‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Reveals Gender of Her Fourth Child: “The Kids & I Are So Excited!”

“Is it physically IMPOSSIBLE for me to have a girl!? Geez!”

Kail Lowry is adding another baby boy to her brood.

Just a week after she confirmed that she, is, indeed pregnant (as the aunt of her baby daddy Chris Lopez blabbed), the Teen Mom 2 star announced the gender of her fourth child.

In an exclusive deal with Us Weekly, Kail revealed that she is having yet another boy! She is already mom to sons Isaac (with Jo Rivera), Lincoln (with Javi Marroquin) and Lux (with Chris).

“The kids and I are so excited to be adding another baby boy into the mix,” Kail told the magazine on Monday. “Thank you all so much for your continued support & well wishes. Hopefully, the rest of this pregnancy will go smoothly as we anticipate the arrival of our newest addition.”

Kail officially announced the baby’s gender via a gender reveal photoshoot, but Chris had already blurted out (via Instagram Live last week) that they were expecting a boy. As The Ashley told you, Kail was unsure if she wanted to have the baby and had even booked an appointment to have an abortion, but was unable to go through with the procedure. (She was already fairly fair along, and it would have been a more-complicated procedure than an earlier term pregnancy would require.) 

The Ashley’s MTV sources told her that Kail discussed this at length on-camera, and that it will be covered during the upcoming Season 10.

This marks the first time Kail has ever found out the gender of her baby before giving birth. She was surprised in the delivery room for all three of her sons’ births.

While Kail is still not on good terms with the baby’s father, Chris, The Ashley’s sources tell her that she’s been getting support from several surprising people.

“Javi and Jo and Vee have been incredibly supportive since finding out about Kail being pregnant,” one production source tells The Ashley. “Jo and Javi are still not filming, but off-camera they have both been there for Kail during the weeks before she announced and have been very supportive.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Honestly, I don’t believe in judging people. But if she was my friend or sister, I would tell her to stay away from Chris. She has a lot of advantages because she is rich, and she vacations constantly, but she seems like a good mother, except for having an abusive partner around her kids. Like Jo said a few years ago, this is “make or break time” and kids are very resilient, but fragile at the same time.

  2. I think it’s weird how she gets Issac’s haircut like a lesbian. Nothing against the lesbian population. Is that the style for boys now? Lincoln’s bangs are cut crazy too. They cut his too high. Kails hair looks worse than ever. Is it because she uses pot head hair products? I’m just saying what I observe and in my opinion.

      1. I just remember Issac and Dom having the same haircut. I just don’t see boys with that cut. Yes Lincs hair is weird. He’s cute. I just think it’s cut wrong. Yes Lux needs a cut. KAIls hair is weird too. It doesn’t look healthy. I thought your hair was the healthiest when your pregnant.

  3. I can hear the conversation around the dinner table now, 4 boys and hulk eating pizza puffs. It starts with, “who’s your dad again?”.

    stay lit

  4. LOL, so it’s true! I BET she had another child so quickly hoping for a girl…nope, stop being an asshole and MAYBE one day you will have one! (Or hopefully not, I hope you stop at 4 but who am I kidding, she won’t)

  5. I really don’t know how to feel about this whole situation. Was she feeling that she didn’t have a choice but to keep the baby since the aunt told everyone she was pregnant? She cares so much what fans think, I totally think she’d keep the baby. That would suck to feel forced into keeping it. But, then again, why would she have been texting sonogram pictures with the due date noted to Chris/his aunt if she was considering abortion?

    1. A college friend had an abortion and her doctor wasn’t giving her ultrasound pictures because even though she hadn’t fully decided yet he didn’t want to emotionally guilt trip her by making her hear the heartbeat or printing out ultrasounds. I don’t know if that’s the norm for this kind of thing because she’s the only person I know who’s terminated a pregnancy. But knowing that makes me side eye the abortion storyline Kail’s running with. Texting out due dates? My friend told her mom, me, and another one of our friends. She didn’t want anyone to know what she was doing. I don’t think Kail EVER thought about abortion. She needed a story for this season and we all know how badly she wanted a girl. I really wouldn’t be surprised if she was the poking holes in condoms kind of woman.

