Jenelle Evans Releases First Statement Since Losing Custody of All Her Kids: “I Love Being a Mother & David & I Will Get Through This!”

“I’ll be getting them back…any time now…yup…annnny minute, they’ll be arriving…”

Jenelle Evans’ family, former Teen Mom 2 co-stars and rep have all spoken out about her battle to regain custody of her kids, but the former reality TV star has remained uncharacteristically silent about losing her children…until now.

On Wednesday, Jenelle broke her silence and released an “official statement” to The Hollywood Gossip, revealing why she hasn’t spoken about the custody battle, and confirming that she and husband David Eason are still very much together and will be for the foreseeable future. She also asked people not to judge her situation.

“I am currently following what my attorney has asked,” Jenelle’s statement to The Hollywood Gossip begins. “I don’t want to speak publicly on the matter currently as that will jeopardize the possibilities of getting my kids back.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle and David spent four full days in court this month, trying to persuade a judge to give them back custody of their four kids. On Tuesday, the judge denied the couple’s request and ruled that the kids will stay with their current caregivers. Next week, Jenelle and David will meet with the judge to learn the steps they must take in order to try to regain custody. (TMZ reported that Jenelle and David were already given their reunification plan; this is incorrect. Nothing has been decided yet.)

“I reckon all y’all kids best be coming back home, ya hear?”

However, in her statement, Jenelle made sure to let everyone know that she will do whatever is asked of her in order to regain custody…everything except leave David, of course.

“I love my kids so much and I will do anything necessary to get them back and that is all I want everyone to understand,” Jenelle said. “I love being a mother and David and I will get through this. We are staying strong and united.”

Finally, Jenelle stated that she hopes people won’t believe what the media is saying about her.

“I ask everyone to have an open heart before they judge how the media is portraying me,” Jenelle said.

“It’s the media, I tells ya!”

David has not released any “talking words” to the media regarding the custody battle…except of course the day he threatened to have a TMZ reporter arrested (or rather “harrested”) outside of the courthouse for harassment. #NeverForget

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(Photos: MTV, YouTube)

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  1. I Bet he’s got that musty mouldy mildew smell about him to !
    HE always seems to be wearing that SAME checkered shirt as well!
    I’m guessing his personal hygiene leaves alot to be desired also!

  2. I wonder how much it costs her to get that “Fake Feelings” statement prepared and issued????? Because WE ALL KNOW that Jenelle hasn’t got a sincere caring bone in her body!

  3. Such a HIMBO! He’s got about as much intelligence and social skills as a wet mop !!!!!

      1. I Bet he’s got that musty mouldy mildew smell about him to !
        HE always seems to be wearing that SAME checkered shirt as well!
        I’m guessing his personal hygiene leaves alot to be desired also!

  4. They should have never had kids ..she’s an idiot who if she had half a brain the other half wouldn’t be so lonely…and him …ick….ick …put him away where he belongs…both are natural born losers…

  5. Leave her alone society fuck… If anyone has been thru this your completely dead inside.. how would you feel if your children was taken from your home and the system lies .. CPS lies.. I know because this happened to me but I was in a abusive relationship so called from all the CPS calls made by my baby father’s sister. CPS sees profit and gain from beautiful children.. foster homes are paid good money to take in children mine were abused on her birthday by a woman’s brother who lived in there home. This makes me sick and this needs to stop leave the children alone cooperate America. Janelle I got your back I know how you feel. And it’s bout to be one hella ride. Parenting classes and everything

    1. She is a nasty mean, animal abusing, child abusing, drugged up, criminal.
      If you do not like the opinions of others, then fark off this site.

      To have any sympathy for jenelle, you’d have to be pretty fkd up yourself.
      Jenelle is a vile lazy mouthy, deadbeat mom.

