‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer is Releasing a Book: Get All the Details on Her Memoir “Hope, Grace & Faith”

“I wrote a book, y’all!”

Leah Messer is joining the Teen Mom authors club!

The Teen Mom 2 star announced on Wednesday’s episode of her Life Reboot podcast that her first book will be released later this year. She later confirmed the news on her Facebook page. 

“It’s been literally the most vulnerable I’ve been in my life and it’s been so therapeutic,” Leah said of writing the book. “Most importantly, it’s dedicated to my girls. This book is a memoir, but there’s the off-camera reality of my life. So, everything you didn’t see on TV, behind-the-scenes moments, that’s what you’re going to get.

“My childhood was very rough growing up…breaking familial cycles is not easy and I think that was the biggest reason for writing my memoir. My childhood was rough.”

On her podcast, Leah was doing a Q&A session, answering fans’ questions and was asked why she has continued to deny that she had a drug problem several years ago. Leah replied that she will be going into that period of her life in Hope, Grace & Faith.

“There is a lot about that period of my life that wasn’t revealed on the show,” Leah said. “I actually have a project, I’m actually going to be releasing a book revealing everything my fans really don’t know about me or was hidden behind an hour show… I’m so excited because it’s so emotional. It’s tough. Kail [Lowry] read it, some of it, and she was like, ‘Leah, I didn’t know you went through all of this.’ The end is beautiful.”

“The schools aren’t well in West Virginia, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write a book!”

In her Facebook video, Leah reiterated that she will be covering even the most-scandalous parts of her life.

“You guys got a glimpse into my life but there was so much that happened off-camera that you don’t know about,” she said. “You think I’m hiding secrets, well, I really got into the deep, dark stuff. I know the ending is beautiful and I know so many people it’s going to touch and make a difference in their lives and that’s the purpose.” 

Leah is one of the last ‘Teen Mom’ stars to release a book. So far, Maci BookoutAmber PortwoodTyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, Jenelle EvansFarrah Abraham and Kail Lowry have all released at least one book, with some of the girls authoring multiple titles. Leah’s book will be published by Post Hill Press, the same company behind the other girls’ books.

The cover of Leah’s book…

The book’s official page on the Simon & Schuster website provides a detailed description of what Hope, Grace & Faith will be about.

“Since she was thrust under the microscope of reality television at the age of seventeen, on MTV’s documentary series 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer’s life—from her struggle to rise to the challenges of motherhood, to the diagnosis of one of her twin girls with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, to the collapse of two marriages—has played out on the small screen,” the description reads. “She has learned to live under the harsh glare of media scrutiny, yet there is a truth behind the reality that the camera never sees.

“In her memoir, Leah takes readers behind the scenes and shares an intimate, often heartbreaking portrait, of her turbulent childhood in rural West Virginia, the rock bottom that forced her to reevaluate her life, and her triumphant break from toxic relationships and self-destructive cycles to live her life with hope, grace, and faith.”

The 176-page book is due to be released in December. Hope, Grace & Faith can be pre-ordered on Amazon by clicking the link below! 

(Photos: MTV, Post Hill Press)


  1. I watched the TEEN MOM REUNION PART 1 last night 2/6 . And i have to say Leah looks absolutely beautiful, she seems to be really glowing. She has come along way and she should be proud of herself. It was lovely to see Jeremy up on stage with her and they looked really comfortable and happy with each other,I’d love to see them get back together and now that they’re older and a bit wiser u really believe they could really make a go of it ( IF IT WAS UP TO ADDIE ; THEY WOULD BE ORGANISING THE WEDDING ALREADY lol) I’ve got a real soft spot for Leah and Chelsea too( They both have similar traits that remind me of my own daughter). So I’ll be OVER THE MOON, WHEN THE NEWS BREAKS, Good Luck 💕

  2. I might read it, I’m interested to know what happened in her background. And see what all she cops to! I agree with the above thought that I don’t want it too ghostwritten, it still needs to sound like Leah.

  3. Good for her. She took a crappy situation and is trying to make it into an opportunity. Lovely cover. Sweet name. I hope she finds peace.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Good luck for you and your family too.
    God bless you

  5. I love the cover of this book, it’s really pretty. Does anybody know if the title ..Hope Grace and Faith come from the girls names ?

      1. Awwwwwwwww💕 I thought that might have been the case. They’re absolutely beautiful. And I adore the cover , The names and the photos of the girls and the setting tye in beautifully. I’m looking forward to reading it.
        Thank you for answering my question

  6. I think it’s really disgusting what kind of harsh words some of you are writing. I wouldn’t like to skip my life for a million dollars with the life Leah was born into and all the problems that came with it. I have a lot of respect for her that she didn’t end up as a junkie and really changed her behaviour in the last years. And I don’t care if there was a ghostwriter or not. The content is what matters and that content is her’s, and no one elses.

