‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Donates 1,000 Masks to Indiana Hospital: “It’s Just a Nice Gesture”

When you say you don’t want to make a big fuss about your good deed…but then do an interview with a magazine about it…

Amber Portwood said she’s doing her part to help in the fight against C0VID-19.

The Teen Mom OG star spoke to People magazine about her recent good deed in which she donated about 1,000 N95 medical masks to a local Indiana hospital.

“We called around to a couple places. I just wanted to do my part any way that I could, and the first place that called us [back] was Richmond State Hospital,” Amber told the magazine. “We just kind of asked them ‘What do you need most at the moment?’ and they said they needed N95 masks.”

Amber said that she donated the masks to the hospital, but didn’t want to “make a big fuss of the donation,” according to the magazine. She commended herself for helping out, though.

“I did this about a week ago. It’s just a nice gesture,” Amber said. “It was something that was needed. I grew up an hour away from Richmond State Hospital. I just really want to help in any way that I can.”

Amber said she hopes to do even more to help with fight against C0VID-19.

“I’m thinking about starting a [GoFundMe] page [to buy supplies],” she told the magazine. “I couldn’t do what I wanted to. I’m not a multi-millionaire. I had this sense of guilt because I wanted to do more. Now, I’m trying to think of what else I can do.”

One thing Amber says she is able to do to help is stay home, which, as ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, is something Amber has always been very, very good at.

“I volunteer to stay on my couch until this pandemic is over…and then several years after that! Safety first!”

“I’ve been social distancing, doing what I’ve been told to do. I’m listening to the scientists more than the politicians,” she said. “I’m an introvert.”

Amber also told the magazine that her ‘Teen Mom’ fame has prepped her for social distancing requirements.

“I’ve also been on TV for such a long time that [staying home] is something that the majority of us have done for a while,” she said.

In recent weeks, Amber has also stayed off of social media for the most part (except to post clickbait). In late March, she posted a selfie to her Instagram account, along with a caption that talked about feeling scared and alone.

“Sending ❤️ to all the beautiful souls feeling scared and alone rn in these uncertain times,” she wrote. “#staysafe #stayhealthy #stayinside”

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(Photo: MTV, Instagram)


  1. What a dumbass. You do a good deed to go to the press or just to help out? Moron. Just donate the masks and shut your miss piggy face up

  2. Gee….I’m thinking doing an interview with a magazine about your “nice gesture” is in fact “making a big deal out of it” 🙄

  3. “I’m thinking about starting a [GoFundMe] page [to buy supplies],” she told the magazine. “I couldn’t do what I wanted to. I’m not a multi-millionaire. I had this sense of guilt because I wanted to do more. Now, I’m trying to think of what else I can do.”

    Gee, Ambo, how about just being a productive member of society for once in your life, instead of being a violent criminal, that would probably help a whole lot with that “sense of guilt” you’ve been feeling. You damn near should be a multi millionaire with all the money you rake in year after year for doing squat, but I understand those lawyer fees are probably pretty hefty. So now, after all these years of “social distancing” on your sofa, you suddenly feel charitable, when you have had time and money to help anyone- soup kitchens, women shelter- anything. Imagine all the masks she could’ve donated if she didn’t attack and chase her son’s father with a machete or hide in her closet smoking all hours of the night. I sure hope people will donate to a reputable organization and not any go fund me that Ambo might try to start to make herself feel better. Unbelievable.

  4. I can’t even read this. How can Amber get masks when hospitals can’t. How can my daughter, working in the ER in NY, have to wear a disposable mask for a week but Amber has access to a N-95 mask?

  5. Amber should really take some notes.

    “When you do good deeds, don’t try to show off. If you do, you won’t get a reward from your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 6:1 CEV

    1. I would never ever, ever donate to a Go Fund Me page where Amber was the administrator. You know every last penny would go to drugs.

  6. Not to take away from a good deed, why to the multimillion dollar making hospital? God Bless all our healthcare workers, I praise them all! However, the fact of the matter is they do have masks ( low on N95) and will be the first to get new shipments. Donating should go those that will benefit the most, there’s poverty neighborhoods that are being wiped out from this virus, these poor people have NO masks, need food, need hygiene items .. many don’t even have health coverage. $1000 could provide many of them with regular medical masks, maybe hand sanitizer or whatever.

