‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Taunts Wife Leah On Twitter Over Cheating Scandal

"Dingdang it, not the dirt bike!"
“Dingdang it, not the dirt bike!”

Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert has remained silent on Twitter in the days since he dropped a bombshell on his wife, Leah Calvert, and accused her on Twitter of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd. (To be fair, he did make a few random tweets about Nickelback in the last few days but…silence would have been better. Who likes Nickelback anymore?)

Anyway, today Jeremy decided to stick it to his wife one more time (figuratively, not literally, as Robbie has allegedly been taking care of that lately.) In the early afternoon hours, Jeremy posted a photo of what appears to be his dirt bike loaded up onto his truck bed.  While it seemed he wanted fans to know that he was packing up his stuff and taking it away from the home he shares with Leah by posting the photo, his caption was even more telling.

“Bet he can’t do this. LMAO You sure made a great choice. He can’t even buy a big Mac,” Jeremy wrote.

Y'all know it's serious when the dirt bike gets loaded into the truck...
Y’all know it’s serious when the dirt bike gets loaded into the truck…

Obviously, this was referencing his wife’s “choice” to allegedly do “the sex” with Robbie. Jeremy, who makes good money working as a pipe layer, was hinting that Leah’s “new man” wouldn’t be able to support her the way he did. (Robbie is reportedly employed, according to his Facebook profile; however that may not be current information. His recent drug-related arrest and its resulting methy-looking mugshot doesn’t exactly paint him as a dignified career man.)

As The Ashley told you on Monday, Jeremy and Leah’s marriage is over. According to The Ashley’s sources, Jeremy has already filed for divorce. (The Ashley is waiting to get confirmation of this, however.)

The split is already Facebook official: Jeremy currently lists his relationship status as “Divorced” and has defriended his wife. (Leah is now “following” Jeremy’s profile, however.)

Leah has also made some social media changes in the last 24 hours. She recently changed her Twitter profile background, which used to include a photo of her and Jeremy with friends. It now is a photo of Leah and her girlfriends. Her Twitter photo has also changed; it is no longer a photo of Leah and her husband. Instead, it now shows Leah’s twin daughters.

Leah has yet to respond to Jeremy’s latest tweet, but The Ashley will keep you posted on all of the latest drama!

Did you miss yesterday’s Leah/Corey/Jeremy news? Click here and here for the latest on this hot mess of a situation!

(Photos: Twitter, MTV)


  1. i can so easily picture jeremy ‘rockin out’ to nickleback being totally serious..same with nathan after he takes his ‘tet-tos-er-own’ and starts working out

  2. Ashley – Do you have any news on these guys? Twitter says they are back together but most of us are really having trouble believing it. And to be honest it’s a pretty unhealthy relationship.

  3. I think the fact that Leah hasn’t formally come out and addressed these issues stands out. If someone accused me of being addicted to drugs, I would want to ensure that my name was cleared right away! Right now it’s only her mom and her sister saying anything and their excuses keep getting grander! I watched the “Unseen Moments” last week and there was a scene where Corey was complaining about Leah asking for more child support, etc. and generally being mean. I forget his statement, but it was somewhere along the lines of if you don’t do as she wants, she gets crazy. And judging by the responses and things I have read on this Board from fans about the past, her mom and sisters comments, it rings slightly true.

    I was also re-watching season 1 where she wins Corey back. Honestly, she looked so much better and happier then. Her hair was bouncy, fluffy and not raggety. She also seemed more driven (they got the trailer, decorated it, and worked for the girls). While I don’t think she does not put the girls first now, it seems as if a lot of that happiness is gone. Granted that could be due to Ali’s diagnosis – I’m wondering if she joined a support group for that?

    I’m happy that Corey and Miranda seem stable and mature – they did say they wanted to wait to have kids. They also discuss things calmly and realistically. Jeremy and Leah are a hot mess. He seemed infatuated with her at the beginning but then lost interest. I also think he had a more mature mind set at first (at least he had a decent job and seemed to have money saved up). Leah just wants the fairy tale life – no work, lay on the couch, buy whatever she want and get to dress up and be a bride.

    Overall – Ding Dang is right.

  4. This is the biggest train wreck I have EVER seen. Leah’s silence on the issue can mean one of two things. Either it is true and she is ashamed or scared of dealing with the situation, or MTV wants to be first to have all the dits and want her to keep quiet. Either way this is a storm that’s been brewing for a LONG time. Jeremy and Leah were never really happy. I’m sorry, people can say otherwise but you can tell. Jeremy was tired of slaving his ass off only to hand his paycheck over to Leah for her to burn and Leah isn’t mature enough to understand what she’s getting herself into. Leah couldn’t handle her first marriage and managing her twin girls, so her idea of mending it…is to get married to a man she barely knows and have another child. Then, with the stress of 3 children, one of which has special needs, a divorce, a flimsy marriage, and no money of her own she turns to pills to numb real life. But she needs shocked back to life. She is running around like a headless chicken. Adding divorces under her belt along with more babies. She needs to sort out her personal chaos before she adds another man and another child to this catastrophe.

  5. I’m really interested to see what happens a year or two from now. With the drug accusations, poor public opinion, and cheating scandals I can’t imagine Leah retaining custody. But Jeremy can’t work how he does and care for a young child either, unless he gets a travel nanny. Leah has no skills or ability to make the kind of money it takes to support 3 kids, and any child support or alimony isn’t going to give her the life she is accustomed to even if she did somehow retain custody.

    This is just all sorts of crazy, but I always figured it would unfold this way. Once a cheater, always a cheater. She just never grew up and doesn’t seem to have the capacity to be a normal adult who makes good decisions and takes responsibility. I feel so bad for those babies!!

