Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“Hello, Cameo? I still have a job, right? Hello…?”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Haters On-Guard! The Hollywood Gossip: Jenelle Evans’ Haters Plead with Cameo to Remove Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star From Site

Throwin’ Shade! Reality Tea: Lisa Rinna Shades Lisa Vanderpump on Instagram

Mortified by Miley Attention! In Touch Weekly: Kaitlynn Carter Says She Was Mortified By Attention from Breakup with Miley Cyrus

Cult Free? The Sun: Leah Messer is Reportedly No Longer Involved in Alleged Cult, MITT

Lookin’ Good! Soap Dirt: Mama June Shannon’s Daughters Anna & Jessica Show Off Their Post-Plastic-Surgery Makeover Looks

(Photo: MTV) 


  1. I admit I bought one of Janelle’s videos. I have reached out and tried contacting all the Teen Mom stars and, so far, the only response I received has been from Janelle. I’m a former drug user and convict so I feel like Janelle understands me.

  2. Breaking news: Jenelley says something that she knows will get her attention and a headline, but she will not follow through with her plan and it will be EVERYONE but Jenelley’s fault

  3. Jenelle is apparently donating Cameo proceeds to “No Kid Hungry” for a couple days. The irony of that….alls she feeds her kids are lunchables. Does anyone else remember Kaiser crying, saying “Feed me” a couple years ago? Jenelle needs to get a real job and feed her children something of substance.

    1. I remember her taking free food during the Hurricane. And then went to Disney World days later. She also posted that she was looking for a stranger to go with them to watch the kids. #shehasnofriends.

      1. She also complained about “people thinking her life was so easy on da land making all that mtv money but that meant she had to pay tens of thousands in taxes, couldn’t apply for section 8 or get food stamps”. 🤷‍♀️

        1. Yes, I remember this unfortunate lack of education and awareness. It’s still very relevant though.

      2. Jenelle also said, “People always say I have it say easy making MTV money but they don’t think about the fact that I have to pay tens of thousands in taxes, can’t apply for section 8 or get food stamps”. Stupid just oozes out of her mouth every time she opens it!

      3. How trashy. I know multiple people who still live in the Carolinas (I did for a few years), and know the income difference on labor. It’s sad that Jenelle makes $400k a year getting high and drunk and calling EMS 25x a year then there are people making $10.80 per hour working their butt off at a nursing home, with a mortgage. I’ve done my best to help my friend, she makes a few dollars more an hour now in a different job (and is back in school) but I hope Jenelle is getting a big dose of reality now without the MTV paycheck and legal coverage.

        Why would you take food from people who are barely making ends meet then fly your family to Disney days later for an unnecessary vacation?

        1. Totally agree with you! And, I think it’s great that you are there to help your friend, she’s lucky to have you!

          1. I’m a ride or die, if treated well. My people in the Carolinas I’ve known over a decade (none even live in the same county as Jenelle).

  4. Lisa Rinna is a disgusting cow. She is low rent scum. LVP has way more class than Rinna will ever understand. LVP has mi Ed in and they still can’t get her out of their mouth. Pathetic ladies.

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