Leah Messer Speaks Out About Her Mom Dawn Reading Her Book & Reveals Why She Thinks Doing a Reality TV Show In Your Teens is a Bad Idea

“Buy my ding-dang book!”

Leah Messer has been busy y’all!

The Teen Mom 2 star has been making the press rounds over the last week, promoting her upcoming book, Hope, Grace & Faith. A few days ago, Leah did a video-chat interview with Entertainment Tonight to discuss some of the bombshells revealed in her book, including some shocking stories about her momDawn Spears, and her own faked miscarriage.

Here, The Ashley has whittled down the interview a bit to just include some of the most-interesting (and most-juicy) quotes from Leah.

On why she feels doing a reality TV show as a teenager is a bad idea:

Leah…after realizing her own daughters have been on reality TV since birth…

Leah got her start on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” when she was only 17 years old, and has been filming for ‘Teen Mom 2’ non-stop since that time. While that situation has worked out well for her (since she’s now rolling in MTV cash), she doesn’t recommend other teens do the same.

“I’m not sure anyone at 16 or 17 should go into reality TV,” Leah said, quickly adding, “unless you’ve grown up around that world.”

Leah said dealing with the world’s criticism of her was very hard.

“When I first started receiving feedback from the fans, I was so crushed,” she said. “I’m such a loving person; it was hard for me. It definitely took a toll on me. So, I would say to anyone who’s going into reality television at such a young age, to know your worth. Know what you’re capable of and love yourself…It doesn’t matter what anyone says about you at the end of the day; you know how you feel about yourself.”

So….in other words….(all together now!)…STAND IN YOUR POWER! 

On how her mother felt after reading Hope, Grace & Faith:

Leah has already stated that she has forgiven her mom Dawn for the bad (and sometimes downright creepy) parenting choices she made while Leah and her siblings were growing up. However, in this interview, she admitted that Dawn had a difficult time reading her book.

“It wasn’t easy for me to read…and it has nothing to do with the schools here not being well!”

“My mom, it was hard for her to read [my book],” Leah said. “When she read it, she cried. I think she definitely had some fears come up for her, as well. But, our relationship today, and the complete change in our entire family dynamic has made it all worth it.

“Me owning everything that I’ve been through and really telling my story and being OK with that has allowed [my family members] to do the same,” Leah added. “So my mom can only do what she was taught, and I had to un-learn everything that I was taught. And now she gets to un-learn everything she was taught, to be a better grandmother and a better mom. I couldn’t be more proud of who she is today.”

Leah said that one of her mom’s teachings that she had to “un-learn” was the importance of always having a man in your life.

“[I’ve learned that] being alone, that’s OK,” Leah said. “Being that role model for my girls… I’ve always said if there’s that one thing I wanted, I wanted to give my kids the life I didn’t have. And I’m doing that.”

On how she has responded to ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans who felt tricked or disgusted when they found out she faked a miscarriage on the show to cover up her abortion: 

(In case you’ve been living under a rock like Kieffa for the past few weeks and haven’t read this story yet, you can click here to catch up!)

“I shouldn’t have lied, y’all!”

Leah said she felt bad that many ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans were upset when she revealed in her book that the “miscarriage” covered during a 2012 episode of the show was faked. (She actually had an abortion.)

She said, while she does not regret the abortion, she regrets deceiving everyone with the phony miscarriage story.

“Honestly, the only thing I regret from that period of my life is not owning it then, not being honest then,” Leah said. “I feel like I have a lot of fans that felt disappointed [in me], or felt like they were lied to. That’s the last thing I would want anyone to feel that supports me and my journey. I definitely would have been more considerate of that.

“Had I been who I am today, maybe I wouldn’t have made that decision,” Leah said of the abortion and the cover-up. “But I don’t choose to dwell in that period of my life where I didn’t own my story, where I didn’t own my truth… It was hard.”

Watch Leah’s full interview with Entertainment Tonight below! 

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14 Responses

  1. So the thing about un-learn about having a man in your life…does that mean she send Germy to the curb?! FINALLY! You don’t need a second spawn from where he came from!

    And that’s…also such a pathetic thing to teach someone. I’m sorry but like…how can you be so dependent on someone like she admitted she was to Jason…that means you still do that, Leah. Probably time to reevaluate your own problems with men and don’t blame it all on mom. Yes, she taught you that but you could have easily tried to learn how to be in a relationship differently. Yours with Jason was…2 years ago maybe? You’re still not completely over that pattern, I really hope you are not hooking up with Jeremy anymore, be SINGLE (like you were for a year and a half before Jason I think) which means don’t mindlessly hook up too! That’s EXACTLY what your problem was in the past!

  2. Wait what? Are you saying if there is anything in my past I’m not proud of, all I need to say is “I didn’t own my story, where I didn’t own my truth, it was hard”, and it’s all OK?


    stay lit

    1. I wouldnt buy her crappy book anyway.
      Shes no role model, her kids run riot, and her siater is a whore, neither have broken the cycle.
      And leah will be a grandmother to a teenmom, and so on and the pattern stays the same.

      Leah made money off a false misscarriage story, how about you pay that money back and give the same amout to a charity.

      ( nope thought not)

  3. If you care about your girlseses wellbeing, you’d walk away from the show. No positive can come from their exposure on tv. They deserve some privacy and dignity

    1. Just wanted to say I love your screen name. I song it to the beat of Jennifer Lopez “I’m still Jenny from the block”

    1. Don’t stick your dick in crazy bro.

      Or if you must, ask Robbie for recommendations on how to not knock her up.

  4. In the last week we’ve read that Leah beat the shit out of a girl over a boy, had an abortion and lied about it, exposed her own mother’s filthy past to make a buck… now Leah quotes that she’s “ such a loving person “

  5. Was the abortion during the time she hooked up with Corey while he was married to Miranda? If she didn’t know if the baby was Jeremy’s or Corey’s, or if she knew it was definitely Corey’s, maybe that’s why it was such an easy decision for her.

    She always seemed to want to keep her claws in Jeremy, so if she knew it was his it seems a little strange that she would immediately decide on abortion and also hide it from him. Especially hiding it from him. Even if they were broken up.

  6. It’s interesting knows how hard it is to be a teenager on camera and is so willing to let her own children go through it. I know she added “unless you’ve grown up around that world.” But what difference does that really make? Seems like she is just trying to justify making money off her kids. I always just assumed all the teen moms were kind of unaware of the damage this tv show does because they all think they’ve turned out “fine” – but really she is clearly aware and does it to her kids anyway. She’s definitely seems to be her mother’s daughter.

    1. No it was before Corey and Miranda even met, it was when her and Jeremy had been together a few months and she took out her IUD to get pregnant and Corey said to her that he still had feelings for her, next minute on the show she mentions having a miscarriage and considers going back to Corey. People said at the time it was all too convenient.

  7. Leah said. “I feel like I have a lot of fans that felt disappointed [in me], or felt like they were lied to.“
    I’m not a fan but, yes you manipulated and lied to the viewers, your husband and your kids. There is really no way to wiggle out of that one.

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