‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Will Not Be Prosecuted for “Domestic Incident” After Ex Chris Lopez Decides Not to Press Charges

“Now keep your scissors away from my kid’s head, Chris!”

Kail Lowry is no longer dealing with legal issues for “offensively touching” her baby daddy Chris Lopez back in September.

The Teen Mom 2 star was never charged for the incident, as Chris never pressed charges against her for the “domestic incident,” Chris claimed happened after she discovered that he had cut their son Lux’s long hair without her permission.

The haircut– which Kail claimed later on social media was Lux’s first— saw the kid’s hair go from waist-length to his shoulders and was reportedly done by Chris with some kitchen shears. She later stated that she felt the haircut was done to manipulate her.

Chris responded to her claims on social media, telling his followers that Kail is lucky he didn’t “scalp his ass” and only cut off some of Lux’s long hair.

According to The Sun, a Notice of Nolle Prosequi (Latin for “we shall no longer prosecute”) was filed on January 25 and the case was closed. 

“I don’t know who this ‘Nolle’ is…”

Last month, Kail pleaded not guilty (via the filing of a Waiver of Arraignment). She did not have to appear in court at the time.

When news of the incident broke in October, Kail’s rep released a statement, denying Chris’ claims.

“Ms. Lowry does deny all of the allegations but cannot respond specifically at this time due to the orders of the judge,” Kail’s rep said at the time.

Kail previously had a protective order against Chris, barring him from contacting her but that order has since expired. 

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. She has so far hit jordan, javi, now chris all but the last shown on TV yet she’s still here, If it were a man he wold have been in jail and off the air, even Amber has had to pay for her physical abuse.

  2. He was doing that to get a cheap reaction,and he got one. I’d have wanted to use scissors on my ex as well if he pulled some shit like that. Now he’s using it as a payoff just like all the other teen Mom baby daddies. Whomever decided to put them on payroll was a stupid ass genius. Makes being a deadbeat dad a hell of a lot easier and makes for good t.v.

  3. All those girls get away with everything yet the babydadies they keep on sleeping with are always the villain. Is Kail should start loving herself she wouldn’t want kids or losers to do it for her.

  4. Aww, a court hearing for the books. She is quite close to jenelle level trash. Only she is lucky that she does have 2 of 3 present, reliable fathers for her kids.

    1. I noticed the duck lips in this pic….like Snooki, (I actually love them both), but how do they look in the mirror and think those look good? Kail was coming into her own, confident & beautiful….hate to see that changed

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