EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Reveals in Her New Book That She Was Part of a Fight Club & Was Once Charged with Juvenile Assault

“These hands were made for slappin’!”

Leah Messer may be small, but apparently she’s scrappy!

The Teen Mom 2 star reveals in her upcoming memoir, Hope, Grace & Faith that she grew up getting into frequent physical fights, and was even once in a kiddie “Fight Club!”


In an excerpt from Leah’s book, obtained exclusively by The Ashley, Leah talks about how she boxed fellow students during elementary school, and was later encouraged by her family to continue using her “Fight Club” skills on girls who tried to steal her man. According to Leah, one incident in her teen years led to her being charged with juvenile assault.

“I’ll open a can of Whoop-Ass on ya…or at least a can of raviolis!”

In Hope, Grace & Faith (which, as The Ashley told you earlier this week, is full of shocking admissions by Leah), the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star describes her Fight Club days.

“I was tougher than I looked…we used to be part of what I can only describe as an elementary school Fight Club,” Leah writes, adding that some of the kids from her elementary school would meet at an empty log cabin on school property to take part in the fights. “Every day at recess there would be these prearranged fights. It was totally under the radar, but also highly organized.”

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, Leah says that other kids would bet on who they thought would win the fight. She writes that she got involved with the fights because she wanted to fit in.

“You’d be down on the ground wrestling, pulling hair, punching and kicking each other, doing whatever you had to do to stay in the fight until one of you finally gave in,” Leah wrote. “I was actually undefeated, and then on my third or fourth fight, the girl I was up against got hurt and we all got in trouble.”

Leah describes the brutal beat-down she gave her opponent on that fateful day…

“I tackled her and took her down, but as she was squirming around on the ground, she hit her kneecap on the wooden wall of the cabin and it split open. Suddenly, there was blood all over her knee and all the kids that had been watching and cheering us on instantly scattered—that was the end of my junior wrestling career.”

Until her high school years, that is…

A high school-aged Leah, possibly looking for her next fight…

Leah writes that she had to use her old Fight Club skills to keep a girl away from her high school boyfriend, Robbie Kidd (of the infamous Deer Cam Caper of 2014). In the book, Leah describes how a certain girl was getting too close to her man, much to Leah’s dismay. She states that her mom Dawn Spears and her grandmother were also furious when they found out the girl was trying to snatch Leah’s man.

(It’s unknown if this is the same grandma from the infamous Pipe Fight Caper of 2015.)

“When I finally told my mom and my grandma what had been going on, their response was that I needed to fight this girl,” Leah writes. “My grandma even came down to the school one day and pulled me out of class to tell me that I needed to kick her ass right then and there, or I’d be in trouble with her.

“I had already gotten a warning about fighting in school, and the last thing I needed was to get suspended,” Leah continued. “I got my grandma to calm down so I could go back to class, but her attitude was basically, ‘You need to stand up to this girl and if you can’t do it in school, then you better do it when you don’t have school.'”

Leah writes that when she saw the alleged hussy in the hallway a few days later, she decided to ambush her with her Fight Club skills.

“I’m so ding-dang proud of you, Leah!”

“Something inside me just snapped and the impulse to fight completely took over,” Leah wrote. “This time, I didn’t give her a warning or time to run away. I just walked up to her and punched her in the face. She was definitely shocked, but it only took her a second to fight back. And then it was just an all-out brawl. At some point, we must have fought our way back into the classroom because I remember having her leaned over the top of one of the computers and hitting her over and over again.

“It was like all this rage that had been simmering under the surface had finally boiled over and I couldn’t stop,” she continued. “That primal instinct to protect what I had, took over and nothing else mattered. In the end, it took two male teachers to pull me off of her.”

Leah’s fist ‘o’ fury ended up doing quite a bit of damage to the girl, as well as her own family’s pocketbook.

“I had beaten the girl so badly that she ended up in the hospital and her family pressed charges against me for juvenile assault,” Leah wrote. “I was suspended from school for three days, I had to see a parole officer once a month for six months, and my grandma had to pay the girl’s hospital bill.”

“I should really get hazard pay for the Reunions with all these lady fighters on the loose!”

Leah’s book, Hope, Grace & Faith, will be released by Post Hill Press on May 5. To read more juicy previews of what’s inside click here and here!

If you’d like to pre-order the book, you can do so using The Ashley’s Amazon Associates link below! 

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  1. Btw Grandma is trash, mom is trash, Leah and siblings are trash….LOL LOL girls are trash….with MTV money

  2. Lol entitled hillbillies. I say we put Leah and Amber to duke it out in a real hillbilly fight club LOL LOL. Can’t wait to see what their kids end up being like LOL. Go MTV

  3. If she is capable of lying about an abortion and passing it off as a miscarriage, she is capable of lying about, or at the very least exaggerating, these tales. No way any of this adds up.

