‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 Episode 9 Recap: Booty-Shakin’, A Blood Test & A Trip to Baltimore

The face The Ashley makes every time she realizes she still a week behind in ‘Teen Mom’ recaps…

Howdy Teen Mom OG fans! These ‘Teen Mom’ gals have been keeping The Ashley busier than a 911 call center close to The Land, but she’s still going to bust out a recap of the most-recent episode before tonight’s new episode.

We start things off in LA. Cheyenne decides to plan a trip to Baltimore to visit her boyfriend, Matt‘s family. Cheyenne’s sister, R. Kylie Lip Kit, is joining her in Baltimore, and both girls are bringing their kids.

Before they leave for their trip, Cheyenne joins her family for brunch. Cheyenne’s mom– who has slung her lavender “brunching” sweater over shoulder because she’s a classy brunching broad– grills her on how serious her new relationship is. Cheyenne tells her Matt already has her Pinterest board of what kind of wedding ring she wants, so I guess that’s her way of saying things are serious.  

“Oh yeah, that sounds promising.”

Cheyenne says that she likes Matt because he’s OK with the weird “baby daddy dynamic” she has with Cory. The family says that they know Cheyenne’s about ready to get Baby No. 2 placed in her man-grabber, but her mom is nervous that Chey may be rushing things with Matt a bit with all this wedding and baby talk. 

“We talk about marriage way more than we talk about having kids,” Cheyenne says.

Um…she does know this is ‘Teen Mom’ right? If you get married before you get knocked up (again), can you even stay on this show?

Next, we head to Indiana, where we will be going to the doctor. (No, Gary isn’t getting another vasectomy, Thank the Jesus God Leah!) Amber is getting ready to have a blood test done because she says her liver has been swollen when she wakes up in the morning. (She’s wearing her dark “Velma from Scoobie Doo” glasses that she usually prefers when she’s filming a ‘serious’ scene on the bed.) 

“I should have drawn on my serious eyebrows too.”

Amber tells Andrew that she believes her big ol’ swollen liver could be related to the medication she’s prescribed, specifically her mood stabilizer. Amber is nervous about having the test done due in large part to her dad having died from cirrhosis of the liver.

Andrew, who is wearing a Phantom Fireworks shirt (isn’t it ironic…dontcha think?), convinces Amber that she needs to get the test taken.

“You should test to see if your liver is cirrhosed…and stuff…”

Later, Amber (and her swollen liver) and Andrew hop into an Uber (for some reason), and MTV gives the Uber driver Measho his own name introduction thingy. (I’m sure he’s the laughing stock of all Uber and Lift drivers nationwide for ending up on this crappy show.)

Yes Measho, get those 15 minutes of fame!

They arrive at the trusty ol’ “Any Lab Test Now!” clinic. (As you may recall, this is the same oddly named place that Gary went to back in Season 7 when he was trying to cheek-swab his way into finding out who his dad was.)

Eager to earn that five-star rating, Measho drops Amber and Andrew off steps from the clinic’s front door. Amber and Andrew are acting like Amber’s there to get her legs amputated or something. They walk sullenly into the clinic. Amber takes deep breaths, and is acting like she just saw the doctor pick up the hack saw and head toward her leg.

“It’ll be over before you know it!” Andrew assures her.

Once Amber is taken back to the testing room, she makes sure everyone within the confines of the building knows she’s afraid of needles. They starting playing sad, creepy music as they show the tech putting on gloves and prepping for the test. 

Amber then forces one of the camera men to make awkward eye contact with her in an effort to keep herself distracted.

“This is almost as painful as getting an ink-pen tat in gel!”

They leave Any Lab Test Now!– with Amber having all limbs intact– and get back into Measho’s van, which is waiting to whisk Amber, her swollen liver and Andrew back to the safety of their own bed.

