EXCLUSIVE! Andrew Glennon Found Not in Contempt of Custody Plan with Amber Portwood; Plus Info on His Participation in New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season

“Take that, Ambie!”

Andrew Glennon is reportedly off the hook for allegedly acting in contempt of the custody order in place for him and his baby mama Amber Portwood!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Andrew— who shares son James with the Teen Mom OG star— is no longer facing any of the possible contempt charges that Amber and her attorneys filed for back in January. At the time, Amber argued that Andrew had violated their custody order by taking James to California over the Christmas holiday, and neglected to keep her adequately informed  about James’ condition after he received a nip from a dog during the vacation.

“All contempt charges were dismissed at the attorney conference that was recently held,” the source said.

Court records show that Amber’s attorney attempted to extend the conference, but that request was denied by the judge so a stand-in attorney appeared in her place. The judge dismissed any charges of contempt against Andrew at that time. 


“Amber has been seeing James regularly,” a source told The Ashley. “Usually she gets him about two or three times each week.”

The exes will still face each other in court, though. Next month, a court date has been set to reportedly go over possible new terms in the couple’s custody plan for the future.

One thing apparently not in Andrew’s future plan is continuing to film for ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Although The Ashley’s sources did confirm that Andrew filmed for the 8B season last year, it appears that interview was a one-off situation.

Andrew filmed one time only and it was last year,” another behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley, confirming that this was when Andrew was “ambushed” via phone by producer Larry Mesnik. (A clip of this interaction appears in a commercial for the upcoming season, which you can watch below!)


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In one week, we’ll hear their sides of the story. #TeenMomOG premieres Tuesday at 8/7c on @MTV.

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The source added that they believe Andrew was only contacted because fans were expressing their outrage that Amber was still on the show, and that Andrew was not being given the opportunity to provide his side of what happened.

“To my knowledge, Andrew will only appear in one scene [this season],” the source added. “Now, whether they chop that scene up and put it into several episodes is anyone’s guess. But Andrew has not been consistently filming for the show, like some people seem to believe. He made it clear that he and James are done with ‘Teen Mom’ because he does not think [the producers] have his or James’ best interest at heart.” 

(In fact, Amber is barred from filming with James at all, per the couple’s custody order from October. Should she film with the almost-two-year-old, she would be in violation of the current order and could be held in contempt.)  

The source confirmed that Andrew never signed a new contract to appear on upcoming seasons of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ (However, his contract from Season 8 would still be valid here, as this “new” season is simply an extension of Season 8, i.e. a “8B” season.)

‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8B premieres March 17 on MTV.

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Enough of this bullshit! Amber is a soulless narcissist. Any man on the show who beat his GF or wife as many times as Amber has beaten her BF/husbands would be off the show. So, MTV, why is it ok to keep an abusive person on the show? She will continue to get away with the behaviour because you keep allowing it. Enough is enough. I am done watching & will do all I can to get this show removed

  2. Enough of this bullshit! Amber is a soulless narcissist. Any man on the show who beat his GF or wife as many times as Amber has beaten her BF/husbands would be off the show. So, MTV, why is it ok to keep an abusive person on the show? She will continue to get away with the behaviour because you keep allowing it. Enough is enough. I am done watching & will do all I can to get this show removed

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Amber needs to quit blaming her behavior on “mental illness”. I know people with her exact type of mental illness and they aren’t near as ill-behaved ” as she is. Watch her pretend to cry, she has no soul & no feelings. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I’m disappointed that Teen Mom doesn’t get rid of her. Enough is enough! If this were a man beating a woman- he’d be kicked off the show. What’s wrong with MTV for allowing this? Done watching this bullshit!

  4. He used his initial MTV money to invest in real estate. Sure he bought luxury items but for the most part he also invested it.

  5. Why is this even news anymore? They should have fired her and stopped giving her anymore attention. Let them battle this out like everyone, behind closed doors and through their lawyers. She is a delusional POS with ideals of glandour. Basically ?? + ? = Amber

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Please pull the plug on all tm shows!! No longer watching the over paid 650,000.00 a season adult moms. From b.s. enhanced story lines to using this show to push their crazy over priced products to viewers.

    1. Belgium = eastern block ?
      Sir Nibs, you often make me laugh, sometimes you shock me.
      Always stay lit.

  7. Will NOT be watching because of Amber. Makes me sick with her domestic violence incident, she should be fired. A guy certainly would have been. I hope everyone boycott s this show, tho know that will not happen.

  8. Amber does not want to be a full time mom. She enjoys saying that she has children, but she does not want to put in the effort to actually raise them; she’s very lucky that she at least procreated with men who were willing to do all of the real parenting. She only filed the contempt paperwork because she needed to get back at Andrew. Just like Jenelle constantly makes noise about getting custody back for Jace, Amber likes to talk a lot about getting more time with Leah, but she never actually does anything about it, and her actions also tell a very different story (too depressed to see Leah, yet goes to Hawaii).

    I think Gary and Kristina remain civil with Amber for two reasons: for the show, and for Leah. Let’s be honest – the show provides them a very nice lifestyle! More than they could make at real jobs, and they are one of the few couples on the show who do maintain some privacy off-screen, which is part of the reason that Kristina’s daughter is never shown. Besides that, they will someday have physical evidence to show Leah that they did everything to keep her mom in her life, even when her mom gave them every reason to cut her off. I really think Kristina has been great for Gary, and thank God that Leah has her!

