Sister Wives Split? New Season Trailer Shows Christine Brown Wanting Out of Her Marriage to Kody; Kody Insinuates He No Longer Loves Meri: Get a Breakdown of the Drama

“I’m willing to live on Coyote Pass…in a tent…if I don’t have to be around Kody! Just sayin’!”

After sitting through an entire season last year, listening to Kody Brown and his wives squabble about rental houses and that damn Coyote Pass property, it seems that Sister Wives fans are finally going to get to watch some juicy stuff play out on the TLC show.

In a just-released supertease for the upcoming new season of ‘Sister Wives,’ the Brown Family appears to be in absolute crisis from nearly all sides. Kody and his four wives– Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine— seem to be tired of being with Kody and each other and some are looking to get out!

(Raise your hand if you thought “what took them so long?” after reading that last sentence…)

Anyway, the trailer for the new season— which premieres next month— shows the Browns dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, while still living in four separate homes. While they’re still arguing about Coyote Pass, the family seems to have bigger problems now, with all of the adults isolated from each other. For Christine, though, that isolation from Kody appears to be welcome.

Four wives…all unhappy…what’s the common denominator, Kody?

In one surprising scene, Christine tells Meri she “can’t do marriage with Kody anymore.” 

When Meri tells her she can’t give up, Christine again says “I don’t want to do it anymore.” 

Earlier in the trailer, it seems that Christine is having conflict with at least some of her sister wives as well.

“I’m sure everybody hates me, all the time,” Christine tells Kody and the sister wives. She later tells the camera, “I’m always just looking for a fight, apparently.”

For his part, Kody is still full of ridiculous quotes.

“I feel like the only adult sometimes, you know,” he tells the cameras at one point.

How did the cameraman keep from shaking the camera and laughing when he heard this?

Kody also complains about how much his wives complain that they’re unhappy. 

Janelle also seems to be distancing herself from the Kod-Man. 

In one scene, she tells her kids that she told Kody not to come visit them, due to him hoping from house to house (and wife to wife) and potentially putting them at risk to catch COVID-19. The kids don’t look too upset about not seeing Kody.

Meanwhile, Meri is concerned about healing her relationship with Kody. Their marriage appears to be just as broken as it was when we last saw them. In fact, Robyn calls Meri and Kody’s relationship “really sad” in the trailer. Meri seems to want to rekindle the romance between her and Kody, but Kody is complete resistant to the idea.

“I can’t make him love me,” Meri says.

When it’s been so long since you’ve gotten laid that even Kody’s starting to look good to you…

Later, she and Kody are seen picnicking together and Meri seems to want to put the moves on Kody. She asks Kody if he would push her away if she tried to kiss him. Kody says he wouldn’t, but later he tells the camera that “romance and sex are saved for people who are in love….if Meri and I really wanted to be together, we would.” 

Kody must be having a lot of romance and sex with himself…

As for Robyn, she appears to be concerned that someone— perhaps one of her sister wives?— is trying to “sabotage” her relationship with Kody.

“You can’t trust her!” she says at one point in the trailer. 

The new season of ‘Sister Wives’ premieres February 14 on TLC.

Watch the full trailer below! 

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(Photos: TLC)

16 Responses

  1. I personally say Robin screwed up Meri nKodys marriage shes a home wrecker she wanted kody so he can claim her kids but they have there own dad kody is a fake dad Kody mistreats his 4 wives Christine and Meri should leave Kody permantley

  2. My opinion is if you’re gonna enter into a relationship like this, you never really loved the guy anyway. Like Christine says, “I wanted the family. I didn’t just want the man” I think that these women just don’t really have a desire to be in the typical single man and woman relationship most people do.. except for meri, I think that’s why she’s so unhappy

  3. I Don’t get these women, because .. Well Kody is gross

    But imagine HOW MUCH the first wife who leaves him would make! The books, the spin off show etc …

  4. It’s hysterical that Meri of all people is telling Christine she doesn’t get to leave Kody. They should all leave Kody, except Robyn. Robyn sucks she can say. Jenelle is the only remotely likeable one. She seems intelligent and fun to be around. Lord knows she would have never ended up with that dud if she wasn’t born into the religion. FREE JENELLE!

  5. Oh man- too much I want to say. First off, they all need to go their separate ways except for Robyn and Kody. He has no interest in the others. Kody insinuates he no longer loves Meri… Well, no shit! That has been apparent since the first episode. “I feel like the only adult sometimes” well, yeah Kody. You stir the pot and start drama between all the wives so I can imagine you DO feel like you’re an adult. “Romance and sex are for people in love”- Uh, so is marriage. So why don’t you do everyone a favor and divorce each other (as far as Meri goes)? Christine IS always unhappy- ALWAYS. I seriously don’t know how this show is still going or how ANY of Kody and his wives are still together. I feel bad for their kids that they have to see this level of dysfunction regularly.

  6. Plot Twist: they have been on TV for a long time now and their boring “koombya” was losing viewers. They all full well know how to “act” for views, for bigger paychecks. Name 1 thing that would be interesting about their real daily life if they didn’t act scenarios. If anything the faith they preached in first seasons was all a facade from the beginning. If they were that strong in their faith they wouldn’t have to sell their souls to the devil cuz indulgence of fame and money went against said faith.

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