Jillian Michaels Gets Booted From ‘The Doctors’ After One Season

The Doctors
"Peace out guys!"

Uh-oh. It looks like Jillian Michaels got Kournikova’d!

Jillian has apparently been “let go” from the CBS show The Doctors after only one season, with insiders telling the New York Post that she “just wasn’t a good fit” for the show.

Ironically, this is exactly what happened to Anna Kournikova who was Jillian’s replacement on her previous show, The Biggest Loser. Anna got the boot after only one season because she failed to gel with the contestants and the audience.

Jillian joined ‘The Doctors’ in September. (The cast also includes former Bachelor star Travis Stork, as well as several other physicians.)

Here’s the official PR mumbo-jumbo regarding Jillian’s release:

“Jillian has contributed greatly to our show this season, and we value her talent and insight as she has inspired countless people to improve their lives. Although it wasn’t the fit we both hoped for . . . Jillian will always be a part of ‘The Doctors’ family.”

Even though she is no longer on the show, Jillian is far from jobless. She’s doing all kinds of fitness-related things, and has about a million weight loss and fitness products and sponsorships. She’s also still doing her NBC show Losing it with Jillian.

However, her release from ‘The Doctors’ will make it possible to return to the ‘Biggest Loser.’

However, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Jillian left ‘The Biggest Loser’ because she was very unhappy on the show, among other reasons.

“I couldn’t have been more miserable ,” she told the L.A. Times in September. “I just stopped growing and became complacent and I thought ‘That job is done.'”

There’s no word from Jillian on what’s next for her career. She’s currently in Paris on a vacation and has yet to mention her release from ‘The Doctors’ on her Facebook or Twitter.

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20 Responses

  1. I couldn’t handle her deep raspy voice on the doctors show. She was always talking loud and butting in. Her throat has most likely a public hair lodged in it from all her PU-SSY eatin.

  2. I am glad jillian left the show because the doctors was not doing justice for her. There were so many things mentioned in that show which went against what she preaches. She is better off without that show. She can do much better elsewhere.

  3. Yep, glad she’s gone, too. I wondered what happened to her. I stopped watching the show because of her abrasiveness. I don’t recall when I tuned in and saw she wasn’t on. I thought maybe a day off or something. I watched again and, nope, she wasn’t there. Now I can watch the show again without listening to her know-it-all attitude and arguing with the doctor’s opinions. She was very distracting and loud. I hope they don’t change the show that way again. It’s a pleasure to watch again, and not be frustrated by arguments by a layman.

  4. I wonder what happen to her on the doctors so now she is going back to the biggest loser I hope they keep dolvat he has a beautiful smile and he is so fine.

  5. I am happy that Jillian is gone for the Doctor’s show. I had stopped watching it because of this Jillian. However, I clicked on a few times and she was not there, so I wondered what had happened. I googled it and found out she was gone. Now I can watch the show in peace.

  6. I quit watching ‘The Doctor’s when they brought her on board. I felt she was a loud mouth know it all, who even argued about health issues with the docs. I’ve heard she’s not even a certified trainer. Maybe she needs to open a cup cake store.

  7. I will not say anything bad about her. I do not believe in kicking anyone when they are down, no matter how obnoxious and arrogant they are.

  8. I am glad Jillian is not on the Doctors show also, all her roaring and butting in was stressing me out. I stopped watching the show actually, but I clicked in a couple of times in the past couple of weeks and the original crew was back without her, now I can watch it again. To bad she yelled so much.

  9. I’m so happy to find Jillian gone from The Doctors. I stopped watching it a couple of weeks after she came on the show. I didn’t even know she was gone until mid Feb. until I just happened to tune in one day. Yay! I really enjoy the show without her loud mouth and interruptions.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I just started re-watching it this month because I just could not stand Jillian’s loud mouth interrupting everyone.

    2. I agree with you 100%. I quit watching and just happened to watch it this week because I just could not stand Jillian’s abrassive and inappropriate loud mouth.

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