Teen Mom News Pile: Farrah Abraham Shows How Out of Touch with Reality She Is, Briana DeJesus Gets Called Out & More

“Suntanning is essential! Dr. Miami didn’t do all this work on me for me to be pale!”

From making questionable decisions to making us question their sanity, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week…

Briana DeJesus gets slammed for taking her daughters to the beach during pandemic

“I mean, duhhh, I told the girls to watch out for Corona bottles on the sand because they may have the virus!”

Some beaches have reopened in Florida, and Sunshine State resident Briana decided to get some fun in the sun with her daughters. Her beach trip also got her plenty of criticism from ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans who felt she has not taken the C0VID-19 pandemic and quarantine suggestions seriously. 

Briana— who also caught flak for taking her daughter with a heart condition to water parks and amusements parks after it was recommended that vulnerable people self-isolate back in March— posted on Tuesday that she was exhausted from her day at the beach. She did, however, have the strength to fight back against nay-sayers who criticized her for not staying home.

“The beach kicked my ass,” Bri tweeted on Tuesday. “I am exhausted.”


“Just because they are open doesn’t mean you should go,” one person told Briana on Twitter. Briana clapped back with, “Just because you have ur opinion doesn’t mean you need to share it.”

“How was the C0VID sand?” another person asked.

“Since you don’t know how to follow orders like others. You should sign a waiver if you get C0VID-19 you shouldn’t get medical treatment. While others are trying stay home and safe with their family you coming out like it’s a damn party,” someone else responded.

“Let me guess, you took Stella (WHO HAS A HEART CONDITION AND IS MORE CAPABLE OF GETTING C0VID) to the beach as well ? Guess you won’t learn until one of your children get C0VID,” another person tweeted.

Farrah Abraham proved (again) how out of touch with reality she is

That moment you realize you’re an almost-30-year-old woman wearing a plastic crown and proclaiming yourself prom queen…

Farrah has always acted as if she lives on her own planet (Planet Backdoor, perhaps?) but last week the former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star demonstrated how out of touch with reality she is.

Farrah posted that she was giving her fans (not sure if that should be plural?) the chance to win her old early-2000s prom dress. She also encouraged girls to buy one of her Cameo videos in honor of their prom.

The only problem? Schools across the United States are closed and there will likely be no proms held this year, due to the C0VID-19 global pandemic. Of course, Farrah— always one to put a delusional spin on things— used the opportunity to celebrate the health crisis, stating that the virus will help to prevent girls from losing their virginity on prom night.

Or something….

Even though The Ashley is a certified “Farrah Speak” translator, even she’s not entirely clear on what the Backdoor Teen Mom is trying to do or say here.

Farrah’s very confusing tweet from last week…

“Celebrating a chastity belt of a year in #prom2020 I dedicate my prom dress to a prom2020 student keeping her virginity & decreasing teen pregnancy! Happy prom 2020!” Farrah wrote in the caption of herself all dressed up like a nearly 30-year-old Prom Queen. “Enter to win! & Don’t forget a Cameo for your prom2020! #promathome”

In the nauseating video that accompanies the “contest” (which is really just an opportunity for Farrah to hawk her dragged-from-the-dead book, My Teenage Dream Ended) Farrah gives her Backdoor Prom Queen speech.

“Thank you guys so much for letting me be Prom Queen,” she says. “C0VID-19 has really brought a chasity year so there’s not gonna be any more teen pregnancies, like I wrote in my book, My Teenage Dream Ended. I want to give my dress to a fellow girl who has kept her virginity this year. Congratulations, girls, we got our virginities!” 

(Um…Farrah does know we all saw her p0rno right?) 

Naturally, Farrah received a lot of backlash over the post, with many pointing out that many high school students have had their proms canceled, and others pointing out that Farrah herself had sex with her daughter Sophia’s dad, Derek Underwood, on prom night. Others stated that no one would be caught dead wearing Farrah’s early 2000s Backdoor “Belle” ballgown.

