Snooki Says Angelina Pivarnick Still Isn’t Speaking to Her Female ‘Jersey Shore’ Co-Stars Following Bridesmaids’ Speech Drama

“Um HELLO! Did ya actually think I’d forgive and forget that quickly?!”

It’s been two months since Angelina Pivarnick received an unwanted wedding-day roast, courtesy of her Jersey Shore bridesmaids Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese, but Angelina reportedly still needs some time to cool off. 

Last weekend, Nicole told Us Weekly that Angelina still isn’t speaking to her female co-stars after they served up some nasty insults while giving a reception toast at her November wedding to Chris Larangeira. (Click here to listen to audio of the bridesmaids’ burn.)

Nicole told the magazine that the brutal roast— and its fallout— will be shown on the upcoming new episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

“You’ll see on the show, you know, with the wedding and everything,” Nicole explained. “We apologized. Obviously we weren’t being malicious about it. It was just, you know, we were trying to be funny for the show and like, in general.” 

“You’re still mad we called you a dump and trash on your wedding day? Geez, some people have NO sense of humor!”

Despite Nicole, Jenni and Deena’s best efforts to “be funny for the show,” the comments they made about Angelina — calling her the “trash to their bag” and “the fly to their s**t,” among other things — didn’t land with guests at the reception, nor did they go over well with Angelina herself, who reportedly left the reception in tears after the speech. 

In the days following the audio release of the speech, the trio of bridesmaids were criticized online for what they did, with many calling them “mean girls.” 

Last month, Nicole announced that she’s leaving ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ because she hates being away from her kids and the show is “turning into a nightmare.” 

Later that month, Angelina hinted at the wedding drama, claiming that she tends to forgive too quickly

“My thing is, I forgive too many people too quickly,” she said. “I’m going to stop doing that. So for 2020, that’s also a new thing. I’m going to keep my circle way smaller, you know? I think right now, all I need is my husband and my family and his family. I like hanging out with my friends but there’s a lot that … you know, it’s hard. It’s hard.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. WTF is stinky Angelina doing in the show anyway? Didn’t she walk off the show like twice? So why is she back now? She was never really a central figure on the show. Was she that hard up she had to weasel her way back just to cause shit amongst the real cast? Who cares about her. Get her off the show.

  2. It’s kind of sad she puts on a ‘stupid bimbo’ act for the show. She’s obviously smart if she’s an EMT, even Nicole and Jenni had real jobs that required brains before the shore. Nicole was a vet tech and Jenni had business degrees. Why these women feel the need to act stupid and pretend they share the same lone brain cell for money is beyond me.
    No amount of money should trump your integrity and make the world think you’re a complete moron.

  3. There is a huge difference in my mind between roasting someone while filming your show and roasting that person on her wedding day. Sure, MTV cameras were filming the wedding but its low class and cruel to make jokes at Angelina’s expense on her wedding day. If you really felt mean feelings toward her why did you agree to be a part of her wedding party?!?! To me, wedding days are a fully different set of rules for behavior, decorum, and class than day-to-day life. Snooki, Jenni and Deena were mean girls that day and it’s not cool. People who aren’t funny shouldn’t pick a wedding toast as the opportunity to make jokes and none of those girls are funny.

    While Angelina has contributed significantly to the current dynamic (well, the dynamic at the time of the Wedding) anytime it’s three against one, someone needs to take a step back and be a better person.

    Just saying.

  4. While it was in terrible taste (and obviously hurtful) for the girls to do that to Angelina at her wedding, I believe Angelina will start talking to them once the new season starts filming. She did come back to “Jersey Shore” to try to be part of the group and for money. EMT’s are important (Angelina’s job when she was off TV), they just don’t get paid very much.

  5. As wrong as they were for saying this crap, Angelina got what she deserved for choosing them as bridesmaids. She was always the black sheep of the group and she tried so hard to make their friendship “happen”. Does she really not have any other choice of bridesmaid besides these girls who literally don’t like her??? (Girls you choose as bridesmaids shouldn’t write mean speeches about you LOL). I don’t feel bad at all for Angelina. She kept inserting herself over and over into their clique no matter how much they made jokes about her and blatantly laughed at her presence.

    1. They weren’t her real bridesmaids. That was for the show. If you look at Angelina’s insta she had posted pics of her bridal party and the 3 stooges weren’t in it.

  6. And here’s Snooki, still oblivious as to why it was SO WRONG to say that! I mean, you made Angelina cry on her wedding day, no one should cry on the happiest day of their lives! I don’t understand how you three didn’t see that?! I still think it was Jenni’s revenge to her because Zack flirted with her but that was HIS PROBLEM! When will you stop defending the POS you call your boyfriend?! And you all are bad examples for your kids, one day they will see that and I hope they will have enough sense to not act like their moms.

    Angelina has EVERY RIGHT not to talk to you. Why do you care though? You never liked her! Or maybe…*gasp* you are feeling remorse? Go away Snooks and take care of your kids, your time being a “celebrity” is over!

  7. They absolutely were being malicious. You don’t go to someone’s wedding and start trashing them in a speech. You think they would of did this to each other? No they wouldn’t!

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