  6. Now I saw a post where back when her and Nathan broke up. That she mistreated Nathan’s dog. She is a POS. I literally hate her I hate MTV this whole thing is like beyond disgusting now I see there’s another post about Eason so now I got to go see what that is

    1. It was shown
      On teen mom her cruel treatment of Nathan’s dog, she is a nasty bitch

      Mtv have the footage

  7. I just watched a little clip of teen Mom 2 I don’t know what season it was but Jenelle had Nathan arrested for domestic violence. And he was in the back of the squad car crying screaming at Jenelle that she was lying and for her to tell the truth. So which one is telling the truth? Did she lie to the police and say that he did something to her when he didn’t or he’s really lying does anyone know? Kaiser was a little baby

    1. I vaguely remember seeing that scene! The thing is the relationship was very volatile, Nathan or Jennelle weren’t in good places( Nathan has however since cleaned up his act! Good for him ??)But Jennelle is a vicious little bitch and she herself wad abusive both physically and mentally! So if you’re going to dish it out , best you learn how to take it !
      But EVERYTIME Jennelle opens her mouth you can safely bet it’s all lies !

      1. Yeah, She admitted that she had lied because she was angry at him over some stupid thing that she was accusing him of…..Turned out Nathan was completely innocent,She was laughing when she repeated this story, although I can’t remember where I saw it !
        But it just goes to show how manipulating and venomous she can be .

  8. Can’t imagine how scary it must of been for Kaiser, I’ve got a 5 Yr old and the thought of someone scaring her makes me sick.

    It’s against motherhood that she’s staying with the POS.

  9. If you line up all the stupidity in this timeline it’s amazing that they had such confidence in regaining custody. He shots the dog, she takes the kids the next day, goes to the media to declare she’s considering a divorce. She’s actually commended for finally possibly seeing the light by numerous fans but then she sees his baby mama causing issues about child support. Like a jealous woman Jenelle gives him the money and takes to fb to lash out at her stepson’s mother bringing up how awful it is she has taken his son from him(protecting) lol. She rushes home to be the good wife but the media is pissed by the dog’s murder and the police finally realize that this it’s serious. Child services are contacted and the kids start getting taken away. When they knew Kaiser was taken they rush out to get to Ensley first and David curses out CPS then they disappear with girls for 24 hours to re-emerge childless after giving girls to “their choice” of care. They tell Jenelle she’s not in trouble but David can’t be around kids right now so she can have them if David’s gone, Atleast for now and she refuses instead lawyering up and going to court. Court hands Ensley over to barb and Jenelle pleads for kaiser’s Removal from Nathan(denied). Then her lawyers tried to make judge step down from case for bias(denied). The first visit David tells off everyone and is booted, second visit he has his daughter in tears and next visit Jenelle decides not to attend and they think that a judge would hand them back their kids?! That’s without adding the overwhelming evidence and interviews and no teen mom footage. Terrible behavior.

    1. WHOA! Reading that just gave me a headache! LOL It’s like a really badly written script for The Bold And The Beautiful ????

  10. please she makes me sick portrayed in the media badly no you are not. she would do anything to get her kids back um no you had a chance she wouldn’t have even lost them if she kicked him to the curb. as a parent you will do anything to protect your kids she didn’t. I’ve always told my husband do not ever even give me a reason to pick between you or my kids because you will never ever win

    1. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!She’d do anything to get her kids back???? She had 2 different opportunities to visit with them and she didn’t because David couldn’t be there!
      I’m of the same view ad you .. Don’t ever make me choose between my kids and you. My kids win EVERY TIME !

      1. That’s what she said but it would have been a lot clearer with some more punctuation! I had to read it a couple of times before it made sense.

        1. Typing fast , my brain was going faster than my fingers LOL. I was , and still am , TOTALLY DISGUSTED.

        2. Typing fast , my brain was going faster than my fingers LOL. I was , and still am , TOTALLY DISGUSTED!

          Not with you, the whole situation has just left me shaking my had in disbelief!
          Thank you for pulling me up though, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on my punctuation ?

  11. My theory is ….. Jennelle is being the bratty defiant Jenelle who’s used to getting her own way . So by refusing to leave David, the kids would have been returned home and the dysfunctional life on “The Land” would have resumed….. Only this time it’s backfired on her !

  12. Oh my god Nathan’s heart must have been in his throat! Knowing that Kaiser had returned home from “The Land” with bruising and marks on him, then hearing that David had shot the poor puppy , he must have been frantic! What a horrible feeling that must have been when he couldn’t get in touch with Jenelle

  13. Jennelle has asked to “Not be judged by what people read in the media”
    People don’t need to read anything …. what the public judges you on,is your trashy mouth, abuse, footage on TV clearly showing David roughing up and verbally abusing the kids . REMEMBER Jenelle, you were on a TV reality show ! People saw it with their own eyes!

