Confirmed! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer is Pregnant Again!

Coming soon to a West Virginia hospital...

The Ashley doesn’t like to write about things until she is 100% certain that they are true but she’s about 99% sure on this one so she figures it’s safe to go ahead and write about it.

The Ashley is almost positive that the reports are true: Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is pregnant with her third child! This is not just a tabloid rumor, as The Ashley originally thought.

A very good source told The Ashley that this is legit. Leah is pregnant with her live-in boyfriend Jeremy Calvert‘s baby! (I apologize for the horrible Photoshop job I did on the photo above, but it made me chuckle!)

The Ashley is confirming that Leah, is in fact, pregnant. When the rumors of the pregnancy first broke, Leah’s best friend, Amy, stepped up on Twitter to deny the claims that Leah was pregnant. (She later erased those tweets.) Just days after this, a publicist for Leah had been shopping the story to various celebrity magazines. They found a buyer in Reality Weekly, a brand new magazine launched by the same company that owns Star.

teen mom 2
"We're havin' a baby, ya'll!"

The magazine apparently got an interview with Leah’s boyfriend Jeremy, who told them that not only is Leah pregnant but that he proposed to her on Christmas day.

“I bought an ornament for the tree that said ‘Engaged’ with both our names on it and the date,” Jeremy apparently told Reality Weekly. “And when I saw Leah looking at it, that’s when I gave her the ring. It’s a 1.5 princess-cut diamond.”

“Yes, Leah is having my baby!” Jeremy told them. “I was at work when Leah called to tell me. She’d gotten blood work done and it came back positive. At first I was kind of surprised — but I was happy.”

Now this could be written off as tabloid gossip, except for the fact that legally the magazine can’t attribute quotes to someone who didn’t actually say them. (This is why most tabloid stories quote “a source” instead of the actual celebrity when they make up stories.) Because they are stating that Jeremy actually said all this, it must be true or this magazine would be in very hot water.

Jeremy’s friends are talking about Leah’s pregnancy on the Facebook, referring to Leah as Jeremy’s “hot impregnanted girlfriend.” Between this, the story and my source telling me that they are 99% sure this is true, I think it’s safe to say that Leah is with child.

This baby will make three children for Leah! Wouldn’t it be crazy if she had twins again?! She’s quite the Fertile Myrtle!

The Ashley will update when she hears anything else!

UPDATE: In Touch Weekly (who are never really “in touch” with anything because most of what’s printed in there is wrong) is running a story this week about Leah having twins. This is not true. Leah tweeted this in response to the story:

“Thank you @intouchweekly for telling me I am having twins again, love bad reporting and fake stories, it does sound like a Soap Show! Ha!”

She is pregnant; however there appears to be only one child in there. While it would be extremely rare (according to Internet research, it would be about 1 in 3,000) to have two sets of fraternal twins, it does happen. In fact, The Ashley knows someone who had it happen! She had twin girls and then three years later had twin boys naturally!

That said, it did not happen with Leah. There’s only one baby.

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  1. Just wondering, but is there confirmation on whether she’s having one kid or twins again? Some sites are reporting she’s just pregnant again while others are reporting that she’s having another set of twins with her latest fiancee.

    I’m very disappointed in Leah. I still remember her crying at the end of 16 & Pregnant that she wishes she had waited and that she missed Corey. Now, she’s engaged to a guy only after a couple of month and is having his kid(s). I honestly hope this works out for her because it’s gonna be hard to find another guy being a single mother with 3 kids.

    1. I was wondering the same thing! I have heard she is having twins again too! I also heard that she is hoping to get her own spin off. She needs to slow down and appreciate her time with her kids. They grow up way to fast!

  2. OK, I’m a little shocked with Leah being pregnant again. Her smiling in this photo doesn’t match with the Teen Mom show. I thought the Teen Mom episodes were based on young teens having babies and STRUGGLING throughout their teen motherhood! Having a 3 child and announcing it loud and proud gives a bad influence on our youth. I’m happy for her, but other teens are going to start thinking that it’s perfectly fine to pop out babies and hopefully they’ll get picked for the Teen Mom show to earn millions of bucks! NOT A GOOD LUCK GUYS, SORRY!

  3. Leah is just a little gold digger looking for a baby Daddy with some money and that’s why she probley didn’t stick with baby Daddy number 1 and she really needs to keep her legs closed. Didn’t she learn nothing the first time around and you guys out there in the world just because a women has a pretty face and a cooch between her legs doesn’t mean she is inlove with you if you have a boat load of money probley around 99% of the time she is thinking money for life even after the relationship is gone.She didn’t stay with Corey and she want stay with him eaither and before it is done and over with she will probley have 2 or 3 more baby Daddys just like the last two.

