‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Reveals How She’s Trying to Break the Cycle of Teenage Motherhood with Her Daughters

“Listen, y’all can’t be havin’ any girlses of y’alls own til’ y’alls is grown.”

While becoming a teen mom and ultimately staring on a show of the same name undoubtedly opened up a lot of opportunities for Leah Messer, she doesn’t want her three daughters to follow in her footsteps when it comes to early motherhood. 

In a recent interview with E! News, the Teen Mom 2 star said she’s confident she can keep her three daughters— 10 year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and seven-year-old Addie—from getting knocked up in their teen years, and she has already started efforts to keep that from happening.

“I feel like if I’m on it from the beginning, I can prevent it,” she said. “So if I am educating them on puberty, educating them on growing up into little ladies, then I will hopefully be able to prevent that. I think if education was expressed to me a lot younger, I would have made completely different decisions.” 


As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans may know, Leah comes from a long line of teen moms. Her mother, Dawn Spears, gave birth to Leah when she was 16. (Dawn had three children by the time she turned 21.) Dawn’s mother was also a teen mother.

Leah’s siblings have all had children at an young age. Leah gave birth to her twins at age 17, and Leah’s younger brother Isaac Messer became a teen dad in December 2014. Leah’s younger sister Victoria Messer waited until age 20 to became a mother, but is now 25 years old with three children and two divorces.

“We Messer birth ’em young!”

Leah told E! News that she has been using the downtime the family has had while quarantining due to the pandemic to talk about puberty and other grown-up topics. 

“The conversation about puberty is already happening in our home because it’s totally about to happen and I’m freaking out,” she said. “And it’s all happening when we’re in quarantine. I’m just going to be open with them. Anytime I hear conversations that they may be having, I want to be the source for them. I’m breaking that cycle.” 

“Fetch me my clipboard, I’m fixin’ to teach y’all how to stand in y’alls own power!”

Recently, the parenting of Leah’s own mother, Dawn Spears, was called into question when The Ashley posted an exclusive excerpt of Leah’s upcoming book, Hope, Grace & Faith, in which Leah detailed a time from her teenage years in which she felt Dawn pressured her to have sex with a boy after an odd game of spin-the-bottle. 

Leah has since defended her mom’s actions and revealed that their relationship is better and stronger than ever. 


“What they don’t know is this behavior is passed down,” Leah said. “My mom lived in domestic violence shelter[s] a few times growing up. My mom did her best with what she was taught. I love my mom and always will! People are easy to throw the first stone, but little do they know…. I’ll continue to take a stand for my family and be that support for others overcoming adversity.” 

Dawn recently expressed her interest in breaking the cycles that their family has been going through for generations, one of which we can assume is teen pregnancy. A recent Instagram post from Dawn stated that she hopes that Leah sharing their family’s stories will “help and inspire those that have generational cycles that need broken.” 

Leah’s older daughters will turn 11 in December, making them only five years younger than Leah was when she became pregnant with them. (She turned 17 during her pregnancy.) She began filming for 16 and Pregnant when she was 17. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Will you cry yourself to sleep in fetal position when Gracie doesn’t get pregnant at 12?
    You are deranged.

  2. You sick perv.
    You are getting excited at the prospect of a 12 year old getting pregnant?
    Go back to your kiddie porn collection you creepy ass troll.

  3. As sick as it sounds to say outright, I think whether or not the girls spin out depends entirely on Ali’s health when they hit their teenage years more than anything Leah does. The biggest difference between how they grew up and Leah’s childhood isn’t just they have more attention and money, it’s Ali’s condition. If Ali is doing okay but needs to be very careful, the other girls will probably stay out of trouble for her sake. If Ali isn’t doing well, I can just as easily see Gracie and Addy losing their fucking minds.

  4. It’s more than just one conversation, it’s multiple conversations as they grow up. It’s actively being a MOM in their lives, not a friend.

  5. Leah, actions speak louder than words. You can tell them all you want but if you don’t TEACH them to not be like you (losing virginity at 13, spin the bottle and what-not), nothing will help them. It takes only one time for one of them to become pregnant at the age you did. Teach them about protection and that they should wait for the right guy, THEN you will break the cycle. Only saying “Don’t get pregnant at 16 like I did!” won’t help. Rooting for you and your girlses to really break the chain in a couple of years.