We continue the medical theme as we head to Tennessee. Maci has found that the cramps from her PCOS is even more painful than co-parenting with Ryan, so she’s considering getting off birth control altogether in hopes that will relieve some of the PCOS symptoms. However, because of her and Taylor’s tendency to pop out Oopsie Babies like it’s their job (oh, wait…it kinda is, isn’t it?), Maci wants Taylor to consider getting a vasectomy.

“He can be fixed…sniped like a dog!” she says gleefully.

I think that’s nice…

“We could even do a TTM men’s vasectomy hospital gown line! I’m sure Gary Shirley can model it for us!”

Maci says she’s done popped out all the Oopsie Babies she’s gonna pop out, and does not want any more biological kids, even though Taylor may. She says she’s very serious about adopting more kids someday.

Until then, though, she’s going to have to try to figure out a way to keep from getting pregnant that doesn’t include putting hormones in her body. Maci tells her friend that she’s not sure Taylor will agree to get “sniped like a dog,” and, if not, she’s not sure what she’ll do.

If only there was something Taylor could wear right before they did the boneyard jig that could prevent pregnancy.

Oh, wait…

“You think if Taylor wears a condom, his swimmers could still get into my cooter somehow?”

Finally we head over to Michigan. After having spent time living apart, Cate and Tyler say it’s important for their relationship to “give each other freedom.” As part of this mutual understanding, Tyler plans a solo trip to Arizona to visit some friends. While Cate is fine with Tyler’s upcoming bro-trip, her friend Alexa doesn’t seem to be.

“You’re about to go to Arizona, aren’t you,” she asks Tyler. “How’s Cate going to do with you going to Arizona for five days? How does that work out? With her going to Florida, you going to Arizona, doing separate trips and stuff? I see people on social media talking all kinds of crap.”

” …and by ‘people’ I mean me.”

Um…that’s because these people take more “breaks” from their newborn baby and kid than anyone I’ve ever seen! 

Later, Cate shares with Tyler that breastfeeding Vaeda has become about as much fun as hanging out with Alexa. Therefore, she’s decided to stop doing it. Between the physical pain it has caused her from having a kid chomping down on her nips, to struggling to find the time in her schedule (no comment on that one), Cate says she feels like she’s doing it all and switching Vaeda to formula will alleviate some of that stress.

Tyler fully supports Cate’s decision, especially if it means she’ll stop talking about bloody nipples.

“I will literally go along with anything you say right now if you let me end this conversation.”

Between Amber’s swollen liver, Catelynn’s bloody nipples, Maci’s crampy pelvis and Taylor’s (possibly) snipped testicles, I feel like I’m watching an episode of ER or something!

We check back in with Cheyenne, who is the only person on this show who doesn’t have a medical ailment to bitch about this episode. After landing in Baltimore, Matt picks up Cheyenne, her sister and the kids and they head to their rental house. During the drive, Cheyenne tells Matt how big of a deal it is for her to have Ryder (not to mention the MTV film crew) with her on this trip.

Matt then makes Cheyenne admit aloud that he’s special, as R. KellyKapowski makes fun of her for being embarrassed and blushing. 

Sure, this embarrasses you, yet you had no problem telling everyone about your Pinterest board…

Later on at the rental house, Matt’s parents stop by to meet Cheyenne (who’s wearing her finest crop top for the occasion, naturally).  Matt’s mom tells Cheyenne she wishes someone would’ve told her about the film crew in advance so she could’ve come camera-ready. (Perhaps she had a special crop top she wanted to wear too?) Matt takes the blame for not letting her know. 

Next we see the group gather around and take a celebratory shot—- something Cheyenne will probably incorporate into her Pinterest wedding one day. 

The next night, Cheyenne plans a dinner for Matt and his family. During the meal, R.YouSmarterThanA5thGrader asks Matt’s dad what it’s like to see his son with a child, to which Matt’s dad says it fills him with a lot of joy. Matt’s mom adds that Cheyenne reminds her a lot of herself and she thinks Cheyenne is a good fit for Matt. This news causes Cheyenne to celebrate… juuuust a little bit. 