“I’m sorry but even if there was a prom this year I don’t think anyone would want that hideous dress,” one person responded on Twitter.

“You live in some alternative world where only your thoughts are real,” someone else told Farrah. “But in reality where the rest of us live you couldn’t be more bat s**t crazy.”

“So… you’re a “p0rn star” promoting celibacy?” another wrote. “Do you see where that might be confusing? Also… prom is cancelled this year, as it should be. You’re an idiot Farrah, stfu.”

Kail Lowry gives an update on her baby daddy Chris Lopez & what his future involvement with Baby #4 will be

“Oh hell no!”

Don’t expect to see “proud papa” Chris Lopez passing out baby blue cigars in the waiting room of the hospital that Kail is giving birth in.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star confirmed in an new interview with Champion Daily that she will probably not be permitting Chris— who is the father of her unborn son as well as third son Lux— to attend the birth of their son in July. 

“I likely won’t invite Chris to the birth,” Kail told the site. 

“What about me, Kail? Call me! I’ll be ya laba coach!”

In January, The Ashley broke the news that Kail took out a Protection From Abuse (PFA) on Chris last year. That protective order still stands, barring him from seeing Kail. 

(Earlier this week, fans were questioning if the PFA was still in place, because Kail posted a video of Chris to her TikTok account. The Ashley can confirm that video was old and was previously posted elsewhere before the PFA was filed last year.) 

Anyway, Kail told Champion Daily that, although the PFA bars Chris from seeing her, it does not forbid him from checking in with her regarding Lux and the unborn baby.

“Despite having the PFA (order of protection), he’s allowed to contact me (in writing) via text or email about the kid(s) and he never has,” she said. “He’s never asked if they need anything, she added, further explaining her disdain with Chris and why’s she wouldn’t want him to be present at the birth.

“So what’s the point?” Kail wrapped with saying, reiterating that, “So I likely won’t invite him, but am unsure.”

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25 Responses

  1. Kail, the #forevervictim.
    No one feels sorry for her, and this constant pity party is too much.

  2. Currently watching (I believe the latest episode of) Teen Mom OG, & the next segment opened with Amber talking about how she MET SOMEONE NEW!!!! I’m over here, had to STOP & find a place to make a post because I CAN’T BELIEVE I couldn’t get through a handful of episodes before AMBER HAD MOVED ON & FOUND A NEW MAN. I’ll bet she’s pregnant by the next episode. Pfffttttt!!

  3. I’m starting to think Kail is doing all this on purpose to have more drama with her baby daddies…the day she will date (and prob be impregnated again) by a decent man will be the day the Earth will stand still.

    Or maybe she should date women again? At least she can’t have their babies.

    1. Women don’t want the kind of drama she brings. 3 baby daddies? Attitude is the absolute worst. Entitled. Selfish. Noooo thanks.

  4. I saw Brianas insta stories. There was nothing wrong with her beach trip. There was no other people around for miles. She clearly rented a house on a private beach!! I rented a lake house a few weeks ago and took my kids! We’ve all been in our own homes for months now. As long as you are keeping your distance and staying safe, enjoy your time with your family. If you can afford to leave for the weekend, and can do it safely. Do it!!! You can be isolated elsewhere ya know!!! All the rich folks going to their summer homes on the beach is no damn different!!!

  5. Kail is ridiculous! U reap what u sow u dumb cow! I know Bri isn;t the brightest bulb, but as I understand, u aren’t allowed to swim on FL beaches, but are allowed to walk and ride bikes. If she just took her kids for a walk or bike ride I don’t think its harmful. Most parents have been stuck inside with their kids for the better part of going on seven weeks, so i’m sure if they followed the rules and wore mask gloves they’ll be ok! That’s one thing that this pandemic has brought out the ugly in people trying to police others! U deal with it your way and let others deal with it theirs!

