‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Maci Bookout May Shoot Out Another Kid, David Eason Calls Himself a “Reality TV Influencer” & More

When you’re really behind on your ‘Teen Mom’ news and feel like you’ll never catch up…

From making shady posts to (potentially) making babies, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last few days…

Maci Bookout’s Not Sure If She Wants to Re-open Her Baby Chute

When you realize getting pregnant will mean you can’t drink for a few months…

Maci has already birthed three “Oopsie Babies,” but the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star recently revealed on Us Weekly‘s Watch With Us podcast that she and husband Taylor McKinney disagree about whether or not they will add another “Oopsie Baby” to their litter.

Maci— who encouraged Taylor to get a vasectomy during an episode last season— told the podcast that she wants to be done shooting out spawn from her hoo-ha, but Taylor still wants more children. However, they seem to have agreed to disagree on the subject for now.

“We’re on the same page as far as it being OK, that we’re on different pages…we’re both also very respectful of how the other one feels about it.”

“We talk about it a lot,” Maci said of having more kids. “And I mean, nothing’s really changed as far as our opinions go, but that’s OK. As time goes on, we’ll come to some sort of actual resolution or agreement.” 

“Or…you know…I’ll just get pregnant and ‘find out’ once I’m like halfway through the pregnancy, like I did with Maverick…”

Maci and Taylor have also discussed adoption on the show, but it seems that neither are ready to make the move to adopt at this point.

“I think just as long as we keep talking about it — even when we’re not on the same page — it’s best,” Maci said on the podcast.

Until then, however, Maci and Taylor seem content to post endless clickbait stories that make it seem like they’re announcing a pregnancy, even though Maci is not pregnant and doesn’t even know if she will ever be pregnant again.


Farrah Abraham Shades the Tax Woes of Tyler Baltierra & Catelynn Lowell

“Why can’t everyone be as smart as me!?”

There’s nothing Farrah seems to love more (other than getting bad cosmetic procedures and/or stroking her own enormous ego) than throwing shade at her former ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast mates. Even though it’s been literally years since Farrah was fired from the MTV show (and Farrah has spent those years proclaiming how much she doesn’t care about ‘Teen Mom’), she continues to keep the show and her former co-stars in her mentions.

This week, Farrah decided to poke fun of the recent story about Catelynn and Tyler owing over $800,000 in federal taxes. Farrah, never missing a chance to make herself (and/or her spawn Sophia) look smarter-than-average, posted a video to Instagram Stories showing Sophia on the computer. She just happened to be learning about taxes (how convenient!) and Farrah decided to use it as an opportunity to throw shade at Cate and Ty’s situation.

A photo from inside Farrah’s Backdoor Academy ‘o’ Learnin’…

The video, which was posted the same day the story about Catelynn and Tyler’s taxes was, was captioned with, “@SophiaAbraham Proud of you being educated in 5th grade on taxes…unlike some others on @TeenMom @MTV.”

David Eason is Now Hawking Videos on Cameo

Want to send your friends and family a straight-from-the-swamp personal greeting from David Eason?

Yeah, me neither….but now you have that option….

Jenelle Evans’ current soulmate, David, announced this week that he’s now on Cameo, a website that allows people to buy custom video messages from actors and reality TV stars (and David).

“I’m excited to do some shout-outs for you guys if you want to hit me up,” David says in his video announcement.

“I wouldn’t mind hittin’ ya, David!”

“I’ll give a shout-out to your boyfriend, your husband, your grandpa,” David says.

If, for some bizarre reason, you want David to make your boooooyfriend a video, it will cost you $49! In his bio, David hilariously describes himself as a “reality TV influencer” (UM?) and “married to Jenelle Evans.” 


Speaking of Jenelle, she is also on Cameo, but charges a whopping 75 smackers for a video. She describes herself as a “reality TV influencer” and plugs her failed cosmetics brand, JE Cosmetics, and ‘Teen Mom 2,’ even though she hasn’t been on the show for over a year.

So far it appears that only one person has purchased David’s video-making services, and they gave him a five-star rating. Jenelle has had three customers so far and has also been rated five stars.

Finally…The Ashley has found the perfect three words to describe this crappy year…

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  1. Who in their right mind would want any video making services from either of these two.Seriously!!!Why don’t they just get real jobs….

  2. I don’t understand…Taylor is basically pressuring her to have another one? Like I mean, you have three kids(you are more of a dad to Bentley than Ryan will ever be), isn’t it enough for you? I don’t want children (something I realized in the recent years esp after all the mental struggles I go through), does that mean my future man will be allowed to pressure me into having one?!

    1. Taylor has let her know that he *wants* another child, and Maci has let him know that she doesn’t want any more. She says they’ve agreed to disagree for now. That means they know what the other wants, but they’ve tabled their discussion for the time being. It doesn’t mean Taylor doesn’t respect her, or that Maci doesn’t respect him. But the fact that Maci is saying, “right now” I don’t want another child, also means that she hasn’t completely shut that door herself.

      If you allow a man to “pressure you” into having a child, that is on YOU. Any mature adult who is worth having a relationship with, will respect your decision to not have kids; if he doesn’t accept your decision, then he isn’t the one for you.

    2. A, can I just say that I also have mental health issues. I had a full mental breakdown in my 20s and it took about 5 years to recover and get the meds right. I’m now in my late 30s with two girls. They give me life, they are one of the reasons I get up every morning and get through the day. I was able to remain on a low dosage of two of my meds with both pregnancies and once I had given birth I put up the dosage to avoid the post partum blues. Please don’t make your mind yet, I want everyone with mental health issues like mine (bi polar 2) to know that there is options that are very safe. Xx

  3. Hey Farrah!!
    2 words Brick & Morter….Pot meet kettle. Did she ever get caught running from those papers that people were trying to give her? Also why does UBT only wanting to speak with men? Anyone that pays these 2 money for stupid crap like this, needs to go Snipe hunting.

  4. Jenelle is the one person that bought David’s video just like Jenelle is the one person that believes the BS spewing from his uneducated mouth.

      1. Ooh, me too. Thanks to her bitch of a daughta, Babs doesn’t have the MTV money rolling in any more and she’s retired from Wal Mart so she could probably use a few extra dollars. Jace’s therapy probably isn’t cheap and soon enough Kaiser will have to attend therapy.

        1. Remember Babs was making the same amount as her bitch of a daughter. And we all know she has 3 grown kids she gives money too. I hope she has some left. I bet she paid for Jennell move than cut her off because she was sneaking around with Sasquatch

        2. Did anyone catch the lady with the crystal balls post on her chat with mac truck about maci being shady about the babies 1st birthday. Mac truck said that she documented all communications between her and maci. Maci asked her to change the date of the party so Bentley could attend months before the event, mac truck had sent the invitation weeks before hand. But maci still went ahead and booked a trip during the revised date for the party and blamed them for the miscommunication. Notice that there has been no denial from maci . I’m getting sick of Maci’s good girl act while guzzling beers.

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