Mama June’s Sister Doe Doe Shannon Praises Niece Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon for Stepping Up to Raise Sister Honey Boo Boo

All hail Pumpkin!

Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon’s family is recognizing her for becoming a surrogate mother to her teenage sister, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

To celebrate Lauryn’s 20th birthday on Tuesday, her aunt, Doe Doe Shannon posted a sweet note to her on Instagram, applauding Lauryn for stepping up to take care of her sister, while also being a wife and mother. As The Ashley has previously reported, Alana moved in with Lauryn and her husband Josh Efird last year after Lauryn and Alana’s mom, Mama June Shannon refused to leave her boyfriend Geno Doak, despite her life being in a complete downward spiral. Last year, Lauryn became Alana’s legal guardian.

Alana continues to live with Lauryn, while June is shuttling around the state of Georgia with Geno, staying in (and trashing) hotel rooms.

Doe Doe commended Lauryn for dealing with the situation so well.

“It’s been a tough 2019 but 2020 is going to be awesome for this amazing lady,” Doe Doe– who is the sister of June– wrote of Lauryn. “She has had to step up and wear several hats in the past year. She is an awesome mother, wife, sister and all-around amazing woman! We love her and will stand by her no matter what. You just keep doing you.”

Doe Doe’s followers continued to praise Lauryn in the comment section of the post.

“Poor thing had to grow up much faster than many of us!” one person wrote. “I’m truly impressed that she has taken the responsibility to raise her younger sister when she is practically a kid herself.”

“Happy Birthday Pumpkin!” another wrote. “You are a gem, for stepping up and taking on what you have. I hope today is the best day for you! Here is to a great 2020.”

In August, Lauryn posted a birthday message to Alana, calling herself Alana’s “sister mom.”

“Things haven’t been the easiest lately but I promise we will get through it,” Lauryn wrote. “I love being there for you when you need me most. And I enjoy being your sister mom.

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From what The Ashley has heard, there will be another season of June’s reality show Mama June: From Not to Hot. Cameras were seen following June and Geno as they entered a courthouse in September. (That same day June was filmed ignoring Doe Doe’s pleas to talk.) However, last month Lauryn seemed to be hinting that filming of the show was done (either for the season or for good). 

“It’s been fun, crazy, and a emotional ride but that’s a wrap for now,” she wrote, along with a photo of herself, Alana and according to IMDb, three people from the show—producers Moriah Muse and Shelby Buckler and crew member Joshua Hutto. 

WEtv has yet to comment on the future of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot.’ 

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Love mama june news

  2. I wonder if mama june even visits her daughters? Shes in the same state right now..but im guessing she doesnt, shes such a pos

  3. I’m happy for Alannah that she has an older sister with good intentions and some common sense. Sending best wishes to all of them.
    June is going to be living in that RV, until she sells that too, then Geno will leave her, and she’ll maybe hit rock both when she’s living in her car all alone. It truly breaks my heart to see anyone spiraling like this.

  4. Where is Alana’s father in all this? After all the complaining he and his fat cow of a new wife did on the show about June keeping Alana away from him, he couldn’t be bothered to take her in when she needed it or apparently even contest Pumpkin becoming Alana’s legal guardian. How sad.

    1. They can’t dip into Jennifer’s “honeymoon fund” to take care of Alana. Such trash. Thank God Pumpkin and Josh stepped up.

      1. Alana didnt want to stay with them knowing she couldn’t do what she wanted to do while being with Pumpkin, or so she thought (though I’m glad Pumpkin told her NOT to pretend to snort cole on a livestream smh). Personally I dont think she likes Jennifer, dont really blame her lol. That said,she have to “mind” her as an adult but Mike still could’ve said “hell no that’s still my child as well smh.

  5. Damn! Where did Doe Doe get them chiclets? Those babies are white white. Like glow in the dark white! I’m not even sure they’re real. Although I guess it’s better than pee-stain yellow.

  6. On Gina’s (June’s manager) SM page (instagram I think) it says that “from not to hot season 4” and the date 3/13….. so I’m guessing that’s the premier date…. maybe they did film a whole season without publicizing it just in case they decided not to air it. I hope so. Pumpkin needs an income for sure raising Alana since June is gonna be broke any day now. Sad…..

  7. How Pumpkin grew up to be smart and a good person with June for a mother, I don’t know. I just thank God that she did. This young woman not only took in her sister but her and her husband were smart enough to protect that little girl’s assets from their crack head mother. They went to court last year and an order was put in place that says absolutely no money can be taken out of Alana’s bank account without a judge’s approval of the expense. Pumpkin and Josh even made it hard for themselves to legitimately use that money for Alana’s care. Everytime she needs school clothes or needed items they go down to the courthouse. Smartest thing they did. At least the two barely adults know what they are doing. They probably saved Alana from a future in white trash hell. Awesome people.

  8. Glad someone has stepped up to take care of Alana, her mum is more concerned with which man she is with and doing drugs and her father is no where to be seen. It can’t be easy to be young woman with a baby and now a teenager to raise.

  9. Cancel this train wreck show and give them some privacy. I believe the weightloss surgery from the ” Not Hot to Hot” show was what caused June to become addicted to pain medicine. Then opiods and money attracted a bum like Geno. June has never been a woman that cared about her kids. Just ask her oldest daughter Anna.

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