“Wooo! Time to go pick out some invitations!”

Cheyenne’s excitement is put on hold, however, when she learns that Matt doesn’t plan to immediately move in with her once he moves to Los Angeles and instead is planning to do “a roommate situation” for the first two years. Cheyenne decides to talk to Matt about his plans the next day. 

Matt tells Cheyenne that they’re good and “moving at a reasonable pace,” though he picks up on the fact that this pace isn’t quite fast enough for Cheyenne. Cheyenne agrees and ever-so-subtly tells him she’s “ready when you are.” 

“We won’t have to share an MTV check if we move in together, right?”

Over in Indiana, Amber (now wearing her Mrs. Doubtfire glasses) talks with Producer David on the couch (where else?) about her test, which she says she’s known she’s needed to take for about a year. She also talks about her dad’s health issues, including his cancer, which she said stemmed from him having cirrhosis of the liver. Amber says her dad’s issues were due to his alcoholism; however, she fears the same thing will happen to her because of the medicine she has to take.

Amber also talks about her kids possibly inheriting the same health issues she has and she becomes emotional talking about Leah’s recent anxiety attacks.

A couple of days later (although according to Amber’s outfit, it’s literally the same day) Amber receives the results of her liver test and she finds out everything is fine.

“Well, like, what’s causing…your liver to, like…swell and stuff?” Andrew asks.

She says that her doctor thinks it might just be her liver working hard to handle all of her medications. On the bright side, at least something in that house is working hard. 

“So basically we could sum up your whole segment this episode with five words: You Took A Blood Test.”

Over in Tennessee, Maci is taken her crampy cooter to her gynecologist to talk about her Oopsie Baby prevention options. Her doctor tells her that her PCOS could possibly be managed without birth control if she makes certain lifestyle changes, though they agree that the possibility of pregnancy needs to be addressed. Maci asks her doctor if male birth control has hit the shelves yet, but unfortunately her doctor tells her it’s still being developed.

He also tells her a lot of men tend to think of birth control as “the woman’s responsibility,” and she tells him that’s the very reason she ended up making millions being a teen mom.

“You’re welcome!”

After meeting with her doctor, Maci decides to talk to Taylor about the whole vasectomy thing over an activity involving the two of them hitting balls.

How fitting. 

“Watch closely, Taylor. This is exactly how your doctors will prep for surgery.”

Maci tells Taylor that in order for her to handle her PCOS naturally without birth control, he would have to go under the knife. Taylor says the idea of a vasectomy scares him because it’s permanent… kind of like all those kids they have running around their house. 

Maci tells Taylor he could always reverse his vasectomy later on. While Maci says she’s positive she doesn’t want to have any more biological children, Taylor on the other hand, remains open to the idea of breeding more models for their TTM children’s line. Maci suggests they consider freezing Taylor’s sperm in case they change their minds later down the road. 

“I was going to ask if you wanted to get ice cream after this, but nevermind now…the idea of my frosted sperm kinda killed my appetite.”

Finally, we go back to Michigan to check back in with Cate and Ty. While Tyler was away in Arizona, rumors began circulating that he and Cate were having marital issues, but the two of them are determined to ignore the critics.

I honestly don’t care why Tyler was out without his wife. What I want to know is…why the hell is he making this face?

Tyler even suggests that Cate have a night out with her friends now that he is back in town.

Catelynn says that she was home with the kids for SIX WHOLE DAYS (six!!!) and she’s in need of a night out to get loose.

Tyler’s only rule for Cate’s night is to “get out there and dance a lot.” 

As he’s grilling taco meat, Tyler gives Cate some advice for enjoying herself once she’s in “da club.”

“Just get out there on the dance floor, hot and sweaty, find the best looking dude out there, grind up on him, show him what’s up,” Tyler says, in what may be the oddest statement one spouse could say to the other. 

“Yeah, I’m not falling for that one.”

