Leah Messer Gets Hit With Hard Questions From ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans on Her Podcast: Asked About Robbie Kidd, Not Wearing Seatbelts & Using Plan B as Birth Control

“Y’all weren’t playing, were you?”

Leah Messer done got herself sat in the hot seat this week, y’all!

The Teen Mom 2 star invited the show’s fans to ask her questions to answer on her Life Reboot podcast and the fans did not disappoint! Instead of asking the typical, generic questions most reality TV stars answer during Q&A sessions, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ came at Leah hard— calling her out for not wearing seatbelts, implying that she was using Plan B as her birth control method and more.

They even brought up good ol’ Robbie Kidd, who, as ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans may remember, was the man that Leah cheated on her first husband Corey Simms with the night before their wedding!

(She was also accused by her second husband Jeremy Calvert of cheating with Robbie, an incident that The Ashley affectionately refers to as “The Great Deer Cam Caper of 2014.”)

Buckle yer seatbelts (that means you too, Leah!) and see how Leah answered these tough questions! (The Ashley is only including the “juiciest” questions, obviously.)

Q: “Why would you think Plan B would be an acceptable form of birth control? That’s not how it’s intended to be used.”

“Sometimes you forget ’bout them birth control pills!”

Plan B– which, according to its website is “an emergency contraception product that helps prevent pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex”– was mentioned by Leah during a recent episode. She stated that she uses the emergency contraception pill “as needed.”

Even after a fan asked her about it, Leah seemed to have no idea why it was wrong to take Plan B in that way.

“That’s why I said ‘As needed,'” Leah said. “I do not think it is something that should be used frequently, but if something would happen, I would use it. I used it as needed. If I felt like I needed it, then I would use it. MTV definitely did the voice-over backward. They actually wanted me to make it sound like I used it as birth control but I was very aware that you don’t use it as birth control. It’s something that you don’t use like that. 

“This is how good they are with cutting episodes…not even accurate the way they cut it,” she added.

Q: “Why do you do ‘Teen Mom 2?’ Do you really think it portrays what a teen mom’s life is like?

“Not all teen moms are gonna be livin’ the MTV dream!”

The casts of the ‘Teen Mom’ shows are frequently criticized for continuing to do the show, despite the fact that none of them are teenagers anymore, and are certainly not struggling, thanks to their jumbo MTV paychecks.

When asked this question, Leah gave an honest answer, explaining that some of her co-stars have changed the show into something much more dramatic than it was originally intended to be.

“At the beginning, the purpose of the show was to prevent teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy rate has dropped, so I think as far as that, I feel good about that,” Leah said. “However, I think the show has took a turn and I’m not always happy with the way some, of the other talent has acted or they’ve made it out to be.

“We have to grow up! We’re not teens anymore,” Leah added. “We’re adults and I feel like we should all act like adults. We’re not setting good examples for our audience and we’re not continuing the purpose of the show anymore and that does suck.”

Q: “Why don’t you think it’s important to wear seatbelts? You’re a mother!” 

“Hey– at least my car’s clean now!”

Over the years, Leah (and her kids) have been shown in the car without their seatbelts, and the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has caught a lot of flak on Twitter for it, so it’s no surprise that a fan used this opportunity to ask Leah about it.

“First of all, [MTV has] me put the seatbelt underneath my arm because the microphone is in the middle of my chest,” Leah explained. “That’s why you don’t see my seatbelt. But, literally, every time we get in the car, everyone buckles up.”

Leah said that the show’s editors often edit it to look like Leah & Co. are seatbelt-less because it brings extra drama.

“I might be driving down the road, so I’m not going to be looking at the kids all the time, so Ali might be trying to get the iPad off the floor that she dropped or something, and they’re gonna cut it so you think she’s not in her seatbelt or she looks like she’s not in her seatbelt, just so everyone will talk about it and they get attention from that little thing,” she said. “I do think it’s very important to wear seatbelts, also my children in seatbelts and wearing them correctly.”

Q: Are you getting back together with Jeremy? 

“Get ready for Leah + Jerm Round 2, y’all!”

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have suspected that Leah and her ex, Jeremy Calvert have been playing “hide the sausage” for the last month or so, and, when asked, Leah didn’t even deny it. She admitted that her and her ex-husband are considering giving their relationship another try.

“Let me just say, I got a text from Jeremy tonight, he was like, ‘I’m so confused, can we talk later?’ and I’m like, ‘What do you mean? Why are you confused?’ I was like, ‘Is it about us?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, I want to talk to you,'” Leah said.

“If you know Jeremy, he puts up this hard front and sometimes he’s an a**hole but, as of right now, I’m just going with the flow and I don’t know what is going to happen.”

Q: Do the kids want her to get back with Jeremy or Jason? 

Leah said that her three kids are on-board with her trying again with Jeremy.

“Aleeah had a little phone chat with him earlier today and, you have to get to know Aleeah for her to open up a little bit [to you]. She was like, ‘Mom, why don’t you just get back with Jeremy?’ She told me this yesterday!’

“We always have each others’ backs. I would never want to hinder that co-parenting relationship that we do have.”

The same can’t be said about Jason, though. Leah said the girls had problems with him.

“There were some issues behind cameras that people didn’t see,” Leah said. “My girls weren’t getting along well with Jason. For me, I would like for them to all be united. When someone else is taking up my time, they may feel a little upset about it but at the end of the day, there were some other issues I feel like they sensed in our relationship.”

Q: Are you still in touch with Robbie Kidd?

“A Robbie question? Really?!”

When the fan brought up “The Kidd,” Leah’s first reaction was, “Oh s**t!”

