‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay Slammed Online for Making Light of Quarantine Advisories; Later Backpedals on Refusal to Stay Home

“Like, what do you expect me to do? Watch the news or read a newspaper! Please!

Scheana Shay rubbed some people the wrong way over the weekend when she tweeted about refusing to let a global health pandemic ruin her party! 

The drama began on Saturday, when the Vanderpump Rules star tweeted an invite to any of her friends “working from home” — aka shamelessly promoting products on social media — to join her “for a Palm Springs quarantine.”

“Come out and listen to me talk about freezing my eggs while I make my famous enchiladas and talk about all the guys at SUR that I’m ‘best friends’ with!”

Scheana’s followers were quick to inform her that her Palm Springs hang-out sesh wasn’t quite the quarantine situation health professionals had in mind; however, Scheana assured them she was only surrounding herself with “a group of healthy friends” …and that she’d be sharing the shenanigans on her YouTube channel soon.

Presumably not to do a video on good health habits…

It was around this same time that Scheana tweeted (and later deleted) a message on Twitter that got her universally slammed for being so ignorant and racist.

When someone accused Scheana of being someone who was helping to spread the virus, due to her refusal to curb social activities, she tweeted, “By friends hanging out indoors? Thought people in Asia ate [bat] but okay…”

Just when you though Scheana couldn’t get any dumber….here she comes….


Unsurprisingly, Scheana’s “light hearted” take on quarantining (and her shameless YouTube plug) led to more backlash, with commenters attempting to educate her and asking her not to promote the “quarantine with friends” idea. Despite the many warnings, Scheana  wrote that she was flat-out refusing to “stay home alone and hibernate for weeks.” 

“You enjoy doing that tho,” she tweeted. “Stay safe.” 

She could always talk to those giant canvas photos of herself she has hanging around her condo.

She went on to voice her opposition by tweeting about how difficult it would be to stay inside for 30 days, retweeting a follower’s comments about people just being jealous of not having friends of their own to quarantine with and by reminding her social media followers that being on social media isn’t good for them… 

“Too much time alone at home on social media isn’t good for anyone btw… ,” she wrote. 

Scheana assured that regardless of other’s recommendations, she was “not going to isolate myself alone for weeks.” 

“I’m sorry,” she continued. “It’s not going to happen and anyone who follows me will see that. I pray this virus passes soon as we can all go back to living our best lives … .” 

In another post, she said she would continue to live her life in Palm Springs or Marina del Rey with her friends “and not live it in complete isolation or fear.”

“Simple as that,” she wrote. “Call me ‘ignorant’ but I’m not gonna stop living!”

Well, if you insist.

Eventually, the criticism (or reality) seemed to have gotten to Scheana as she began to backpedal on her statements. By Sunday, she was claiming that she was unaware of the severity of the situation because she was out of town on a work trip to Canada. 

“For those who expressed concern of viewed my remarks as insensitive, I had just returned from a work trip and wasn’t fully updated on the pandemic,” she wrote. “I now understand the severity of our current predicament. Please stay safe and wash your damn hands!” 

Canadian commenter: we like your style.

Scheana reiterated that she didn’t realize what was going on until she “got home, tried to get groceries, researched and spoke to several people.” 

“I am not a person who regularly watches the news,” she added. “I do not go on social media to read the news. It’s all just so negative.” 

Color us shocked.

When a commenter sarcastically asked if Scheana was on the same planet, given her ability to completely avoid what was going on literally everywhere in the world, Scheana apologized, confirming that she just “wasn’t up to date on that yesterday.” 

Scheana has since taken to her Instagram Stories to assure her followers that she is taking the C0r0navirus seriously, self-quarantining and will be posting a video of her making her enchiladas later today (for anyone bored enough to resort to that form of entertainment). 

By Monday, she was tweeting out an apology for being so misinformed.

“Sorry. Lol. I honestly did NOT understand how severe this was. Like I genuinely try and avoid the news at all costs,” she wrote. “I was just getting highlights and updates from friends and fam. But now I’m in it. I see it all and I get it.

“I’ve never been above admitting when I’m wrong. I am thankful for the moments from people trying to tear me down bc I can learn from my mistakes and better myself,” she added.

And for those who may be having a hard time enforcing the social distancing rule upon their friends and loved ones, The Ashley has you covered. The next time you see a social gathering of more than 50 people taking place, press play on the jam below, turn up the volume and watch the crowd disperse before your very eyes. 

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(Photos: Bravo; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube)

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Your dumb and disgusting schena get off your high horse and wake up no wonder your the lowest paid on Vanderpump Rules.

  2. Damn Canada, its all Canadas fault not hers, never
    (Why was she inviting friends to hang out if she was in Canada for work?)

  3. She is such a liar. I am in Canada and it has been all over the media 24/7 for several weeks. As well our Big Brother Canada has discussed it as they no longer have a live audience.
    She doesn’t watch the news because it is negative??? She is not a kid. She needs to know at least the basics going on in the world. Such a liar and idiot.

  4. Hahaha wow. A lot of people in Canada are wearing masks (stupid as it’s not helpful but I digress) and it’s all over the news and all that anyone is talking about. Even if you avoided the news you’d surely hear of it. I’ve gotten emails from almost EVERY company and organization that has my address with information on what they’re doing to minimize risk and or let me know they’re closed or stopping programs or shutting down etc etc.

  5. She’s full of shit, sorry. It’s just as bad in Canada as it is in the rest of the world. Everything is shut down and closed until further notice. I don’t buy her stupid apology. She knew, she just didn’t care until she was being dragged. Fuck Scheana

  6. I would never watch this garbage, but isn’t this the ho that slept with Brandi Glanville’s husband knowing he was married? We’ve got to stop giving homewreckers screen time.

    1. Yes that’s her. Prime candidate for shesahomewrecker dot com, too bad it got taken down for bullying or something. That site was entertaining, especially when the home wrecker would come on and try and defend herself.

    2. She didn’t watch TV so she didn’t know he was married . Apparently this is her go to excuse when called out on stuff.

      1. She didn’t watch tv, so didn’t know he was married! That was her excuse? What about all the married men who are not on tv? Do hos get a universal excuse for sleeping with them because they never saw the married man on tv? It’s a shame that people like her get fame, it only encourages this type of “ends justifies the means” type of behavior. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I like about Glanville at all, but she and the cheater took vows, had children, made a home, the ho is wrong and he is dead wrong.

      2. Schena your a dip shit wake up get off your damn high horse. When did you fly back from Canada? The canadians are in quarantine too you didn’t notice while you were supposedly there? your full of it. No wonder your the lowest paid on Vanderpump Rules

  7. “ Like I genuinely try and avoid the news at all costs”



    This vapid bitch seriously said this? She genuinely goes through life like this, and uses it to excuse her asinine behavior?

  8. I don’t watch the show, but from what’s posted in here, is majority of this cast seriously this vapid and self centered?

  9. She really is a ding bat.I sometimes thought production was always giving her a bad edit. Nope. She really is a ding bat in real life

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