor who completed nursing school and presumably now has a good job. Taylor’s mom seemed very sensible and stable.

      I’d much rather watch a show about teen moms like you and Taylor who overcame the odds to become educated and successful.

  3. Uhm?! What the actual fuck America. These are the things people have to deal with without universal healthcare; worried she’ll be literally TURNED AWAY from a hospital while in labour and not getting medical care and having a baby in her car. I just cannot understand this. That’s a recipe for serious injury and death for both mother and baby. The USA does NOT care about children or having a healthy thriving society. It’s all just about looking out for number 1 so you better hope you don’t ever need help.

    Sorry that it all I can focus on after reading this post.

  4. I’m from what you call “a third world country” but NOT ONE woman here has to wonder if she’ll have enough money to cover a hospital birth. We have pretty decent public hospitals and you don’t have to pay a dime. We also have free public (quality) education from kindergarten to college were you also don’t have to pay a dime. I can’t fathom why some of my countrymen want to go to the US were if you can’t pay you can’t even have access to a doctor

  5. Dont worry we’ll all pay for her medical billswith Medicad, for her double wide with section 8, and the food with WIC and food stamps. She’s hit the easy street jackpot. If only she can get a TM gig! But for now she can live a life of leisure, on our dime, and raise another welfare recipient.

    1. My dad grew up on welfare. It immensely sucked and it was far from easy street. He broke the cycle because he had above average intelligence and was a very focused student. Sad truth is most kids born into those situations don’t have above average intelligence and/or the drive and the cycle continues to repeat.

      The solution to avoiding taxpayers covering medical care, food, housing etc. – affordable, accessible birth control with comprehensive sex ed courses in school. I somehow doubt birth control is easily accessible nor are teenagers informed of their options in a judgey town in Arkansas. Teens are going to have sex – they are biologically driven to do so.

    2. Wic is used for the benefit of the child, as is Medicaid. It is not fair to bash these programs as they are helping helpless babies & children get the food and medical care they need. These really aren’t “handouts”, they are purely for providing a few FOOD Items for infants (baby formula, jarred baby food, milk), and necessary medical care.

      1. Agree WIC can be a blessing. My husband was a Sgt in the Marines and we only had one child and still qualified for WI

      2. And WIC “checks” aren’t easy to use. I worked as a cashier at a Food Lion in college and we were straight up instructed to make it hard for moms to use them. We were told that even if the signature matched, if the ink wasn’t the same color when they signed again (the check is signed at the register and we had to compare signatures) to reject perfectly good WIC checks that the moms wouldn’t be able to use elsewhere because they already signed them at our store. Crusty’s privilege is showing. It’s why I don’t come here very often anymore. No moderators and the Trump supporters and bigots are taking to the comment sections everywhere. The Ashley isn’t doing anything to stop it.

    3. Yea, letting people die in the streets is a much better policy, eh?

      Out of curiosity, what percentage of your income goes to fund social programs? Have you bothered to research that at all before spewing hate and judgement? What percentage goes to shareholders of private insurance companies, through your health premiums? Maybe that’s too much to ask…but I’ll give you a hint. The insurance execs and pharmaceutical exec post record profits every year.

      Now look at what percent of your taxes goes to fund social programs. Research how your state income tax is distributed, your federal income tax, and your property taxes.

      Then just for fun, and because I’d like to confirm my own bias against you and where I think you’re from – where does your state fall in the tax rate table? How does your state rank for education funding? For funding of social programs? And lastly – how much do you give to charities to supplement those who can’t support themselves? I’ll be waiting…

    4. It’s funny you say that when most of our taxes go to bailing out large corporations and banks. But no, let’s blame the teen mom for trying to feed her child. You sound ignorant.

  6. I’ve always thought they should pay these girls a decent/livable wage, and put the rest in a fund for when the show is over. It’s not fair MTV keeps the profits, but it’s not realistic that these girls are getting hundreds of thousands a year. If they gave them, say, 15-20k per season, they’d still need to find jobs. Then, when the show runs it’s course they can go buy all the shit they wanted.

    1. Hospitals cannot turn away women in active labor especially if they receive any federal funding. The Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor act was created specifically for indigent patients or those with limited ability to pay/ source

      “Imagine a pregnant woman without health insurance living in an area that does not have a public hospital. If she goes into labor and the closest hospital is privately-run, the EMTLA requires that the hospital must admit the woman regardless of her ability to pay as childbirth is considered an emergency situation”

      I’m going to guess that her tiny town doesn’t likely have a for profit/private hospital and even if they did, she has little to worry about. I’m also pretty certain the hospital has informed her of this & MTV has missed yet another opportunity to actually educate vs create a storyline.

      1. Her statement is that they “act like”… They are putting a lot of pressure on a teen because they want their money.

  7. Really throws an impressive light on the U.S when people struggle to pay to give birth! Its like reading about a third world country sometimes, threw and threw!

    1. However,
      If one can’t afford the hospital payment, one most likely can not afford a child. Birth control, though can be obtained for free or for a low price.

      1. Actually, it can’t. Thanks to mutliple laws being passed and budget cuts being taken on those wonderful clinics that were providing that service, that service is no longer available in many places (especially small towns). Even with decent insurance, birth control is very expensive.

  8. I’d much rather see MTV profile girls like this, then fund their education, cover childcare and ensure they are in decent housing until they have completed their education, whether it be college or a trade school. Instead this young lady will just get a few thousand dollars while the women on TM and TM2 live it up and spend frivolously.

  9. I would love to see more coverage on issues like medical insurance for the young mom and her baby. That’s a real issue that I don’t think I’ve ever heard talked about in teen mom world. I could do with less of the baby daddy drama and more of the real life stuff like PPD, mental health issues, saving money for the future, budgeting, purchasing life insurance, etc.

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