‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Gary Shirley Reveals His Mother Carol Has Been Diagnosed With C0VID-19 & His Stepfather Jody “Has the Symptoms”

“Get well soon, mom!”

This Mother’s Day was an especially emotional one for Gary Shirley of Teen Mom OG as the father of two revealed on social media that his mother, Carol, has recently been diagnosed with C0VID-19.

Gary made the announcement on Instagram, telling his followers that Mother’s Day was “a little hard” this year as his mother, who has been featured on ‘Teen Mom OG’ over the years, is currently “very sick.”

“A week ago she was diagnosed with C0VID-19,” Gary shared on social media, along with an older photo of Carol and his two daughters, Leah and Emilee.

Gary went on to explain that Carol’s “line of work put her at a higher risk since she was working in activities and housekeeping at an assisted living facility.” Gary said he and his wife, Kristina, have been helping by dropping off food and keeping their distance, noting that they “haven’t hugged her in about 3 months” nor have they had Carol over to their house.

Carol has appeared on ‘Teen Mom’ throughout the run of the series, and even took part in Amber’s “16 and Pregnant” episode…

The father of two said although the safety precautions have been difficult for the family, they are certainly necessary.

“This has been extremely hard for all of us,” he said. “Our youngest daughter has an immunodeficiency disorder where she gets sick so easily so we have stayed home and took this quarantine very seriously.”

Gary said given Carol’s confirmed case, the family is “worried more and limited on what we can do to help.” He also revealed that Carol has good days and bad days and unfortunately, Jody — the man who has raised Gary as his own child and once took a paternity test on ‘Teen Mom OG’ — has likely contracted the virus as well.

Jody, we have a feeling some super comfortable ‘DAD BOD’ loungewear is coming your way, courtesy of Gary.

“Her and Jody live together and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he would get it, and of course…. I believe he has it now,” Gary said. “He has the symptoms, but hasn’t had the test yet.”

Later on Sunday, Gary shared the Mother’s Day brunch he whipped up for Kristina, which he also made a point to package and deliver to Carol and Jody, whom he said have not had much of an appetite.

“Made the ‘mommas’ Brunch, this includes [Kristina],” Gary shared on Instagram. “The food turned out great even in the rain. We did a porch drop off to my mom & Jody. They can’t eat much, so we put a little of everything on there so she could pick and choose what she wanted off her plate.”

Gary received some support from the ‘Teen Mom’ family on Facebook and Instagram, many of whom wished his mother a speedy recovery.

“Gary hi! Please share with your wonderful mother and dear wife that Amy and I send best Mother’s Day wishes to them both,” Michael Abraham— the father of Farrah— wrote. “Rock on Gary!”

‘Teen Mom’ security guard Kevin Rosko also sent love to Carol, as did Tonya Portwood, the mother of Gary’s ex, Amber Portwood.

“Prayers for your mother and father hope she gets better soon,” Tonya wrote.

On Instagram, Gary’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star Cheyenne Floyd sent her best wishes, as did several ‘Teen Mom OG’ producers.

“Praying for you guys and a speedy recovery,” Cheyenne wrote.

Other reality TV personalities who have been diagnosed with C0VID-19 over the past couple of months include Todd Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best, Bravo’s Andy Cohen and Colton Underwood of The Bachelor.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Facebook)

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  1. Hey Gary I just wanted to say I HOPE ur parents get BETTER REALLY SOON I know how it feels to see ur parents sick my mom was sick 4 years ago I got a phone call telling me my mom was gone I’m still copping with the loss of her its NOT easy I know it worries u seeing ur parents sick just know U AND UR WHOLE FAMILY IS IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS I HOPE THEY RECOVER SOON !! LOVE YALL HANG IN THERE !!

  2. Gary, wishing your mom and Jody a total recovery. They are in my prayers. You, your wife and 2 beautiful girls stay safe and healthy!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear this, Gary’s mom has been providing comic relief since 16 & P. On another note, I’ve been waiting to hear what garysmomgetsdown has to say about this all day.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Godspeed to Gary’s parents. This is a hard world that we now live in.

  5. The smartest thing Gary ever did was not get back together with Amber! He is so much better off without her and now he’s living his best life while she continues in the same DV, blaming mental heath cycles year after year, after year!

  6. I really hope and pray they will get better.

    So nice to see a decent, caring adult person between the cast members.

  7. I hate his ex, but I have mad respect for Gary. What he’s doing for his family (including putting up with the gel-bird for his daughter) and taking care of his sick momma….he was raised right. He’s a very good man. Amber’s an idiot…but we already knew that.

  8. Oh, what a sweet gesture! Also I had no idea Emilee is so at risk, adorable girl! I hope Carol and Jody recover fully!

  9. This is awful! I hope that she is able to recover from this, and I hope that nobody else in their family has contracted it. My heart goes out to Gary, his family, and all of those who have been affected by this terrible virus.

  10. Gary you Rock!!! You inspire me often with your love, kindness, patience,humor,your mama did something right and is lucky to have you as is your wonderful wife. Prayers and peace…

  11. Reminder of how seriously we need to take this lockdown! If not for yourself, do it for those who cannot fight off covid, like Gary’s daughter Emilee.

  12. Just a reminder of how dangerous this virus is. People should be cautious regardless if the state you live in has lifted its restrictions. I hope she makes a full recovery.

  13. It’s sweet that he and Kristina are dropping food off for his mom and Jody. This virus is scary and I hope she gets well soon!

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