‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘The Challenge’ Star Cory Wharton Welcomes Daughter With Girlfriend Taylor Selfridge

Here’s to another future MTV reality star!

Cory Wharton is officially a father of two! 

The Teen Mom OG/The Challenge star and his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, welcomed their baby girl on Wednesday.

Cory and Taylor announced in October that they were expecting their first child together and in January, the couple revealed they would be having a girl. 

On Thursday, Cory to Instagram Live (his second home) to tell his followers that his daughter had arrived safely and that the baby and Taylor were healthy and doing well.

“I’m still not gonna tell you guys her name but she’s here, everybody’s safe, everybody’s healthy,” he said. “Taylor’s fine, the baby’s gorgeous, it looks just like me. I can’t wait to show you guys.”

“I don’t like to brag but….oh, wait…yes I do!”

Cory went on to give Taylor and all women props for the going through the birthing process, which he dubbed “no joke.” In the background, Taylor revealed that their baby is “big.”  

“The baby is big … ,” Cory echoed in the video. “The doctor said she’s anywhere between 8 and 9 pounds.” 

Taylor herself shared some snapshots from the hospital room to Instagram, debuting her daughter’s head full of hair and sharing with her followers that she was in labor for 22 hours. 

Prior to the baby’s arrival, Cory kept his fans updated via Twitter on Taylor’s health, right up to when her water broke on Wednesday night and Cory announced it was “GAMETIME.” 

Cory and Taylor met during Season 1 of Ex on the Beach, with Taylor having previously appeared on Season 5 of Are You The One? in 2017. They both now appear on ‘Teen Mom OG’ alongside Cory’s other baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd, and their daughter, Ryder

Got all that?

On Wednesday night, Cheyenne posted on Twitter how excited Ryder is to be a big sister.

“Ryder waited up extra late to hear the good news,” she wrote. “God is good she’s so excited.”

Cory is also appearing on the current season of The Challenge: Total Madness

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; Twitter)


  1. I always wonder what it would be like to be a maternity nurse, hearing these same names over and over from parents who think they’re being original. How many Isabella, Sophia, Ella, Mia, Mila do we need?? Those r becoming the new Ashley brittney and Jessica of the 90s lol.

    1. Yeah, true, but I’d rather have those names then the stupid Braxlynn, Baylore, Kaydenn, Or my all time favorite Tezlee (thank God Tyler and Cate didnt name their kid that).

  2. Baby’s name is Mila. Cory accidentally announced that on Instagram live and tried to back track.

  3. I am a bit confused…Cory released the name accidentally on Instagram live a few weeks ago and attempted to backtrack.

    The baby’s name is Mila.

  4. Let’s take guesses on the name. Will they go with something modern and fit for a child-only, like Ella or Mia? Or something made up like Shea or Preslee?

  5. Epidural is an IV not a shot 😂 yes Corey let’s just give Taylor this shot and she’ll be good to go!

    1. It’s most often called an epidural block but some people call it a injection. Its not an iv though, it’s put in with a pretty long needle in your lower spine.

      1. Yes. Yes it is. It’s an IV line into your lower spine. I had one with my daughter. The anaesthesiologist inserts the needles into the spinal column, they will ask you to tell them which side you feel the needle on more (that shit SCRAPES the vertebrae) so they can get it more centred. The line is placed, and the needle is removed, you’re not laying around with a needle in your spine, just a catheter like tube taped down so it doesn’t snag. You can give yourself more of the nerve blocker with a dial like you would a morphine line.
        They remove the line after labour.

        1. Nope. IV stands for Intra Venous. Meaning “inside the vein”. That is, from a medical and mechanical perspective” 100% not how epidurals are administered.

        2. No honey, an epidural block is not an IV. IV’s are inserted into a peripheral vein. An epidural block occurs when a 16 gauge needle is inserted into the epidural space in the spine and administers an anesthetic.

          The needle can be taped in place and the tubing can be attached to a CADD pump, or pain pump, to allow the patient to administer more anesthetic if needed.

          But def not even close to an IV. 😉

  6. What’s with this keeping the name a big secret after the baby is born, am I missing something ? It’s like the birth isn’t enough attention, they need to draw in more by waiting to make a big announcement of the name.

    1. People magazine is probably doing the pictures. My once respected people mag has gone reality trash.

  7. I am so happ mom and baby are happy and healthy may all your dreams come true I can’t wait to see how beautiful she is just like her mom smart and funny caring person she will grow into. I want you to remember one thing to make time for you to have a date night keep communicating with each other and yes for now date night at home because mom needs her rest and make it special for both of you and enjoy the that beautiful baby and Ryder too she will be the best big sister ever and she just as beautiful amazing smart funny loving caring person oh tell the crazy people out their just because you did not say her name dose not mean that you forgot got her in anyway.

    1. I agree!! I really dont understand the obsession with this fad. Who wants to walk around with Blowfish lips & feel like you just left the dentist office 24/7. God forbid you would have to drink something without a straw.
      Do men actually like these? Change that question lol, do men find these attractive?

      1. No shit!!! The PLATYPUS fad!
        And it has to hurt like hell to have needles stuck in your lips , all to look like this

  8. “The doctor said she’s anywhere between 8 and 9 pounds.”
    They don’t just ballpark it when you give birth, they tell you exactly how much your baby weighs. 🤦🏼‍♀️
    I know I’m being nit picky, but an epidural is a catheter, not a shot. I just don’t get how you could go through such an experience without knowing wtf you’re talking about.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking!! They literally weigh the baby and record the weight immediately! Good god

    2. An epidural is an injection into your spine. “Shot” is just a slang word for an injection

  9. Apparently, prior to delivery, Taylor had her lips injected by Farrah Abraham’s plastic surgeon.😳
    How much do you want to bet that the reason for not releasing the babies name is so they can sell it to the highest bidder? Welcome to reality tv, kid, whatever your name is.🤦‍♀️

    1. Of course they did, probably vying for their own show. I guarantee you they called mtv and made sure they had hair and makeup on call.

    1. I’m sorry but referring your child to “it” when you know the gender is insanely cringey! Also doctors don’t give you a weight estimate lol they weight the baby almost immediately after birth.

  10. I can not stand this dude and his thotty girlfriend. He is literally the thirstiest of all dads in the franchise. I guess I just think it’s really ridiculous when a grown man’s profession is “influencer”. And I’m no Karen, he and I are about the same age.

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