Leah Messer Defends Her Mother Dawn After Stories From Leah’s Upcoming Book are Released; Dawn Speaks Out & Admits “Our Story is Brutal”

“It’s alright, Mama, you didn’t know no better!”

Leah Messer‘s upcoming book, Hope, Grace & Faith, is full of bombshell stories, some of which paint her mother, Dawn Spears, in a less-than-favorable light. After The Ashley posted an exclusive excerpt from the book that detailed an incident from Leah’s teen years in which Leah felt Dawn pressured her have sex with a boy, Leah posted a photo of herself with Dawn to prove she has no hard feelings toward her mother.

Dawn also recently spoke out, admitting that her and her daughters’ stories are “brutal,” but proclaiming that they are working on breaking the bad cycles they grew up to accept.

In the comment section of Leah’s Instagram post, some of Leah’s followers stated that Dawn should be charged as a predator what she did. Others stated that they felt Leah was wrong to include her mom in her and her kids’ lives, given their past. 

In a comment written in response to the negative comments about Mama Dawn, Leah stated that she has forgiven her mother because Dawn was raised to think her actions were right.


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“What they don’t know is this behavior is passed down. My mom lived in domestic violence shelter[s] a few times growing up,” Leah wrote. “My mom did her best with what she was taught. I love my mom and always will!! People are easy to throw the first stone, but little do they know…. I’ll continue to take a stand for my family and be that support for others overcoming adversity.”

She later added that she has no had ill feelings toward Dawn.

“We have an even better relationship than I ever thought was possible,” Leah wrote. “I am beyond grateful for my family!”

Since the release of the stories, Dawn has remained relatively quiet. However, last week, she shared on her Instagram account that she is proud she and her daughters are “overcomers of generational cycles!” (This is a topic frequently mentioned by Leah in her book.)

Dawn’s Instagram is now set to private…

“Though our story is brutal it’s a reality that it’s going to help and inspire those that have generational cycles that need broken,” Dawn wrote. “This story doesn’t come without pain.” 

“This just made me tear up!” Leah responded. “I love you!” 

Back in July 2019, Dawn made a guest appearance on Leah’s now-defunct Life Reboot podcast to talk about how far they’ve come as a family, as well as how she felt about Leah writing her book. Dawn stated that, while she had no problem with Leah writing about their past, she did struggle to accept that she could learn from Leah and her other children, Victoria and Isaac.

“It was just really hard, especially when you’re the adult and she’s the child, to accept something like that from your child,” Dawn said at the time. “It’s not that I couldn’t receive it, but it was hard to take correction from your child. I still struggle, I will tell you, I still struggle… I had toxicity from my childhood and a marriage. I brought all that, even into my marriage.

“I was acting out my cycle, and all the hurt I had been through,” Dawn added. “I felt like I was protecting them, but I was hurting them in some ways. Like I told them, I wasn’t a great example of a wife, to teach my daughters how to treat their mate.”

“We’re gettin’ better, y’all!”

On that same 2019 podcast episode, Leah talked about how she has forgiven Dawn.

“I don’t hold you accountable for anything you didn’t know. I forgive what has happened because it hurt me in my way, but I don’t ever blame you for something you had unintentionally done,” Leah said. “So many people live life not accepting their traumas, or their generational toxicity. You don’t realize that you’re caught up in that pattern. It was definitely a cycle that I had in my life, and my mom had it in her life, with neglect, abuse, sexual abuse, different things like that, and it was hard for all this stuff to transpire.”

“I forgive you and I know the other two [kids] forgive you,” she added.

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62 Responses

  1. You don’t get to use “I was raised around violence, so all I know is to be shit”. You know right from wrong. Jesus fucking Christ.

