Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Rumored Girlfriend Moon Angell Moves Out of His House; Decision was Reportedly Mutual After a “Deep Conversation”

When you realize you just “mutually agreed” yourself out of a place to live…

It looks as though the sun may have set on Duane “Dog” Chapman‘s relationship with Moon Angell.

Their split comes just days after Moon turned down Dog’s awkward marriage proposal on The Dr. Oz Show. 

TMZ reports that Moon is no longer shacking up in Dog’s house after the two sat down for a deep conversation and came to a mutual decision that it was the right time for her to move out. During the conversation, Dog reportedly thanked Moon for all that she’s done for him in the months following his wife Beth Chapman‘s passing.

Sources told the site that Dog and Moon had an understanding that their living together was to be a temporary arrangement and that it was just a natural progression for Moon to move out. However, the pair’s decision to part ways (residentially speaking) comes just a week after fans saw Dog awkwardly propose to Moon during an appearance on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ — a proposal that Moon turned down and that Dog went on to insinuate he had only done in order to prove to everyone that he and Moon were nothing more than friends. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Dog and Moon’s relationship has been openly criticized by the Chapman family since December, when Dog’s daughter Lyssa accused Moon on Twitter of “moving in on” Dog weeks after Beth’s death, despite claiming to be Beth’s friend. Last month, Dog’s rep told Fox News that Dog and Moon were not dating and that Moon had been a friend to both Dog and Beth for 25 years. 

A photo of Moon and Beth from Moon’s Twitter…

“She has been helping out as Duane is really missing Beth and needs someone around,” the rep said. 

Now, seven months after tragically losing Beth to cancer, Dog is reportedly feeling better and excited for the future, though Moon plans to stay in Colorado just in case Dog needs her support again. The two remain on good terms. 

Last week, it was reported that Dog’s most recent show, Dog’s Most Wanted, would not be getting a second season; however, WGN America — the network that airs the show — has yet to release an official statement regarding the future of the series. 

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(Photos: The Dr. Oz Show; Instagram; Twitter) 

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    If he’s going to move on He needs a woman with compassion for family a strong determination to succeed that lets nothing stand in her way . Beth was all about her family and the business there was nothing that could touch ether as long as she had controll . she was straight to the point with no bullshit. She may of been friends with moon but I know she would not be happy that such a weak person could come in and manipulate her husband . The kids saw this she took advantage of him in his weakest moment. It was also Not her place to remove a dam thing that belonged to Beth. Dog those kids have and suffering just as you Beth would have wanted in time for her family to decide when an where her belongings were removed from the home . You need to take a breather and listen to the words she wisperd to you on the porch you remember Honor those words . I would Love the opportunity to meet the family just to be with the kids they need their mother or someone who has their lives in her passion.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    The guy is a loser and racist. Time for him to go I say!

  3. Okay I’m confused. The friend moved into his house to help him with his grief. Then he proposed to her on the dr. Oz Show and now it comes out that he only did that to show that they were just friends? I don’t get it

  4. The show’s not continuing on WGN only because it’s switching over to be a 24 hour news network. There’s nothing stopping him from finding a new network and continuing on.

  5. I’m calling b.s on this whole story. Publicity stunt. Well planned out
    Isn’t Dog supposedly near bankrupt? What better way to bring in some $$$ than to create drama

  6. Nahhhh I don’t believe it for a second. Money talks, his shows cancelled and he’s back on cameo for $150 for 30secs. He needs the fan base which turned on him over moon. Don’t be fooled she’s still around.

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