  4. It sounds like she’s way too proud of being “undefeated”, it taking “two male teachers to pull me off of her” and beating a girl “so badly that she ended up in the hospital”. After reading this, the first thing I thought, just like everyone else, is that it sounds like BS. You’d think a book with virtues in the title wouldn’t contain spouts of her sounding actually prideful about her “fighting” skills, no matter how fabricated they are. Drama sells though, so I’m sure she’ll make a pretty penny off her book.

  5. Sure Jan. This coming from the girl who cried when Brianna confronted her about telling kail about her and javi.

  6. OMG. Secondhand embarrassment. I once knew a grown man who claimed he got jumped by a gang of ninjas behind a Kansas Kwik Shop. This reminds me of that dude.

  7. So not only was she an addict in a cult not feeding her kids living in filth while driving around in a dumpster exposing her girlses to second hand smoke. She also lied about an abortion. And admits to sucker punching a girl in school and hospitalizing her over a boy. while being cheered on by her family. And now makes 6 figures for it all. Bravo bravo. These girls are no better than jenelle. All of them are garbage. The “good” ones just hide their issues from the public.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Jesus God Leah

  9. 1) Have these stories been verified as true? What I just read just doesn’t feel like it should be in a work of non-fiction. I mean, I get it, people have stories from their youth (myself included – I have LIVED, baby!), but I’m finding it incredibly hard to believe that not only were you in Kiddie Fight Club (and then broke the first rule and actually talked about it), but that years later your mother and grandmother PULLED YOU OUT OF CLASS to tell you to whip someone also after Robbie’s D. Maybe Kiddie Fight Club was a thing (kids don’t make good choices, you know lol) – but no one pulled you out of class. I mean, I know the schools ain’t well there, but I’m sure that even ain’t well schools have rules about such things.

    2) I always knew that Leah and her family were country and a little trashy, but all these stories have not only proven those points but also go to show that this might be the most white trash family on TV (and I’m including Honey Boo Boo and all that mess in there – the Leah clan is more white trash than that whole mess!)

  10. 😂😂😂Sooooooo, I’m beginning to think that this book is fiction! I just am not so quick to believe these stories! The more I hear the more I think it’s a bunch of BS!

  11. I haven’t seen her 16&p episode in forever but I thought she was painted as this good student who was striving hard to finish high school and maintain her grades. Am I delusional? Guess I need to watch again

      1. She did get pregnant after she and Corey had only been together for like a month, but she never said that he was her first. They also saI’d that she had been on the Depo shot for birth control previously, but hadn’t gone back for her three month shot on time.

  12. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]

  13. I know it’s cliched and over-used by this point, but sometimes all you really can say is… Jesus God Leah

  14. Does anyone see a pattern? Basically all of her life she has been taught to fight for a man (quite literally too). The worst I did in my childhood was fight WITH a guy because he couldn’t shut up calling me all sorts of names. (I’m not proud of that part of my past but it was what it was, one day the aggression that was boiling in me for years just snapped)

    Anyway, back to Leah. Why did even her grandmother encourage her to fight her?! For a guy? For a guy she kept on cheating all of her next boyfriends/husbands with? Gosh! I really hope this book was an eye opener for her because if it wasn’t, nothing will! Also I hope she is using protection with Jeremy or whoever she is sleeping with at the time, she doesn’t need anymore kids.
    Fighting and being promiscuous, two things her mom and even grandma taught her!

  15. I’m having a hard time believing what Leah is saying about her wild childhood ! Why bother to buy the book, she tells everything on social media sites !

  16. WT actual F? I can tell this wasn’t written by Leah (schools aren’t ‘well’) but this doesn’t sound right. Shouldn’t her book be about some crap like standing in your power? Not anecdotes where Leah blames grandma/mum/bio dad for her mistakes. I call bs.

  17. I think she should reconsider drugs… probably more socially acceptable and relatable then this weird forced child spin the bottle fight club version of herself she is creating. Or shyt.. just stick to being a teenage hoe. That’s even a more respectable story line.

    1. God, she didn’t stand a chance did she?!

      She just needed one strong woman. “If he’s going, he’s going, don’t fight over him”

  18. I don’t mean to judge because I’m far from perfect and everyone makes mistake however is seems like Leah comes from a chain of horrible female role models. What good female influence tell you to beat up a girl who tries to steal your high school boyfriend. No one is anyone’s “man” in high school. It’s not like they had kids together and even if they did, if a man (boy in high school Robbie’s case) gives in to another girl’s ploys, then good riddance to him! Better to find out in high school than later in life or after marriage.

  19. Sheesh, what hasn’t this girl done?? Almost every crazy reckless thing you could do in life, she has done before the age of 30…

  20. WTF kind of hillbilly shit is this? First the mom is in on an abortion. Now the grandma is telling her to fight. SMH. WV is wild.

