EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reacts to Part One of Ex/Baby Daddy Chris Lopez’s Documentary

“Maybe you guys should have swiped some lighting equipment from the ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew to help you out… “

Chris Lopez, the ex-boyfriend and baby daddy of Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry, released part one of his much-anticipated documentary last weekend on YouTube, giving his “fans” a chance to watch Chris sweat and grunt it out in a poorly-lit gym for less than three minutes. 

During the video — entitled “P.T.S.D | Pray, Train, Study, Dedicate” — viewers learned that Chris receives his boxing training at a facility located in north Delaware and that he is primarily coached by trainer Greg Pritchett, aka “Professor.”

Professor Greg spoke highly about Chris’ dedication… much higher than Kail did when The Ashley asked her for a comment on Chris’ video!

The Professor talked about how special Chris is, and how he’s trying to change his life, via boxing. 

“Chris is a special person to me, just from the first time that I met him and I’d say that the way that he’s different from the way that I met him until now, it’s still a transition going… Just the look on his face, his energy and his story… just paying attention to those little things that he’s trying to change in his life to become a better person and a better father.” 

(Speaking of becoming a better father, Chris and Kail’s son Lux even makes an appearance in the documentary for a brief moment.) 

“Mom, did you sign a waiver for this?”

After Chris released the clip on YouTube, The Ashley reached out to Kail via email for a comment. 

“This video proves he CAN dedicate himself to something… just not his kid, apparently,” Kail stated.

“It’s good to stay fit but if you’re going to ‘dedicate’ yourself to anything shouldn’t it be to provide stability for your kid… and provide financially?” she added.

Chris and Kail—- who are expecting their second child together in July— have had a long, tumultuous relationship over the past few years. As The Ashley exclusively told you last year, Kail took out a protective order against Chris in October, and he was arrested in January for violating that order. His next court date is scheduled for April, after being continued last week.

Check out part one of Chris’s documentary below. 

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube) 

41 Responses

  1. Kail always wants the guys that don’t want her. Having a stable relationship, like she had for the most part with Javi, doesn’t interest her as the dysfunction makes her thrive. She needs therapy to treat her BPD. Not more babies!!

  2. Y won’t Kail L. Cut her son’s hair he looks like a girl he would look cute w short like a boy and quit getting pregnant doesn’t she believe in birth control she has changed since this show 1st started cut or sons hair

  3. Those poor babies, Lux and Little Brother. Kail deliberately saddled them with a sperm donor who actively and PUBLICLY doesn’t give two s**ts about them! That will screw up their souls for a lifetime! They also have to see that their two older half-brothers have good and loving fathers. But not them! What mother does this to their children??? Kail is selfish and evil. Praying for those baby boys.

  4. What I can’t seem to understand is why this chick goes and puts a restraining/protective order on homeboy but yet pregnant with him (AGAIN)….. Wouldn’t that mean she broke the protective order also!? I dont mean to defend the guy but she always seems to be dragging on him to the public eye…. I feel like Kail could be a lot more mature about this also! Absolutely he should be there for his kid (soon to be kids) but $μ!+ maybe if she wasnt always putting him down, he might try harder to be there for them! But how can he really be there for his kids when the B!+©μ has a protective order?? As far as that goes tho it shouldnt come with a price for him to spend time with them! I wonder if shes ever thought about the difference in money they make? I’m sure she makes way more than him living off MTVs payout!!

  5. Kail, aren’t you embarrassed that while you’re speaking of this dweebs inability to be a good father, you are literally pregnant with his baby fir the second (or third) time? Disparaging him only makes YOU look like fool here.

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    No one forced her to have sex with him- especially unprotected. Not sure why she’s whining about it LOL

  7. She’s got alllll these issues with him being able to “financially support his child” you’re on mrv honaaaay these dudes hit the JACKPOT knocking you up! But you got all these issues with how he is as a father but you STILL laid down and opened your LEGS to this dude. And you wonder why you get so much HATE?! DUMB!! So sad

  8. I can’t believe she got pregnant by this douche again… i can’t ever get this 3 minutes of my life back… maybe If he wasn’t so afraid to be on camera for teen mom he could earn a few bucks for taping with kail and buy some diapers for his daughter..i mean son…

  9. If he’s such a bad Dad why are you having another kid by him. And please get Lux hair cut he look like a girl. It’s ridiculous he’s a Male not a female.

