‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Arrested Last Month for “Domestic Incident” Against Baby Daddy Chris Lopez: Get the Details!

“Can we just go back to talking about the ‘offensive touching’ Javi was trying to get in the WaWa parking lot please?”

The battle between Kail Lowry and her baby daddy Chris Lopez continues, but this time, it was the Teen Mom 2 star who found herself behind bars instead of Chris!

The Sun broke the news on Thursday that Kail was arrested back in September for a “domestic incident” (aka “offensive touching”) in which Chris claimed Kail punched him several times with a closed fist after she became angry that Chris had cut their son Lux’s hair without telling her.

According to the court documents obtained by The Sun, the incident happened at Chris’ mom’s house when Kail came to pick Lux up.

“[Kail] returned to the residence and started attacking [Chris and] punching him several times on the head and upper torso because she did not want the child’s hair cut.

“Christopher stated that he did not fight back, and that Kailyn then left the residence.”

Chris’ sister and mother confirmed his story to police, with Chris’ sister stating she tried to “pull Kailyn off” Chris during the incident.

When Kail was contacted by police, The Sun reports that she denied that things got physical. Still, she was arrested on September 26 and ordered to have “no contact, direct or indirect” with Chris, due to a no-contact order being placed. (There is already a Protection From Abuse order on Chris that bars him from being near Kail, stemming from his arrests last year.)

“I listened to you talk about driving for two episodes but we miss THIS? SERIOUSLY?!”

Last month, the Instagram account @Wadamelen discovered that Kail had a mysterious arraignment taking place in Delaware’s Family Court in January, but no evidence of an actual arrest (or a mugshot) was available at the time. Now, it is confirmed that that arraignment is for this arrest.

Kail took to Instagram last month to express her anger about Chris cutting Lux’s hair.

“You send your kid to a family member’s house and they cut your kid’s hair off behind your back. I’m just at a place where it’s like, you can f**k with me all you want,” she told her followers. “You can choke me, put your hands on me, you can burn my book on social media, you can cheat on me, do whatever you want. But the second you do something to my child, I’m gonna come out of character. Because you’re using the child as a manipulation tool.”


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Kail going in on Chris right now….Allegedly he cut Luxs hair unevenly without her permission

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In response, Chris went on Instagram Live and stated, “I’ve been wanting to cut my son’s hair…so the fact that I cut off a little of his edges, she should be happy that I didn’t f**king scalp his ass! That’s my son! If I decide to make a decision on my son, I can.”

The haircut…

At the time, Chris alluded that there was more to the story, particularly things Kail would not want to be brought to the light, but he did not go into details at the time, simply saying, “I guarantee you they didn’t tell what they did after that, I guarantee that. Why? It’s gonna f**k s**t up for them if they end up telling that part. Notice that they tell all the bad s**t about me to you guys but they hush about all the bad s**t that they do.”

“I was offensively touched!”

Earlier this week, Chris seemed to be hoping that he and Kail could some day work out their differences for Lux, as well as their other shared son, Creed.

“All I can do is learn and grow from what has happened and hope to create a better future for me and my children. Eventually, we will be able to coparenting peacefully seeing as she has done it with the others,” he wrote on Instagram.

The Ashley has reached out to MTV for comment on whether or not the arrest will have any effect on Kail’s place on the show but so far the network has not responded. It’s unlikely that the arrest will, though, given that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood was not fired after her July 2019 arrest and domestic incident against her baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

Kail has yet to discuss her arrest publicly. (This is her only arrest to date, to The Ashley’s knowledge.)

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. My mom cut my son’s hair for the first time when he was little, I was pissed, but I didn’t want to pummel her. If it were my son’s FATHER aka 50% HIS, I would be even less pissed. What an entitled assh0le.

  2. How white trash of you, Kail. Ha, who am I kidding? She is the definition of money doesn’t buy class. Such a disgusting warthog.

  3. Oh, YOU KNOW she didn’t hit him just because of a haircut. That was just her excuse for him not “loving her the way she deserves”, obviously a minor thing like this set her off. Kail, go to therapy, stop being so obsessed with this man, you have two kids with him, you don’t need to have a third.