  6. While her intentions are good, the way she treats them like they’re her friends and not her kids, that is going to be a problem. It’s not ok to let your kids go through your phone and read messages between you and whoever you’re screwing that month.

  7. It’s interesting.
    Most of the Facebook comments are pretty positive towards Aleeah and think she has a good shot and beating the odds.
    Ali most likely can’t have kids.

    Most of the comments are beating addy will be a teen mom.
    Very interesting..

  8. Aleeah posing in quarantine for a pic with her gand on her hips!
    Oh the horror!
    For shame!
    Clutches pearls.
    Get a fucking grip and stop picking on every little thing this kid does.

  9. Oh Stfu about attacking her,bashed is having fun in quarantine and you are miserable.
    Your bashing her for posing?
    This poor kid could fart the wrong way and you would be a bitter ass betty.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Your really picking on a kid for posing in a pic?
    I know you are probably bored and miserable,
    But this is Really,really ridiculous and pitiful.
    Next you will be crucifying her for farting the wrong way.

  11. I have never heard Gracie even mentioned boys or wanting to have a boyfriend.
    The youngest is going on all the time about wanting a boyfriend and made a video about being sexy.
    So why are so fixated on Grace?
    I would laugh my ass off If she turned out to be a lesbian.
    I never hear that kid talking about boys ever.

  12. Epic Troll fail.
    One thing to say she will be a teen mom another to talk about a 12 year old child getting pregnant.
    Just makes you sound perverted and pathetic.
    It must kill you that child gets straight As in school.
    You want a 12 to get pregnant.

    You need to get off the net and invest in a therapist.
    Troll harder sweetie.

  13. What is with comments being moderated?
    At least on reddit they moderate comments and you can’t talk shit about the kids.
    Makes you wonder….

      1. You really need to do a better job Ashley.
        The comments saying Gracie is going to be pregnant at 12 is absolutely disgusting .

      2. @the Ashley.
        You need to do a better job.
        The poster attacking Gracie and saying they hope she gets pregnant at 12 AIN’T right.

  14. You can’t say no doubt,
    Because you don’t know.
    People love to bash Aleeah,
    But she is a intelligent and extremely intuitive kid.
    She already wants to go college and has said she wants to end up nothing like leah.
    I don’t see videos of her twerking and shaking her ass like the youngest
    She has a father who cares very much about her.

    All of the girls wear makeup and lipstick,
    But the twins don’t with corey.
    Jeremy lets addy do whatever she wants.
    Like several people said
    Gracie never even mentions boys the way addy does.
    I see her being responsible and using contraceptives if she has sex young.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  15. I remember she was acting just as bad telling Gracie to hide the phone and sassing leah out about Jeremy.

    Girl hell no.
    She has a snotty attitude too and i have seen other people call out her behavior.
    She doesn’t get a pass for being disabled.
    She is no angel.
    ISaac,Nova,leah and bently are well behaved children.
    Ali isn’t to me.
    Just gets a constant pass.

  16. Gracie never even talks about boys.
    It’s always the youngest one talking about how she wants a boyfriend and how she wants to bleach her hair to look good for boys.

    Always gyrating to cardi b and using the N word.
    All three of those girls wear lipstick and makeup .
    Ali had a pick with full on mascara and lipstick.
    Stop picking on on Aleeah .
    At least she does well at school and wants to go to college.
    Addy is the one to worry about.

  17. You need professional help.
    Wishing a 12 year old would get pregnant?
    Weren’t you banned from reddit?
    What a freak lol

  18. You a are total freak.
    Who says and let’s face it hopes Gracie will get pregnant at 12?
    Will you self harm if she doesn’t?
    Someones mother didn’t give them enough hugs lol…

  19. Haha!
    All y’all who made the comment about her getting pregnant at 12,
    Y’all creepy perverts will have egg your face when she doesn’t!
    Go cry about lol.

  20. Wouldn’t surprise me if Ali got pregnant super young.
    People love to write if off,
    But it’s a major possibility,
    Especially if she can’t have kids as a young adult and gets positive attention from boys.
    Always the ones you dont expect to get pregnant first that do..