Cate tells Tyler “that’s gross” and that she doesn’t dance with the opposite sex unless they’re gay, to which he says, “me neither.” 

That night, Cate (who’s wearing a T-shirt that looks like it’s got a couple of April‘s cigarette holes burned into it) and two of her friends kick off their girls night out by having a white limo pick them up at a trailer park… because that’s evidently something people do? She says she’s determined to party herself into oblivion in an effort to show the haters what’s up.

Because that’s evidently something people do?

“I’m celebrating the freeing of my nipples tonight, ladies!”

In the limo, Cate tells her friends the big news that she’s decided to no longer breast feed and of course, Alexa hits her with a judgmental “why.” Alexa (who, mind you, is slugging vodka right out of the plastic bottle at this point) then asks if this girls night out of Cate’s is “payback” to Tyler for his trip to Arizona. Cate tells Alexa to get out of the limo and walk back to the trailer park it’s not and that she’s glad she and Tyler trust each other. 

Once the girls arrive at the club (which looks like Uncle Jesse‘s “Smash Club” on Full House, complete with spinning disco ball), they scoot by all 27 patrons and make their way to the unnecessarily reserved table where they throw back watered down shots, dance and take embarrassing photos. 

“Say ‘bloody nipples’ on three!”

Later on, Cate and her friends hang out and smoke cigarettes outside the club next to a fire pit that resembles a trashcan, while Alexa dances like nobody is watching, because literally nobody is. 

(This scene is bound to haunt our nightmares for weeks to come…)

That’s it for this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!’

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(Photos: MTV) 

99 Responses

  1. My best friend had Spina bifida. That’s why I was able to figure out what you have. Alot of people I know have it. I’ve known kids with muscular dystrophy as well. Okay, no more medical talk.

  2. When I was twelve, I had my second hamstring and heel cord surgery. It was the mid-1980s, and they told my parents the stitches would dissolve. They didn’t. They pulled them out a few weeks later and it hurt like hell. Then my mom made me go back to school that day. Got the stitches removed that morning, and went back to school that afternoon. That really hurt! Amber is an absolute wimp!

    1. Ouch. And I thought all the medical stuff I’ve went through was bad. Glad you’re better @ALI’SPINKCHAIR.

  3. I apologize for the question. I have cp, and I had several friends growing up who all had different disabilities. I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

    1. The way I see it, it is what it is. And I can’t change it, so if I went through life being worried that something someone said was offensive. It would be one long ass life!!!!

  4. I wish Cheyenne would get more air time. She seems to be a wonderful mother with a good heart. Corey was a fool for leaving her and her current boyfriend (Matt) is a fool for not moving in with her and putting a wedding ring on her finger!!!

  5. Catelynn & Tyler leave poor Nova and Vaeda so damn. much. I have a 5 month old, and have been away from him for 5 hours once, and that was because I was in the ER, & didn’t want him exposed to hospital germs. No way in hell could i go gallivanting around having spa days and what not. And I suffer from anxiety and depression too!! I had a lot of trauma happen in my teen years. But I’ve acceptee it and tried to move on. Cate can’t live in her past her whole life or she’ll let it consume her even more. Poor Tyler?

  6. OMG, your recaps make me laugh tears. They are just spot-on. Especially love the R. Kylie ones and Amber-the-sloth. Oh, and hyper-excited Cheyenne. Keep up the good work!
    Exhausted from laughing…

      1. I don’t know. Maybe because, when I go to reload, it doesn’t reload correctly. By the way, do you have spina bifida? I just wondered.

    1. That comment was for the person who said that Amber’s supposedly swollen liver might actually be a turd.

  7. I don’t understand why everyone thinks condoms and the pill are so perfect!! They may prevent STDs but they don’t always prevent pregnancy. My mom got pregnant with me when she was on the pill. As did my two sisters. My father and my niece and nephew’s fathers used condoms as well. Shit happens!!!!