  14. There are people who have no insight, who can never see past themselves; this is Jenelle. She has the inability to see her problems, the cause of those problems; therefore, she can never fix those problems. To Jenelle she has no problems, and any chaos that she lives with is normal. She just can’t, no matter how many people tell her, see that her life amd the way she treats and raises her family is a problem. There are tons of people who are raised in chaos with narcissistic parents. Until Jenelle can really see her life for what it is, she’ll never change.

    1. Very well put! I doubt very highly that Jenelle will ever accept responsibility for her shitty behaviour. In her eyes all the drama is created by everyone else!

    2. this is the same girl who didn’t want to go to court to keep herself from going to jail to go see keesha. She never grew up and changed

    1. Such a HIMBO! He’s got about as much intelligence and social skills as a wet mop !!!!!

  15. @TheAshley – can you give us some info on that twitter account with the texts and videos from The Land? I guess J must have shared them with a friend (where she lived after Nugget was killed perhaps?) who then spilled them elsewhere? The videos are horrific and I imagine J and her soulmate don’t really appreciate that they surface…

    1. …and one more thing, that I don’t get: how did Nathan get to hear about Nugget, in order for him to contact the police about the welfare check? Was it Jenelle that called him? (To then not want him to be Kaisers temporary guardian and rather place his son with a ”friend”? I mean, IF she called him that should imply that she trusts him to help them – but then when he does help, she says he is not fit?)

      1. A report said “a neighbor called the cops that David shot a dog”
        A report/article was released about that, Nathan saw/heard about the article, he tried contacting Jenelle & David but no one answered his call so be became more worried & thats when he called for a welfare check

        1. Oh my god Nathan’s heart must have been in his throat! Knowing that Kaiser had returned home from “The Land” with bruising and marks on him, then hearing that David had shot the poor puppy , he must have been frantic! What a horrible feeling that must have been when he couldn’t get in touch with Jenelle

        2. Ok, thank you! I know I could trust The Ashley and her clear-headed readers! ??

          (I still don’t get how those new leaked home videos can not be mentioned more though!)

  16. All of this court was easily avoided. Jenelle was given the opportunity to keep her kids, all she had to do was have David leave , nobody said he had to leave forever or you must divorce. It was very simple,we are investing your husband and HE can not be around the children.CPS May have very well left Maryssa at home too, Jenelle is her stepmother. Jenelle said screw you, see ya in court! When the judge told her she failed to protect her kids this is what he is referring to.
    The last we heard Jenelle wasn’t under investigation with CPS… I won’t be surprised if they have two separate plans outlined on Tuesday with Jenelle asked to do the minimum.

    1. Jenelle would/could NEVER leave David
      Remember 1 episode she was pregnant & the rental house had mold. It is about 9/10 AT NIGHT.
      David said take Kaiser to a hotel (so she is not breathing in mold) & he will be meet her there in a couple hours when he is done packing the rest of the house.

      She LOST HER MIND. She cried & had a fit that she actually had to stay in a hotel room alone with Kaiser “yeah thats a lot of fun” she says.

      She needs constant attention or she freaks out

  17. I’m starting to think that the only reason she is staying with him is because he threatened her. Maybe he said if she leaves him he will kill her, and possibly the kids too and Barbara. No doubt he would go through with it!

    1. No i dont think so
      I thought that too but she had the perfect time to get away from him. He was about to be arrested of he didnt pay child support, he had a couple hours to get the money or get put in jail. That would have given her plenty to move his crap (if she wanted to be nice) and get an order of protection on him & change all of the locks. All the guns are at the house so he wouldnt have his guns.
      But instead she gave him the money for his support payment.

      Her biggest fear is being alone. Not him hurting her. If he left now she would chase him down the street like a dog.
      If he wasnt around she would probably get her job back & get her kids back a lot sooner.
      None of that matters as long as she is not alone.

  18. I’m starting to think that the only reason she is staying with him is because he threatened her. Maybe he said if she leaves him he will kill her, and possibly the kids too and Barbara. No doubt he would go through with it!