      1. I went with a friend to her appointment. I was the only one she told about the pregnancy and abortion and she needed someone there. They made her have an ultrasound so they could verify how far along she was, but I don’t think they made her look or listen.

        I think in some states they do, but I don’t know which ones.

  6. ANOTHER gender reveal party? God, can’t people not have a party fir every little thing? I bet she’ll have ANITHER baby shower too

    1. Tanya……I agree Lux DEFINITELY needs a haircut! He looks like the jungle kid, he’s cute but he just al5looks really grotty and untidy .

  7. Not even one of those kids looks slightly happy. She is seriously so lucky that Jo and Javi are good Dads who put up with her garbage life and attempt to be supportive for the sake of their kids. She owes them so much, yet appreciates them so little.

    1. Okay, I’ve had a lot of things going on so this is the first time I’ve had to comment about this, but having a baby with someone that you don’t love is just asinine! Kailyn is just being ridiculous. she’s putting her boys through this for absolutely no reason other than that she can. So selfish! And you all know that she’s going to whine about being a single mom with no support. Correction a single mom of 4 with no support.

  8. I bet she found out the gender this time just to have a gender reveal party. It makes it that much greater that Chris already put it out there.

    The fact that she was considering abortion so late really makes it seem like she only wanted to abort after finding out the baby was another boy, and that she most likely didn’t have the abortion because her pregnancy info was leaked. I hope that is not the case.

    Everyone is supportive of Kail, at least to her face, because they have to be. They have to be the adults that she clearly is not.

    I don’t care how many degrees you have, you are trash, Kail.

    1. She had a gender reveal party after telling ppl she was going to have an abortion! Gag me… please don’t tell me she’s going to have a baby shower too for her 4th child!

      1. WTF 😳…..! That is pretty tacky! ……a gender reveal AFTER announcing you were considering abortion!

      She’s angry all the time due to pregnancy hormones and considering she’s coming up to baby number 4 she’s hardly had time to recover from her last to her NEXT pregnancy……So , , yep i guess she’ll keep being angry.

  9. I worry what would happen to her boys (and to Catelyn’s girls) should these women eventually have the gender they are seeking. Could you imagine living in a home where your mother is always talking about needing/wanting a child of the opposite gender? Each subsequent child eventually realizing they are only there because their mom was hoping for something else?

  10. HA Ha Ha. How is Chris going to be there? Doesn’t she have a PO on him? Reflect, deny, and lie. Jenelle and Kailyn have a mirrored life.

  11. Oh Kail.
    You realise these boys are going to up and leave you so fast!
    Imagine having Kail for a mother in law….
    I don’t for a single second believe that Jo and Javi are being supportive. Maybe to her face, Jo is. But I’m sure Javi is getting in every bit of shade he can

  12. Hmmmm those kids are happy to have another brother in the mix? And her two exes are being very supportive? Okay whatever

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Isaac looks miserable and not happy at all to be getting another sibling. I’m sure he’s just as much sick of her shit as we are, if not more because he is directly affected by his idiot mother’s poor choices. I feel so bad for him. Reminds me of when Jenelle told Jace she was pregnant with Ensley and he looked heartbroken

  13. Oh please she only found out the gender because she so desperately wants a girl. And Chris. She needs intensive therapy not more kids.

  14. I am not even going to comment on her latest pregnancy, but I have to say that Isaac looks so much older now. Maybe he is 10? Anyway, he looks so cute with his new glasses. He is growing up fast and I am glad that Joe is proactive father.

  15. For the sake of her sons she needs indept therapy. Hopefully she won’t have a daughter I have a feeling that she would destroy their relationship very early on and leave her ” daughter;” with scars.

    1. She’s going to do it again most likely, anything to get her girl she’ll do it. I wonder what this baby will be name.

      1. Oh dear I’m sorry Joan I didn’t mean to reply to you I meant to just comment on the article. My apologies I have done goofed.

      2. I’m thinking she already has it picked out. BUT it will not be revealed until eh idk she has a new contract, new podcast or…

      1. Because she wanted Chris’s baby and she had to trick him into it. He would have never agreed to do IVF or anything, he doesn’t want a baby with her

        1. If he doesn’t want a baby with her, there are a ton of ways to prevent that… And one of them is 100% effective.

          Kailyn may not be my favourite person in the world but let’s not imply that she made this baby on her own.

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