    1. the likelihood is that your mom and your sisters were not taking their pill correctly. you need to take it every day at the same time and you cant miss pills. Most pregnancies from someone being on the pill are due to user error.

      Also, people lie.

      1. Don’t throw shade on people you don’t know, I know them!!!! My mom (God rest her soul) and my sisters wouldn’t lie!!!

        1. why is it shade? they could lie to protect themselves and you. it doesn’t make them bad people. and i’m actually just stating facts. The facts are when used correctly birth control is 99% effective. WHEN USED CORRECTLY.

          1. I point was, I know/trust them. If they say that they used protection correctly, I believe them. And yes, I realize people lie but I don’t see them doing something like that. That is what I saw as shade, and I’m sorry. I just get VERY touchy/protective when discussing my family.

          1. You don’t PHYSICALLY have to see someone to know. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words”? The way they formulate these “reality” shows tells me the kinds of people they are. Again, my point was that I KNOW my family and have no reason not to believe them.

    2. That’s why I use both, I’m on the pill plus use condoms. I’ve been with my partner for 10 years and had no oops babies.
      We have 2 kids, that we planned.
      I don’t trust either one separately, but together they seem to work

      1. That may be true, but if the man upstairs wants you to have a kid (guess what, YOU WILL HAVE A KID)!!!! “Sometimes we plan and God laughs”

  8. Cheyennes freaking embarrassing YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY after Matts mom said they were a good fit? OMG so cringy and his moms face was so embarrassed. What a moron. So immature.

    1. Let’s hope it get canceled before it become menopausal moms. We will have to hear them complain about or use those symptoms to justify their behavior then!

      Amber: Honestly, officer. Menopause causes you to involuntarily throw ninja stars at people when they piss you off!

      Maci: Beer helps the hot flashes and I currently have them around 18 times a day.

      Catelynn: Tyler and I are only sleeping in separate cities because I have night sweats. It’s healthy in a marriage to do that.

      Cheyenne: I’m OVER it!!!!!!

    1. There are more than just that option for non or low hormonal bc I have family with pcos who are on a progesterone iud for example. There’s progesterone only pills. There’s barrier methods which these girls never seem to use like condoms haha. Copper iuds can be great but they can also worsen symptoms. Just depends on what your body and you prefer. I really think she’s just looking for another miracle baby/storyline.

  9. Oh my God, Amber is such a wimp!!! She has like 5 tattoos (including one on the wrist which we all know is the most tender place to stick a needle) and she FREAKS OUT over a two second needle prick!!!!

    1. Yes!!! I have a tat on my wrist and I was almost in tears. SO painful. Amber is just doing it for attention. She is pathetic.

      1. I admit that it hurts when you get your blood drawn, miss the vein and dig around for it(that hurts like hell and I have literally almost cried and thrown up) or when they miss the vein and have to restick you (that hurts too) but this was literally just a 2 second needle in/needle out situation!!! My 9 year old niece is better with the needle than she is!!!!

      2. I have a tattoo on both wrists, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

        However the one on my ankle, Jesus gawd that hurt.
        It felt like someone was plucking the hairs out of my leg with a hot rod.

        1. I did want a tattoo on my foot,( years ago). but I have a tumour in my foot which, im hoping will be removed soon ????.

        2. Oh, I’m so sorry. You can always cover up the scar with one. That’s what I would do to my back if I was brave enough!!! I have a scar from a surgery that I had when I was 10 (I have titanium rods in my back and metal hooks in my spine).

          1. I may do that yes.
            Oh gosh you poor girl, I hope your not in to much pain, bless you..

        3. Not too much, thank you @DEJESUSGAWDLEAH. The surgery took place 22 years ago so it’s pretty much healed.

  10. For the love of God I can’t, for the life of me, understand how any man could put their P in Ambers V. I couldn’t stay hard. I understand how horny males are, maybe a expert on this matter, but there are some things you just can’t do. Amber is one of those things.