  19. Hey Jenelle, still posting clickbait to try and pay your attorney’s fees, support the remaining animals you have left (that David hasn’t assaulted, shot and killed), and pay your husband’s child support arrears? How’s that working out for ya? Anyone buying your fake make up line any more? Maybe try a makeover on that 210 lb wart you have attached to your ass. If you can make that thing “pretty”, I’ll buy a case of your stuff.

    I really hope that Barb and Nathan are awarded child support. It would be awesome to see Jenelle try and get a real job. Maybe a new show for CMT? “Watch the petulant child try and cry her way into employment, realizing that people actually bring home — and survive — on paychecks every Friday for less than she and the hemorrhoid spend on drugs each week. Then explain to her new boss that she needs the first 180 days off so she can go to court and tell the judge how much she loves playing a mom on TV.”

    1. I havent seen any “Flat Tummy Tea”, “Boom Bod” or any of that other crap she use to post.
      Click bait is the only source of income they have.

      Until David can risk his life cleaning boats. At least she was right about that, A clean boat is worth more than his life.

  20. Here’s the funniest part of her statement. She wants up to keep an open heart and not judge her for her media portrayal. A judge spent 4 days listening to evidence and testimony of family and friends and the kids that have been at their property, CPS went thru the house and discussed their findings and they didn’t even use the Teen mom2 footage so they can’t claim on what media is saying and she still lost in court and she’s acting like we are all getting the story wrong. Girl bye! You admitted he shot your dog, he admitted he shot the dog, there are 911 calls, and you pretty much record everything so people catch the things you don’t even realize. This is everything seen real time with our own eyes with witnesses to back it up. Media did not make you lose in court. Your husbands explosive behavior and big mouth did. And the fact that your not feeling that within like 3 weeks you not only lost you dog, your lost your job and your kids and all you can say is “David and I are strong and United” ummm clearly your world revolves around David so maybe just stay with David, disappear off social media and live off the land like your doing. That’s clearly the main objective for you.

    1. Hilarious! I thought that’s what I heard! TMZ is on my TV right now. (3:00 pm EST) and they are saying that the monster picks monster dog murderer over kids.

  21. I for one am glad she is staying with David Swampthing Eason!! Good on her!! People seem upset by her standing with her man.. why? As long as she’s with him those kids aren’t with her!! That’s the best outcome of all!! Those kids will be soooo much better off staying far far away from that crazy sociopath Jenelle. She is plumb dumb and if she’s very very abusive with those kids too. Can you imagine her being a single mom? ‘Leave mee aloonnnee!!’ That’s all they would hear. That statement was as hallow and unfeeling as she is- so disgusting. Now we know the kids are safe. Go away now Jenelle

  22. Ok let’s forget about the fact that David hits her, verbally and emotionally abuses her. Let’s forget that he has alienated her from all her family and friends, caused problems with her job (ultimately caused her to lose that job), caused her to lose her children etc etc. let’s put ALL OF THAT to the side for a second. HE KILLED HER DOG! Beat it up and then shot it!!!!!! I’m sorry, but that’s enough for me to leave. He’d be gone!! Even if he was wonderful in every other way (which he isn’t!), I’d kick him out just for what he did to my dog. I’d need no other reason.

    1. What’s truly disgusting as well is I think this all boils down to:she just doesn’t want to admit everyone was right about David…. her stubbornness and immaturity will ultimately be her undoing

    2. Absolutely me too. In fact he might be in the hospital or the morgue after I got done with him just FOR KILLING MY DOG

    3. she isn’t alienated she chose that. teen mom offered help her mother offered help stop making excuses for this looser. she had the perfect opportunity to leave him when he didn’t pay his child support she chose to pay it and stay with him, I’m a dv survivor so I’m not saying someone can threaten to hurt you to the point you are afraid but she has had plenty of chances to leave she chooses to stay

  23. Is it true that Jenelle is the one that called the police about the dog? I’ve only seen it posted on ROL. Also, what is up with the twitter account posting the texts between them and the videos? I’m confused who this person is, and how they got these texts and videos? This is a clusterfuck of chaos.

