EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood’s Baby Daddy Andrew Glennon Ordered To Appear in Court to Answer to ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star’s Claims of Custody Agreement Violations

“I want him thrown in GEL for what he’s done!”

Score a (slight) win for Amber Portwood!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that an Indiana judge ruled that the Teen Mom OG star’s claims that her ex Andrew Glennon allegedly violated the child custody agreement they have for their son James are valid. Andrew— whom Amber said withheld parenting time from her over Christmas, among other things— is being ordered to appear in court next month to explain himself!

According to court documents from the January 29 hearing obtained exclusively by The Ashley, the judge ruled that Andrew “show cause why he should not be found in contempt of this Court’s order for failing to comply with the Mediated Agreement entered on October 23, 2019…”

(If you want to review what Amber and Andrew agreed to in regard to their custody mediation agreement back in October, click here!

Amber made several claims against Andrew in her January 6 filing. In addition to accusing him of withholding her allotted holiday parenting time, Amber claimed Andrew failed to notify her promptly of a serious dog bite James got on his face while with Andrew and his family. She also stated in the filing that Andrew violated their custody agreement by posting a photo of James to his Instagram. (Andrew later removed the photo and claimed that “some people took liberties” with his Instagram account on the night the photo was posted.) 

The court docs obtained by The Ashley state that Andrew must now show just cause as to why he withheld Amber’s Christmas parenting time with James, failed to provide medical information to her regarding the dog bite, and posted the photo of James to social media. 

“See ya in court, Portwood!”

Andrew is required to appear– in person– on February 11 to explain why he should not be held in contempt of the court.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available. 

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39 Responses

  1. Didn’t Amber fly some random guy in from another country, who doesn’t speak English,to shack up with her since she can’t be alone for 5 mins? Maybe that’s why Andrew wouldn’t let her have James.

  2. I’ve said it before…although Andrew isn’t the violent parent, both him and Amber are idiotic pieces of shit. He bitched and moaned about providing the best for James, which was keeping James away from Amber, and it only took what? 2 months for him to put James in danger again, by basically handing over more custody to Amber…all because he doesn’t want to co-operate. Wasn’t he also posting pictures of James on social media after he agreed not to?? Did he once again think that Amber wasn’t a vindictive psycho, (even though he has now seen and experienced her in full form) and that he didn’t need to be on his best behavior for the sake of their son?? Just like he thought making a baby with Amber was a good idea?? How dumb can one be??

    I don’t like either one of them. He can spare me the sob stories, and stop being so dumb, and get his shit together.

  3. He had sole custody in the bag, so this whole thing was a really dumb move on his part. There was no reason for him to post pictures of James or downplay the dog bite. If he legitimate reservations about visitation, that should have been handled through his attorney. Just ignoring her requests was bound to piss her off. He shot himself in the foot here. Doesn’t shock me though. His judgment is obviously pretty bad.

    1. He could have at least tricked her or something so she didn’t have a case. But winning and revenge is more important to him than James is. He is just ignoring the court and they don’t like that.

  4. Amber has proven that she could care less about her kids. This is about making Andrew pay. I will say that I would never have agreed to any visitation. I fought for my kids from their abusive father in court. (and won) But, I also let it be known to him personally that regardless of the court outcome-I’d do what was necessary to protect my kids. At all costs.

  5. I am curious why Andrew put himself in this position to be held in contempt for violating the custody order oppose to petitioning the court to possibly ammend the order the moment Amber flew her new foreign boo half way across the globe. I don’t blame him for not wanting the child with her at all, nevermind some stranger, but this is not going to help you Andrew, or James.

  6. It’s incredibly clear that Amber couldn’t care less about that baby, she’s just dragging Andrew to court because he filmed her, humiliated her and put her TM future in jeopardy (the only thing she actually cares about). She shouldn’t get any time with the baby due to her unstable dangerous emotional state. That video said it all, when a person shows you who they are, it’s best to believe them.

