Jeremy Calvert Responds After ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Admits to Aborting His Baby & Lying About Having a Miscarriage (Exclusive Details!)

“Leah ain’t so good at the truth, ya know…”

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer‘s upcoming memoir, Hope, Grace & Faith, has yet to be released; however, a number of the shocking topics addressed in the book have already been revealed. The latest: Leah’s confession that she once claimed to have miscarried with ex Jeremy Calvert‘s baby when she actually had an abortion.

In the book—which The Sun obtained an excerpt of—Leah writes that, at the time of the incident, she wasn’t over her first husband Corey Simms, even though she was already dating Jeremy. Leah was trying to decide between a life with Jeremy and a re-do with Corey when she found herself knocked up again, but this time with Jeremy’s child! 

The Ashley has talked to someone who was associated with ‘Teen Mom 2’ around the time of the faked miscarriage to get the behind-the-scenes scoop! 

“At least it wasn’t my sperm…’cause we make ’em kids two at a damn time!”

In her book, Leah explained that she was upset that the unplanned pregnancy with Jeremy would prevent her from trying again with Corey. 

“I was devastated,” she writes. “Having a baby with Jeremy would be the end of any chance Corey and I had of making things work for our family. I was sad for myself, but mostly I was sad for our girls. I knew I had f**ked up and I felt like I had ruined their lives on top of mine.” 

Leah goes on to write that she was encouraged to terminate the pregnancy by her rep at the time, in hopes of saving Leah’s “public image.” Leah writes that her mom Dawn Spears was supportive of the decision, but insisted that Jeremy could not find out about the abortion.

Leah and Jeremy round the time of the abortion…

Longtime Roundupers will remember that, around this time, The Ashley reported that Leah was spotted outside of a OB-GYN office with her then-friend Amy. After The Ashley reported the sighting, Leah denied The Ashley’s claim and explained online that she was there to support Amy, and denied that she was pregnant herself. (Even though she was, and The Ashley was correct.) As The Ashley told you back in 2012, Leah was even sold that pregnancy story to a tabloid for a hefty amount!

“There ain’t nuthin’ wrong with makin’ a little money when ya can!”

The Ashley’s sources back then told her that Leah’s mom Dawn was instrumental in orchestrating the lie concocted to cover the abortion. 

“Dawn told Leah that people will hate her if she has an abortion, but feel bad for her if she had a miscarriage,” The Ashley’s source tells her.

At the time, Jeremy’s friends were teasing him about having knocked up “the girl from ‘Teen Mom'” and were posting about Leah’s pregnancy to Facebook. From what The Ashley has heard, Jeremy had no clue Leah was even considering ending the pregnancy.

“I got your back!”

In the book, Leah writes about the abortion procedure (she took the abortion pill because she was less than eight weeks along) and how convincing Dawn was when she called Jeremy to break the news of Leah’s “miscarriage.” 

“When she told him I was having a miscarriage the way she played the role of concerned mother was so damn convincing even I couldn’t tell she was lying,” she writes. “I remember listening to her talking to Jeremy on the phone and wondering how the hell I had let this happen.” 

Leah calls the experience “the worst thing I have ever been through.”

Soon after the abortion, Leah called producers to tell them she lost the baby and a camera crew was sent to film about her “miscarriage.” (You can watch the scene about the “miscarriage” below.)

The Ashley can reveal that, while the plan was for Leah to never reveal what really happened, she did eventually tell someone who works on the show and, despite the fact that she writes in her book that only her mom, friend and rep knew about the abortion, that’s not the case.

“It was relatively common knowledge among the crew and producers at the time,” a person associated with the show back then tells The Ashley. “Even some of the other cast members knew. I will say, though, the people who went there to film it did not know it [was actually an abortion] at the time they shot those scenes [that ended up on ‘Teen Mom 2.’]

“We found out what really happened later and a lot of people [who worked on the show] were very upset and disgusted about the lie,” the source said.

This seems appropriate to post here…

In her book, Leah writes that she, too, was disgusted with herself.

“I can look bad now without regret, but for the longest time, I wasn’t okay with the choice I had made,” she explained. “It felt so dark because it was hidden. It wasn’t until I was finally able to bring myself to tell Jeremy what had really happened that I started to realize that as long as I was living with the lie it would keep eating away at me.

