Chris Lopez Confirms He’s the Father of Kail Lowry’s 4th Baby & Blurts Out Baby’s Gender on Instagram Live

“You couldn’t keep your mouth shut, could you?!”

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry has yet to officially confirm that the father of her unborn baby is Chris Lopez (even though it is). However, Chris decided to go ahead and do that for her on Tuesday night via a session on Instagram Live. 

(This, of course, checks out with the news Chris’ aunt confirmed a few weeks ago that Kail was once again pregnant with Chris’ child. Chris is the father of Kail’s third child, Lux.)

Shortly after Kail announced her pregnancy on Tuesday, Chris took to his Instagram Story to share a “letter to [his] unborn child,” — written by A.J. Brown — seemingly to confirm publicly that he’s the baby’s father.

“I pray you get to know real love and real friendship,” Chris’ post read. “I pray you never have to feel your heart aching in your chest as you hold yourself at night. I pray you never question your worth at the hands of a lover that doesn’t know any better. I hope this world never hardens your heart and you always know the difference between what is real and what is nothing more than an illusion of paradise. I want you to be fearless and true to yourself first and foremost all the days of your life.” 

Chris accompanied the quote with the caption “Young King” along with a blue heart emoji, leading some to believe the baby is a boy. 

Before posting the quote, Chris went Live on Instagram and basically confirmed himself that the baby is a boy.

Despite Chris’ sentimental post, his recent actions in regard to his son Lux have made many question his parenting. As The Ashley told you last month, Chris attempted to give up his parental rights to Lux back in the fall of 2019. He was unsuccessful, however, because the judge refused to sign off on his request.

In October, Chris was arrested twice, and Kail filed a protective order against him which is still in place. Last month Chris was arrested for violating that order.

The new baby will be the fourth child for Kail. In addition to two-year-old Lux, whom she shares with Chris, she shares 10-year-old Isaac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera and six-year-old Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin. This will be Chris’ second child. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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    I’m very happy for you, Chris and the boys!!! We love you from Slinger Wisconsin!!!!

  2. what a hot mess. YEs lets have a baby with a man who just a month or two ago wanted to give up the rights to his existing child. 16 weeks seems early to know the gender, but my bay is 5 years old now, so maybe technology has advanced. If it really is a boy, we can look forward to baby #5, because Kailyn isn’t stopping until she gets a girl. Facts,

    1. You can get a blood test at 10 weeks to tell the gender now. Also tells the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. It’s not cheap, but since I’m over 35, my insurance covered it for my son since I was considered ‘advanced maternal age.’
      There are also SneakPeek at-home tests where you mail a tube of self-collected blood to a company and they tell you the gender. But from the reviews I’ve read, it’s not very reliable.

  3. Kail needs some therapy. She had a rough childhood, and doesn’t seem to be in the healthiest relationship with Chris.If you are talking smack about Chris right after Lux is born, maybe a second child was a bad idea….She’s mentioned Chris wanting to be the father of another child another Lux was born, but these DV orders of protection (and violations) concern me for the sake of her kids. Kail’s kids always seem to be well-adjusted and well taken care of, but they don’t need to be around anything volatile. Children bring a source of unconditional love, so maybe that’s why Kail has had so many. Kail’s kids are the cutest though, even though she makes terrible decisions.

  4. Isaac is definitely embarrassed by Kailyn’s piss poor decision making skills! He has also clearly had enough of the cameras.

    I think Kail is going to have a rude awakening in the next few years, as Isaac begins to want more independence and less and less time at home with her. Thank God he gets to experience some normalcy when he spends time with the Rivera side of his family. I think Isaac will be the most well-adjusted of her children.

    Lincoln, unfortunately, has Javi as a role-model; but he will fair FAR better than poor little Lux and this new addition. At least Javi knows the value of hard work and taking care of his family. Chris is useless!

    1. I think he already asks to spend more time with Jo and that pisses her off. He doesn’t want to be at her house, he doesn’t want to spend time with her, and Jo is perfectly fine with him making those decisions himself. It’s Kail that throws a fit and screams until Jo brings him back to her.

  5. F it. I’m going to be that person. Ya’ll there is a difference between gender and sex. Early bloodwork can tell the SEX of the fetus. I suspect Kail claims to not know the sex of the fetus until birth just for the drama of it all. She probably does indeed do the early bloodwork to find out and then just lets all her fans and haters speculate themselves in circles until she gives birth.

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    Congratulations on the new arrival ?❤

  7. I like the dark hair Kail has in that photo. She should keep it dark. I guess congrats are in order though. She’ll finally have two kids who are full siblings.

  8. Beyond her weird obsession with Chris, I think that part of the reason that Kail wants another kid with him is because she wants to be a truly SINGLE parent; she can play the martyr and say, “I’m raising these kids on my own.” If Chris isn’t providing any sort of support, then Kail is in total control, which is just the way that she wants it.

    She can’t call all the shots with Isaac and Lincoln, because they have very loving, involved dads who have legal rights to their children; both Jo and Javi have proven time and again that they’re never walking away from those boys.

