Cameran Eubanks Announces She’s Leaving ‘Southern Charm’ After Six Seasons; Will Not Return for Season 7

“So…yeah….I’m all done here, y’all…”

Cameran Eubanks is leaving the ‘Charmed’ life behind!

The longtime Southern Charm cast member casually announced on Instagram on Tuesday that she is leaving the Bravo reality show after six seasons. Although ‘Southern Charm’ is returning for Season 7, it appears that Cameran will not be part of the cast.

In the comment section of a post, a fan asked Cameran when she (and ‘Southern Charm’) are returning. Cameran wrote, “I will not be returning.”

Fans did not take well to the news that Cameran– who has been on the show since it premiered in 2014— was leaving ‘Southern Charm.’ 

“Please tell us that’s a joke!” one person wrote in response to Cameran’s news. “You’re the voice of reason, the glue that holds them together. This can’t be true!” 

“Can 2020 get any worse?” another responded. “That show won’t be the same without you.”

Cameran did not provide any more information as to why she was leaving. In fact, the news comes as a complete surprise, given that, back in November 2019, Cameran made statements to Us Weekly while attending Bravocon that definitely implied she would be back for Season 7. She even hinted that her husband, Dr. Jason Wimberly, would be making more appearances on the show. (He had never appeared on the show, but did show his face on-camera for the first time during a Season 6 episode.) 

“Season 7 is going to be a very high opening season in terms of, you will see that some people have made some big strides in growth and some have stayed the same, sadly,” she told the magazine. “Jason’s shy and private, so I think that was kind of a little intro [to appearing on the show.] I think you might see him again now that he’s more comfortable.”

“Wouldn’t mind seeing your hot doctor mug on the show again, Jason, even if Cameran is leaving. Just sayin’!”

Although Season 7 won’t feature Cameron (or Jason), it is happening. Production for the season began before the global pandemic hit but had to shut down once stay-at-home orders were issued across the country. South Carolina’s stay-at-home order expired last week, and Cameran has been very vocal about wanting her state to remain sheltering in place. 

“I’m INCENSED on this!! Fellow South Carolinians please speak out! This isn’t a democratic or republican issue it’s F—— COMMON SENSE!!” she wrote in April. (Jason is an anesthesiologist working on the front lines in South Carolina.) 

Cameran has not stated if she plans to leave reality TV all together, or just ‘Southern Charm.’ She got her start on television when she starred on The Real World: San Diego in 2004. She later went on to appear on two seasons of MTV’s The Challenge. (She was on “Battle of the Sexes II” in 2004 and “The Gauntlet II” in 2005, in case you were wondering.)

Anyway, Bravo has yet to announce a premiere date for ‘Southern Charm’ Season 7.

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  1. Well looks like Naomi AND Chelsea bounced too…I hate this, those 3 were my favorites. I hope this doesnt mean Shep is going to become more of a prick to make up for the loss of 3. Now I probably wont keep up with the show as much as I did before.

    1. I am born and raised in Charleston, SC, and I think they will be using Madison from Gwynn’s Clothing Store, Molly, the America Next Top Model and maybe the selfish attorney, that wouldn’t share a bed on Below Deck. Rumor has it. The Post & Courier, Charleston’s local paper wrote that a dinner party was suppose to happen on March 7th where they were going to meet the new cast. It has been put on hold until the pandemic is over.

      1. I can see them pushing Madison to the main cast, and maybe the girl that Madison said got chlamydia from Shep. I think that outburst sealed Madisons spot on the show. I don’t mind Madison, her relationship with Austen is just weird…I just don’t really want that Limewire girl that was BFFs with crazy Ashley to come back.

  2. Any truth to her husband was having an affair with that Rebecca girl and so she quit to keep it from airing on the show?

  3. I love the show. She is great will miss her but she has a daughter and this whole covid situation is scary. I use to live in Charlotte I was Austen and Katie’s nanny in 1997 for about 4 yrs.😊❤️

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I like her she is funny and real she does not bode behind anything. But I understand yeah she has a child to think about. I use to be Austen Krolls nanny on 1997 to 2000. Him and his sister Katie. The show is interesting and funny with real life in with it

  5. I’m not happy about this, I’ve liked her since The Real World, and was so happy to see her again on Southern Charm. She’s so whitty and funny, and was a big reason why I watched…If Naomi or Chelsea leave I don’t know what I’ll do. I hope they don’t replace Cameron with Madison or that Limewire/Limehouse?? girl.

  6. Word on the curb is she is leaving the show because Jason has been cheating on her and she doesn’t want that coming out.

    1. I wouldnt be surprised. We know there is a reason she walked. She was supposed to make over $800,000 this season.

      1. Reddit has the story. I hope Ashley won’t be mad that I commented this. She can take it down…I won’t be mad.

    2. Dang! Really? He didn’t come off as that type to me…seems like a decent guy, but then again there’s a huge difference between social media life, and real life. I remember she said that he was offended/got mad that she thought Matul (Naomi’s boyfriend) was hot. If it’s true I feel bad for her.

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Love Southern Charms. Will miss Cameran. Wish you the best in your next adventure. Stay Healthy and Safe. Show won’t be the same.

  8. Southern Charm is one of my favorite shows and I adore Cameran, but I have to say I think the show jumped the shark. Last season was barely watchable. I think once a show has been on long enough that fans start to become cast members, fake storylines abound and that’s always the nail in the coffin. Oh well, on to the next.

  9. She always sided with the men on the show. She was her happiest when she filmed solo with the men, while being passive aggressive to the women. She loves the camera while hesitant to film her home life.

  10. Thank God!!! I am so sick of her! She contributes nothing! I guess she’ll be like Kate Chastain…Bravo will give her a show of her own. Kate didn’t walk away from Below Deck. She was offered a better salary and another show. But I do love Kate. I don’t know who eats their food worse tha Cameran except Kelly Dodd. I cringe when they eat.

    1. Kate has a show of her own? The commentary she does on Sailing below deck is hardly a show.. and she’s still on below deck?

      1. Kate has moved to New York and I read that Bravo thinks she can be the new Bethenney Frankle with her quick wit and sarcasm. Her job will be an event planner. That’s waht I read on a blog, so who knows what is true.

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