EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Source Says ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Has Been Taking Pills For Years

leah calvert drug problem

The Ashley has certainly been keeping busy this week! Keeping up with all of the drama surrounding Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert has become a full-time job! This morning, In Touch Weekly dropped a bombshell about Leah and her alleged drug habit. According to the magazine, which claims to have spoken to a person that Leah allegedly used to get her pill supply from, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star was buying 30-40 painkillers at a time.

“She was withdrawing $1,000 a week to buy pills,” the supposed dealer told In Touch.

While The Ashley can’t confirm all of what the magazine wrote to be true, it does correlate to what The Ashley has been told by sources close to Leah. In fact, The Ashley became aware that Leah was allegedly using painkillers over a year ago. (She did not write about it, however, because she could not determine it was a fact.) Sadly, pill-popping is nothing new for Leah, according to a person that has known Leah since high school. The source tells The Ashley that Leah experimented with pills as early back as 2009.

“She was snorting Loratabs in ’09 and messing with Oxy,” the source told The Ashley in an exclusive interview.

Again, The Ashley must state here that all of this is information is according to a former friend of Leah’s, whom The Ashley actually spoke with. The Ashley obviously did not see any of this take place, but this person claims that he/she did.

The source mentioned that Leah continued to casually use pills until about 2012, when her drug use allegedly intensified.

“She was doing two to six pills a day if not more in 2012,” the source said. “It’s only gotten worse. She has a Percocet problem that she covers up with a prescription. But just because she’s prescribed 30-60 pills a month by a doctor doesn’t make it OK to do hundreds.”

The source said that he/she has obviously known about Leah’s alleged drug use for years, as have most of her longtime friends and her family, but that they all have tried to cover for Leah.

This is not good, y'all...
This is not good, y’all…

“I am not trying to slam her or embarrass her or anything. I honestly love her,” the source said. “I am worried about her.”

Several of Leah’s friends and former acquaintances have gotten in trouble in recent years for drug-related crimes. For instance, Robbie Kidd, the man Leah is accused of having an affair with, allegedly has a history of drug use.

The source, who is also familiar with Robbie, said that he has used meth in the past (allegedly). While The Ashley can’t confirm that the meth claims are true, she can confirm that he was arrested back in September for a drug-related offense. (The Ashley told you this back on Friday– check out Robbie’s super-methy-lookin’ mugshot!

“If Leah is hanging out with Robbie again, she’s definitely partying,” Robbie’s friend Nathan Mullins told In Touch.

While there have been rumors that Leah has been doing meth, all sources have told The Ashley that this is false to their knowledge.

“Just painkillers and benzos,” one person told The Ashley.

As The Ashley reported earlier today, Leah’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast mates, as well as members of the show’s crew, are worried about her.

Although it has been reported that Leah’s husband, Jeremy Calvert, is also doing drugs, all of The Ashley’s sources have said they do not know this to be true. Everyone The Ashley spoke with said that they do not think Jeremy abuses any type of drug, to their knowledge.

While he may not be doing drugs, he is doing something about his troubled marriage: Several sources tell The Ashley that Jeremy is totally done with this whole mess and will be filing for divorce. In fact, he may have already filed, but if not, he will do so within the next few days, sources say.

Further proof that the marriage is done comes via Twitter.  On Wednesday, Jeremy removed all traces of his marriage to Leah from his Twitter account. He no longer follows her and he has changed his Twitter photo, which used to be a picture of him and Leah, to a photo of his daughter, Addy. In addition, the wording in his Twitter bio, which used to contain a proclamation of his love for Leah, has all been erased.

Dun.Dun.Dun. It’s Twitter official, y’all!

Not that it’s necessary to include this, but just so y’all know–The Ashley did NOT pay the sources cited above to tell her this information. These people received no compensation (nor do any of The Ashley’s sources, ever), so they had no reason to make this up for their own profit.

The Ashley will keep you updated on all the latest, but in the meantime, be sure to read all of The Ashley’s other recent stories regarding the saga of Leah/Jeremy/Robbie by clicking here and here and here and here!

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  1. I don’t doubt that Leah is doing drugs. However, the numbers don’t add up here. She spends $1000 a week on pills? Really? Let’s say she is paying $20 per pill (which would be absurdly high by the way). That means in two years she went from taking 6 pills a day to 50 pills a day. If the cost is lower per pill, which it very likely is, that means she takes more than 50 per day. People with terrible painkiller addictions, at the HEIGHT of their addiction,take maybe 20 a day.
    This drug dealer is heavily exaggerating. Do you really think Leah takes a pill every 15 minutes her waking hours? That’s dumb, even for a drug addict.

    1. It mentioned OXY. Which can run $80 per pill! You are assuming it’s just low level stuff. Not to mention, people know she is famous so they will rip her off! If she really wants them, she will have to pay more for them. Do you think anyone in their right mind would charge her $5?

    2. I know this is old, but your math is wrong… It would be 50 pills a week (at $20 a pill), not per day. That’s about 7 pills a day, so that’s not far off at all.

  2. I find it kind of disturbing that MTV has been covering for this girl for at least a couple of years. This season it was VERY evident that she has serious drug problems but they barely alluded to it. Corey’s attempt to get custody is obviously because of the drug abuse but MTV shot it to look like it was about her missing therapy appointments. If this is indeed a “reality” show why havent we seen the reality of the situation? I feel badly especially for Corey being portrayed almost as a bad guy when all he is trying to do is keep those kids safe and away from Leah’s dangerous lifestyle. Why doesnt MTV show us that ? Are they afraid of being sued? Because I cant see how Leah could sue for showing things that are true. I am tired of trying to read between the lines on this show. Show us the truth!