  2. I will say this about Dawn, her head is almost a perfect circle, like a Charlie Brown head, You go pumpkin head

    stay lir

  3. Absolutely disgusting no excuses please bad mother should be ashamed wouldn’t let her any where near my children

    1. Yeah i have to admit i didn’t see that coming. I thought Leah had a close relationship with her mum.
      But as with ANYONE’S life, dont judge it until you have lived it.
      ALTHOUGH, I am a firm believer that you aim to improve your life, not just throw your hands up in the air and say ” Oh well this is all i know”.
      I think Leah has really matured and grown as a parent (although i think her daughters should be allowed to be kids , and not involved in adult discussions as though they are her ” Besties”

  4. They all are lol.
    This includes ali who gets a pass for everything,because of her disability. Gracie and addy are more mouthy,but I find ali to be more sneaky.someone pointed this out on reddit that she loves to provoke her twin and than turns on waterworks when she is about to get in trouble.
    I remember when she was taunting the other twin about her report card and when she stole her spellbook and was kicking her twins chair trying to get a rise out of her.
    It always works too.

    Leah always babies and cuddles her and treats the other two like sorority sisters and BFF.
    Ali gets most of the attention and you can tell in affects the other twin.
    Leah doesn’t exactly treat the other two in a overly warm manner and when she was doped up,
    She was pretty mean to Grace.
    I can’t really fault her for not trusting her.

  5. I always knew there was something about Leah’s mom, wasn’t sure what, I always thought that she let her girls do whatever they wanted and no consequences, she seemed selfish, but never did I imagine what she was capable of. Now it seems like grace is headed down Leah and Victoria’s path if Leah doesn’t set a better example and has stricter rules for her

    1. All 3 of them are out of control.
      Ali acts out and mouths off to leah too.
      They all run wild.
      All 3 of them are at risk for teen pregnancy.
      I don’t agree about Gracie though.
      The twins have Their dad at least and stepmother and grandparents
      Addie’s the one who’s dad is basically never around.
      Addy also is the one who talks about boys constantly and wanting a boyfriend.
      Jeremy let’s her wear makeup and has videos of her wearing provactive clothes

      Gracie gets great grades and has said she doesn’t want to end up like leah.
      I’m more worried for addy at this point.

  6. This Be The Verse
    Philip Larkin

    They f*ck you up your mum and dad
    They may not mean to, but they do
    They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra just for you

    But they were f*caked up their turn
    By fools in old style hats and coats
    Who half the time were sloppy stern
    And half at one another’s throats

    Man hands on misery to man
    It deepens like a coastal shelf
    Get out as early as you can
    And don’t have any kids yourself.

  7. RedNeck backwards family of crap weasels.

    Dawn is a disgusting thick slob
    Leah is a drug taking slut.

      1. I’m a Republican and I think you should unhinged,mental and a tad to overinvested with your creepy and hateful comments.
        Nothing to do with politics.

    1. What in the world does people downvoting you have to do with politics?

      I think people downvoted your comments because they’re ridiculously rude and unnecessarily nasty.

      Yes, Leah used drugs in the past. But she’s not now. Yes, Leah has had sex with several guys – but that does not make a person a slut.

      Are you perfect? No. I can say that for certain because of your comments. Were you a 100% well behaved teenager, never did anything wrong? Most people cannot claim angel status, especially as teens and young adults. And people who grew up in the environment Leah did would not be able to always make good choices since she had not witnessed her family making good choices.

      So if you want to be so judgemental & mean, I hope you’ve never ever did anything wrong or made a mistake. Otherwise we’ll have to add hypocrite to the list of your negative traits.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    This article reads like it was written by a 12 yr. old. Does the author not know how to proofread?

  9. I dont believe anything Leah puts in this book they are just looking for shock factor, to sell more books and make money.. Just because dawn pushed them into the bedroom didn’t mean they were supposed to have sex.. I think they are doing this bc people.are gonna wanna read the train wreck, if we cant watch it on TV..

    1. To be honest, our memories are severely flawed. So it could be that she “made up” some of those stories or remembers them more brutally that how they happened because that’s how she perceived them at the time. I know I have a lot of memories of that kind and just remembered the most brutal part of it.

  10. The guy Dawn wanted Leah to have sex with,must have cime from a wealthy family. In her 16 and pregnant episode the audinence had already pegged it and was calling Leah and Dawn out for trying to upgrade by trapping a guy with money. She solidified it when she married Jeremy wno,also had a 6,figure income. Dawn looks like Veronica Crabtree the South Park cartoon bus driver.