  24. I can’t help but notice that she was able to make this all about her. Not “I love my kids” but “I love being a mother”. Which is total BS as we’ve seen over and over, but even if it were true is still a statement about her perspective, and what she wants for herself, and not about them.

    She is such a sociopath.

  25. The fact this idiot thinks standing by her “man” will help her regain custody, speaks volumes of her idiocy. This dumb broad doesn’t realize that her “husband” is the cause of all the present chaos in her life. She has lost her lucrative job, her kids, any teeny amount of dignity she had left…all for a fuck boy that murdered her dog. It’s appalling that she can’t realize that boy has ruined her life, and she looks so pathetic “standing by her man”.

  26. She wants those kids back as much as I want rabies. She’s totally vile. A click bait article to make money from what should be a harrowing time for any family. But I guess nothing is beneath you if you’re at rock bottom. Total POS.

  27. She doesnt love being a mother for crying out loud! ‘Member when she thought IT was so haaaaaaaard to take care of Kaiser while her house was not ready yet, and she had to go to a hotel? She just left him in the car complaining that she couldnt do it…..

    1. Also on her 16 and Pregnant episode she always refereed to Jace as “it”, went out and partied when he was only 2 days old, and told her friend “having a baby is like being in prison”.

  28. You love your kids?
    You will do anything to get them back?

    To bad you didnt do ANYTHING when your swamp thing was hurting them. To bad you didnt love them enough to get them out of a hostile environment.

    To bad you FAILED them by putting a bully who hurt people & animals above your kids.

    1. Not even just that. Her 16 and pregnant episode she was so happy to put Jace in daycare and then she compared motherhood with being in prison. Have we ever actually seen her be a single parent alone before? I don’t think so. The short time she had Kaiser to herself I remember her sending Tori to go deal with him. And the moment David appeared he was carrying him around tell Barbara to stop fussing around “his” kids. She likes the image being A mother gives but none of the work. If she had all the kids in her care she’d have a breakdown. Heck we all saw that kids being kids were punishable on that trip they took to the cabin right?! The thing that really makes me sick about her statement was that she had to sit in that courtroom and listen to the kids or representation for the kids state how scared they are around her husband including very likely his own daughter and after a judge tells her she chose wrong to let David be around after all this and her response is not to judge her by her media portrayal but that she pretty much will continue the fight for David to get to be back around them is just terrifying. Way to fight for your kids Jenelle! She’s not fighting for them. If she was she’d leave David and do what the courts say. Instead she’s fighting to have those kids return to the hell they are scared of. That’s just beyond me.

      1. And remember she even tried to have Kaiser taken from Nathan and given to some loser friend, never mind that Kaiser is happy there! I wonder what the judge really thinks about that, she doesn’t care about those kids at all. Not at all.
        You FAILED Jenelle.

  29. Also, thanks for great updates!
    When I wrote there’s so much to this story that doesn’t make sense I’m meaning that things are probably worse than we can imagine.

  30. I don’t understand something…why would Marissa be removed for jenelle not protecting her? It’s legally David’s responsibility bc it’s his daughter. And if ensley was removed for jenelle not protecting her against david, then wouldn’t david have a charge? There’s so much to this story that makes no sense.

    1. No the kids were removed because of David. Jenelle didn’t have custody ripped away until now because the judge believes she did not do her duty as a mother and protect her kids. Jenelle could have left david and still had custody of her kids but she chose david and in doing so the judge now ripped custody from her.

    2. The kids have been removed because of Davids actions. ALL kids that live in the house has been exposed to his horrific behavior. The disgusting treatment of nugget just started the investigation. CPS findings along with testimony from people is whats keeping them from regaining custody.
      The judge said that because Jenelle kept her kids in the situation & did nothing to protect them from David she failed as a mother.(i love that line) David is what caused all of this so of course Maryssa is removed.
      Who was Jenelle suppose to protect her kids from? David of course

  31. I think that part of the issue is that they try to keep the children with the biological parent as long as they can. The fact that the judge has stated Jenelle failed to protect her children is huge. That’s one of the Prime things you must do in order to keep your children and unfortunately she has failed on so many levels.
      Dr. Phil’s top 10 parental fitness factors agreed to and an expert from the biggest CPS department head in the country I think is spot on. Jenelle is in trouble meeting majority of them especially with the loss of her job now (that David caused).
    1. Provide a safe, stable and secure environment;
    2. Maintain loving, stable and consistent nurturing relationship with the child;
    3. Attend to the daily needs of child: feeding, clothing, physical care;
    4. Attend to adequate education for child;
    5. Provide for the financial support of child;
    6. The ability to identify & prioritize child’s needs ahead of own;
    7. Ability to emphasize with and meet child’s needs,
    8. Ability to regulate impulses and emotions;
    9. Assist child in developing and  maintaining appropriate relationships;
    10. Exercise appropriate judgement regarding child’s welfare.