  21. Ewww you are straight nasty.
    Will you cry yourself to sleep in fetal position when she doesn’t get pregnant before 13?
    Someone has Issues…..

  22. Will you cry yourself to sleep at night when she turns 15 and still isn’t pregnant lol?
    Your beyond obsessed.

  23. I don’t know about that.
    I don’t think people give her enough credit.
    She has said she wants to go to college and gets excellent grades.
    She also said she doesn’t want to end like leah
    She also has Corey and his family.

    Someone brought up on a message board how ali could be a teen mom,
    Because she can’t have kids when she gets older.

    Now the one I worry about the most is Addy.
    They are already letting her make videos where she is twerking and gyrating and she is always talking about looking good for boys.
    Jeremy always posts videos of her acting provocative too.
    I worry more about addy the most to be honest.

  24. I’d be willing to get money she isn’t.
    The one that talks about boys all the time is the youngest.
    Gracie has said multiple times she wants to go to the college and get good grades.
    She has corey and miranda.
    She has said she wants to be nothing like leah.
    She isn’t the one I’m worried about.
    All THREE of those girls are at risk for being teen moms,
    Not just aleeah.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Wouldn’t surprise me if ali got knocked up super young,
      Especially with her not being able to have kids as she gets older and if a boy pays attention to her.
      It’s always the ones you don’t expect….
      Trust me
      It’s crazy to me people write ali of just because she has a disability.

    2. I don’t think Ali is really at risk with her health condition. I think Addy and Aleah are the most at risk. Plus I don’t think Ali is as much of a brat as her sisters

      1. They are all Brats.
        Ali just gets a pass,
        Because she is disabled.
        She is mouthy as hell just like the other two and can be manipulative.
        Also,when all those girls were running around with Leah’s phone,
        Ali had her hand on her hips demanding leah tell them if she was dating Jeremy or she wouldn’t get her phone back.
        Disability or no disability,
        If my kid spoke to me like that,
        You can bet she would be disciplined.
        She gets a pass,but disabled kids can be brats too.
        All her girls are.

        1. I really don’t know whether or not she is, cause I don’t watch the show anymore, I just read stuff on here now. Last I remember Aleeah and Addy were the bratty ones, but like I said, I haven’t seen it in a while so I could be wrong. Still, I don’t think Ali will be a teen mom. Addy seems the most likely at this point, if it were any of the 3 of them. Leah acts too much like a friend to them which is the same mistake Dawn made with Leah and her siblings. Lucky the twins have Corey and Miranda to help guide them

      2. Well I agree about Corey and miranda.
        At least the twins have them.
        Leah runs that house like a sorority.
        Poor addy has two parents that post videos of her in lipstick twerking and using the N word.

  25. Lol I see your at it again.
    What a fucking disgusting thing to say about a kid.
    This same user name has been banned from every teen mom side and reddit.
    You are seriously disturbed and are dangerously obsessed with Gracie.
    Seek help.

    1. Lol i recognize that screen name.
      She?I’m assuming is beyond obsessed with Gracie.
      Always making highly disturbing and sexual complaints.
      She has been banned my multiple teen mom pages and kicked off .
      I bet she will cry herself to sleep at night when Gracie turns 14 and still isn’t pregnant.
      Someone has alot of self loathing and projection.

    2. Omg i knew i recognized the name.
      This poster was kicked off like 100 teen mom sides for making disturbing sexual comments about aleeah and they can’t wait to see her be a mom at 11.
      The psycho is baccckk!

    3. @carly i know exactly who this poster is too.
      She has been kicked off of too many teen mom sites to count and has a sexual obsession with Aleeah.
      I’m actually thinking it may be a man.
      The way they get excited about Aleeah being pregnant so young,
      It’s almost like they are aroused!

  26. The scary thing is Leah said she lost her virginity at 13. Those girls are literally a couple years from that. 😢

  27. What’s the motivation to NOT get pregnant when they’ve grown up seeing teen pregnancy earns you cars, vacations and houses?