  21. I guess this is why her inspirational speaking gigs dried up. She must be hard up for cash to be telling this ridiculous story in that book. It probably says that Modern Science Magazine wanted her to write a few articles for them, but she had other commitments. Someone please make this nonsense stop.

  22. Proof required. If there was juvenile court, probation, and a hospital bill your grandma had to pay there are plenty of records.

    1. Leah’s family is straight up garbage. Her mother and grandmother should be ashamed. How Leah didn’t end up more damaged is amazing at this point. Jesus.

  23. What the actual fuck Leah?? I see we have reached the “I need street cred” part of the evening…. Stop with the stories, this book is depressing and gross. I could hardly stomache the previous post about her mther and the sex games. No way would I read this. It makes my stomache turn what she’s released so far.

  24. I mean… whether these are true or not.. why is she putting this info out there? If anything, this book of hers is putting her and her family into a VERY negative light. I would say she is embarrassing her family but from the looks of it, trailer trash beams with prize for stuff like this.

      1. Lol! The comment that I commented on isn’t here anymore! Someone asked why Leah would do this? I promise I’m not crazy 😝!

  25. Wait, did I just read that Leah’s love for Robbie’s D sent her into a blind rage in which she beat a girl so badly she went to the hospital? What on earth is this bro packing in his shorts?

    #robbiesdforlife #thatdhascausedheralotoftrouble

    stay lit

  26. Yeah this is starting to sound like a big bunch of bullshit… Leah was never that interesting… middle school fight club?? That’s a reach. I’m beginning to feel like she put out a bunch of lies to stay relevant and try to prolong the show, because these stories are ridiculous

    1. Also… I know the schools arent well in WV, but there is no way you would only get 3 days suspension for assaulting a girl so badly that she went to the hospital 🙄🙄🙄

      1. Yeah, I used to teach. If this had happened she would have been expelled entirely. There’s a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violence. I saw one kid expelled for throwing a single punch and she was only suspended for 3 days? Sure, Jan. It’s interesting that she’s painting herself as a bad girl as a minor…probably because juvie records are sealed by law so the story can’t be proven or disproven.

    1. So I see we have reached the “I need some street cred” portion of the evening!🙄 Give me a break Leah. You’re about as hardcore fighter as Richard Simmons. Quit making shit up. Take several seats and don’t tell us anymore stories about your mother, it gives me nightmares. 🤯

  27. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Wow. Dawn and the Grandmother urging Leah to fight that girl is messed up on so many levels. I have a little more compassion for how her and Victoria (don’t really know anything about the brother) have turned out from what they were dealing with growing up. I hope they’ve cut these women out and can learn from these situations so they can break the cycle for their own kids.

    1. Love your screen name, but if you believe this bs I have some beautiful oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

      1. I love your name too CoryandTrevor! Bahaha fml, only if it comes with a Nigerian Prince and a swarm of bottle kids 😉 It was seeming farfetched but I suppose I was giving her the benefit of the doubt as sometimes the small, quiet ones are very unsuspecting and can go Kail-level nuts. Overall though I just feel bad for the kids, this book makes pretty gnarly and mortifying claims and it’s pretty inconsiderate for them that she’s put this out in the public forum. Truly hope they break this ridiculous cycle.

        1. OMG, I love that you know the Trailer Park Boys reference in my name! I figured most people had no idea. As for Leah, I really do feel bad for the kids as well, which got me thinking, why in the world (unless she’s really desperate for money which she probably is because she’s on vacation with all her kids and at least one family member every other week) would she publish all this nonsense knowing that her kids will be effected by this. They are at the age now were their peers or their parents are aware that they are on tv and there is no doubt that they will have to deal with the ramifications of this now and for years to come. I have no doubt that in her net book Leah is going to talk about how she wishes she had never shared so much in this book.

          1. At least you can pull the “My name is Randy Lahey” trick on people! I’m from Canada so they’re fairly known out here. She’s probably just short-sighted and looking to cash in, and doesn’t have the foresight to realize how negatively this could affect her daughters. The majority of the other moms have also written books and shared things on the show that should be kept private for the kids’ future well-being (Amber teaching Leah to shave as an example) so tossing skeletons out there without boundaries has been normalized by the TM women, whereas to an outside party who doesn’t earn their keep on reality TV and has to maintain reputations for professional and social reasons, it’s horrifying. I stopped watching the show last year when Jenelle lost custody and Amber’s issues popped up. I’d watched the show since high school, but I have a lot of empathy for the children and because of that it’s become unpalatable for me. Now I just pop in every now and then to read the Ashley’s always-entertaining recaps 🙂

  28. I call BS on a lot of these stories. I don’t doubt she was abused, but she puts all the blame of her addiction on her father. I think they just made up some salacious stories to get the book to sell. No way can I see Leah from 16&P walking right up to someone and punching them in the face, and it took 2 grown men to get Leah off this girl? I call BS.

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