She then revealed that she has not talked to Robbie for a long time.

“I know he’s happily married and has kids, is maybe in the military or something like that,” Leah said of Robbie. “I actually don’t have any connections with him at all.”

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18 Responses

  1. I would ask her, why do you continue to text or talk while driving? We see all the “teen mom’s” texting and driving.
    I would love to call her out on it.

  2. Two things here. Robbie’s dong is like crack to Leah, girl can’t say no. Second, I am also guilty of using plan B as a birth control method. Problem I had was cost, when you are busting at a high level as I, things got real.

    1. Do you have a prescription for birth control pills? I’ve had so many friends that will forget to take their pill for a day or two and run out to spend $60 bucks on Plan B. It seems like a lot of people don’t know that all Plan B essentially is is a high dose birth control pill (it’s .75 or 1.5mg of Levonorgestrel), and (depending on your brand of birth control), doubling up on your typical pill will likely have the same exact effect- consult your doctor first of course. For people who don’t want to be on hormonal birth control and use condoms but occasionally have to shell out $$ for Plan B, your doctor can actually just prescribe levonorgestrel birth control pack. If you have insurance it’s the standard low (or free) copay, and you can have it on hand to use in an emergency without having to spend a ton on $ on Plan B if a condom breaks or accident happens.

      1. So many people are willfully ignorant about the difference between Plan B and chemical abortion. Not the same thing at all. I happen to be very pro-choice, but even pro-life people who are ok with birth control in general should be ok with Plan B if they understand what it is.

  3. ? percent MTV edits a large amount and try to show anything that may get backlash.Why did we watch Chelsea Brest feed in vehicle two episodes in a row? I’m guessing they had no dirty footage and hoped this would ruffle some feathers.Every one of them have Bluetooth and yet every one of them choose to put their phone on speaker and hold their phone while they drive, why?
    It’s pretty sick when you think about it… Jenelle, Amber, Kail , all the ones that threaten to walk and get away with everything are the trash that knows they’re what MTV wants. They can’t wait to bring back Ryan in the hopes that his sobriety is a failure…sick.

  4. All I’m hearing is excuses. ‘It’s MTV’s fault, it’s editing,’ blah blah blah. MTV cannot legally make you do illegal things. It’s not their fault you don’t wear a seatbelt, your kids are never in a correct car seat/seatbelt, you text and drive, you use plan B as a birth control. Own up to it and do better ?

  5. I think Jeremy and Leah should definitely work things out. Leah has grown up a lot since they divorced. She just needs to accept his career for what it is and accept she’s not going to change him.

    1. So the big problem is that that Leah is always going to want more attention than Jeremy has to give, but I don’t think it’s impossible for them to compromise now that they’re older if they really want to. One option is Jeremy agrees to spend the majority of his time when he’s home with the family if Leah agrees not to freak the fuck out when he’s off at a job. The other is Jeremy agrees to find a job closer to home if Leah promises to let him have some space. Either only works if they understand that at the end of the day they both have opposite preferences that can both be unhealthy at their extreme. I think Leah might be more forgiving about Jeremy having a life outside the home now that’s she’s more independent and wants to have more friends and a career. I think Jeremy might be more open to spending more time at home now that he’s older and Addie is old enough to communicate her needs herself.

      1. My fear with Leah and Germy Lynn getting back together is pregnancy. I would not be shocked at ALL if, upon becoming “official” again, Leah ends up quickly pregnant. I know it’s not my life, but if things go that route it will just be a repeat of what happened before- Leah with a baby, being upset that Germy is working away from home and possibly falling back into bad things due to the stress of it all. Leah seems like she’s slowly getting back to a somewhat decent place. The girls are all older and rather independent, and she should cherish this time while Allie is still relatively healthy and mobile. Knowing she has a degenerative disease that has no cure is terrifying, and these are the days she is going to look back and cherish. She seems so sweet, yet so fragile. I want the best for her and the sweet and sassy girlsesesesesss.

  6. One of my favorite quotes in this franchise’s history came from Leah’s 16 & Pregnant episode:

    “When I was dating my ex-boyfriend, I was on birth control the whole time. But when I started dating Corey, I missed one of my shots. As it turns out, you really can’t do that.”

    Some things never change I guess.

  7. I feel like all these girls have issue with co-dependency and it really hampers their maturity. I like Leah, I really think she’s a genuinely nice person, but I doubt she’s gone two months since she was 13 years old without a boyfriend. They were showing old episodes last week and in a couple of them she was talking about how she wanted to go back to school, she even went to visit one. She’s gone back to get her education (for a week or two) a number of times that would be an accomplishment her daughters could be proud of.

  8. Why not ask about the black guy? Was she living with him? Were the kids living with him? Were they both doing drugs? Was her father supplying drugs? Did her father live with her because they did drugs together? Is Jeremy good in the sack?

  9. Can I just say….

    I am so team Jeremy Leah

    I feel like a Jelena shipper and I worry they will end the same way but I really think those two had the best relationship (atleast in the beginning)

    1. I have been team Jeremy since he apologized to her, I cried…Not for her but for mom’s everywhere.

  10. It shouldn’t be used as your primary birth control method, no, but do people actually think it’s all that much different than the pill? It prevents implantation in the uterus. All I’m saying is… better plan B than nothing at all

    1. Plan B works by suppressing ovulation. It’s been hypothesized it could also make implantation more difficult, but that has never actually been demonstrated. In particular, taking it post-ovulation does not seem to affect the odds of getting pregnant.

      But yeah, it’s meant to be taken for birth control. Not as a primary method, but still birth control. What did they think it was supposed to be for, seasoning food?

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