    1. When she told Jo “normal dad’s only see their kid every other weekend”, that should have been a big red sign to everyone what her ultimate goal was. All she wants is sympathy for “raising her kids alone”. SMDH She should be glad she gets help, because not all of us single teen moms get help from our baby daddy(ies).

  9. This is a really bad situation. So trashy!?? How many kids does Kail plan to bring into her mess of a life? No kid deserves that.

  10. I wonder how kail will feel when her sons have girlfriends. And likely impregnate them without thought because that is what they see happening to their mom- baby after baby with guy after guy. I understand kails original need to fill the void her crappy parents left in her life, but she is nearly 30. Shouldn’t she have solved that problem by now? Say, after the first two kids? I remember one episode where she was telling a producer “when the older two are with their dads I would drive an hour just to see Chris” how desperate can you get?!?!?! That there should have told her how much he didn’t care to put in effort. She was just an easy hookup for him, and fortunately for kail he is too dumb to use protection. She got exactly what she wanted.

    1. Yea Chris- He will be king. King shit of Turd mountain. And if you wanna step up and be a dad- PLEASE take a speech class- those kids won’t know wtf your saying with your lazy mumbling azz- uhh bluhhbluhhh ba bluhhhhh

  11. I’m wondering if Chris beats on his alleged “other” girlfriends and they’ve taken out restraining orders on him too.

    Or just Kail, who seems like she’ll do anything just to have him as her perpetual “letter writing” sperm donor.

    This sh*t is truly beyond sad.

  12. This show is so unhealthy for everyone concerned. It has really messed up these girls lives, as well as all their children. And all for a buck? What a mess.

  13. HAHAHAHA, sorry but this is so funny to me. Girl can get pregnant 10 times if she wants to but she might keep on giving birth to boys.

  14. Some of the girls have matured since their 16 and Pregnant days. Kailyn has regressed. I feel sorry for her poor children.

    1. Kail isn’t a good mother. Kail is a good mother to very young children. There’s a difference. She keeps hitting the reset button because she has no idea how to raise a child, only how to care for them. Babies and toddlers are hard work, but their questions are easy. Their needs are basic. Their love is uncomplicated. It’s really sad.

      1. Couldn’t have put it better! Caring for babies and raising decent people are two different things, and the latter seems to often get overlooked.

  15. God this is all such a mess. 4 kids, 2 with someone she’s not even together with and who abused her (AND tried to give up his rights to 1 of them) and she’s only 27! Does she hold the TM record for most kids now?

    I saw a previous poster comment that she has ZERO room to bitch about Jenelle – spot on. She gives Jenelle (and others) shit about EVERYTHING yet expects other people to kiss her ass like she’s some fantastic role model? Lol. She’s such a trainwreck and I cannot STAND the fact that her trashy reality peers are commenting things on her announcement post like ‘Proud of you mama, you’re so strong!’ What the actual F? I can guarantee they are probably as disgusted as we are but are scared of being on her bad side because we’ve all seen how she treats people who dare to cross her (like sh*t).

    Also, I guarantee she will have another one by 30, by another baby daddy – making a grand total of 4 baby daddies. Trashy, trashy, trashy.

  16. Good god, why on earth kail? You can do better I’m sure than a guy that
    was happy to give up his parental rights and is obviously not a good role model for any child, he can’t even speak clearly.

  17. So… he writes a heartfelt letter to his unborn child, who doesn’t have an Instagram account to read it from.

    Oh and the fact it’s a fetus.

    Why do people do this?

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      You know she sits & passes judgement on other TM girls like she’s so perfect, I mean at some point she has to admit 4 kids to 3 diff baby daddies is a bit much! Come on!
      By all means have 10 kids if you want them but have a bit of respect & have them with someone who isn’t willing to sign over parental rights or is sleeping around behind your back.
      She preaches about self respect & knowing your worth… she clearly doesn’t know her own.

  18. Lord, ANOTHER fugly spawn. Their genes don’t go well together, at all. Maybe if she cut Luxurious’s hair, it would help a little.

      1. Maybe Isaac doesn’t speak because Kail won’t allow him to do so…

        He always seems so uncomfortable around the cameras and in her presence.

  19. Usually sex isn’t revealed until 20 weeks. She’s only 16 weeks. Kail claimed that she didn’t find out the sex of her other 3 until they were born. It’s a tough contest between whether Kail is just liar or Chris is a just a moron, but I think Chris is just a moron and he doesn’t know whether it’s a boy.

    PS she made cute babies with everyone but chris…

    1. No they can tell way earlier than that. When I was having my twins the tech could tell at 13 weeks. Definitely by 16 it is visible.

    2. It depends on when in the fall. I’m 13 weeks and got pregnant in November so she got pregnant in October when Chris was getting arrested… which honestly isnt any better. She was for sure having sex with him and having him arrested at the same time.

    3. You can do a blood test very early to find out gender, it was offered to me at 12 weeks. If it is a boy, my doctor said you can generally tell on the ultrasound by 14-15 weeks if the fetus is positioned right.