  6. You guys need to stop pretending like you know everything that goes on in these people’s lives. Just because Jeremy is divorcing Leah, doesn’t mean the rumor is true. Yeah, it was stupid of her to have had contact with Robbie after everything that happened with him while she was with Corey but just because she was guilty before, doesn’t mean she’s guilty now. Even if she is guilty, she’s only human and obviously has some problems that she needs to deal with.

  7. Shes going to have a RUDE awakening when jeremys checks aren’t rolling in ..i thought she learned from corey “You dont know what you got till its Gone “!!

    1. Unless the courts have any brains, she’ll keep custody of the kids AND get a gigantic check each month from Jeremy to spend on drugs. Because now he will have no say in how the money is spent.

      Those poor kids. PLEASE West Virginia, make a smart custody decision. Those girls are all better off with their daddied until Leah grows up.

      Did you see how she reacted to tye dead kitten on unseen moments?! All about HER and HER emotions, pushing the kids out of the way and saying “I can’t!” Grow the hell up!!! You get it together for your kids! My parents had the same thing happen when I was a kid, found abandoned kittens who didn’t make it, and I never knew a thing- they said they took them to a vet to find a good home and didn’t lose it in front of me. I’d do the same for my kids. Leah is still a child. A greedy, whiny, spoiled child. Corey and Maranda would give the twins more stability and be PARENTS. As would Jeremy’s family for Addy.

  8. He can’t even buy a Big Mac haha. Well, I hate to sound like an asshole but Leah brought this upon herself. I don’t think anyone knows for sure whether or not those two had sex but even if they didn’t, Leah should of known better than to be talking with him.

    1. Obviously I don’t know the whole story but I hope jeremy isn’t divorcing Leah just for talking to Robbie! That’s a pretty extreme consequence for a conversation.. But let’s be honest, they probably slept together. Leah can’t *not* sleep with him.. Why, I don’t know..

      1. Well, they have had problems even before this incident. They have both talked about divorcing for awhile (or at least Jeremy has). Jeremy obviously believes they did sleep together but honestly, no one knows that for sure except Robbie and Leah which they both have denied.

  9. quite the scandal, and as always THANK YOU ASHLEY. When you write it here, I know it’s true, I think when it comes to the teen moms you have the most reliable information, kuddos to you. Now here is my take on this, I’m very surprised that it’s just the Robbie issue, and he didn’t want to be out of it before this? So if she wouldn’t have cheated, he would have stayed with her? She’s a mess Robbie or no Robbie. But hopefully he can save himself and his daughter from her. We all shall see.

  10. Robbie over Jeremy?? seriously Wow can u really b that much of a dumbass that boy has picked her ass up off the ground n took care of 2 kids that ain’t even his n gave that girl ne thang n everythang shes every wanted wat a dumbass. I feel sorry for him wastin his time on a worthless piece of shit n to think I used to like her. Ha

  11. Why can’t people just grow up and stay out of their buissness. I mean unless it comes from their own mouths that they r divorcing for what ever reasons why believe it….tabloids make people look so bad its insane…. Until I see from them they r done and over with I won’t believe it for one minute…..

    1. What do you mean unless you hear it from them?? How do you think all of this got started in the first place? Jeremy started it off when he wrote all about it on twitter last week. And then it just exploded from there. So why wouldn’t you believe it?

  12. Does she realise it’s her now? And not anyone else’s shortcomings or problems. Girl needs to see this as a blessing and take the time to do the emotional and mental work she needs so that she can eventually be in a place to maintain a healthy relationship with a guy.

    1. No, it will still be everyone else’s problem. Jeremy was away working too much, he went to strip clubs and it made her feel bad just like the porn excuse she used to cheat and divorce Corey, Jeremy didn’t treat the girl fair, he abused her yet another excuse she used when she left Corey, the list will go on since Victoria seems to have so much dirt on him

      1. Yet none of this is actually true. If anything SHE was emotionally abusive to him. “Give me more money but don’t go to work!”

        1. Oh I don’t doubt any of it being not true. I think the most abuse she received was a bacon slap, jokingly, and a husband who was away making money that she couldn’t blown through fast enough. I never understood why he would want to be with her, especially after stringing him along when she didn’t know if she wanted him or Corey. I always wondered if the TV money and thrill of being with a ‘celebrity’ is what sucked him in.

  13. And I’m guessing they still haven’t signed the contract, which means mtv still can’t film which means the other 3 girls are pissed.

    1. Yep, agreed the others are pissed. They are wondering how they guna pay for their habits also bc without mtv money they have nothing! Well, chelsea will always have Randys money but the others r just out of luck!

      1. I laughed, and then it occurred to me that we have officially entered a ‘Twilight Zone’ in which Chelsea is the only one of the girls currently employed. *scratches head*

        1. I wonder how often she really works though. My hometown has one “day spa” which is really just a tanning a along that sells crap and gives an occasional haircut, and the esthetician who makes her own schedule works maybe 2 or 3 times a month, when she feels like it

          1. Agreed. I can’t see the people of Sioux Fall springing for lots of fancy beauty treatments on a regular basis.

            More power to chelsea though! I’d love to work part time, but alas, I need the money!

  14. yikes!! wtf is Leah thinking???.. she cant be that dumb she just cant!! looks like her spoiled butt is gonna have to get a real job like the rest of us!.. The horror!!

    1. You just know the other cast member wanting to do an intervention on Leah as noting to do with them worrying about her. More like they are scared MTV will cancel their 5 minutes of fame ergh I mean show if Leah (who usually brings the best drama after Jenelle) leaves.

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