    1. She is outside posing and having fun.
      All 3 girls are out of control,
      But ali always gets a free pass for her disability.
      That picture up top of her telling Gracie not to give leah the phone back until leah told them who she was dating.
      She was acting like a brat like the other two.
      Just gets a pass all the time.

      1. Yes!
        I remember that clip when ali had her hand on her hip and was demanding leah tell them who she was seeing and not to give the phone back and when she was taunting the other two over their report cards and got upset when her sisters did well.
        She always gets a pass when she acts out,
        Because of her disability.
        She knows it too.
        She will use to her advantage.
        They need to stop giving her a pass.

        All 3 of those girls act up,
        Including ali.

  28. Look at that top picture! Aleeah with her hands on her hips, lips puckered.. it’s screams “ I’m an out of control snotty brat” I see her at 18 in a mini dress, face caked with makeup and headed to the local watering hole (before she’s even old enough to drink) looking for all the attention she can get.
    Cory intervening will be the only hope, he and Miranda hold higher values than Leah .. I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls don’t like going with dad , they’re not used to a tight ship.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
      Lol I see your at it again.
      What a fucking disgusting thing to say about a kid.
      This same user name has been banned from every teen mom side and reddit.
      You are seriously disturbed and are dangerously obsessed with Gracie.
      Seek help.

    2. Lol the singling out Gracie is getting really old.
      She is basically posing in a picture.
      How come no mention of the pic of Ali with her hands on her hips in all the other pics or the video of SIX year old addy gyrating in full on lipstick to cardi B…
      Which is by far the most inappropriate thing I have seen.
      All 3 of those girls where too much makeup.
      Ali was in Red lipstick and eye shadow on Leah’s page.
      The singling out Aleeah is getting old over every little thing.
      Addy was gyrating and twerking to cardi b,
      But that is appropriate?lol please…

    3. I scrolled down and saw the pic of ali with her hand of her hip telling Gracie not to give the phone back to leah until leah told them if she was seeing Jeremy.
      If Gracie or addy did this they would be raked over the coals.

      Multiple people on Teen mom message boards were pointing out how ali gets a free pass when they all act out.
      Now I definitely see it.
      She is definitely the Golden child at home and with the fans lol .
      They all act bratty,
      Ali ain’t no exception.
      Just gets a pass for having a disability.
      When I think of actual well behaved kids Isaac,Leah Shirley and Nova DeJesus come to mind.
      They are way more respectful than her.

    4. YAWN!
      Ripping Gracie apart for every little thing is getting old AF.
      She is having fun outside and posing for pic.
      The other two took other pics doing the same exact thing.

      Ali has her hand on her hips in one pic and addy has her butt out.

    5. Good lord,
      There are plenty of pics with ali posing the Exact same way,
      Including the pic below where she was mouthing off to leah.

      The youngest is the most out of control and is always talking about looking good so she can get a boyfriend.
      If Aleeah seeks out attention it’s probably because ali gets all of it and she is treated like the forgotten twin.
      It’s incredibly annoying to single out aleeah like people have said.

      Also when has Aleeah ever even talked about boys ?
      I have never heard it.
      Addy is the one who is always taking about wanting a boyfriend.
      Just because she does cheer does not mean she will end up a teen mom.
      Leah posts those girls in lipstick all the time,
      Including ali who had eyeshadow on.
      I see aleeah getting the hell out of west Virginia out of high school.
      Leah treats Gracie and addy like BFF and only acts motherly to ali.
      At least those girls have corey.
      I don’t know why people are worried about Gracie,
      When addy has showed way more signs and that poor child is sexualized by her mother and father.
      Corey won’t let that shit fly.

    6. A little girl posing for a picture during quarantine and having fun with her hands on her hips just like her sisters did in the other pictures.
      Oh the horror!
      Oh no!
      Were you born in 1945?
      Get a grip!

    7. She has her hands on her hips playing around during a picture during quarantine .
      Oh,the horror!
      Stop the presses!
      (Clutches pearls)
      Get a grip!
      Your attacking a kid for posing and having fun?
      Lol what a bitter betty.

    8. Those girls are all out of control and this includes Ali.
      She has a smart mouth too.
      I agree she gets a pass for the obvious.

