Oops! ‘Southern Charm’ Star Madison LeCroy is Called Out for Seemingly Posing as a Fan to Compliment Herself on Social Media

“Just call me Madison LeCringe, guys.”

Madison LeCroy is clearly one of her own biggest fans. 

The Southern Charm star was called out for an embarrassing social media snafu last week after showing herself some love on Instagram and failing to switch to her alternative account before doing so, Reality Tea reports. 

Madison’s mistake was caught by the BravoSuperfans Instagram account, who so kindly shared the screenshot (taken BY Madison, OF Madison during the ‘Southern Charm’ reunion) for all of social media to enjoy/cringe from secondhand embarrassment. 

“Watching the queen, @Madison.Lecroy,” Madison (seemingly) captioned the photo of herself, while also placing a crown emoji on her head.


Madison being exposed as her own hype man follows the recent ‘Southern Charm’/MLB/Jay Cutler/Kristin Cavallari/Jenny from the Block drama that no-one either asked for nor could look away from. 

For those of you that somehow managed to avert your eyes from the garage fire, here’s a quick summary:

Last month, Kristin and ex-husband Jay took to social media with matching Instagram posts calling out “users” – seemingly in response to Madison, who days before had mocked Kristin and Austen Kroll (Madison’s ex) on Instagram Live. 

While Kristin maintained she and Austen are just friends, Madison went on to share a series of texts between herself and Jay, basically confirming that she had met up with the former NFL player at some point, possibly for a post-breakup hump ‘n’ pump sesh. 

Fast forward to the ‘Southern Charm’ reunion, Craig Conover called Madison a homewrecker and accused her of sleeping with a married former MLB player. Many fans speculated that the mystery “ex-MLB player” was Alex Rodriguez, who is not married, but is currently engaged to Jennifer Lopez. 

Though other names and theories were thrown around, Danni Baird confirmed on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast that Madison was in contact with A-Rod at one point. 

“Months before that, I had heard … she had told me that they were FaceTiming or something and I just assumed,” Danni said. “I never asked more about it or anything like that, so I just kind of forgot about it … .”

Alex has denied the rumors involving Madison, however, he was following the ‘Southern Charm’ star on Instagram prior to this whole debacle.

While Alex doesn’t seem to be a fan of Madison, Madison is clearly a fan of Madison, judging by her Instagram snafu. 

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(Photos: Instagram) 


  1. Oh Madison…I’m really trying to like her, I liked her this season of Southern Charm, but she’s making it hard to with all of this fame whoring and jersey chasing she’s been doing. And she’s also beefing with Kristin? Like girl, cmon…aside from LC, name anyone else in reality TV who’s escaped Kristin’s wrath unscathed…KC’s been able to stay relevant in the ever so flakey world of reality TV since 2004 for a reason. Like, you just got here Madison. Chill out, I’m trying to root for you girl.

    1. Also going after JLo’s man? Has she lost her mind?? Trying to compete with JLO?? Does she WANT to be harassed by Jennifer’s fans?? She needs to get a grip on reality.

  2. I’ve liked this show since the beginning, but this season and the last were awful. It used to be lighthearted and fun for the most part, I think when Austen came on board it started to go downhill. Also, Madison is absolutely awful.

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