Mama June Shannon’s Family Pleads With Her to Come Home & Stop Missing Their Milestones in New ‘Family Crisis’ Promo

“Mama June letting her kids down again? WHAT a SURPRISE!”

Mama June Shannon‘s family will be back on TV later this month…even though the family’s troubled matriarch is still pretty much Missing In Action from their lives. 

WEtv has released a new promo for the upcoming season of Mama June: From Not to Hot (which is called “Family Crisis). In the promo, Mama June’s daughters, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, as well as Lauryn’s husband Josh Efird, talk directly to June about all of the major milestones she’s missed while she’s been off causing trouble with her boyfriend Geno Doak for the past year or so.

“Dear Mama, my life is changing like crazy,” Alana says in the promo. “I even started high school, and I just really wish you were here.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Alana has been living with Lauryn, Josh and their daughter Ella since last year. She moved out of Mama June’s home when June refused to leave Geno. Since then, June and Geno have been on the road, bouncing from hotel to hotel, causing a ruckus through the Southern states.

In the promo video, Lauryn also informed her mother of all the stuff she’s missing out on.

“Dear Mama, Ella’s about to be in her first pageant and we really wish you were here to see it,” Lauryn says.

“I mean…do you really want me to show up at the pageant at this point?”

Josh then gets into the frame and pleads for Mama June to return from her life of on-the-road chaos.

“Your daughters have been driving me crazy while you’ve been gone,” he says. “We need you back here with us.”

June will appear on the upcoming season, despite early reports that she had not done any interviews for “Family Crisis” and would not be paid.

‘Mama June: From Hot to Not: Family Crisis’ premieres March 27 on WEtv. 

Watch the new promo video below! 

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(Photos: WEtv)


  1. Wow. The world is dealing with the Corona panademic and rather than speak positively about what happens in Alana’s life many seek to destroy with their words. This gal has been through so much hell and it is on tv for the world to see and some want to fat shame a child? God help us if you ever have kids after reading some of these comments.

  2. Not fat shaming.
    But i just can’t believe how large that little girl is… Its very sad. Hopefully she is taking steps to be healthy and not develop chronic diseases…
    People really need to take their health seriously and maintain healthy lifestyles. It’s hard to see her so big and so young… 😔 Never watched the show, never had an interest… However, I’m hoping she never develops heart diseases or diabetes. So preventable!

    1. I’m not sure if she gets medical care regularly but, she overeats a lot. As she matures she could develop PCOS which turns into being pre-diabetic and then your full blown diabetic. Genetics play into it and clearly June (not calling her mama June because she quit being a mother) didn’t set a good example gorging herself on food. June’s health (aside from the crack she smokes) 🙄 isn’t good either. So, it’s not looking to bright for Alana.

      1. Hello there Gemma how are you,I just wanted to say that I have PCOS and I can say this. With PCOS losing weight can be hard and that’s why my doctor advise me and those with the condition to eat healthy plus try to have a healthy lifestyle. Metformin can help with PCOS and I hope Alana doesn’t have it or even gets it cause with PCOS there’s a lot of health concerns and it’s really not fun (especially when you and your husband are trying to conceive it can be a bit of a struggle sadly),you always have to watch what you eat, and other health risks play a role as well. I’m sorry for the rant and I apologize.

        1. No offense taken, Kaylee! I get it! I had PCOS, which led to me having a complete hysterectomy a 28. It led to many health issues for me at a time when little was known. I will keep you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers!

        2. So sorry for posting again Kaylee, I wanted to say also that I do understand the issue with PCOS and weight gain. And, truly the weight gain IS caused by PCOS but so very little was known when I was diagnosed back in the 90’s I still had a very hard time being taken seriously. While more is known now I 100% understand the struggle with weight gain, diabetes (I have it) and health issues (I have multiple). The one that breaks my heart immensely is the struggle to conceive so, I just wanted to clarify and I so hope I didn’t offend you in any way! You seem like a sweet person and my heart truly goes out to you as someone who has been through many of the same struggles.❤️

          1. Hello Gemma, you didn’t offend me at all sweetheart so you’re okay. I am so sorry to hear about what you had to go through back then. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts as well and we hope you’re doing fine now. But you did not offend me at all so no worries.

    2. From a young age she was encouraged to be fat (for her pageants even) it would be very difficult to break that.

    1. This whole family just needs to go away. Can’t stand any of them. And June is a pathetic excuse for a human being much less mother. I can’t believe this woman was ever given a platform again after she got back together with the man who went to prison for molesting her own daughter. Disgusting.

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