Kail Lowry’s Rep Denies “All of the Allegations” Related to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s September Arrest: Read the Statement

Kail waiting for Chris to hit Instagram Live in response….

Less than 24 hours after The Sun broke the news that Kail Lowry had been arrested in September for a “domestic incident” involving her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy (times two) Chris Lopez, the Teen Mom 2 star is attempting to clear her name. 

Yesterday it was reported that Kail’s trip to the slammer was the result of “offensive touching” to Chris, who claimed that the mom of four punched him several times with a closed fist out of anger after he cut their son Lux’s hair without telling her. 

After the allegations came out, Kail’s rep released a statement on her behalf, denying the “offensive touching” allegation that led to her arrest.

The haircut…

“Ms. Lowry has filed a petition for custody in the matter involving her children Lux and Creed,” Kail’s rep told E! News in a statement. “The judge in the Delaware Family Court has ordered the parties to refrain from discussing all domestic matters until after the hearing next year. Currently, Ms. Lowry has been awarded sole custody of the children despite the allegations pending in Family Court.

“Ms. Lowry does deny all of the allegations but cannot respond specifically at this time due to the orders of the judge.” 

Court documents obtained by The Sun state that the incident occurred at Chris’ mom’s house when Kail came to pick up Lux. Chris’ sister and mother confirmed his story to police and Chris’ sister added that she tried to “pull Kailyn off” of Chris during the incident. 

Chris told police he did not fight back. Meanwhile, Kail reportedly denied claims that the interaction ever turned physical. Despite her claims, Kail was arrested and ordered to have “no contact, direct or indirect” with Chris, due to a no-contact order being placed. (This is separate from the Protection From Abuse order on Chris that was already in place, stemming from his 2019 arrests.)

According to court records, Kail’s arraignment is set for January 21. 

Chris has yet to issue a statement regarding Kail’s arrest; however, he has shared a couple of quotes on social media since the news went public, possibly referring to the situation. 

“If it’s anyone to forgive right now, it’s yourself,” the first quote read, followed by a second (somewhat shady) message, seemingly directed at Kail. “I would rather be known in life as an honest sinner, than a lying hypocrite… “ 

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23 Responses

  1. Well we all know Kail is a control freak and a liar face, so this was to be expected from her PR goons. I don’t know how any of the baby donors put up with her.

  2. all he did was trim the ends which needs to be done for healthy hair. its about time someone stood up to her just because she is the mom she doesn’t get to decide everything. lets not forget what she said to joe about how he dressed his son! she also hit javi and joe and nothing was done karma is a bitch kail. this loser files restraining orders like they are being handed out like candy and she doesn’t even change the wording on the new ones

  3. I thought it was ‘weird’ when she mentioned something about domestic abuse on the last episode. I also felt sorry for the kids when the oldest one was able to explain in detail why his brother didn’t have a ‘step father’. Those poor kids are going to be hot messes when they get older and will probably end up abusing women. They are just learning from her how to behave.

    10 years from now she’ll be on assistance and in poverty. That many children? And she’s able to house hop? But then again, she’s getting money from how many baby daddies?

    She’s got serious mental health issues.

    1. Last week’s episode was filmed almost a year ago. She was arrested late last month. So whatever she said in last weeks episode about domestic violence wasn’t related to her arrest.

  4. Karl is a bully, with a history of physical assault on partners, period. If there is to be a fifth child (God forbid), she should take a dip in a different genetic cesspool!

  5. That face! She always has that sour puss pout & idc – she is u-g-l-y!! Inside & out. I hope the judge throws the book at her & throws her sorry fat ass in jail!

  6. Why was she at his house if she still had a PFA on him? Just goes to show you that she uses law enforcement and the court system as a manipulation tool to control her baby daddies.

  7. Human Filth, zero accountability, but still not the worst person on the show. This is MTV’s pièce de résistance of human garbage. A proud moment in television history.

    stay lit, and go out and vote you knuckleheads

  8. Wow like sands through hour glass ? better than a soap opera. The twist and turns of stupidity. Their lives really are like soap operas albeit bad ones.

  9. Let’s not forget people. All the PFAS she filed was complete lies. She did it as a control tactic. She didn’t want to answer questions that Javi had for her. Questions about Chris. While he was serving over seas.

  10. Kail being Kail. She goes on social media in an effort to make her look like DV is ok. That Chris in her words came after her kid. Came after Lux how? Bitch he cut his hair. Kail is a typical abuser and narcissist. Putting her feelings first. Always thinking she’s right. I am sure Lux was watching all of this. Isn’t this abuse of a child. You can choke me, beat me but don’t come after my child. CHRIS CUT LUXS HAIR. CHRIS DIDNT COME AFTER LUX. DV is not ok. Man or woman it’s WRONG.

    1. I live with a narcissist who constantly rails on narcissists. He’s delusional and built his own little world.

    2. I noticed that too. Ur right. Putting Chris’s abuse to her & him cutting THEIR child’s hair is not in anyway similar. By saying that the way she did, was her trying to justify her own actions of “over reacting about hair” . he didn’t physically hurt Lux but that statement was made to imply malicious intent. Why is she able to have his hair cut ✂ but his dad can’t? I could maybe understand her getting really mad if he cut it super short but it was basically a trim, & although it wasn’t straight, it was still long enough to get it fixed straight AND still have Long hair.
      I hate her double standard attitude.

  11. Kail is worried about her job and massive paycheck now. Chelsea is leaving probably taking her fans with her. Bye Kail.

  12. There probably isn’t any proof to her actually hitting him except the word of his family members, but we all know theres a 99% chance that it’s true that she beat Chris…and we all know that it wasn’t solely because of a hair cut. That was all of that pent up anger and hurt she unleashed on him. We all know she feels horrible that he rejects her over and over and over. No matter what she does, he won’t be with her…and if he wants to press charges because she laid her hands on him, then so be it. He has every right to.

    1. Yeah, I mean, Chris is also not the smartest guy on the planet to fall for sleeping with her TWICE without protection (considering she is fertile, maybe she tried to sell him a story she can’t “get pregnant right now” like she said that she “struggled with” before she had Lux? She is a liar and he might have bought it because again, he isn’t very bright). At this point I only feel bad for the boys-they have an unstable mother who keeps on chasing their father despite him not wanting anything to do with her apart from shagging.

      And don’t forget when she hit Javi all those years ago. I believe him for once. Of course she is denying it. She thinks she’s a saint.

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