  11. Gracie is already a smart mouthed bratt, shell be a handful.

    you reap what you sow delta dawn, leah and leahs grandma.

    1. Your right there that little brat is a nasty, rude sneaky kid, she gets it from her grandma and mom.
      And her slut of an aunt.

      If I was Cory I’d not want my kids around delta the dimwit.

      1. Gracie and addy are more mouthy and loud and ali to me is more sneaky.
        She just gets a pass,because of her disability.
        There have plenty of times where she has acted out or provoked a situation and than turned on tears ,
        Because leah lets her get away with everything.
        She is very babied and the other two are basically treated like Sorority sisters who run wild by leah.
        Leah is much more motherly and affectionate to ali.

        I do remember Gracie saying she feels treated differently to leah and that went right over her head.
        I remember leah was especially cold to Gracie when she was high and Gracie was making breakfast for the other two.

        I think Gracie resents leah and i can’t say i blame her.
        I think they will have a very strained relationship in the future.
        I see Grace moving on with Corey.

        1. Thank you.
          People act like ali can do know wrong,
          But I have seen this behavior several times on the show and remembered when was laughing when addy got in trouble.
          She also mouths off too.

          People always give her a free pass,because of the obvious.
          Leah does this constantly.
          It’s created animosity between the girls.

      2. All 3 of them are Brats to me.
        Including the one with disability.
        She is just a little quieter,
        But they are all bratty.

        I remember when Victoria was encouraging Aleeah to run away with Leah’s damn phone and ali told Gracie to not give the phone back until leah told them if she was dating jeremy.

        They are all unruly as hell.
        All 3.

        1. I agree 100 percent.
          I have seen other people bring this up.
          Ali absolutely gets a pass,
          Because of her disability.
          None of them behave well or respect leah.

      3. I refuse to rag on Gracie.
        I’m compassionate to her situation.
        She lacks attention and struggles with a sibling with a disability who gets most of the attention and she is often shoved to the back like a afterthought.
        They barely even show heron TM2.
        Her mother was doped up on drugs and cheated on both or father and stepfather.
        She obviously resents leah who treats her more like A best friend.
        When Gracie said she didn’t trust leah that spoke volumes.
        I actually feel badly for her.
        I think she has gotten alot better.
        I really hope they are giving her more one on one time.

    2. Lol Aleeah is actually mellowimg out.
      I think she will go through a rebellious stage,
      But she gets Great grades and is more insightful and self aware than people give her credit.

      Ali i can see going going through a rebellious and bratty stage too,
      Because leah babies her all the time and because she cannot do the same things as the other two.

      Addie acts out more to me.
      She tripped her teacher and Jeremy and leah are always letting her make videos that are hypersexual.
      I worry about her.
      At least the other two have Corey.

  12. Leah, gracie is you, get your shit together before she destroys her life by getting knocked and hooked on oxy from her dealer grandad. Wake the F up. Same goes for child no.3

    1. Interestingly enough I can see ali getting hooked before the other two.
      Especially when high school comes and she will be depressed about her appearance and compare herself to normal kids.
      I wonder if she will get pregnant young,
      Because she can’t have kids as she gets older.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        Someone pointed this out on another message board.
        I wonder if ali will get pregnant young,
        Because of her disability.
        If she can’t have kids down the line as she gets older.
        People can downvote you,
        But it’s a real possibility.

        All of Leah’s daughter’s are at risk for getting pregnant young and ali is no exception

    2. Gracie and addy are more mouthy than anything and it’s prob because leah treats them like BFFs.
      Ali is sneaky to me and gets away with everything,
      Because she is disabled.
      I have seen multiple times where she has provoked the other twin and then when she acts up,
      Ali turns up the waterworks to get her in trouble and it always works.
      I have also seen her laugh when addy was in trouble.