  4. I know someone that has 3 daughters by 3 fathers, the first 2 are 17 months apart and the next 2 are just over 24 months apart, so if you do the math, she was pregnant 8 months after having the first and 15 months after having the second. Leah’s daughters just turned 2 last month, and if this baby is born around August as reported, then the will be almost 3. Oh and did I mention the person I knew was also married to a 4th person and had another boyfriend shortly after.

  5. Leah is disgusting!! I can’t wait to hear her posse justify this one. Is it me or does this Jeremy guy seem shady?

  6. Saw it on other websites didnt belive it till i saw it here. I feel sorry for her but best of luck o her and especially the girls.

  7. What’s up with there being THREE teen moms in Chelsea’s family…she’s a teen mom, her sister is a teen mom and in the next episode, her other sister announces she’s pregnant. Good grief!

    1. I totally agree! You think they’d catch on but… Nope.. Apparently being an idiot runs in the family.. SMH

  8. It is possible to get pregnant on mirena. I did and had a miscarriage. Also if you look it up it has happened to tons of other women. It can move and become unaffective.

      1. Leah has said twice in the series that she is on mirena. Once when Dr. Drew asked and once when she told Corey that she was getting it.

  9. I would definitely agree with you that this is 100% true, especially since apparently her ‘cousin’ is on Starcasm defending Leah and telling everyone it’s her life. If it’s really her ‘cousin’, then I would say she is definitely pregnant! Crazy, I wasn’t expecting any of the Teen Mom girls to get pregnant again..

  10. This is so fake. I still dont believe that she is prego again. I wont believe it until Leah actually tells the world or until it shows on ‘Teen Mom 2’ or something.

          1. taking good care of her girls doesn’t not make her a skank. you can be skanky and a great parent. not to mention the time frame. within like three years she had a bf broke up with him, had another guys kids, cheated on him, married the 2nd guy, cheated again, divorced, and now is pregnant again and engaged to a whole new guy.

      1. Not necessarily a skank BUT she is incredibility stupid for it… shes been with this guy for what a couple months? I smell another divorce in her future then she will be a single mom of 3 kids. Personally I think she does this for attention

  11. I first saw this on Maci Bookout’s Facebook page and although she’s not known for spreading rumors like this about her fellow Teen Mom-ers I had to see if this was true.

    Sounds to me like she’s moving waay to fast and clearly Mirena isn’t as effective as It’s made out to seem.

    1. I thought there’d been something about her having the mirena! If she is pregnant then either she had it removed (and it’s a planned pregnancy) or she never had it in the first place…it’s VERY unlikely to fail…

      1. just because she has the mirena doesnt mean anything! NOTHING IS 100%!!! unless you use abstinance and are Mary. There have been MANY people who have gotten pregnant using birth control MICHELLE DUGGAR being one of them. and IF you get pregnant on Mirena, if you have it removed you risk miscarrying, but if you leave it in you risk the same thing. I WISH HER LUCK!

        1. I got pregnant on the mirena! My 6 week old daughtet is proof that it does fail! Like said before nothing is 100% unless you are not having sex. I hppe she has an easier pregnacy then I did!

    2. Wasn’t that Kailyn who did Mirena? Unless I missed something on this week’s episode about Leah having it too?

    3. She mentioned during the last reunion show that she had IUD, when Dr. Drew asked if she and Corey were using protection. Maybe she had it removed when she and Corey divorced?

      1. How does having kids with different fathers make her a skank? Even if she didn’t get pregnant now, chances are she would have sometime in the future and the father wouldn’t have been Corey.

  12. First saw this on a site I don’t really trust so I came here for confirmation 🙂 I’m happy for them, really I am. It may be fast but Leah has been known to move fast when it comes to relationships. Then again I think if your really in love, you can’t help it. Wish them the best 🙂 And it’d be cool if their baby looks like Jeremy since Ali looks like Corey and Gracie looks like Leah. Anyone else think that’s cool or am I just a dork? lol…

    1. who the fook is Gracie? pretty sure the other twins name is Aleah. btw i’ve always thought its messed up if you name one twin as a junior…like that other teen mom did with her boys. How do you decide which twin gets the parents name?

  13. Really ? Leah Is prego again? And is engaged again? I hope she is wanted all of this again! Corey treated her very well! Good Luck Leah if this story is true !!!

  14. Wow!! and were stiiill seein her with Cory on tv?? MTV better hurry along if they are going to be ready man 3 and baby 4 next christmas! 🙂

  15. wow,i have always supported leah but i am afraid to say she is doing the same thing she did with corey.moving way to fast i just hope this time both parties realize that marriage is a commintment and not something just to do 🙂 best of luck to her but this will be quite the journey

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