    When you add DV on top of this I see very little chance of reuniting anytime soon. So sad, yet alarming better for the children.

    I do think (based on own experiences with family and myself) she is manic bipolar. The over sexual behavior is a common occurrence for teenagers, not to mention extreme highs and lows we’ve seen – so scared for what we haven’t seen. Her low self esteem and what little praise it takes for her to be “in love” is another sign. Her going full out yet never having enough to finish then taking to bed for days (sick?) is almost too text book for this.

    David is scary to vast majority of us, could you imagine what has been done in private? I can’t when you take into consideration he KNOWS this is being seen my so many – IF these were secretly  taped I would agree with we’ve seen the worst. She has to be scared, but I wish she could realize how much help and support she could have.

    MTV and/or management has bailed her out of so much up til now. This is the first time she has to stand on her own I don’t know that she’ll make it out of this mess. Just hope her and her children get out before there isn’t an out because he takes the choice from them all.

  32. Will they be taking the weekly drug tests? I’d be quite surprised if they both did this. The counselor will probably need to have security in the room to do a counseling session with David. They also should check him for weapons.

  33. She’ll do whatever it takes to get her kids back? Like posting clickbait #LinkInBio stories to make money off losing her kids? What trash. I’m surprised she didn’t release her ‘statement’ through CelebBuzz, which her ‘manager’ Johnny Donovan works for/owns.

  34. Oh Jenelle, we all know you don’t enjoy being a mother unless it’s an Instagram photo op. The only person you love is yourself. Your statement does not fool anyone. Cute try though.

    Do those kids a favor and leave them where they are. Disappear with David and live happily ever after beating the life out of each other. You have continuously chosen men over your children, this time should be no different.

  35. Turning down several visitations, isn’t a good start.
    David getting angry at cps, and maryssa running out crying because she doesn’t want to live with you isn’t a good start and a huge RED ?
    Kaiser not wanting to be near David ?????, I hope the judge takes the teen mom footage of David’s treatment of that poor boy in to consideration too, going home early from court faking illness because things are not going your way NOT good either.

    I pray you to swamp scum never ever get those kids back.

  36. She’ll do whatever it takes to get her kids back…… Please, as long as she can make money off of them. Heart out them around to try to prove to everyone what a great human being she is. Kaiser’s afraid to live there with her…… I am beyond disgusted!

  37. We don’t have to believe the media. We can see with our own eyes through teen Mom 2. She’s a horrible mother married to a horrible god-awful man…. I don’t even want to call him a man I’m thinking a lot of four letter words to use. She makes me sick absolutely sick I’d like to slap her face clean the hell off her body

  38. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    what did cps find in the home?

  39. I read this and think to myself, she is so selfish. David and I will get through this, nothing about how her kids will. She just doesn’t get it. As a mother, you can’t be selfish. She should not be in charge to take care of any children if she doesn’t get that. Sad, so sorry for those poor kids and what they have probably endured living with those two.

    1. She’ll do whatever it takes to get her kids back…… Please, as long as she can make money off of them. Heart out them around to try to prove to everyone what a great human being she is. Kaiser’s afraid to live there with her…… I am beyond disgusted!

  40. Junkelle doesn’t want ppl to judge her, her abusive loser husband, and her situation on that gross swampland. I will continue to judge her. They are horrible parents, and ppl. How can she stay with this imbecile husband who basically ruined her life even more? She chose him over her kids. Period.

    1. Because David is “her soulmate” in her mind “David is a wonderful husband and father”. If David is such a wonderful husband and father Jenelle explain why CPS took away your kids, the judge says he’s a danger to them as well. And if he’s such a wonderful husband he wouldn’t be saying “I hope you die you piece of shit” in front of the kids. Plus she’s an Instagram mom so there’s that.