“I carried the pain and the guilt around with me for years, until I finally got to the point where I could hold myself accountable for my choices without punishing myself for them.” 

The Ashley can reveal that, in the time between when Leah told Jeremy the truth and the time she revealed it in her book, Jeremy kept the secret. However, during one of the periods where Leah and Jeremy were not getting along, Jeremy almost revealed Leah’s big secret during a social media rant. 

“He said something like ‘if y’all only knew what she really did when we were first dating, what she is really capable of,’ but then caught himself and didn’t tell the abortion story,” the source said.

Leah and Jeremy ended up getting married in 2012 and welcomed daughter Addie the following year. The couple divorced in 2015.

In an interview with The Sun earlier this week, Jeremy revealed when he learned the truth about Leah’s abortion.

“I heard things about the abortion after the cheating scandal and before we got divorced,” he said. “In my heart I never wanted to question a woman on that. Eventually she did tell me the truth and it was upsetting to hear.”

Jeremy told The Sun that he feels “no need to bring up hurtful times in the past.” He also said he’s proud of the progress Leah has made over the years. 

“She’s grown up so much now and I’m proud of the woman she’s become,” he said. 

The cover of Leah’s book…

Leah’s book, Hope, Grace & Faith, is set to be released May 5. Click here for more details. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Post Hill Press)

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  1. If I remember correctly, she told her mom that she took out her IUD. Her & Jeremy wanted to have a kid together but she was still in love with Corey too. I remember her going to Corey’s house to “talk” while Jeremy was away at work one night. I’m thinking that she didn’t know who the dad was & that’s the reason she had the abortion.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Disgusting. And to now reveal the big dark horrible secret that she is a irresponsible baby killer only to now sell books is disgusting. How many books does this make now?! Like they’ve all grown so much and we can’t already see that on this shit show to now reveal is it purely for book sales and ratings which equals money!! What will the other kids think when they grow up and realize one of their brothers or sister died all because their irresponsible mother decided to spread her legs without protection while “she was in love with Corey and hoped it still worked out even tho she was already sleeping with another man” Leah u are something else u and everyone else who defends this situation are nothing but women who use this whole it’s her body her choice things as an excuse to to check out on what should have been you’re responsibility as a grown person who decides to take the chance at unsafe sex. YOU made that choice so YES it should have been the choice to do the right thing and follow thru with what u got yourself into. How many of us women have become pregnant when knowing we didn’t use protection and followed thru with what was right? I have been with the same man 15yrs one child together and raised his other 3 who was abandoned by their own shit show of a mother I sure haven’t killed no innocent babies!
    If u wanna come clean and take responsibility that’s fine but don’t act like this isn’t a ploy to get money cause that’s all it is u have no morals or principles, u allow one of you’re children to be mean and cruel and with the nastiest attitude there is I’m sure u have not only lost what respect I had for u but from many others as well. Shame on u for this money maker ploy. Day what it really is, I was a young irresponsible woman who didn’t want the responsibility of raising a child I helped make even at the worst of times so I TOOK THE EASY WAY OUT and KILLED my baby behind the mans back and lied about it back then all for ratings and now I’m coming clean to make even more money off it.

  3. That Bitch should of never spread her legs. She doesn’t deserve to have kids. Dumb,Dumb BITCH. She’s worthless like all the other teen mom’s. Most of them anyway.

      1. She needs more money for deer cams,dye for the baby’s head and cheetos oh we mustn’t forget lunchables for the girlses!?. It’s all about the money??

  4. It’s a sad story. I’m glad she came clean though. When you scared selfish teenager and a parent that is so manipulative it’s not surprising to hear that this went down. I hope she really learned from it. It seems like she did.

  5. Her body, her choice, but it’s the blatant lie she told to garner sympathy that makes this bad. It’s pretty disturbing that her mom would encourage her to lie about something like that, but it’s also another explanation as to why she was so drugged out during that time of her life. She was trying to numb a lot of demons.

  6. This (abortion) is probably the best decision any of these girls have ever made. They all probably should have aborted their teen pregnancies. Then they could have had normal lives not at the epicenter of this shit show. Abortion should be normalized!