    1. Absolutely right, Coryandtrevor! And let’s not forget that Amber referred to James as, “it.” Awful person.

      1. ALI’SPINKCHAIR, I didn’t know that, but it does not surprise me at all. I have Roku tv and they play old episodes of TM all the time and when Leah was a year old Amber would literally yell at her when she was doing the things that babies do and act like she was going to lose her mind if she had to spend one more minute taking care of her (sounds familiar? Jenelle anyone!?) She literally has absolutely no motherly instincts at all. Also in the first season of TM she admits that she never wanted anymore kids after Leah. I feel really bad for that baby, with parents like that.

        1. Yes. It was unbelievable how horrible she was to both Gary and Leah. This was b4 he bipolar diagnosis came out. Now she uses that as an excuse to be horrible. B4 people upset thinking I’m shaming mentally ill people by saying that I am not. Its just that it’s not really anexcuse that can be used I’ve and I we like she does. Own up to your mistakes take ur meds as directed and move on.

          1. You know what’s funny is that she completely uses her mental illness as a excuse! If you watch the ring video she is irate cussing and screaming at Andrew and then completely calm and sweet when the cops show up. She is vindictive and manipulative. She doesn’t take her own mental illness serious…like when she went on vacation with the other teen mom girls and gave a speech about how responsible she was for going off of all of her medication so she could get drunk…wtf?!

          2. Exactly. Really kinda hypocritical. Someone is whispering in her ear that she could b a celebrity spokesperson for mental illness. The difference w/ Amber and say other celebrities us she is insincere. She talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

          3. I know. Think that was the last episode I actually watched just bcuz I was so disgusted w/ her logic

  7. Girl attached him and her son with a machete yet gets a slap on the wrist. Normally I wouldn’t defend someone that violates a custody agreement but Andrew’s behavior doesn’t equate that of Ambers. If he faces bigger repercussions the people of Indiana better take to the streets because this is a joke.

    1. Only thing I know for sure is that Teen Mom is just wrong in continuing a contract with her. Shocked to see that she is still on the cast as I was sure (in my mind) that she was “done” after the machete video.

  8. Can we please not make comments about Amber’s weight. That’s not cool. You can call her a bad mom, you can say she is lazy—I will agree with those statements. She’s a bad partner and is abusive—totally true facts. Amber has terrible taste in men and doesn’t make good financial decisions. That said, boddy shaming isn’t cool. We (collectively) are better than body shaming.

    We also should never tell someone to kill themselves. I don’t think I’ve seen that on this site but it is absolutely never ok to tell someone to end their life.


  9. He violated the custody agreement. Amber must be taking lessons from kail, using every possible legality available to maintain her parental rights. Andrew don’t go on social media to justify why you didn’t let Amber have Christmas time with baby James let your attorney handle it. That’s what you’re paying him for.

  10. Good! An agreement is an agreement. If he thought amber was that awful, abusive, negligent, fractious person he would have never agreed that custody schedule in the first place! And if something happened he could have gone to his lawyer JUST like Amber did to file a contempt of court or gotten an emergency protective order. Rules are rules and they should be followed by both parties.

  11. Even though he is technically in violation of the law, as a parent I understand where he comes from in terms of withholding the baby from his crazy ex. I would undoubtedly do the same thing. Nothing is more important than your child’s safety. I hope the court sees this

    1. I am almost certain it has more to do with Amber’s foreign new boo that is living and filming with her who has no other place to go. He still should have gone to the court to ammend the custody order that he willingly agreed to though. It is not like he was adament from the start that the child is not safe around her because he willingly agreed to the order, so it looks bad on his part to violate it now. But considering the environment has changed since the agreement was made, he could have very easily petitioned the court with his concerns and do his best to make some kind of change to the order. He is only screwing himself and James by not doing so and he should know Amber is just waiting for something like this to try and get back at him.

  12. This bitch only wants to make trouble for Andrew. She said again and again she didn’t want James. I would think she would have been happy not having to burden herself watching the little boy. But no, she wants to make Andrew sit in jail with no regard as to what will happen to James. Andrew has cared for the child since he was born, but Amber would rather send Andrew to jail and leave James without a father than be wrong.

  13. You have got to be a complete dumbshit to be out maneuvered in the court of law by Spamber, the human trashbag.

    stay lit

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