  4. Lol. Kail loses it over hair. What the hell is wrong with her? What the hell is wrong with MTV. If your a woman you can commit DV and not have any consequences. MTV is the problem. Remember David never was charged with DV against Jenelle. Kail and Amber was charged. I see where MTV stands. Iam sure Lux was looking on as this was going on. Kail isn’t a good Mom. DV is still going on since Issac was a baby. Let’s talk about all the men she has around her kids. Her friends as she calls them. She sleeps with them all.

  5. Toxic, ghetto and ironic…she’s always taking out these random PFAs against her exs and it was CHRIS out of all of them, that was able to get her arrested. What goes around comes around…

  6. Chris should have given him a good old fashioned BOYS bowl cut. Kails trying to make it into the daughter she never had.

  7. No. Over a fucking haircut? I agree it’s butchered, but that’s no excuse.

    And that could not be my brother. I’d have done more than try and pull her off. You attack my brother in front of me in my mama’s house? I’m getting my fucking gun.

  8. Kailyn keeps saying “my kid.” Does she not realize that Lux is Chris’s kid too? Of course she realized it thats why she couldnt press chargs against him because he had parental say so also.

  9. So, in some perverse way, Hulk is trying to turn that young boy into a girl, Homeboy see’s this and tries to right the wrong, and Hulk throws dickbeaters at his fitted. Did I get this right?

    MTV silent on yet another domestic abuse. So, is it OK now, did I miss something?

    stay lit

    1. MTV is totally okay with females attacking their boyfriends and children with machetes and throwing mason jars at peoples heads. MTV thinks this brings in the ratings and they fully support domestic violence when its the woman bashing in skulls or the children or animals are being abused (Lurch). Then they run that disclaimer about dometic violence hotline and hand these women half a million dollar paychecks for bringing the drama. They only draw the line when one of their star DIVAS are the victim.

    2. Dickbeatersss 😆😆 I’m sry I haven’t heard that in a while- my bf & friends used to use that description quite often. That got me lololololing

  10. Man he ruined that babies hair!! Dang I’m not a fan of domestic violence at all but if someone did that to my baby I would be equally angry minus the violence but he would definitely get a piece of my mind. I just cant believe how much he butchered his hair.

    1. Lol he really did jack up Lux’s hair…it’s like he put it in a loose ponytail and took a pair of kitchen shears to it…he could’ve at least taken him to a super cuts….

  11. Hahaha karma! All those PFAs while everyone knew you’re the aggressor. Finally you’re arrested. You got away with hitting both Jo and Javi, now you’ve found your match lol

  12. Wooow what. I mean Chris did a terrible job on Lux’s hair (at least do it professionally? Or here’s a thought – ask LUX what he wants??) but not really a valid reason to physically attack someone.

    1. My ex mil did that to my daughter one. I’m sorry I was pissed. Had her old lady beauty salon cut my daughters hair. Her hair was down her back & she got it cut below her ears.I she hadn’t been my husband mother, I would have paid her back..I still did, she got so bad with things. I screwed with her every chance I had. She deserved it believe me. She was to old ( late 40s for me to hit) but she appeared like she was in her 70s. I found a notebook she had with my name on it. Why? She had made a diary of everything I had ever said & everything I had ever down. Word for word. Her car window got a rock thru it while I was working midnights & the officers came back in lol. Why? She told them I did it. I was working a 12 hour shift. So I took the rock to my house and sat it on a special place for everyone everyone could see. Just for her!!!

  13. Sorry Chris but you have to actually be a father to your child and take care of that child to make decisions. Not defending Jail err I mean Kail but I kind of understand the anger towards him but she made the choice twice to procreate with this low life so what did she ever expect.

  14. So she put hands on Dumbo before on camera and now this loser too (albeit deserved somewhat) She needs to go to anger management badly, but i’m sure she’ll twist this into her being thr victim! This girl is addicted to drama, nothing more or less. I hope she stops having kids, because they oldest three are going to need therapy from all her antics up to this point!

      1. Eh, he did say that Kail was lucky he didn’t “scalp his ass”…Chris referring to Lux…He deserved something, but she shouldn’t have beat him up. She shouldn’t let Lux or Creed have anymore unsupervised visits with him after that.

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