‘Married At First Sight’ Season 1 Star Jason Carrion Engaged to Roxanne Pallett Following Divorce From Cortney Hendrix

“Let’s try this again!”

Marrying a stranger didn’t quite work out for Jason Carrion, but the Married At First Sight star is giving marriage another shot!

Jason— who got hitched to Cortney Hendrix on the very first season of ‘MAFS’– announced on Wednesday that he recently proposed to his girlfriend Roxanne Pallett. Their engagement comes nine months after Jason and Cortney announced that they were divorcing, following a six-month separation.

“When I said you’re the love of my life, I truly mean that,” Jason wrote on Instagram to Roxanne. “You get me more than anyone ever has and ever will. I know my mom is looking down on us smiling because her son has someone I can truly call family. To my fiance @roxannepallettofficial.” 

Jason and Roxanne are both really, really into “Rocky” so this is super-appropriate!

Jason and Roxanne began living together in August of this year, according to the Daily Mail. Roxanne, a British actress who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother last year, began dating Jason seven months after she and her then-fiance Lee Walton split. The British press has been hinting that the couple got engaged last month, but this is the first time Jason has confirmed it.

Before meeting Roxanne, Jason and Cortney were married for five years. They were one of two couples from the first season of ‘MAFS’ who stayed together. (The other couple is Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis, who are still married.)  In March, Cortney posted a message to Instagram to let the show’s fans know that she and Jason were ending their marriage.

“We have decided together to move on in different paths, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have love for each other. He will always have a special place in my heart and life.,” she wrote.

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Cortney has been dating a man named Sherm since at least June, when she went Instagram-official with him.

On Wednesday, after news of Jason’s engagement broke, Cortney posted a message to her Instagram Stories.

“I get a lot of messages from ppl asking me how I moved on from divorce and how I found happiness again,” Cortney wrote. “The day I received my divorce papers in the mail was a very uncomfortable day and my office manager sent this article to me. I left my office crying because months into this I still had bad/sad days. It’s a process. And there are stages that you must go through….”

She then linked to an article about grieving the end of a marriage.

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  1. Just googled this chick, and she lied about getting punched by a guy or something?…if that air “punch” hadn’t been caught on camera, she could’ve ruined that mans life and reputation…if the fact they both “love” Rocky isn’t a red flag and this chick will accuse a man of punching her when he didn’t, then I’m not quite sure what is. He should probably steer clear of this chick, but whatever.

  2. He must be insane to want to marry Roxanne Pallet!! She’s well known for being abusive to her co stars and staff, histrionic,and has made claims against more than one innocent man saying they hit her. I can’t see this lasting very long.

  3. If you don’t know who Roxanne pallet is you would want to google her, the girl is a abusive nut job. Knew she would go for her next victim thousands of miles from where everyone knows her. Watch the videos to what happened in big brother.

  4. Roxanne Pallett is bad news, she got a terrible time in the press but deserved every bit of it. She’s a spiteful, manipulate, dangerous POS.

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