  11. I don’t understand these people that CONSTANTLY need a “break” from their kids. I have three under three and I haven’t had a childless night since I became a mother. The most I’ve had is a couple hours here and there, and it’s always been to run errands. And that’s okay, because THEY’RE MY CHILDREN AND IT’S MY RESPONSIBILITY TO WATCH THEM.

    Tyler ran off just like Catelynn does, which we all know negatively affects Nova. Then Catelynn needs a night out because she had to be a MOTHER for FIVE DAYS. These people are ridiculous.

    1. Ehhhhhh. I don’t respect people who habitually take off on their kids, but it’s also healthy for a parent to take a night off once in a blue moon – maybe your wedding anniversary or something. Because yes, they are your children, your responsibility. But also YOU are a whole complete person separately and people do benefit from breaks from any responsibility. If you have seriously never had a single damn night off in 3 years I HIGHLY recommend you try it out at one point. I say this just because mom guilt is tough and can really contribute to declining mental health. You don’t have to be a martyr. Your kids wont be damaged by having a sleepover at their grandparents.

    2. ya i have three under 3. however they are triplets and i also had 3 under 1, 3 under 2 etc.

      I stay home with them and the most i need it a day away every month. However i am in my thirties and was able to enjoy going out whenever i wanted in my twenties so i just dont miss that. i was more than ready to settle down and devote myself to being a mom.

  12. I’ll give Cate credit…this season she seems to be moving around a lot more, and is making an effort with her appearance. We haven’t seen the infamous zebra hoodie in a while, and she’s been dolled up/has on a face full of make up in pretty much every scene this season. Baby steps.

        1. Pmsl, that was fkn funny
          I can just picture, butch snorting that…..

          my Fanta Lemon is now all over my T-shirt, and a bit in my little dog, who was asleep on my lap ???, poor little pupster….

          1. ?? I hate when that happens, sorry! These articles and comments do that to me at least once a day! My puppy probably has nightmares of being showered in various beverages shooting out of my nostrils, lmao!! I am going to start putting his little rain coat on while I scroll this site!

          1. Pooches even,,, still laughing at your comment on the hoodie.

            And this twatting auto correct isn’t helping ??

          2. ?? I almost didn’t post it but I am glad I did! Sometimes I think of some hilarious things but I get nervous posting them because I don’t want it to come across the wrong way. Everyone here, for the most part, seeems pretty cool tho.

  13. I might just be being really stupid but I don’t understand how you can tell that your liver is swollen in the mornings? I don’t mean to be ignorant and if it is it sounds horrific, I just don’t know how you can tell that’s what’s happening.

    1. It’s probably just a big turd looping up around the large intestine before dropping for an exit. Take a look at the human body. You’ll see. That’s probably what she feels.

      1. You are probably right. She doesn’t have the best diet and she doesn’t move around regularly, she is always in bed or on the couch. That combined with several medications can absolutely back you up. She is literally full of shit!!! She should switch to a high fiber diet stat!

  14. The picture of Ryan and caption ‘You’re Welcome’
    Killed me off today hahahah

    Well done The ashley !!!

  15. Mackenzie McKee shouldn’t be surprised that Josh is out playing around at bars in Texas and Mississippi since he’s always been a heel. She should put her foot down and say that he needs to be at home with his wife and kids and not being chased around by the Buckle Bunnies while he’s away at rodeos for weeks at a time. He needs to get a job close to home.

    1. The thing that really gets me is, why did Amber think she was pregnant just a short while ago. I assume she’s taking Depakote for bipolar, as it’s known to affect the liver. If you take Depakote you have to make absolutely sure you don’t become pregnant. That’s pretty scary to think she may have not cared about the severe birth defects it could have caused.

  16. I get going out with friends and coming home. Tyler leaves town for 5 days. I don’t get how that would be ok. If it were for work it would be ok. I don’t want to be away from my husband. I just think it’s weird. I wouldn’t want to be away from my kids that long.