      I remember they called Gracie the forgotten twin on Teen mom junkies,
      Because she always lives in her twins shadow.
      Leah only acts maternal towards ali and babies her alot
      She treats the other two like sorority sisters.
      It’s very awkward.
      She treats the other like

      1. I have seen alot of people actually point this out.
        She definitely has her own behavioral issues.
        She just gets a pass and treated like she can do no wrong,
        Because of her disability.

        Disabled kids can still act out and be bratty.
        All of Leah’s daughter’s have issues with this.

    3. I think they all have behavioral issues,
      Including ali who gets a pass,
      Because of her disability
      Gracie and addy are more mouthy and abrasive.
      I find ali to be more sneaky,
      Because she knows she can get away with everything.
      Leah coddles her constantly.

      I think this is one of the reasons Gracie acts out.
      Leah treats Gracie and addy like BFF and seems much more affectionate with ali.
      I remember when leah was on drugs and she treated aleeah like crap and basically only paid attention to ali.
      She blamed Gracie for everything
      Even when it wasn’t her fault.
      Gracie also was the one who was up making breakfast for the other twin when leah was passed out.
      Gracie doesn’t trust her.
      I can’t say i blame her.

    4. Lol this is exactly what happened.
      Gracie had the phone and Victoria was egging her on.
      Ali was blocking leah and telling her not to give the phone back until leah told them if she was dating Jeremy.
      Lol people are downvoting the facts,
      Because ali gets a pass all the time.

      All of Leah’s daughter’s were running wild.
      C’mon now…

  13. Does anybody know if Jeremy &/or Cory has commented on all the info that has been coming out? I wonder if they will want to make sure their girls are no longer alone w/Dawn unsupervised?

    1. Lol be careful.
      You can’t say anything deemed negative about ali without getting downvoted here.

      Ali has just as much chance as becoming a teen mom as the other two.
      Just because she is disabled doesn’t mean she won’t have hormones or not have sex.
      If she cannot have kids as she gets older,
      It’s a real possibility.
      Disabled kids go through puberty and hormones too.

  14. Pardon my French, but it is shit like this that proves that Teen Mom OG & Teen Mom 2 need to go! How dare these entitled hillbillies proclaim that they are “changing lives” by publishing this trash? Even Word Salad Farrah didn’t dare make that claim about her “bestseller.”

  15. If, by the time you’re an adult, you don’t know not to force your young teenage daughter to have sex by locking her in a room with another young teen….then there is a whole hell of a lot more wrong with you than the way you were raised. GodDAMN!

  16. This is BULL. Your story inspires when you’ve done something to overcome adversity. She got lucky to have landed an MTV paycheck for being a train wreck. Her mom is still the same loser (and predator for forcing her underage daughter to have sex) , and her sister just got pregnant cheating on her husband with an unknown dude from Costa Rica (thanks MTV). Overcome my foot. I know people that have been sexually abused that aren’t train wrecks or force their kids to have sex. Take several seats Leah.

      1. I actually think Gracie will be okay since she has Corey and miranda
        She has also stated multiple times she doesn’t want to be anything like leah lol.
        I always wonder about ali,because she may not be able to have kids as she gets older.
        Addy is the one I worry about the most.
        Jeremy is barely around and she is constantly talking about having a boyfriend.

        I worry more about her,
        Than gracie.

    1. Who the fuck says shit like that about a kid?
      That poor kid struggles to get attention and is always pushed to the side and is a afterthought. Leah treats her like a BFF and addy too.The only one that she is motherly too is ali.It is obvious that is why the poor kid acts out.
      She said that to leah and it went right over her head per usual.

  17. First of all, Leah hadn’t proven to have broke any cycles, her kids are 10 and six, and the one twin ( that wanted to poison Jason) needs someone to get a grip on her already. The hardest days of raising her kids are yet to come, they’re not even in their teens yet. Leah is writing this book like she’s a legacy that stopped the cycle, it would be different if she wrote this and her kids were grown successful assets to society

    1. It wasn’t just aleeah though.
      They all hated him.
      Ali said she wanted to punch and pinch him.
      She shouldn’t get a pass.
      I know people love to give her a pass for everything,
      But she did say she wanted to punch him.
      Addy couldn’t stand him.
      The comment Gracie said about him liking her because she looked like leah sleeved me the fuck out.