  10. Oh shut up Kail! Stop making these comments about his parenting while you are literally knocked up with his second child…I mean, I would understand if someone else was the father but you admitted it was him (while you had a PFA from him I believe).

    You are an annoying person who tries to cry wolf all the time while you’re the one to blame for all your problems, especially with baby daddies! Good luck trying to make him be a father to his second son, I’ll have my popcorn ready…

  11. I can’t believe I actually have something positive to say about Kale, but her response was dead on. This dude is a loser soaking up his 10 minutes of “fame”

  12. Who TF does this idiot think he is to be producing any kind of documentary. When I was in college I had a hamster named Monroe and I can guarantee you he was 1,000 times more deserving of a documentary than this douchebag. The entitlement of just about everyone associated with TM is mind-blowing! Also, I rarely agree with Kail about anything, but I 100% agree with everything she said in this instance.

  13. She keeps his long care because Chris has long hair and she can be reminded of him…..

    Kail shush. You are the fool here. You got pregnant by this thug wannabe AGAIN. All your degrees don’t mean shit. You are stupid.

    1. I can’t believe Dr drew said teen Mom has cut down teen pregnancy when the girls that were on it can’t stop having kids by multiple father’s

  14. Oh kailyn stop!!!!! Stop complaining about him and trying to make these pity seeking comments! You chose to have another kid with him! Stop it stop it.

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    If he didn’t provide child support for the first one why are you so stupid to go and get pregnant again by this loser?? You belong together. You make a big deal about being educated but birth control is just common sense which is obviously something neither one of you have.

    1. Because she wanted a girl and she wanted two siblings with the same father (she has literally said this). How sick is this, she needs serious, serious, serious therapy.

  16. This is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Does this dude think he’s going to make money from this or that someone even cares to watch it besides Kail? What an idiot she really is to hook up with this neanderthal. He can barely speak, doesn’t look like he’s in great shape and only does one thing well…stick his d&ck in Kail.

    I feel sorry for Lux, with two dopes for parents and that long hair that makes him look like a girl. (He’s cute, tho.)

  17. I’d rather go lick a handrail on the stairs all over Tucson than watch his “documentary”. And this is coming from someone obsessed with documentaries.

  18. The end game for anyone who gets in a relationship with this twit is you must be at her beck and call 24/7. Do what she commands. Always agree with her. And remain silent when she blows up at you. Just like ANY other relationship with an abuser.

    1. While Kail’s comments aren’t wrong per se, she certainly isn’t winning any popularity contests by pointing out the faults of a man she clearly tried to trap not once, but twice. If he wasn’t interested in being a dedicated father to Lux, he won’t be to this baby either…and he will NEVER dedicate himself to Kailyn (despite her desperate delusions), that’s for sure!

      1. She’s having the second kid so she can call herself his main baby mama, she’ll be the only one with two of his kids.

  19. If only Kail would dedicate to her mental health to provide stability for her four kids.
    Having another child with Chris is absolute maddness, having sex with him just weeks after you were granted a order of protection, maddness.

    1. I can’t believe Dr drew said that teen Mom cut down teen pregnancy when the girls on it can’t stop having kids with multiple fathers

  20. Kail is a side chick. She thinks she’s the main chick. You don’t get pregnant if your the side chick. You sure as hell don’t complain then get pregnant again. None of this will be onTM because no one wants to film with her.

    1. Is it really considered a side chick if he never had a main chick? I just call that a cheap and easy lay.

      1. She knew he wasn’t stable or financially involved when she had lux with Chris.
        She has nobody to blame but herself

  21. You no longer get to make comments about your baby daddy not taking care of his kid, if you willingly allow him to knock you up again after not taking care of said first kid.

    You knew he was a piece of shit and had a SECOND child by him. Literally a month after he tried to give up his parental rights.

    Nope. Nope. She needs to STFU.

    1. Maybe he likes it long. There is nothing wrong with giving a child a little control over their appearance. Now the real question is why did Kail intentionally have another baby with this loser…

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