‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Shares Texts Cameran Eubanks Sent Her About Husband Jason Wimberly’s Rumored Affair; Craig Conover Talks Cameran’s Possible Return to the Series

“Sorry Cam, guess you should’ve been here to defend yourself in person!”

Cameran Eubanks announced her departure from Southern Charm this summer, however, Kathryn Dennis was apparently not ready to say goodbye to any potential storylines. 

Cameran revealed in May that she was leaving the show after six seasons and later that week, she addressed allegations that her husband, Jason Wimberly, had an affair – a rumor she vehemently denied. On Thursday’s season premiere, viewers saw Kathryn share the rumor with Craig Conover, who insisted it wasn’t true, Us Weekly reports. 


Later in the episode, Craig revealed to ‘Southern Charm’ newcomer Leva Bonaparte what Kathryn had told him and she, too, said there was no truth to the rumor. 

Don’t worry girl, you’ll get used to those by episode 3 or 4.

Still, word quickly got back to Cameran (off-camera, of course) who reached out to Kathryn via text to ask why she was telling people that Jason was cheating on her. 

” … Because Thomas only agreed to film one scene with me and I’m fresh out of ideas.”

While reading the text exchange between herself and Cameran, Kathryn claimed that the rumors of Jason’s infidelity had been “going around.” In response to the allegation, Cameran texted back, “Kathryn, give me a break, be a good human.” 

Kathryn went on to throw some insults at her former co-star, stating in her confessional that she didn’t “give a f**K about what Cameran thinks.” 

“She literally hurt me to my core by the meanest, nastiest things you could ever say about someone,” she continued. “So everyone that thinks Cam is just this guy’s girl that is wearing Lilly Pulitzer with a big old smile and perfect teeth – she’s an a**hole.” 

They don’t call this mess ‘Southern Charm‘ for nothing!

Kathryn was previously blamed for spreading the rumors about Cameran’s husband in May. At the time, Charleston make-up artist Rebecca Leigh Wash denied having an affair with Jason, claiming that there were “allegations that this rumor was started by Kathryn Dennis,” who Rebecca said she had only met once in 2018. 

Cameran went on to repost Rebecca’s message, calling it “so sad” that the makeup artist “had to be drug into the mud.” 

“I signed up for this by being on TV,” Cameran added. “She didn’t. [Rebecca] is the victim here.” 

Though Cameran has stepped away from the show, Craig told Us Weekly he still believes he may be able to talk his friend into making a return. 

“You’re too much, Craig!”

“I know that she enjoyed doing it with us, you know, me and her and Shep [Rose] had been together since the beginning,” he said. “ … I have a sneaky feeling that I would be able to get her back next year, but we’ll see what happens.” 

New episodes of’ Southern Charm’ air Thursdays on Bravo. 

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  1. I’ve never watched the show but from stories on this site, I would have to say to Kathryn, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You seem to be messy and enjoy both making a mess and having mess passed upon you.

    As a mother, is this really the example you want to set for your children? Not just Kathryn, but it seems to me that most people who consider reality tv a “career”, should maybe consider the lessons they are teaching their children.

    That said, I do still love some reality tv messiness.

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