‘Married At First Sight’ Season 1 Star Jason Carrion Marries ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Star Roxanne Pallett

“Let’s try this whole wedding thing again, shall we?”

Wedding bells are ringing (again!) for former Married At First Sight star Jason Carrion. Instead of marrying a stranger, though, this time he married fellow reality TV star Roxanne Pallett!

The couple tied the knot on Sunday in New York City, according to The Sun. The ceremony was held at Lutheran Evangelical Church and was attended by only 10 of Jason and Roxanne’s closest friends and family.

The Sun reports that the couple— who announced their engagement in December— exchanged personally written vows, and Roxanne’s mother read a poem that was written by Jason’s late mother. The bride wore a strapless ivory gown and wedding veil, while Jason donned his NYC firefighter’s uniform. (You can check out more photos of the nuptials here.) 

“To walk down the aisle in such a perfect fairy-tale setting towards my dream man, was the happiest moment of my life. I’m still floating on a cloud,” Roxanne told the UK paper.

Jason and Roxanne have both experienced their share of hardships recently. Jason’s first marriage to Cortney Hendrix— whom he met and married on the very first season of ‘MAFS’ back in 2014— ended in divorce last year.

Roxanne– an actress who is best known in the reality TV world for causing a huge ruckus on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018 after she falsely accused her male costar Ryan Thomas of punching her while they were filming the show. Due to the backlash, Roxanne told The Sun at the time that she “lost everything” and had to go into hiding. Her then-fiance Lee Walton reportedly dumped her about six months later.

Seven months after her engagement ended, Roxanne began dating Jason.

Jason told The Sun that he and Roxanne feel that they’ve finally got it right this time.

“I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable and incredible wedding day,” he said. “Watching her walk down the aisle as I took her hand in marriage was one of the most significant moments in my life. I have finally found my person, the one who I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

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  1. Vile women.always remember karma what goes around comes around.Domestic violence should Never be lied about it’s just sick.Stay in the states it’s embarrassing to say you are British.They love drama in the us spin your lies out there.you should be tarred with this this brush but on the other hand congrats on wedding and good riddance

  2. Why are you giving this woman who falsely accuses men of abuse any interest. She belongs in obscurity for nearly destroying a mans life. Thank god there were cameras around to prove his innocence. She’s the definition of trash

  3. Oh god, she’s a nasty nasty woman, almost ruined an innocent mans life, reputation and career, with her vicious lies.

    1. Puke… she is a horrible human being! She just about ruined an innocent man with her lies! Its so sad Jason & Courtney didnt make it … they were so good together!

  4. To wash their own but Cortney was a peach and the 2 of them seemed very happy together. I hope it works out for everyone involved. Married at First Sight has proven to be a disaster….more as each new year comes around but I sure thought they had it right with Jason and Cortney.

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