      The absolute worst is the youngest though.
      Worse than the other two.
      Cursing,twerking in full makeup,using the N word freely,talking about wanting a boyfriend constantly and interrupting everyone.
      How you can say Gracie is more out of control than the little one is beyond me.

  29. I believe the dads will be the catalyst for breaking the cycle.
    I think Leah is trying but she seems immature herself.

    1. Carmen & 865AC – Agree. Leah seems to play a ‘friend’ role more than a Mum role to the girlses.
      Is ‘break the cycle’ the new ‘stand in your power’ for Leah? More power to her if she can stop teen pregnancy within her family.
      I think Leah parents out of guilt (from her drug past) and that’s why the kids run rings around her.
      Corey seems like he doesn’t take any sh*t from the twins.
      Jury’s out on Germy…he’s away for work when Addie wants him, but around to bang Leah so…

    2. Amen!
      I think Gracie will break the cycle and prove everyone wrong.
      As for the comments about her getting pregnant at 12,
      It’s the same creepy and perverted poster that has been kicked off of multiple TM sites for being waaayyyy to obsessed with Aleeah and making gross,sexual comments.

      That shit didn’t fly on reddit and tons of people called her/him out on being waayy to obsessed with Gracie.

    3. Put down the Crackpipe i speak The truth and get some serious therapy.
      This is a child.
      Bet you a kiddie porn stash.

    1. Same thing I’m wondering. These people obviously have very unhappy lives. Only a truly bitter person would think these things about a kid let alone type them out for others to see.

      1. How the hell do you know she will?
        Like someone said,
        I never hear Aleeah talking about boys at all.
        She is 11 and i have never heard her talk about boys.
        She has a strong support system in her dad and wants to college.

        Ali most likely can’t have kids.
        The youngest is the only one i hear always talking about wanting a boyfriend and wanting to look sexy.
        Really don’t get why Gracie is the one who’s name keeps coming up.

    2. That poster who said that about Gracie has been banned from multiple TM2 sites,
      Including reddit.
      They have a sick and very unhealthy obsession with Aleeah.
      They will probably self harm or sob themselves to sleep when she doesn’t get pregnant by 12.
      They need psychological help.
      Very disturbed person.

  30. I’m worried that Robbie has young son’s Leah daughters age. If he pasted that magic D jean to those boys, the girls will have no chance.

    stay lit young cycle breakers

    1. It’s funny that y’all like to rag on Gracie being a teen mom when Addy acts way more oversexed.
      All 3 of these girls could become teen moms.
      That includes ali as well,
      Although I doubt she will be able to have kids.
      Now addy is the one i worry about the most.
      Jeremy and leah always posting sexualized videos of her twerking and shaking her ass,
      Constantly talking about looking good for boys,etc.
      I rarely have heard Aleeah talk about boys once on the show.
      She does well at school and gets As,
      Does sports and presents leah enough to want to end up like her.
      Has a father,stepmother and grandfather who are a credit support system.
      Y’all seem to want Gracie to be a teen mom which is ultra disturbing in it’s self.

      I think your going to be disappointed,
      Because she is the one who will probably break the cycle.

    2. Mark my words,
      Gracie is going to get the hell out of west Virginia and never look back.
      Leah already favors ali and has a strained relationship with gracie,
      Because of the favoritism and Grace seeing through all her crap.
      This kid said wanted to move to NYC and be a model or work with animals and I think she will.

      Like other posters have said,
      Gracie rarely mentions even liking boys or having any crushes.
      The only one that talks about boys constantly is addylyn.
      She is always twerking and cursing.
      Y’all wrong about Grace.
      I could put money on it.

    3. What is your obsession with only saying Gracie will be a teen mom.
      She barely ever talks about boys,unlike the youngest who has been talking about getting a boyfriend since she was 3
      Stop ruling ali out,because people with disabilities have sex lives too.
      The twins have corey at least.
      Jeremy is always posting videos of addy twerking in full on mascara and lipstick to cardi b.
      I really don’t understand why you think it will be Gracie who will be the only one to be a teen mom.
      That kid is 11 and never talks about boys.
      Pretty pathetic to assume,
      Because she does cheer she will be a young mom.
      If you watched the show you would the little one is boy crazy .

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