Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Blasts Ex Colt Johnson & His Mom For Talking About Her: See the Deleted Post!

“Leave me out of your spin-off, please!”

Larissa Dos Santos Lima says she’s moved on from her ex-husband Colt Johnson and 90 Day Fiance— the show that made them both famous— and wants to put as much distance between herself and Colt (and his show) as possible! 

On Saturday, Larissa— who appeared with Colt (and his mom, Mother Debbie Johnson) on the sixth season of “90 Day Fiance— blasted Colt and Debbie for continuing to talk about her both on- and off-camera. In a now-deleted post (captured by The Ashley before Larissa yanked it), Larissa gave her opinion on a recent interview Colt and Debbie did and a clip that’s been released from Colt and Debbie’s latest show, 90 Day Fiance: Self-Qurantined— in which they talk about Larissa.

In her Instagram rant, Larissa made it clear that some of the claims Colt made about her in the interview were not correct. (While Larissa did not state which recent interview she was talking about, Colt and Debbie did do an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Friday where they talked about what went wrong in Colt’s marriage to Larissa.)

“I left [Colt’s] home with only $38 to rebuild my life from scratch,” Larissa— who has been divorced from Colt since last year— began her Instagram post. “I want to leave the past behind and not be part of a plot twist for a storyline that is as boring as watching paint dry.

Larissa’s full rant (before it was deleted)…

“I recently read an article regarding my ex-husband and my relationship, in his words,” she added. “It is only right that my side is also known. There are some inaccuracies that I want to correct.”

In the sneak peek clip from “Self-Quarantined” (which, The Ashley must agree with Larissa and say that it’s as boring as watching paint dry), Debbie asks Colt if he’s heard from his ex. They then cut away dramatically. 


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In her post, Larissa assured viewers that she and Colt are not in contact.

“There seems to be an implication that I want contact with him. That is absolutely false,” she wrote. “I have been in a relationship with another man for over 14 months. My ex [Colt] himself is living with his girlfriend.”

In the ET interview, Colt denied that he was dating anyone. He also talked about how he “lost himself” during his time with Larissa, stating that he put on a lot of weight due to the stress of their relationship. 

“I feel like I gave a lot to my marriage, and there were a lot of things outside my control, one thing after another,” Colt said in the interview. “It was just easy to forget that I need things too. I gained a bunch of weight, I wasn’t eating right. I was stressed. Now I’m just trying to calm everything down, slow down and start over, more or less.

“When Larissa cried, I fried…”

In her post, Larissa denied that she was to blame for Colt’s weight gain and unhealthy behavior. 

“While I’m pleased he is losing weight, it is also inaccurate that I made him fat,” she wrote. “During our marriage I encouraged him to go to the gym and eat well. The show had filmed this but edited out my efforts to get him healthy. Only to show when I insulted his weight in anger in the final shows.”

In the interview, Debbie agreed that Colt was an “emotional mess for a while” and that things in their [cat-filled] household were bad when Larissa was living there.

“Mother, even the cats could feel the tension.”

“All of a sudden things were very chaotic, they were very bad,” she said. “It was very stressful and it seemed like there was always something bad going on, arguing, fights.”

She added that she wished she could change the way she handled the situation.

“I would have stood up for myself and Colt more than I did,” Debbie said. “I kept quiet a lot. I was keeping my mouth shut. I wish I would have laid it out when [Larissa] first got here; told her ‘That’s not the way we treat each other around here. You don’t do that.’ And I didn’t. I kept it to myself until I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Colt did not put all the blame for the marriage’s demise on Larissa, though.

“It takes two people to make a marriage or ruin a marriage. I did the best I could for her and for myself, and I’m sure she did as well,” he said. “But, honestly, I think it was just a misunderstanding of each other. I don’t think we knew how to communicate with each other. I’m not talking about Portuguese and English, but we’re just two different people. She had these expectations that I didn’t understand or just couldn’t deliver. It’s sad, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Honestly, I should have probably not stayed [together] as long. We should have divorced sooner, honestly.

“Or I think maybe not have gotten married in the first place!” Debbie added.

To finish up her Saturday morning rant, Larissa pleaded with her ex, his mom and those associated with “90 Day Fiance” to leave her alone and let her move on.

“Actually, scratch that…don’t say anything about me!”

“My ex [and] my ex-mother-in-law are in the past,” she wrote. “Once, they were family, but it is done. In an episode of ‘90 Day Quarantine’ I’m discussed between the two, while they are not spoken of in my home. #leavemealone #larissaforsaveyourstoryline #90DayFiance”

Colt and Debbie will appear on the upcoming series, “90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined,” which premieres April 20 on TLC. Larissa has not signed on to appear on the show.

Watch Colt and Debbie’s full interview about Larissa below:

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15 Responses

  1. I don’t think either of them are good people, he thought he bought a Brazilian sex slave and she thought she found her easy way to America . When Larissa threatened to cut him off of oral sex if he didn’t pay for her lip injections al I could think is two pigs. As far as Larissa’s comment that a wife is the most expensive whore… I DON’T THINK SO!
    She needs to go work in a legal brothel and pay her taxes like a legitimate prostitute!

  2. Colt definitely has a lot of problems, but Larissa needs to be deported!!! She only came to the United States to get a green card!!!

  3. It’s true Larissa didn’t make him fat, but he grew by about three cup sizes over the course of their season.

  4. She was looming for someone to give her a better life then she had and all she want wws his money because with out hin and his mom her life wouldn’t not be the dame and she treated him and his mom like crap if she didn’t get her way and after they broke up she went to look for someone else to pay for her stuff and to get what ever she want because she is gold digger she doesn’t love the guys the way she said and she left her kids behind to get a better life and just to get papers she it was a bad women

  5. If I remember correctly, Colt was already overweight when he picked up Larissa from the airport. That’s a copout. He’s too old to be breastfed by his mother. Total mama’s boy. All of the blame has been put on Larissa and made Colt seem like the victim. He acts like he’s an angel who never gets angry or upset. On the tell all, we finally got a little glimpse of his real self, showing the aggressive side of him. I’m glad Larissa found herself a new man, She had none of her family or friends around her and he took advantage of that. You go Larissa! I’m glad you took out the trash.

  6. So he gets to bad mouth her for the rest of her life? Uh no. If he’s happy in his new relationship, why is he even thinking of Larissa?

  7. What a trainwreck of dysfunction, man.

    You’ve got Larissa, the ungrateful, gold-digging, child-abandoning foreigner.

    Debbie, The lady who looks like she does weird stuff with her cats.

    And Colt, who has just always been “off.” I can’t quite put my finger on it, but he seems like he hides a lot of creepy ass shit he’s into.

    Gags all around.

  8. What a trainwreck of dysfunction, man.

    You’ve got Larissa, the ungrateful, gold-digging, child-abandoning foreigner.

    Debbie, The lady who looks like she does weird stuff with her cats.

    And Colt, who has just always been “off.” I can’t quite put my finger on it, but he seems like he hides a lot of creepy ass shit he’s into.

    Gags all around.

  9. While I understand Larissa’s point of view, she was part of Colt and Debbie’s life and without Colt she wouldn’t be in the US so Girl, get over yourself.

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