        1. Yeah she is, I remember seeing episodes way way way back when she was hooked on the pills, I felt so sorry for those precious little girls . But she has come so far that she’s almost unrecognizable, She dosen’t get involved with all the bitching and backstabbing
          (Neither does Chelsea) I love Chelsea and Cole 😊
          That’s why I was a bit shocked when Leah made the comment about “Barb shouldn’t really have been given Ensley?
          Anyway, I just hope that Leahs book is a huge success, I know I for one would like to read it

      1. It’s good that she came out with a book. Should be interesting, but I really hope someone proofread her book because with her literacy…dear baby Jesus Gawd Leah.

  7. how did she break the familial cycle? her mom was a teen mom and she was a teen mom. she was an addict and doesn’t really have a career outside of teen mom.

    1. She landed a reality show and a 6,figure paycheck. I guess she considers that breaking the cycle. The girlses look clean in the picture.

      1. Somebody needs to throughly explain to her.. just because it’s written on your sweatshirt doesn’t mean it’s true.

    2. She landed a reality show and a 6 figure paycheck. I guess she considers that breaking the cycle. The girlses look clean in the picture.

  8. I’ll only read this if it was written using word-to-text technology and all the grammatical errors were left intact. I want to hear Leah’s voice when I read about her and the girlses.

  9. Look at Leah, standing in her power…I really can’t knock her because you can tell she’s really trying to do better. Compared to her ex co worker, she’s pulling herself up after she was at rock bottom.

  10. 5 bucks says she still doesn’t admit that she had a pill problem a few years ago. Girl won’t take ownership of that.

  11. WOW , I didn’t realise all those girls had written books ! Good on them( and I’m not saying that sarcastically)
    However, I would imagine Farrahs to be a glossy magazine with no words!

  12. I don’t really care at all if she had a ghost writer, I’m guessing most, of not all of them did. I’m still interested in reading her book. No, she’s not “old and wise”, and she hasn’t lived most of her life yet, but she has made quite a turn around. Regardless of a lot of the things everyone sees on tv including myself, i am always rooting for the best for all of these little families, and Leah has kind of taken up a soft spot with me. I’m happy for where she is in life now. I’m just hoping I actually receive the book this time. I tried buying Kail’s last book, and I was one of those unlucky people who’s book was “ruined by the weather” when waiting to be signed, and then never heard anything else again about getting my book. No money refunded either. -_-

    1. Ooooohhh That sux about Kails book. I’m sorry you missed out. Hers would have been an interesting read as well

    2. I agree with you, Good on her for giving it a go.Im not a ” regular viewer” but I like to catch up when I can, and from how I first remember seeing Leah to how she is now is wonderful! She certainly has come along way and she should be proud of herself. I for one am looking forward to reading her book.
      Congratulations Leah

  13. She keeps using the word “familial”. Guess she’s smart or something? I think it’s great to grow up and share experiences but I don’t feel like she’s even old enough yet to come to any real epiphany about life. Also, I don’t believe she even wrote the book, so there’s that….

  14. She’s really pushing the phrase “familiar cycles” this week, eye roll. Really, who buys these junk books?

  15. Does anyone know who the publisher got to actually write the book? I don’t think they employ enough editors to fix everything Leah would have written – we all know the schools in the Holler ain’t well.

  16. Obviously written by someone else and put her name on it. Leah Messer is a dingbat and has a difficult time putting a noun and a verb together in a sentence.

  17. Is it just me or are there too many hands in the book cover pic?
    Also her sandals! Say what u want about her but those sandals are cute!

    1. There’s the right number of hands. Addie’s arms are crossed and pale, holding on to Leah’s orange hands. Gracie’s are around her mom’s neck and clasping each other. Ali has one hand right below Gracie’s clasped hands, and one directly below that.

  18. Yes, Leah, no one knows that your biological dad is a drug addict who encouraged you to do drugs so he could get more drugs. It’s not like there was an episode where Corey is basically clapping out “You. Are. On. Drugs. You. And. Your. Dad. Are. Doing. Drugs.”

    1. WHOAH!!!!!! That’s pretty intense! I wasn’t and still aren’t really a “religious viewer! I do however remember an episode a few years back now , and Leah had to ring her sister to go and pick up the twins from school because she was “SO TIRED” . She was SMASHED! I don’t know what she had taken but she was like a zombie

    1. 😂😂😂 exactly! Just because she’s doing good now..doesn’t erase the pill popping ho , she once was! Hope this book is a tell all! 😉

  19. So is there a chapter called “Monkey!”? Or like a chapter that just says, monkey, monkey and then monkey?

      1. It’s Leah’s safe word that she used on the Teen Mom 2 reunion a few years back when Cory was trying to ask Leah certain questions.

      2. When we start talking about Leah’s problems on a reunion, all she has to do is say monkey and we stop. And if we don’t, Mama shouts, “She said monkey!!!” from the audience to get the point across…


      3. Is there a way to know what stories she mentions without reading the book? I’m not much of a reader. Would also like to know the stories that kailyn and catelyn, among others who have written a book, had mentioned in their books.does anyone know where I can find an outline of them?

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