      That guy was super creepy.
      All 3 girls hated him.
      It wasn’t just grace.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I agree,
      But to be fair i don’t think it’s fair to single out Gracie for the Jason incident.
      Ali said she wanted to punch and pinch him and addy couldn’t stand him.
      It wasn’t just aleeah.

      That comment he made to Gracie was a massive red flag.
      He was extremely creepy.
      They all couldn’t stand him.

    3. In all fairness it wasn’t only Gracie who made that comment about Jason.
      Ali said she wanted to punch him and Addy couldn’t stand him the most.
      It’s not fair to only single out Gracie.
      They all hated him.
      Based on the creepy way he told Gracie he liked her the most,
      Because she looked like Leah and called himself cheerdad and the fact he constantly bashed addie’s dad,
      I don’t blame them.

      That guy was a walking red flag and it was very telling that they were all extremely uncomfortable around him.
      Couldn’t stand when Leah was trying to gaslight them in the car.

    4. I’m betting Addy will be the bigger problem if they don’t get a grip on her. Her need to be the center of attention is HUGE! I don’t think her behavior is as cute as many people make it out to be, esp. her parents. I foresee problems ahead if they don’t stop feeding into it by laughing and recording her “sassy” aka bratty antics.

      1. I think so too.
        Leah’s relationship with addy and Grace is bizarre.
        She acts much more loving and maternal to ali and treats Aleeah and addy more like Best friends and sidekicks.
        I feel bad for them,
        But at least Aleeah has Corey.

        The way addy is going on about dying her hair to impress boys and how she wants s boyfriend and the videos leah posts of her dancing to Provocative music and twerking…
        She is 6 ffs!
        Aleeah is abrasive,
        But I rarely hear her talking about boys the way addy does.
        She also has a stable support system on her dads side.
        Jeremy is just as bad posting inappropriate videos of addy.

      2. I remember when addy said she tripped her teacher at school and leah laughed!WTF.
        Aleeah at least seems to get good grades and does sports.

        Addy is extremely cute and has a giant personality,
        But no fucking way I would be laughing if my kid tripped her teacher!
        She always seems like she is on a sugar high too.
        She would be fun for awhile,
        But than it just gets exhausting.

  18. Of course Mama Dawn is going to defend Leah and her fictional bs, exhibit A: picture #2, does anyone in the audience think that she would ever be able to go to Hawaii (or even know what Hawaii is) if it weren’t for Leah’s uterus? TM is her payday, and clearly she doesn’t care about her reputation (there’s no shame down in the holler) she just needs those checks to keep a’comin.

  19. Does Leah think her story is actually going to be inspirational to someone? Girl… the only reason you aren’t living in a single wide trailer living off food stamps is because you got pregnant at 16 and happened to be chosen to be filmed by MTV. You’re not some sort of icon for “breaking generational cycles” ?. You’re a hillbilly with a 6 figure income

  20. All that pimpin’ and lying has taken its toll on Momma Dawn’s face. She’s unbelievably only in her mid 40s

  21. Leah has been a produce of what she’s been made. Unless you’ve gone through any sort of abuse you will not understand how it affects your life. Leah has no one to turn to no matter what she might think. I feel sorry for her for the fact she can’t face up to her past because she has no one to help her, which means she can’t deal with the future. And unless she breaks it she’ll pass this onto the girls without her even knowing. I hope Leah seeks help rather rather than looking for validation in other people.

  22. There is a certain limit when using the excuse of “that’s how she was raised”. At a point, an ADULT becomes responsible for her own actions, regardless of how they were raised. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but the things Leah has outlined in her book so far are unacceptable for any adult. Lots of us grow up in toxic households but there is no excuse once you are an adult, have your own kids & your own life.

  23. Bullshit. Using psychological catchphrases doesn’t sugar coat horrific child abuse and illegal activities.

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