    No doubt, Amber has very real mental issues, and she definitely didn’t have a great childhood, but despite having the vast resources of MTV, she has done very little to improve herself. I had high hopes for her when she got out of prison, but all she’s done since then is chase men, run her mouth, and ignore her daughter. She’s had every opportunity to do more, and be more, but it’s easier to lay in bed and blame everyone else.

    1. Beyond accurate analysis, though I will say Gary did get a real job as a police officer. No doubt the TM money has been great for savings now though.

      1. He used his initial MTV money to invest in real estate. Sure he bought luxury items but for the most part he also invested it.

    2. Leah is so lucky to have Kristina as a mom. I know she holds her place as well as she can while trying not to step on Amber’s toes and piss her off, but let’s be real, Kristina is the only mom that Leah has ever known.

    3. Agree 100%. However what Gary also did was invest his initial MTV money for n properties AND is now a
      Police officer.
      The only good thing about hooking up w/ Amber was Leah. She put him and their daughter thru hell

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Porkywood needs to be fired. She’s a narcissistic awful person who uses her mental health as an excuse for her behaviour. She hasn’t learnt anything, if anything all she has learnt is how to hide it from the cameras. Is everyone forgetting her interview with Dr Drew where she called Andrew insane she saying she chased him with a machete? What about when she blamed Andrew for her getting pregnant? I won’t be watching this show if she continues to be filmed by mtv. It is condoning domestic violence and in the presence of a minor. Disgraceful.

  10. Hopefully the baby gets to stay with his dad. No intention whatsoever to tune in. The show is stupid and these girls have accomplished NOTHING. Hopefully the ratings tank with each passing week ?

  11. Crying but no tears. No one wants to film with anyone. It’s going to be boring as hell. The shit show will be even more shittier. Hopefully Bri and Chris will announce being a couple soon.

    1. I just don’t see anyone I know buying it. Also, he’s going to loose a ton of potential investors given the fact that the “game” is illustrated and worded toward a heterosexual couple. What about single parents, same sex couples, those who are using a surrogate? It just seems very juvenile.

      He does state that James owns the company creating the game. Is that possible?

    2. I have no idea why you got so many down votes. There is something about that guy that I really don’t like. I guess I see through his “good guy” facade. Not sticking up for Portwood here because she SUCKS, but something is off about any dude who actively pursues and impregnates Portwood AFTER all the shit she’s done in the past. Something was off with Matt, and something is off with Andrew.

  12. Glad Andrew wasn’t found in contempt, we all know Amber doesn’t give a shit about either. Child and was finding any excuse to get at him. James is better off with Andrew, Amber has never been a good mother to James or Leah, left Andrew and Gary to do it all and would bitch at them if they asked her to do one thing.

  13. Amber makes me sick to my stomach. Hiding behind mental illness for her behavior is absolutely despicable! Teen Mom should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this type of behavior and giving Amber a platform. And by the way, once again she fake cries with NO REAL TEARS!! SHE’S PATHETIC!!

    1. I was watching re-runs the other day and it was the season when Gary first met Kristina and he was going back and forth between her and Amber. He was basically lying to them both because he couldnt make up his mind. It finally sealed their fate when Kristina got pregnant!! I’m sure he looks back at those days and Thanks God!!!!! He dodged a serious bullet there!!! And who knows, we are talking about Amber, that could be literally!!!!!!

    1. Double standards. If Andrew had abused Amber he would not only have been fired but attacked massively by the rest of the cast. But it’s poor Ambie who has mental health issues so apparently it’s ok.

    2. Amber, nor anyone shes dated or been associated with, has ever threatened the MTV crew. David has many times and also posted stuff on social media of his assortment or weapons.

  14. Andrew had a REAL job before he got locked into the eyes of the batshitcrazy Amber. He has always maintained his California life and is not the least bit interested in the idiotic Teen Mom shows. Never has been and never would be. He is a real man who cares about his son and getting on with life after a crash real life course in Amberstalkingshittalkingasslayinginthefuckingbed24/7 for filming. Thank you Andrew for shelving that bitch! Good luck in coparenting and welcome back to California and moving on…

    1. For the people upset with “Preggy Brain,” don’t count your chickens before they are hatched (IOW) I highly doubt that getting funding via GOFUNDME for this game of (his?) sounds like something most people would give to (at this time) but maybe later. Most people right now are thinking about: 1. Coronavirus 2. Working 3. Family (and not necessarily in that order) and thinking about giving to the GFM for his game *might not* be the first thing that people think that they should give to. I am thinking that perhaps he takes his idea to SHARK TANK! Not meant to be snark. I want to see the best for their son no matter what I think of Amber.

    1. I have a theory—I believe the producers are making Gary and Kristina film with Amber and act as if they support her, because really, with Andrew and James gone now, who does she have to film with? Just a thought because of how disinterested Gary appears in the scene.

    2. Gary looked like he was trying real hard not to call side show amber on her shit . I reckon he is still afraid she will bounce another tv off his head if he dose. AMBER U R A PIECE OF ?

    3. I’d sit there too and listen to her fake cry, for the right price lol.

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