‘Unexpected’ Couple Caelan Morrison & McKayla Adkins Split (Again); Caelan Blasts McKayla on IG Live Then Issues Apology Video on YouTube

“I mean…is anyone even surprised at this point?” 

On-again, off-again Unexpected couple McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison are on a break yet again, just a few months after the couple revealed they had reconciled following McKayla’s short-lived relationship with ex-boyfriend Josh

The news of the pair’s latest split was revealed Wednesday by Caelan on Instagram Live when he announced that McKayla had left him because “she obviously has some health issues that she’s working on.” (Back in October, McKayla had opened up about her struggles with mental health in a YouTube video.)

There’s a lot to get through here, so we’ll try to break down what happened between these two on Wednesday…

Raise your hand if things are still a complete mess…

First, in the video he posted, Caelan said McKayla had broken up with him “for no reason,” and that when he refused to leave their shared home, McKayla had gone across the street to stay with her grandparents. He accused McKayla of refusing to let him see their kids and also of speaking to other guys behind his back. 

“I’m not trying to make her look bad but it’s just crazy and horrible what she does,” Caelan said. “She messaged other guys already, telling them that she’s been broken up with me for weeks….four days ago she was telling everyone in my family and in hers that she loves me and wants to marry me.”

During Caelan’s Instagram Live, McKayla’s brother Dylan Adkins hopped on in the comment section and wrote, “Caelan I swear to god” and “If you don’t stop lying I will expose you right now.” Dylan’s comment quickly escalated from a threat to a promise, as he ended up physically coming to Caelan’s house while Caelan was still filming, as captured by tlcunexpected.tea. 


At this point, even more family members got involved. Caelan’s mother jumped into the argument, as Caelan defended himself on-camera. At one point, he even looked directly into the camera and encouraging viewers to “grab your popcorn.” 

In Part 3 of Caelan’s Instagram Live video, Caelan’s mom called Dylan and McKayla’s grandfather an “old f**k. Caelan then described the whole messy situation in a very non-PC way.  

Caelan alleged in his social media rant that McKayla’s spends all her money on tattoos and hair dye. He also accused McKayla’s grandfather of “choking out” both he and Dylan in the past. 

“The only thing that can really be said here is… ‘Jerry! Jerry!'”

On Thursday, Caelan appeared to be suffering from poster’s remorse as he took to his YouTube channel to issue an apology for his Instagram Live rant, explaining that it felt like “the right thing to do at the time.” 

“ … I sincerely regret doing it because I was so upset and emotions and feelings can get the best of you sometimes, like, sometimes you say things you don’t mean but I shouldn’t have said personal things about our life online,” he said. “It’s just really hard trying to do the best thing lately and that’s all I’ve really been trying to do.”

“With the exception of literally everything I said yesterday, of course… “

Caelan went on to say that “this whole thing” was “killing” not only him, but also his dog Domino, whom he said had been looking out the window crying and waiting for McKayla and the kids to return. Most importantly, however, Caelan said the drama between he and McKayla was affecting their children. 


“They’re going to grow up and my worst fear is that they think that I don’t want anything to do with them and I do,” he said. “They mean every f**king thing to me, like, they’re my world … .” 

Caelan later revealed that McKayla had cops accompany her Thursday morning to retrieve some of her belongings from their house, despite Caelan claiming that he “never told her once that she is not allowed to come over to the house to get anything.” 

“I would never ever put her in any danger or harm,” he added. 

Caelan said the back-and-forth between himself and McKayla has left him confused, especially since the two have “been doing so much better” lately, though he blamed the recent turmoil on a counseling session which he believes caused McKayla to relive old memories. 

“I literally hate even talking about it, I know I shouldn’t be talking about it,” he said. “She thinks I’m self-diagnosing her or whatever, like, these are what the counselors are saying. If you’re gonna come to me and you’re gonna say, ‘I don’t know why I did that, I feel like something’s wrong with me, I love you, I don’t want to lose you,’ like, if you’re saying things like that to me, of course I’m gonna care and you’re already bringing up that there is something wrong, so I’m not self-diagnosing you. I literally just love and care about you and I’m trying to help you get better … .” 


Later on in the video, Caelan said all he wants is for McKayla to be happy. 

“I don’t care if it’s with me or with anybody else, I want her happiness, like, I just want her to be happy and that’s all I’ve wanted from the start, ever since I met her,” he said. “I just wanted her to be happy and making her happy made me happy so I was always happy in the end.” 

Watch Caelan’s full “I apologize” video below. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. I think she’s the crazy one here. Spoiled rotten. His best bet is to stay away from her and go to court to get child custody issues decided and put in place, then move on with his life

    1. I think she just couldn’t stand not living in her grandparents house where they let her do what she wants, take care of her kids, and spoil her.

  2. McKayla is vindictive AF! She is not putting her kids first, she uses them as a pawn. Caelan can get a free DNA test through the court to prove or disprove paternity. Not sure why his lawyer isn’t telling him that. McKayla will never grow up. She’s a user, period.

  3. Immature, ratchet idiots. These morons that go on these shows get a little bit of money that doesn’t last them long; because they’re stupid, but 90% of the children involved will be damaged for life.

  4. I wonder what would happen if caelan woke up one morning, got tired of McKayla’s wacky looney tune self and just met someone that was more mentally stable. Also, did they take their GoFundMe down, these two wack jobs started a GoFundMe for a minivan. Well McKayla you could have saved up that money but alas you have to spend money on tattoos and plastic surgery.

  5. Also, I will never forget in the episode where McKayla talks about wanting to change timmys last name to hers. When asked if caelen would sign papers to allow it, she says “he won’t do it because he’s spiteful” …UM?! Or maybe he just wants his kid to have his last name!? WHOS the spiteful one again???

  6. I have seen firsthand how toxic of a person she is. The type to ignore caelens calls then complain that he never comes to see the kids. She creates problems and drama because she is mentally ill. That is the truth of the matter. I would think that she is prescribed some sort of anxiety medication to help her sort herself out and stop the nonsense. Unfortunately it seems that she is very immature. It is easy for caelen to be painted as the bad guy but I do believe he loves the kids and wants what is best for them. McKayla is the classic “woe is me” person, and sadly her family falls for it and plays into it, creating even more of a shitstorm. Ugh. Caelen get off Instagram and go to court.

    1. ITA. Even her mother exhibits the same type of behavior. But Caelan needs to stop falling for her penis fly trap and just co-parent with her only.

  7. Give it a while. She’ll be back. After she splits into her other personality. Maybe she couldn’t handle all the pot smoking with her mental problems. She shouldn’t run to the alcoholics house. Mackayla will end up like her mother.

    1. It’s pretty obvious that this girl more than likely has a personality/ mental disorder. She had a bad childhood and is “stuck” at a very young emotional/mental age. She needs help. I hope she takes this counseling seriously. Girl is on a bad road and making all the wrong choices.

  8. McKayla clearly has issues, so I’m glad to hear that she’s in counseling. Whatever problems exist between her and Caelan, they need to remain between the two of them; his mother, her brother, and her grandparents need to butt out and let these two figure things out without outside interference. Neither of them is perfect, but I do think that if McKayla matured a little bit, they could have a decent co-parenting relationship.

    1. I don’t think McKayla will ever have a good co-parenting relationship. It’s about control for her. It’s almost like she feels the most wanted and loved when Caelan misses her and the kids and wants her back. She knows he will continue to call for the kids. She holds the power and she loves it.

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