    1. Go tell that to their children. It’s not YOUR call to make and your opinion doesn’t matter. As the child of a teen mom that worked her ass off for me and my siblings, got a college degree, started a successful business and put us all through college, thanks for telling me that my mother should have killed me. Insensitive asshole.

      1. Sorry I triggered you, but if you hadn’t been born it’s not like you would have known the difference. Abortion is a legitimate option, and frequently the best one.

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
          Maybe your mother should have made that choice

          1. I’m sure you’re trying to insult me, but if I hadn’t been born, I certainly couldn’t have given a shit one way or the other. Aborting a fetus is a valid choice for anyone at any time. If my mother hadn’t wanted a child when she became pregnant with me then she absolutely should have had an abortion.

        2. Samanda, you missed Emmatheelevator’s point entirely. Shocker. You are the one who is clearly triggered by the team moms and their babies.

  7. It’s no one’s place to judge a 19 year old who had a medical abortion with a pill before she was even 8 weeks pregnant. She shouldn’t be ashamed and y’all shouldn’t be so judgmental

    1. A 19 year old in a new relationship who has 2 kids and a divorce under her belt already. The abortion was a reasonable choice. Lying about it and spinning an elaborately deceptive reality tv story about it is shady as fuck though.

    2. Just stop with your woke bullshit. Your feminist voice doesn’t mean shit when you’re using a screenname that says pussy central.

      Cue the ‘I’m taking the word back!’ bullshit. No, you’re not. You just want an excuse to be vulgar.

  8. Who would buy this book after knowing this ??? I don’t care how long ago this lie was ,It’s still disgusting.let me point out a recent UNTRUTH.. she did it because she didn’t know if she was still in love with Cory! She NEVER loved Cory! Leah treated him terrible and made it very obvious that she reluctantly married him for the twins. How can anyone take this book for anything but fiction!

      1. You do realize that people are judging because she went on national television and lied about it? A woman’s body is her body, that’s correct. But do you understand the hurt that she caused women that have really lost babies they wanted? I watched that fake episode and I cried for that woman because I’ve been there. That’s what I’m judging, not the abortion itself. Stuff it with all your ‘her body, her choice’ comments. It was her choice to lie. It’s our choice to be upset about it.
        Most of us are women here and we don’t need the PC police that are ruining the world also trying to take away our freedom of speech online. We’ll say what we damn well please because that’s our right. Take a seat or leave. You won’t find friends here because we tend to dislike woke snowflakes. As a woman myself, don’t you DARE speak for me. I don’t agree with you and not every woman will. We can fight our own battles, thanks.

        Also, abortions aren’t fucking birth control. It’s plan Z in a desperate situation. This woman doesn’t learn. How many times has she admitted to taking the morning after pill because she doesn’t like condoms and is too lazy to go and get the pill, shot, implant, or the millions of other forms of birth control available? That should NOT be normalized because it is still unsafe sex. That’s a great way to get to STD City.

      2. Leah probably shouldn’t be trying to sell us all a book that’s full of things that are none of our business then

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I knew that miscarriage story was a lie.

    I thought they were putting out the feelers to see if another pregnancy. (By another man) would be “accepted” by TM fans/ to garner sympathy when she did turn up pregnant again it would be called a “miracle”.

    Either way, I knew it was bs. Especially bc Dawn was involved. Logically, why would she need to tell the story and not Leah? Watch for these red flags folks when it comes to these tabloids..

  10. Now that the juiciest parts of the book have been leaked, I’ll be saving my $14.70 by not purchasing it!

  11. These girls constantly insult those who have had fertility issues or miscarriage. Constant lies. I will never support mtv again. They put these morons on a pedestal and let them play victim for 10+ years raking in millions for their poor choices and lies.

  12. Has Leah finally seen the light about Mama Dawn?! I haven’t watched the show in a long time, but it seems like Dawn isn’t around much anymore (at least from the recaps that I read here). She stirred so much shit over the years. I’ll never forget when Dawn wanted to bring the twins to visit Leah in rehab, and Corey said he needed to know where they were going or she couldn’t have them, so Dawn called Leah being all dramatic and said Corey was never giving the girls back to Leah. Telling Leah to lie to Jeremy about the abortion is just the icing on the cake, it says a lot about what kind of role model Leah had growing up.

    Jeremy has his moments, but I respect him for keeping his mouth shut about this, when he had every reason in the world to put Leah on blast.

