‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Pleads Not Guilty to Offensively Touching Baby Daddy Chris Lopez: What’s Next

“I did not offensively touch that man…or his fishing hat.”

Kail Lowry is fighting back (no pun intended) in the criminal case against her.

The Sun reported on Thursday that the Teen Mom 2 star pleaded “not guilty” this week, answering to a charge of “Offensive Touching” that was filed by her baby daddy Chris Lopez back in September. At the time, he claimed Kail punched him several times with a closed fist after he cut their son Luxs hair without telling her. A rep for Kail denied the allegations in October, when news of the arrest went public.

“Ms. Lowry does deny all of the allegations but cannot respond specifically at this time due to the orders of the judge,” Kail’s rep said at the time.

Although Kail’s arraignment had been set for January 21, she did not have to actually appear in court, as a Waiver of Arraignment had been filed by her attorney.

The Sun reports that a case review has been scheduled for April. 

Kail describing every interaction she’s ever had with Chris…

Kail and Chris— who share sons Creed and Lux— have been at each other’s throats for years. However, during a recent episode of his PTSD–Pressure Talks with Single Dads podcast, Chris did some pleading himself.

When Chris was asked by his co-host Bread if he still loved his ex (assumingly Kail), Chris refused to answer.

“I plead the fifth,” Chris replied. 

Chris told Bread he wouldn’t reunite with his ex again, but went on to say he “can’t answer that right now” and “it’s iffy.” 

“To me, it would have to be later down the line,” he explained. “It’s too much … hurt … the hardest thing is leaving a relationship you didn’t want to leave. … You lose trust.” 

Currently, Chris and Kail are only permitted to communicate about their children. 

Girl, you said it, not us.

Neither Chris nor Kail has spoken publicly about this latest development in the case. 

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Again, no one is surprised. I really don’t understand what Kail expected by having a second child with this guy, I really don’t. She needs to reevaluate herself as to why her relationships with baby daddies always fail. (spoiler: you’re the problem too)

  2. She’s a documented abuser. Of course she hit Chris. She’s needs to be convicted and never allowed to file a PFA against another person.

    1. Of course she should not be allowed to file a PFA on anyone when she is the one that has been caught hitting her man on camera, just like Amber

    2. Is she going to plead guilty to offensively touching all our eyes with that horse barn maternity shoot???

  3. She is very emotionally undeveloped, and I don’t think most people would have such a problem with her, but she acts like her shit doesn’t stink and thats what pisses people off. And Bread? LOL what a name

  4. she has such a hair trigger temper, she probably hit him just like he said she sid, she has how many kids? Four, someone that has that kind of anger and rage, should not be allowed to have children

    1. Get your tubes tied you stupid women. You were lucky with the first two baby daddies, they’ve picked up the slack, and helped give those two some stability. Two last two are in serious trouble. They got the shitty daddy & mommy draw. I look forward to adolescence, she will pay, oh how she’ll pay.

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