  7. I think its great she donated them but if she really wanted to do a good deed she wouldn’t have needed to go to the press on it… I know a lot of people hand making masks and other needed items and don’t get recognized. Makes you think she only did this for the notoriety. She doesn’t have a very good public opinion so why not use a national pandemic to make it like she is this great person. Stop beating up on people that may help…

    1. My question is did the hospital say she donated or did she say she did it? Because lately theres been a few z listers that have been claiming to have done this but in reality lied to make themselves look better after major scandal.

  8. Unbelievable!!! Man she really wants the attention to be focused on her, good grief. GROW UP AMBER!!! Donated mask that are hard to come by, I agree where did she get them if no 1 else can find them?! However you don’t publicize your good behavior when “donating”. And what’s up with this social distancing when you 99% of the time don’t leave your couch or bed. You social distance all the time. You’re nothing but a narcissist, child neglect, angry, manipulative, self centered, physical emotional & mental abuser who thinks that this all is ok for you to do domestic violence on & then scream oh it’s my mental illness, I feel so ashamed! Some 1 really needs to take you out behind a shed some place & beat the living he// out of you then maybe you can scream oh my mental illness. Smdh

  9. Ha! I say investigate. I would bet my house on the fact that she didn’t do this by herself. She probably sent $5.00 into a local fund to get masks and is now bragging that she donated them all herself. What a piece of sh$t. Like someone said above, how would she even be able to get those masks when hospitals themselves are unable to.

  10. Who cares why she did it? I’m just glad she did, and I’m sure the hospital is glad as well

    1. That’s nice, but no one is forgetting the MACHETE ATTACK any sooner because of it, weirdo

  11. Would be a very nice gesture if it weren’t a blatant PR stunt…but at least they have masks.

  12. Great job Amber, I grew up in Richmond and I wish you the beat ever.. If you ever want to talk just let me know… Best wishes to you

    1. seriously?????? Where the hell did she get access to masks? my Daughter and her coworkers need masks at a legit hospital in NY. How did she get them before the hospital? Bull shit!!!!!!

  13. Ambah’s trying to rebuild her image again. A good deed doesnt require you to run to the press to praise yourself and talking about social distancing. You’ve been staying st home putting dents in your sofa for years. You’ve also been getting paid $400k per season too, Miss Machete.

  14. She staying at home, social distancing. Come on, it would take 100 pounds of dynamite to blow that ass off the that fart infested couch.

    stay lit

    1. 💯 when you tell someone of your good deed you negate the good deed.

      Sounds like Ambie’s trying to put out a self-made positive story to balance the negative stories so we’ll change our minds about her. Come on…that’ll happen the day I let Jenelle & UBT babysit my kid and dog.

    2. Humble bragging. It’s the worst kind of bragging IMO. Also, it looks like she is giving herself a pat in the back for it too. (so LOL)

      I just don’t understand those who have money and need to SHOW EVERYONE how awesome they are for donating to charity. I mean, Amber is not the only one in this. A lot of influencers and other “stars” do this. I remember specifically how Duggars once made a photo with a homeless couple (for Instagram obv) who they “donated” a box of donuts that they got for free to! (It was at the time Jill&Derick had Israel and Jessa&Ben only had Spurgeon I believe) If you feel the need to brag about how generous you are…you need to reevaluate your values. Do you want to help or do you REALLY just want people to commend you for a job well done? Because if it’s the latter, you missed the point of helping out because you’re a good person, not because you want a pat in the back.

  15. When you have to brag about your good deed it becomes nothing more than a publicity stunt. At least a hospital got much-needed supplies.

  16. At least she’s taking care of the hopsital that her future ex will be admitted to after she beats him up.

  17. She’s the worst, so transparent. She says in one breath that she doesn’t want to shout about her benevolence from the rooftops, and insists in the next that she has done an amazing thing to help people out despite her meagre finances. Sure, people can donate as much or as little as they please, but how many face masks could have been bought with the backpack of money that Grampa Matt ran away with? Her priorities as someone who makes more money than most, especially in return for no real trade or skill, are really screwed up. No amount of face masks will allow us to forget the machete incident.

  18. Soooooo, was this donation announcement about the doctors and nurses at the hospital or about how Amber is a pro at being a sloth on the couch for years on end? Just wondering.

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