‘Unexpected’ Star Max Schenzel Arrested for Domestic Assault; Victim Was Chloe Mendoza, According to Chloe’s Mom Jessica

“I hope they save me my special cell!”

Unexpected dad Max Schenzel has found himself in hot water yet again stemming from an alleged domestic assault arrest from December 30. 

According to Starcasm, Chloe Mendoza’s baby daddy was booked into jail at the time of the incident, later posting a $500 appearance bond. 

Although the arrest citation for the December domestic violence incident did not include the name of the alleged victim, both Chloe and her mom Jessica Mendoza confirmed that Chloe was the victim of the assault. Additionally, Jessica shared her thoughts on the incident in an ‘Unexpected’ Updates Facebook group, noting that she was done being quiet about her daughter’s “toxic” relationship.

“ … I can’t believe my daughter is allowing these things to go on in her home and around [her daughter] Ava. (Yes she is the victim it was not just stated in the report) I am over everyone who is on the Max bandwagon and thinks he is doing soo great and happy him and Chloe are staying together,” she wrote. “Shame on you for encouraging this type of relationship and making it seem like it is OK for Chloe to stay with this guy.” 

“Come on, is anyone still rooting for these two to stay together?”

Jessica went on to call Chloe and Max’s relationship “toxic” and said if Max is sober as he claims to be, then he can’t blame this recent incident on drugs. (In October 2019, Max posted on social media that he had completed a rehab program and was sober; however, shortly after Jessica claimed Max was booted from the 90-day rehab program after just 10 days.) 

In her latest post, Jessica stated that she’s done feeling sorry for Max. 

“People tell me to have empathy for him. I do have empathy for people and I am honestly one of the most forgiving in my family. But I can’t have empathy for someone who keeps doing wrong and who is not trying to do better,” she said. “I don’t believe posts, I believe actions and this kid has done nothing to change my POV.”

Jessica went on to claim that Chloe has been the victim of physical violence at the hands of Max.

“All I have seen [is] my daughter with 2 black eyes, a broken phone, showing up crying at my house and Max being arrested over and over again,” she continued. “So NO I do not like this kid and never will.” 

In the comment section of Jessica’s post, Chloe chimed in to deny some of her mom’s claims.

“I was not hit,” Chloe responded in the comments. “I asked Max to throw me his phone and when he threw it it hit me in between my eyes causing a bump, we started fighting about it because I knew this wouldn’t look good to my parents. Someone walked by the walls of my very thin apartment and called the police and when they showed up they said since I had a bump they had to take him in. That’s. What. Happened.” 

“Makes sense to me!”

Chloe’s mom, however, didn’t seem convinced. 

“Oh and you have two black eyes from a soft throw of the phone,” Jessica wrote. “Sure honey, keep telling yourself that. And you said Ava was asleep. But report shows it was 7 a.m. so I highly doubt that.” 

Chloe went on to respond to her mom, arguing that when the bump went down it ended up giving her the “black eyes.” 

Max is scheduled for arraignment for the domestic assault with injury charge later this month. 

UPDATE! On Wednesday, Max seemingly responded— via Instagram Stories– to Jessica’s claims. In a now-deleted post, Max claimed to be 143 days sober.

“When will this lady just let us be?” Max wrote. “No one’s being harmed except when you start drama on social media…Sucks having to be the bigger person and keep your mouth shut but it works if you work it. #143 days sober.”  

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  1. Jessica is has about the same maturity level as Chloe does. She’s way too nosy, loud, and just horrible in every sense of the word. Chloe is a spoiled, whiny snot! That step dad thinks he’s a tough guy. Ha. And Max! What a grade A LOSER! Drugs, abuse, and theft! Way to be a winner! Poor Ava! It’s disgusting!

  2. Typical abusive relationship. The mom Pressuring her daughter will just make her want to stay and prove her wrong and give him the ammo to say see “it’s us against the world. Why can’t they just let us be.”…

  3. There are plenty of sociopaths and predators in Alcoholics Anonymous. Max can “work it” in jail.

  4. As much as I don’t like Jessica I half believe that she wanted to put the info out there to help protect Chloe form the next time he beats her up. Because their will definitely be NEXT time. I don’t buy the “paper thin walls” excuse either people know what abuse sounds like she should count herself lucky that a neighbor cares enough to call the cops for her since she clearly doesn’t care about herself. I don’t buy for one second that this SOB is sober. I also don’t understand why social services aren’t involved since this happened when Ava was home.

