‘The Challenge’ Star Melissa Reeves Answers Fans’ Questions About Being Pregnant While Filming Season 35, If the Baby is Kyle Christie’s & More

‘I’m knocked up…and answering questions!”

Melissa Reeves announced back in January that she is pregnant with her first child, and now the ‘Challenge’ and Ex on the Beach UK star is opening up and answering fans’ frequently asked questions about her pregnancy, the baby’s father and more.

Melissa— who is appearing on the upcoming “Total Madness” season of ‘The Challenge,’— revealed in a new video posted to her YouTube channel that she was, in fact, pregnant while filming ‘The Challenge.’ Considering MTV is billing “Total Madness” as “the most-dangerous ‘Challenge’ ever,” it’s no surprise that Melissa said filming it while pregnant was “basically borderline torture.”

Here, The Ashley has summarized some of the answers Melissa gave in the video to her fans’ frequently asked questions about her pregnancy.

Q: Is the father of Melissa’s baby Kyle Christie (of ‘The Challenge & ‘Geordie Shore’)?

“What a relief!”

Melissa didn’t reveal who her baby’s father was, but she made it clear that Kyle is …in the words of Maury Povich “NOT the father.”

“Kyle is not the dad of this baby!” Melissa said. “That is absurd and crazy. He is not the dad.”

Q: Did Melissa get knocked up while she was filming the last ‘Challenge’ season?

While there is always plenty of hanky panky happening a ‘Challenge,’ Melissa insists that she did not get pregnant while she was off filming for the show.

“I did not conceive this baby whilest filming ‘The Challenge,'” Melissa said. “I was pregnant before I got to the ‘Challenge’ I just didn’t know. I also didn’t know I was pregnant whilest we were filming.”

Q: How the hell did Melissa not know she was pregnant before going on the show?

Many reality shows require their female contestants to take a pregnancy test before filming; it appears that ‘The Challenge’ isn’t one of them. Melissa confirmed that her menstrual cycle was wonky already, due to the contraception she was using and she did not experience any of the “typical” signs of pregnancy.

“I’ve had no symptoms of pregnancy. I’ve had no sickness,” she said.

Although Melissa admits she did gain weight, at the time she did not think it could be because she was with child. 

“You will see me gain weight but, again, I would never [attribute] that with pregnancy,” she said. “I was on the contraception pill which does alter my periods and makes them very irregular so me missing a period wasn’t a surprising thing for me; it was just pretty normal. I’ve been six months without a period before. So, yeah, I just didn’t know.”

Q: Did she harm her baby while competing in the brutal ‘Challenge’ stunts?

Melissa says that so far, everything appears to be OK with her baby girl.

“Since I’ve been back I have had checks on the baby and as far as they can see, there is not harm to her, because I didn’t really do anything that would have harmed her,” Melissa said. “She is looking all OK. Obviously, we’ll not know until she’s actually born.”

Q: What was it like filming while pregnant?

Melissa says “Total Madness” is a great season…although filming it wasn’t all that pleasant for her.

“I know that I kind of enjoyed filming it,” she said. “It was really, really tough. It was basically borderline torture, but it’s going to be a hell of a season to watch!” 

You can watch the trailer for ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ by clicking here! (Or you can hear veteran ‘Challenge’ star Jemmye Carroll give you a funny breakdown of the “Total Madness” cast by clicking here!)

UPDATE! Jemmye has provided additional info on the physical testing the ‘Challenge’ contestants undergo before filming a season. She stated that Melissa DID undergo a pregnancy test before leaving for the ‘Challenge’; however, those physicals are done beforehand and she likely got pregnant after she was tested.

“I’ve seen a lot of these tweets so I will help yall understand bc trust me I get the confusion,” Jemmye wrote on Sunday on Twitter. “We get physicals prior to filming however it is a few weeks prior to departure. So getting pregnant post physical, prior to leaving is ? possible and Im surprised it just now happened.”

Watch Melissa’s full video below!

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Haveseveralseats, I had irregular monthly from bc also and didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 19wks2dys. Deff blew my mind! I also had an eating disorder so that made it worse for that. I had a urine done at my physical even weeks before and it came up negative. I found out through bloodwork at the hospital after I passed out walking through a store one day. So I can see how you don’t think anything of pregnancy at all when you are used to strange monthlys. My daughter 1.5 years later I knew instantly. I also agree that the challenge should be checking literally right before they start filming just to be safe.

  2. I have watched every single challenge and this girl is not a star! I have not one clue who she is, is this her first season? If she has been on this before she must have gotten the boot first. Either way a pregnancy test should be taken at the physical or right before time of departure. Come on mtv do better.

  3. This season is gonna be lame. Already know who wins and let’s just say it’s disappointing. I won’t be watching.

    1. Weird, I don’t remember the part of science class where it said marriage was a prerequisite for a sperm call and egg to form as one cell and create a zygote which then becomes a fetus.
      F*ckin strange I tell ya…

  4. She must’ve been pretty far along when she finally figured out she was pregnant. Weight gain doesn’t really begin until the second trimester, 13+ weeks along. I know it happens, but I couldn’t imagine not knowing I was pregnant until that far along! Especially to the point of these women on those “I didn’t know I was pregnant’ type of shows. With my son, who just turned one on March 8, I knew when I was 3w2d!! (I had 23 day cycles and ovulated on day 9) TMI I know lol

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