EXCLUSIVE! Filming Halted for ‘Teen Mom’ Shows Due to Coronavirus Threat: Exec Producers Order Film Crews to Return Home from Shoots ASAP

“Grab up those Porta-Potties and let’s get out of here!”

Yet another reality show has been affected by the Coronavirus.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that on Friday, producers and crew members for MTV’s Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 were informed that filming for the shows will be totally halted for two weeks as of today. Those associated with the shows received an email from the show’s executive producers (including Morgan J. Freeman) on Friday that ordered all crew members currently in the field shooting the ‘Teen Mom’ girls to return home ASAP.

The Ashley knows that several girls have filmed within the last week, and all of the team members associated with the ‘Teen Mom’ shows have been put on planes and are home, or on their way back from the shoots they were on. 

“And we thought David Eason was the worst virus that we’d ever have to deal with!”

The exec are also advising all of their team members who work out of a particular Viacom NYC office to work from home, and telling the employees who work out of that particular building, as well as their field teams, to get tested for the virus if they feel they are having any symptoms. (The field teams travel extensively, with many crew members shooting several girls and frequently going from one location to another, spending a lot of time in airports and on planes.)

In the email, the execs told their teams that, although not all Viacom shows were going dark, they have chosen to do so for the ‘Teen Mom’ shows to protect their crew and cast.

The Ashley’s sources tell her no one associated with the show is sure how this filming halt will affect the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion, which was scheduled to be filmed in the next few weeks in New York City. The email informed the ‘Teen Mom’ team that they are tracking the updates on the virus and will revise these guidelines as needed.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram) 

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  1. They might as well cancel the show. Nobody will watch anyway. If they cancel it for COVID19 then they can all exit stage left gracefully and Jenelle can’t say the ratings dropped after she left.

  2. Machete wielding domestic abusers of multiple men doesn’t shut down production. Porn stars making horrific parenting choices..keep the cameras rolling. Homophobic threatening mutual combatants starving their kids and killing dogs is a-ok. Be real MTV you didn’t shut down production for anyone other than yourselves. I so hope no one watches this bullshit anymore!

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Why didn’t they shut down production this fast when adult moms children were in danger from abuse , mental and physical??!! The damage done there was devastating and will last them a lifetime!!

  4. Is that poor, long-suffering Larry in the top picture? Dude has such a big smile because he’s thinking “I’m gonna git paid and I don’t have to be around these a-holes”. Long overdue Larry, long overdue

  5. With Teen Mom on a break (and let’s wish the best rest possible to all involved in filming) can The Ashley please focus on other shows lixtke: Shahs, VPR, The Busch Family Brewed, Siesta Key, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Summer House, Very Cavallari, …

    Thanks Ashleys for your continued plodding through the piles of bullshit to make us laugh, roll our eyes, etc… at these Teen Moms

    1. screw you downvoting bunch of teens with nothing to do but watch tv and mentally masturbate with your ltemail accosunts

  6. Amber and Caitlyn are always on the couch, so filming of nothing could have continued there! Can’t believe this junk is still on.

  7. I pray that filming continues eventually, otherwise these poor girls will have to find real jobs. *sarcasm*

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