    1. I agree. It is almost criminal if MTV knew about he doing drugs and did nothing. It was one thing when they let Janelle get so bad, she was only messing up her own life. But if Leah has truly been using drugs for years and MTV knew about it and did nothing them I say they should be prosecuted for child endangerment.

  3. On the episode where she was nodding out people are saying that there is “no way that was caused by anxiety meds” totally UNTRUE! meds like xanax, seroquel among others can absolutely have that effect on you!!! Get your info straight before you bash someone. I feel bad for her. Idk y but i do.

  4. This could explain why she was having trouble functioning back on the show when the doctor gave her pills. She was using pills and who knows what else with them. I hope Cory does get custody of the girls until she gets help.

    1. That’s what I’ve been saying! Some people say her talking about the dye in the baby’s brain was just her sleep talking, but I don’t think so. I was on percocet after a knew injury and I took half a pill, and it knocked me out and I felt funny and would ramble on about the strangest things, and everyone thought it was funny and like watching someone after they have their wisdom teeth removed

      1. What are you talking about?

        I had my wisdom teeth removed last month, and I never had one second of being out of it like this. Heck, I drove myself home, made dinner, typical evening. Certainly, no drama.

  5. Just wanted to say to The Ashley that I really appreciate the way you handle your reporting of rumors! You never really insert snark, just humor, and allow us as readers to form our own opinions.

  6. This doesnt surprise me!! And the plot thickens……lol this is better than soap operas! Well maybe i should say better than a Jerry Springer episode! !

  7. Victoria made her status directed at Jeremy public again. I think it’s safe to say the marriage is over. If Leah is truly this unstable..she’s gonna be in for the fight of her life to keep custody of any of her children.

  8. This just keeps getting better. But I do have to say I feel horribly for those 3 little girls. No child should have to go through any of this no matter their age

  9. I’m hoping when she was supposedly popping pills in 2009 it was before she was pregnant considering the twins were born in December 2009.. It’d be a shame to think that all this pill popping could be a contributing factor to Ali’s medical condition..

    1. Alis medical condition is genetic. Whether or not Leah was taking pills while pregnant would have nothing to do with Alis disease.

      1. MD is caused by a mutation in a gene. Doctors do not know what causes this, so while you can’t say Leah’s pill popping and anorexia caused the gene to mutate, you can’t definitively say it didn’t either. There’s just no way to know.

  10. For those of you questioning whether these rumours are true – keep in mind Leah always addresses rumors on twitter and Facebook but has yet to address any of these rumors. Strange? I think so

  11. If this is true it’s sad. It does explain some things though Leah’s eyes are really dilated a lot of the time. I’m not saying Jeremy does drugs but he did lose a fair bit of weight once he got with leah. Even though I’m not her biggest fan I truly hope she gets the help she needs because you can tell she loves her children .

    1. Maybe he just sides with Ali on the Lunchables issue and doesn’t want to cook anything himself? I mean, I’ve noticed that Leah hasn’t been cooking much since The Great Bacon Caper.

    2. Yes- while the drug use allegations make sense, I’m confused about her eyes. They are SUPER blue and it’s very easy to see her pupils. Opiates (the class of drug she’s accused of taking) cause the pupils to turn tiny…almost pin-like. I just went through a bunch of recent photos and clips from the show and can’t find one photo that her pupils look small in, which would be the biggest indicator that someone is using. Weird.

      1. Actually her pupils have been tiny in several episodes. She gave an interview with some magazine in YouTube and she was nodding out during he interview. As an x opiate user she has all signs !

      2. Things that can explain this: 1) She has been hiding this for years- she probably times her drug taking around the filming schedule, for example after they leave or hours before they arrive. 2) Chronic users bodies get used to the drug. You aren’t going to see someone who has been taking opiates every day for 5 years plus have pupils that are as restricted as some people’s can get. 3) If you are in a darker place, your pupils can still get normally big.

  12. If this is true it would make sense. They always seem to be strapped for money now. That makes no sense. Jeremy makes really good money and she gets good money from the show. This may answer the question everyone has been asking about where their cash is going.

  13. I believe I would get my facts straight before I start accusing if u seen it with ur own yes than u can believe it but people tell so many stories to make there self look big grow up people and get a life

    1. You sure dropped in to read. You’re curious too huh. I can’t wait until the photos Re leaked so you Leah stans can shut up once and for all. Stop thinking this girl is perfect.

    2. I doubt it’s Leah. It’s probably a friend or family member. They all seem to have distinct spelling/grammar issues.

    3. Hey Dawn when are you going to get out of denial and realize your kid is a drug addict? IF you even care as long as the checks keep rolling in. I hope Corey takes the twins and Jermey takes his daughter leaving leah alone with only her cracky looking pals but also in a trailer park where she belongs

  14. I think your source is Amy La Dawn , Leah’s ex friend who used to sell stories bashing Corey. Amy just got out of prison on heroin charges now all of a sudden these stories are popping up.

    1. Amy used to sell Corey stories because Leah couldn’t. Where do you think all her info about him came from? If it is her, I say good! No one should cover for druggies & remember when the info about Amys heroin use leaked? Leah &her (at the time) cronies were such jerks to her, as if she asked to get hacked & involve the Percocet Princess! This is all karmaaaaa!

    2. Amy was always pretty tight with Health Clouse. I would imagine if she went anywhere with information it would be to her.

    3. Well the Ashley does say this source has never been wrong. If Amy is an “ex friend” how would she know leah is still heavily poppin pills?

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