    1. I guess he took a vacation because Cate went to rehab? But I agree that when most couples/families take vacations, they take them together and want to spend their off time together. Then again, Cate and Ty are always home together and don’t get the seperation most couples get when they do go to work etc.

    2. To be fair to Tyler, Caitlyn hippity hops off to back-to-back rehab, trips with the girls, etc., and Tyler is the one taking care of everything (I’m sure with help, but still…). I don’t begrudge him one trip. I also think this probably didn’t impact Nova much because it isn’t like he constantly leaves (like Caitlyn).

  17. There are non hormonal forms of birth control. The IUD, Diaphragms, sponges etc. The IUD are used for women who are receiving chemo and need non hormonal birth control. I wish MTV would really educate people about,all,their option a woman shouldnt be pressured into sterilization but neither should men. Ryder and Nova are adorable and Leah is such a pretty child. Gary,and Christina are doing a great job raising her.

    1. The Mirena IUD is a hormonal form of birth control. The Copper IUD is not.
      Diaphragms, sponges etc – I have PCOS, and some of us are in constant pain, so the idea of shoving something up our vaginas or into our Uterus is not exactly very pleasant.

      As for MTV -they still air a show full of almost 30 year old women who have multiple baby daddies, multiple marriages, and plenty of oopsie babies. They aren’t going to do a damn thing to educate anybody – they’re glorifying teen pregnancy, bad behaviour and just being a horrible mum (for most of the mum’s, with a few exceptions). MTV does not care. It’s all about the money and ratings. Sensible decisions and birth control that works is not really high on their priorities list because it’s boring and won’t bring in viewers.
      For the record, I agree that women are put under far to much pressure to be the ones in charge of birth control. But it’s just as easy for a guy to put on a condom to prevent the Oopsie babies and STD’s – one reason they don’t is women don’t make them. If you really want to prevent pregnancy, it’s not that hard. Wrap it up!

      1. Totally agree! I also think it’s crazy that they only promoted to stop teen pregnancy but it’s obvious not one of these girls is afraid of STDs.

      2. At first I started to watch it because to me it actually seemed like a “what not to do” lesson show. But now, it’s not like that. What “lessons” can a young girl learn from this?
        But by now, it’s such a guilty pleasure that I’m addicted!!!! I almost feel like one of those suction cup garfield’s!!! Every time it comes on, I’m like TOTALLY sucked in!!!

    2. Yes!! There are a ton of options for birth control. Condoms being the easiest non hormonal kind. I cannot be on hormonal bc but they have low hormonal progesterone birth controls also like iuds, mini pills, etc. plenty of women with pcos use iuds safety and love them but there are some who don’t. Just depends on your body and preferences. Not everyone with pcos has the same symptoms. It’s being responsible if you don’t want kids prevent them there’s so many options how. But coming off birth control and pressuring your spouse into permanent surgical fixes shouldn’t be your go to. Hope he’s using condoms to prevent more miracles!!

    3. I get and absolute kick from Jayde!!! She is so sweet!!! And Nova can be sweet. I don’t remember who said it, but when she has one of her fits, she literally does look like the head spinner off of the exorcist!!!!! Sometimes she needs an attitude adjustment!!! She can be just a spoiled little brat!!!!!

      1. Sorry @KLIZZLELEE, this comment was supposed to go under the conversation with @OOPSEY! up above!!! I don’t know what it wrong with this stupid thing, my comments go almost everywhere but where I want them to!!!

    4. you can also chart your cycles (not using a random app that is based on a 28 day cycle but actually taking your body temperature and logging changes in your body) which can be very effective if you are consistent and use condoms as well.

      I REALLY wish women understood their cycle better and the biology behind it.

      1. Ugh same. Most people have no idea what a menstrual cycle involves at all! Myself included until I decided to track it in preparation for becoming pregnant and because I didn’t want to be on the pill anymore. My husband and I successfully managed to purposely not get pregnant for over a year using the Natural Cycles app and condoms. I’m willing to bet none of these girls would be able to use this method effectively though….

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