  20. He probably tried to sever his parental rights when he found out she trapped him with another trap baby.

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    When is she going to cut Lux’s hair? It looks ridiculous.

  22. This fool wrote a letter to Lux when Kail was pregnant with him too. Calling him a “miracle baby” and saying a lot of the same shit he said in this letter. Then he basically turns into a pos when the baby is born and tries to sign his rights over later. Kail is dumb for even allowing herself to be stupid enough to lay down with this jerk after he tried to give up Lux just a month before
    She’s dumb for laying down with this idiot and he’s dumb for not using protection knowing Kail trapped him the first time and knowing she stated publicly many times she wanted another kid with him. They deserve everything they get now.

    1. Why do people call babies “miracles”??? If you have unprotected sex a baby is a huge possibility, not a miracle.

    2. Oh right! I keep on forgetting Kail called Lux a ‘miracle’ because doctor told her she MIGHT not be able to have another one…or did I mix it up with Maci?

  23. Obviously Chris and her aren’t in a relationship. He wanted to give up his rights to lux (please let her name this baby tux). I don’t know how I would explain that to my older kids, because they will certainly find out. Both older kids are old enough to understand that they all have different dads and that Chris is not their stepdad/moms partner. He comes and goes. Kail is bringing lack of stability to her entire brood. It’s very unfair to Isaac and lincoln, whos dads both have to deal with the nonsense that is impacting their kids. I feel the worst for jo, who moved all the way to Delaware just bc kail decided to go with javi. He relocated his whole life and kail continues to be inconsiderate! Smh just smh. Please take this show off the air MTV we do not want it anymore. It is sad

    1. He moved right down the street so they could both see Isaac everyday and co-parent better, and she moved across town because he was “too close”.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        PB,I was thinking the same thing.What a perfect name.Fux Lowry/Fux Lopez.

  24. She’s like Cate and Tyler in reverse when it comes to wanting a certain gender. The more Cate and Tyler want a boy, they get girls…the more Kail wants a girl, she gets boys…at least Cate and Tyler try to have these babies with each other…Kail seems to go from sperm donor to sperm donor, looking for the right one to give her the girl that she so desperately/selfishly wants.

    1. The male determines the child’s sex, so she’s hopping from partner to partner hoping one of them can FINALLY give her a girl!

      1. This is only partially true. – women’s bodies can be more receptive to/ more likely to develop one sex or the other.

        However, God help all the babies of this useless tool and PS Kail, he ain’t ever gonna want you no matter how many twat rocket babies you launch at him. He’s trash. You are trash. And dear GOD vaccinate if you procreate. I swear this bitch would cut off her babies’ nipples and pierce their assholes if her punk as john mentioned he preferred that for his sperm donations.

  25. So he attempted to give up his parental rights in the fall, yet Kail is only 16 weeks pregnant?!?! So she had unprotected sex with that loser after knowing he already wanted to relinquish his rights to his first child. WOW!!! Her kids are sweet and everything, but Kail is PURE TRASH

  26. When he doesn’t want the first one, the only rational thing to do is give him a second! Kail is too selfish to consider how this will impact ALL of her children, bit especially the ones whose Dad doesn’t want them. Find another way to get attention from him.

    1. She was never considering abortion. You know she was probably elated when she found out she was pregnant and probably even knows her ovulation date every month so she could make sure he came over at that time. Lol

    1. I remember that too but I have a feeling she did this time the early gender test because she wants a girl and she’s desperate to trap Chris ….. and now hopefully she’s getting another boy lol

  27. Anyone else find it weird she was “considering an abortion” but sending out texts of her first sonogram with a due date…. sounds like she just needed a story line for next season.

    1. I don’t believe the abortion story for even a half second! But let’s say the lying baby making machine who said at one point she couldn’t get pregnant anymore, hahaha! Then it would be because it’s a boy and she wanted a girl!! Not wanting another boy would be a g[d enough reason for an abortion for someone as selfish as Kail. Just saying.

  28. Shit Show even shittier people. At least I don’t kiss azz. A pig is a pig. Kailyn begging for money. Sells out her unborn child and Kobe. What a piece of shitz.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Is she so poor, she couldn’t afford birth control?

  29. So was she already pregnant when he tried to give up his parental rights? If not, how could she sleep with him after knowing that he could give Lux up like that?!?

    1. Its Kail. She so desperately wanted another baby & is so far up Chris’ ass that she didnt care if he wanted to sign over his parental rights.

    2. Lux was already born in Fall of 2019. That was just a few months ago. Kail doesn’t really make the best choices so it’s not too surprising she got pregnant again.

    3. No she wasn’t pregnant yet when he tried to give his rights up. That was mid September I think. She got pregnant middle to late October. So yeah both those idiots slept together and didn’t use protection because they are gluttons for punishment and clearly want to ruin another kid’s life as well. I feel so bad for Isaac and Lincoln. It must be constant chaos at their house.

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