  41. Couple of things Jenelle, you want to your gets your kids back because you love them and you love being a mother. A mother who loves her children would not want their children exposed to David. Imagine how scared they feel when David angrily punches a whole in the wall or walks around the house making threats. A mother who loved their children want them out of the house immediately after David shot your second family pet with a shot gun. No, a mother who loves her children not want them exposed to insanity. The second reason, “YOU love being.a Mother”. This second part is all about you,, the children make you feel good but what to you do to make your children feel good and more importantly safe. Us usually, life is about you.

  42. I thought from the very beginning when I first saw her and her story, the end result with this woman will be tragic and it has been, and will continue to be until she’s in prison or dead!

  43. What A fucking Joke!!!!!!!! Now you love your kids & will do anything possible!!! What a fucking Joke!!!!!

    1. Junkelle doesn’t want ppl to judge her, her abusive loser husband, and her situation on that gross swampland. I will continue to judge her. They are horrible parents, and ppl. How can she stay with this imbecile husband who basically ruined her life even more? She chose him over her kids. Period.

  44. I truly hope they NEVER get those kids back, ever. They don’t deserve the honour of having children. They are both horrible excuses for human beings.

  45. The media doesn’t haven’t to make anything up, Junkie. We’ve seen your behaviour for ten fucking years. I’m definitely judging you.

  46. I really hope she gets on track, I hate to see anyone loose their kids, but keeping the kids safe (not just Kaiser) is top priority.

  47. If you remove the word David then it would most definitely work.

    “I Love Being a Mother & I Will Get Through This!”

  48. Ok Jenelle. I guess you are in denial. I don’t think you can be drug free if your life depended on it. I think there is a special place in Hell waiting for you.

  49. “You will be HARR-ested”? I almost spit my drink out when I watched that. Someone please put this delusional, deranged lunatic away and throw away the key, for the sake of humanity.

  50. She needs the kids back so that she can play good mom and post family pics on Instagram like Chelsea. This little set back is gonna make it even harder for her to compete with Chelsea. Jenelle will go batshit if Chelsea utters one word about this situation.

    1. I was just about to say the same thing. She wants to be Chelsea SO BAD…and doesn’t realize that she will NEVER be Chelsea, and David sure as hell will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRRR be Cole. Jenelle is so pitiful and so delusional. No matter how hard she tries, or how big of a facade she puts up, she will never have what Chelsea has, and she will NEVER be better than Chelsea.

    1. But..but, she loves him! Funny I cant recall Lurch ever saying he loves her. I saw him saying he doesnt care if she dies, though. How dysfunctional can you be.

  51. A blog wrote that MTV was going to hire these monsters back so they could film all this? Their court appearances and custody hearings? I will be all over them. They will have no sponsors.

    1. I already want to go after MTV now they had no business having this show on glorifying teen pregnancy that’s not what the show is supposed to be about and then showing this child abuse I’m I’m I’m absolutely shocked that this crap was on TV and that nothing was done. MTV makes me sick

  52. Jenelle, to quote your ugly ass loser husband, “You’re the biggest piece of shit that I know”. To quote your eldest son, “Mom and David are pieces of shit”.

    The judge didn’t believe your lying asses and neither does the public. It’s not us, the media, cps, the judge, your children, your exes or your families. It’s YOU! BOTH of you!

  53. The judge said it didn’t matter if she left David it not, that Jenelle as a mother failed to protect her children..

  54. They’re never getting the kids back
    1) kids don’t want to go back
    2) neither can pass a drug test
    3) David wouldn’t attend parenting classes or counselling

    This is a slow process: attending court-ordered classes, acknowledging the problems, changing the behaviours and sticking with new behaviours (while sober) for at least 12 months is not going to happen.

    Just trimming your beard and putting your best court heels on doesn’t cut it!

    The lawyer money will run out & Jenelle will give up.

    1. And don’t forget the cost. The court ordered parenting classes, counseling sessions, and drugs all have fees associated with them. Same with anger management classes, defensive driving classes, and whatever other mandatory education or compliance steps the court orders in any given case.