  13. Is Mama Dawn-the-Con gong to say anything?

    Leah should have kept this to herself. Money talks though

  14. Wow, this story just ass raped my eye’s. The part when she sold the baby killing lie to the tabloids for cash took me over the edge.

    I am un-lit

  15. It’s actually disturbing how well her mom played the concerned mother role here! I know mothers will do anything for their children but I think this is taking it a little too far!! I’d also like to think maybe Leah was on drugs when she made the decision to do this and would have handled it differently had she not have been but I’m not sure if she would have or not!! I just think the whole situation is really messed up!! If I were Jeremy, idk if I could just forgive her & move on. I wonder when she told him? Before or after she decided he was good enough to marry him and she didn’t want Corey anymore!? Thank God she turned her life around and got better for herself and, especially the girlses! I will give her that bc that’s not easy to do!

    1. To be fair at 19 we are still not equipped to deal with adult situations like a failed marriage and a pregnancy out of wedlock. The only difference is I most definitely wouldn’t capitalised on the situation and I would take it to the grave. Leah also suffered sexual abuse as a child and that can lead you to be promiscuous as a teen and into adulthood, also having an absent father and a munchausen biproxie mother….. Well let’s just say Leah could have turned out awhole lot worse but didn’t.

    2. These girls using their uterus to manipulate men and story lines for years now. I’m looking at you too Kail.

  16. “Leah goes on to write that she was encouraged to terminate the pregnancy by her rep at the time, in hopes of saving Leah’s “public image.” Leah writes that her mom Dawn Spears was supportive of the decision, but insisted that Jeremy could not find out about the abortion.” Well thank goodness Leah had nothing to do with it-of course it was her mom and reps decision. The biggest joke here is that she was saving her “public image”. Are you freaking kidding me?

  17. This is just the tip of the iceberg. All of these woman sold their souls for a buck and did some dirty stuff

  18. Dawn is a really good liar, so I’m not surprised that this was her idea. Like when Leah went to rehab and Dawn asked Corey if she could take the girls for a visit. Corey asked where the rehab center was and Dawn refused to even tell him what state it was in. Obviously, Corey said no to taking his kids on a plane out of state when he didn’t even get to know where. Dawn then called Leah in this fake panic claiming Corey was planning on keeping the girls from her so Leah left rehab to come back. Super shady.

    1. As far as I remember leah admitted to this version of events being another lie to cover the fact that she balked out at her attempt at rehab. That’s when MTV stepped in and told her it was part of her contract. She admitted this during a podcast if I remember correctly.

  19. It is so difficult for many women to get pregnant and she lied about having a miscarriage. It is such an f-ed up thing to do.

  20. You can tell this was a painful decision for her. Let’s not bring her down, people. She’s clearly worked hard to get over it

    1. If it were so clearly hard for her. How could lie about something so painful and hurtful. All she cares about is herself and that’s all she really seems to care about! She tries blaming her abortion on her rep at the time and her mother Dawn. It’s not like she even got her shit together after that. She stole money put away for her girlies! She is a shitty person who is just better at hiding her addictions now.

    2. If it were so clearly hard for her. How could lie about something so painful and hurtful. All she cares about is herself and that’s all she really seems to care about! She tries blaming her abortion on her rep at the time and her mother Dawn. It’s not like she even got her shit together after that. She stole money put away for her girlies! She is a shitty person who is just better at hiding her addictions now.

  21. Also, that we make em 2 at a time Corey comment is gold and wtf happened to good ol Amy?! Moderating for her Leah and Teen Mom was like her job, you could always tell what was true by how nuts Amy went over it ?

  22. I realized long ago this was just a TV show and as such, stories were spun a bit, but this is just bad. And then to try and make more money off of it by putting it in a book? Geez. Much of this explains why Miranda and Corey would get so frustrated and yet Leah and Co. had no problems painting them as the bad ones. Imagine what else she’s lied about if she did this. I also realize she’s no peach, but the rest of the cast doesn’t seem too different from Jenelle after all.

    1. No surprise that’s why Miranda doesnt film and they dont go on the reunion specials. Corey has said in the past that it affects their coparenting relationship. Remember Corey and Miranda were the bad guys too for fighting for custody when Leah was on drugs?

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