‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay Says Her Friendships With Lala Kent & Stassi Schroeder Are Over

Things are definitely not “Good As Gold” anymore…

Scheana Shay is officially moving on from her friendships with both Lala Kent and Stassi Schroeder. 

During an interview on the #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast that aired Wednesday, the Vanderpump Rules star confirmed she has no interest in maintaining either friendship, first addressing the issue with Lala, whom Scheana recently claimed was not a supportive friend after Scheana suffered a miscarriage in June. 

“I unfollowed [Lala],” Scheana said. “I never see a friendship with her again. And I am completely fine with that.

Scheana went on to say that things have not been great in the friendship for several years.

“Because honestly, for that last three years, I felt myself forcing a friendship with her because every time she hurts me, she feels bad, she begs for my forgiveness – but, it’s usually when there’s a camera in her face – and I forgive her!” Scheana said. “And then she does it again. And I forgive her. And then she does it again. And I’m, like, I haven’t wanted this friendship to continue for years. I just, I keep forgiving you. And at this point, I’m done. I’m checked out. I don’t have room for that type of fakeness in my life anymore.” 

According to Us Weekly, Scheana went on in the podcast to accuse Lala of lying on Instagram Live when previously explaining her side of what happened in June. 

“What pissed me off the most about that situation is that she lied,” Scheana said. “She said on her [Instagram Live] that I didn’t ask her to come over… I said, ‘I need you. Can you come over?’ And you said, ‘I can’t right now because I have dinner. Can I check on you later?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t need you later. Later my boyfriend will be here. I need you now.’ And she even said in the text message she sent me – which, this is just so Lala – she said she was there for me that day in the same capacity as my mother. And the fact that she thinks she is up there with my mom is just a whole new low for her.” 

In response to Scheana’s initial claims, Lala, who is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Randall Emmett, took to her Instagram Story to let her followers know she wasn’t “trippin’ too hard” about Scheana’s comments. She then accused Scheana of misplacing her anger and having perpetually messy relationships.

Scheana confirmed Wednesday that she’s also no longer on good terms with her former co-star Stassi, who is currently expecting a baby girl with husband Beau Clark

Though she previously acknowledged that Stassi reached out after she and Brock Davies suffered a miscarriage, Scheana revealed she later unfollowed Stassi on social media and Stassi “returned the favor,” noting that she heard from Stassi a few weeks ago, right before Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s gender reveal party

“I get a text from her and – you know, here I am, ‘sharing her private messages again’ – but she basically just said that she had no interest in continuing anything more than surface level with me because she was informed I was reading her private messages to strangers,” Scheana said.

“Kinda like you’re doing right now, Scheana?”

“And I’m like, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about. The only message I would have shared was how sweet of [a] message you sent me after my miscarriage. Which I have no idea why you would be mad I shared that.’ 

“But like, in the same message she sent me, it was like, ‘I have no desire to talk this out [with you],'” she continued. “‘We will remain surface level.’ Blah, blah, blah. And I’m like, you’re not even going to give me the benefit of the doubt? You’re going to hear something from a stranger, a fan, a Facebook group – whatever – and you’re just like, done?” 

Scheana said she told Stassi the two of them had been “surface level for years” and that she was fine keeping things that way. She wished Stassi the best and then “went and unfollowed her.”

”  … I don’t follow people that I’m not friends with,” she added. 

Currently, Bravo has yet to announce official plans for ‘Vanderpump Rules’ to continue. 

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  1. Maybe you should get over yourself and looking in the mirror and thinking you are better than everyone else and start remember what you might have learned at Bishop Amat

  2. Scheanna is better off without these two walking STDS! Lala is nothing but garbage,Stassi is wasted space & entitled. As far as I’m concerned Pump Rules should never be renewed.It sends a terrible message to our youth. It has no rewarding value for our youth or any group for that matter!

  3. I really like Scheana. The only one born and raised in LA. She’s not guilty of any of the things they all have done. She also doesn’t have that trash mouth like B.J.LaLa.

  4. These almost middle age losers are so promiscuous, desperate for a man. Awful dysfunctional psychos who sadly are reproducing offspring that will be sad, dysfunctoonal dragged up lost little souls that will see their despicable, low class mothers and fathers on VPR. Sad

  5. Schenna has always been surface level, she was introduced as a home wrecker and was treated as such since day one. Lala is not worth this much time or attention and stassi is worth much less. Vanderpump rules is old news and should stay off the air.

  6. Lala and Stassi are mean, bitter bitches that deserve each other. I wouldn’t want to be friends with either of them.

    1. As messed up as La and Stassi are..Sheana is a needy,clingy attn. seeking person. She has proven that time and time time again. I imagine it must be exhausting to be her friend. I will say with the exception Raquel, she seems to be the nicest and certainly the most generous ( to a huge fault) person.

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