    1. Pot meet kettle. ???So many ppl passing judgement…Kail is ridiculous/dumb cow??? Your totally jealous is showing.

  6. I must be really losing it, but I’m beginning to think Farrah’s behavior is really all an intentional, clever ruse.

  7. Somebody said Briana had a new man. Is this true? If not, she’ll be on the lookout soon anyway now that she’s got a “hot new” body. Also I hope she social-distances from arcades, someone might try to play whack-a-mole on her face

  8. I mean I can’t stand Briana, and I don’t know what the beach situation was (if they were near other families or if it was a near-empty beach), but as a CICU nurse I can say that in defense of Briana, her baby does not have a heart condition and is not at any greater risk with a virus like Covid.

    The baby had 2 small VSDs. They then went for a cardiac follow-up & echocardiogram, where they saw that the holes were closing on their own. No intervention was needed and she does not need to be followed by a Cardiologist. She was cleared. It happens very often and puts her daughter at no more risk w/ regard to Covid or other viruses.

    1. @shea, Thanks for the info! My daughter also has this, through the years it had closed significantly, I was told to go about life as normal with the exception of premeds before dental work… the thought of how this virus could some how make her compromised did cross my mind though.
      I DO agree that she didn’t belong on the beach, nobody does! This is an issue that people need to be addressing with Florida’s governor, not Briana.. blow up his phones and website! This guy dropped the ball early on leaving beaches open for spring breakers, now opens them early with the state in turmoil all for greedy revenue. Happy not to live in Florida, thanks again

  9. …but did anyone notice the dress in Farrah’s prom pictures is a pink halter and not a yellow strapless nor a long sleeve sequined mini?
    Also did she really think we’d believe she could still fit into her prom dress after 87 bo0b and caboose jobs!?
    Get real.

  10. Sorry Kail, perhaps you’re forgetting that you willingly laid down with this loser after he apparently beat you multiple times. Or is that just another web of lies as well?

    No one feels sorry for you. You’re not a woman in an abusive relationship where the abuser is withholding all financial support, prevents you from leaving, etc. Quit playing that narrative.

    You’re a fucking millionaire that lives in a god damn mansion. The man wanted some ass and because you’re easy and have some sort of stockholm syndrome, you chose to lay down with him again after he told you he wanted nothing to do with you. Tried to sign away his rights as a father and instinct tells you to go and lay down with him again???

    I only feel sorry for your children in the sense that their mother purposely dealt them a shitty hand in the father lottery, knowing full well the absentee piece of useless shit he is.

    That’s more fucked up to me.

    1. Kels this comment is so
      spot on!!!!!! Everything you said is true! She changes the narrative whenever it suits her because she is a victim in her own mind. Chris wanted sex and you were the perfect ho. As you said before “he’s w his other hoes” including yourself in there! 😉

  11. Kail really hates this baby. She first went to abort it. Now she puts out a tic toc video of how she doesn’t want to be pregnant. What a horrible person. The baby will one day see all the things she is saying. She might as well be a drunk like her mother.

    1. She didn’t say she didn’t want the baby she said she feels numb about it. There is a difference!

  12. Insanity is why is this show still on. That boy must be who Farrahs boyfriend is that passed away. That to me was a sad picture. They get paid so much to be on this show. Don’t watch it but do check up by reading it here.

  13. Kail sounds incredibly stupid as always…
    Farrah is being Farrah…….as always…..
    And Briana………she needs to be slapped for putting her kids (especially Stella) at risk.

    All and all….
    Disappointed, but not at all surprised.

    1. I think she just wanted to try for a girl and is now stuck with another boy, that’s probably why she’s whining about it. She’s pathetic and will never learn!

  14. Kail, maybe you should have thought “what’s the point” before having unprotected sex with a deadbeat abuser??? The pathetic thing is that you would probably take him back in an instant ??‍♀️

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