  5. If Jessica is one of the most forgiving in the family, then I don’t want to meet that family. She’s the worst. Max is terrible. Chloe is just a spoiled rotten brat that was never told no.

  6. By the way, when my son was 6 he was using my phone to watch videos. The phone died, and he threw the phone to me to charge it. I guess I turned my face in the direction of the oncoming phone and wham, phone to the face! I had bruising at the top of my nose and under one eye so I can see this happening to her. The iPhone is heavy and if it’s being thrown or tossed, it will definitely hurt you

    1. I caught an iPad once, at point blank range – thanks to a meltdown over ‘The Magic Schoolbus’ (my son is autistic and was NOT feeling the magic) it drew blood and gave me a fat lip for a week…. I do NOT believe for a second what happened here was accidental tho. I feel like it’s a half truth and he probably chucked a phone at her face full force.

  7. Can’t stand any of these three a-holes. Max is a little dweeb who should endure a righteous ass kicking. Chloe is in outer space 100% of the time and her mother is the most insufferable, meddling, big mouth I e ever seen. She’s done being quiet? When was she ever quiet??!

  8. Jeez that mom is the worst one of the three lol. SHE has some very serious issues. Max does too but that mom seems like the hyperbolic “touched the shoulder equals face slap assault” type. That is totally the reason I am even questioning the event at all. Shame for everyone really.

  9. Exposing the baby to violence will change her forever. If Chloe wants to be with Max, fine, leave them in peace. But Chloe must put Ava in a more secure setting where she is not witnessing domestic violence.

  10. Sorry Mom but if your daughter keeps covering for him, she’s in the same boat as him..They both have addictions..His is drugs..Her’s is being in a abusive relationship..Until she realizes she needs help and GET OUT..she will continue to make up stories of her bruises..cuts..or broken bones

  11. People in domestic volince will lie about the situation due to embarrassment,if true she needs to leave now an the best thing to do is leave this bullshit show,an go to domestic volince shelter,an don’t look back don’t tell anyone not even family, become strong an independent. Good luck hope things work out

  12. Whatever the situation is, chloes mom intervening in such a public way is not the right thing to do. She should say her piece to chloe privately and express her support and love. Not keep telling her how much she hates Max. From personal experience I will tell you this is NOT the way to get someone to listen to you and trust in confiding in you.

  13. She’s trying to prove that her mom is wrong. The mom has said her piece, now she needs to leave it alone and just let her daughter know she’s there for her. Chloe is going to make her own choices, even when they are clearly wrong. But she’s not gonna leave him until she’s ready. However her mom is probably getting pretty close to guaranteeing that she is going to be cut out of her daughter and granddaughter’s life if she doesn’t stop inserting herself.

  14. I mean, getting hit between the eyes on the nose WILL cause double black eyes, but I highly doubt she was hit with a phone. He hit her and she should leave before things escalate any further, but she won’t because she thinks she’s in love. I feel badly for her daughter having to grow up in that environment.

  15. Max has A lot to Learn and Chloe needs to learn to stand on her own so she can grow as an Independent Woman who has high standards and self esteem

    1. What a surprise, he seemed such a nice guy since episode 1.
      Chloe should try to watch the show with the eyes of a stranger. Watch like she is not Chloe but a friend from Chloe.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        Jessica is more of a child and I cant standjer at all. I mean Max is not good at all but Chloes mom acts like shes her daughters age. Really i wish someone would punch her in the face…lol. she deserves it.

  16. OMG this kid is too young to be making excuses for an abusive boyfriend. If she is not willing to dump him then remove the child from that violent environment

    1. Legally, this is child abuse since Ava was there and should be removed from home. I have been in Chloe’s situation before and it didn’t stop with me, my child was a victim as well. I was to scared to speak up, made excuses for him, never filed pr or testified against him. Because I never did he had access to my child after splitting up and the courts didn’t believe me when I tried to protect my child because I took up for our abuser while together. Sadly, Ava will feel her dad’s anger and not just see it. Before you say it’s not child abuse, I suggest you research exactly what the completely defined of child abuse is!

  17. Today’s smart phones cost upwards of $500 and break from harsh language or angry looks. If you ask me to throw you my phone, I’m not going to literally throw it.

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