      I doubt Jenelle and David will be able to cough up the money to comply with the court orders.

      1. I meant “drug tests”. They won’t be able to pay for the court ordered tests.

        I have no doubt they’ll figure out a way to pay for their drugs though.

  55. so this loser lost her kids because of him and she won’t divorce him? she doesn’t deserve to ever get them back

  56. Jenelle.
    Good Mothers don’t get their kids taken away in the first place…. And, good mothers NEVER put a piece of shit, like David, before their kids, married or not.
    No fucking way would a good mother who loves her kids would ever lose them nor put “a David” before them… You’re disgusting and unworthy of being a mom. You don’t even deserve nieces or nephews…
    You’re that dangerous to children!

  57. They will never get there kids back. All they care about is how they look to others. How about that video of David telling jenelle hes gonna fucking kill her. And I can kill u right now. Such a nice wholesome family environment. Now get the damn animals out of there. They arent fit to own a goldfish. ????????? I hate them. I hope they kill eachother on the land. Never say stuff like that about others but I honestly dont give a shit.

    1. Anyone else laugh out loud reading “I love being a mother “? I mean, throwing Kaiser in his crib and leaving him in the dark for crying, picking partying over caring for Jace, the last child being born with drugs in her system, not generally the acts of someone who “loves being a mother. “

    2. Not fit to own a cockroach. And I feel the same I wish they were just gone dead gone. The only one I would feel bad about this whole situation if Jenelle died is Barbara because should be soap sad I would just cry and cry and cry and cry that her daughter’s dead. And I don’t feel bad at all for David’s mother not a least bit. I know this is all mean but they’re horrible people and I am sick of horrible people. I keep reading all these stories that people abusing their animals getting animals off of Craigslist and torturing them torturing kids torturing sexually abusing kids I’m I’m sick of everything always sick people!

  58. That reporter is great. Keeps going and going , and David can’t handle it. I wish he could have went on longer, he was upsetting poor baby David. How ironic.

  59. Yet this looney tune of a woman is on her Twitter and Instagram posting her click bait articles trying to make money off her kids but can’t talk about it because her attorney said it will most likely sabotage her getting her kids back ??the hell. I have a question, what planet does Jenelle live on? What goes on in her mind? Is she really that mental???? And Jenelle doesn’t need the media portraying her as a bad mother, she’s doing that perfectly on her own.

    1. Click bait only way she can make money now. We really can’t expect her to… gasp… get a JOB.

  60. She acts as though people haven’t been watching her for over a decade. This isn’t the media’s portrayal of you, Jenelle. This is just who you are. You’ll never change if you always place blame elsewhere.

  61. Keep an “open heart”? Where was your heart when that little dog was brutally beat and then shot? You have no heart you fucking stupid nasty bitch? I hope he beats the shit out of you! You are unbelievable! If you think for one minute you will ever get another dime off of reality TV, think again! There is an army that want justice for Nugget! I don’t give a flying fuck what happens to you! I can’t wait for that monster dog murderer to take you down! I watched that interview on E News from 2017. where he said you needed to be humbled? I hope he gives you a beat down like he did that poor dog! I have never hated like I hate you and that monster dog murderer! Nasty Ass bitch!!!

    1. Seriously agree!!! I absolutely hate them both and wouldnt shed 1 tear if they killed eachother. I actually might pop a bottle of champagne if they did. That’s how inhuman and vile and absolutely sick they make me. And I swear I’m a nice person. I have never watched 2 people on TV that made me so angry. To lying cracked out abusive pos!. They honestly deserve eachother. I have not one ounce of sympathy for jenelle and never did. Wastes of oxygen.

  62. She will not get her kids back as long as she’s with that loser husband of hers!! Every parent should put there child first not themself or their spouse!!

  63. I didn’t notice he said “harressted” on the video. ????? Classic dumbass.

  64. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    She says she’ll do whatever it takes to get her kids back? Bullsh*t. If David is the main reason she lost her job and kids then get rid of him! I’d choose my dog over my husband if I ever had to. Lmao.

    1. Maybe she knows that and we all know she really doesn’t want them. If she stays with him there’s her excuse.I stood by my man!!

  65. We don’t have to rely on the media to portray you negatively, Jenelle. You do that just fine on your own.

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